Breyer Horse Collecting: All Kinds Of Horses

February 27, 2014

One thing that is clear when you start collecting Breyer horses, is just how many different ones there are! Collectors have a myriad of horse to choose from and each year, Breyer brings new ones to collectors making it even more exciting! With so many horses, it might get a little confusing, but as you collect, chances are, you’ll find some patterns in your collection! There have been thousands of different Breyer horses made in the over sixty years since the first Western Horse was produced, but most of them fall into one of three categories.

The first is one of the easiest to recognize, portrait horses. Portrait horses are those that were made in the likeness of a horse, most of the time famous. Over the years many of equine elite have been immortalized as a Breyer model for thousands to add to their stable. Horses that have been portrait models range from some of the most famous race horses, like Secretariat to famous literary horses like Misty and Stormy! Breyer also immortalizes horses that are famous in their own circles, like championship breed horses such as SBH Phoenix.

The second category of Breyer horses is horses that are created not in likeness to any particular horse, but represent the horses we encounter in every day life. These horses range from beautiful purebred horses to those that live in the barn down the road. Colors and combinations stretch the equine rainbow and are as different as night and day! This is where Breyer’s creativity shines and you really can see the imagination at work!

Last, but certainly not least are the decorators of the Breyer lineup. These horses are painted in elaborate, non-realistic, patterns. These horses truly are the epitome of creativity and fantasy all wrapped into one. Many collectors have decorator collections that bring excitement to their collection!

No matter what you collect, Golden Oak Stables brings you the horses of your fantasies. What type of horses fill your dreams?


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Hot Colors Western Tack Set

February 24, 2014

The world of performance may seem intimidating for many collectors, the thought of tacking up their models to head out to a show or even just to play is a lot. With Golden Oak Stables, you can jump into the world of Western riding with both feet and everything you need in one, convenient, set!

In the model horse world, performance is the name given to the division in which hobbyists use their imagination and real horse knowledge to create realistic working scenes with their models. This typically involves tack, props and riders to show the sport or event in which a horse is performing. Hobbyists have used their creativity to bring the show ring and create scenes that will make you question if they’re really model horses!

If you’ve yet to give performance a chance, there are many places to start, but the Hot Colors Western Tack Set is an easy and affordable way to jump in with both feet and see where your creativity can take you! The set starts off with an all purpose western saddle that can take you throughout many events, or even just on a nice trail ride. The saddle is accented with a blue seat and a red breastcollar. The bridle is a classical bosal style bridle without a bit. This bridle is different than a bridle with a bit, because it relies on a thick cord around the horse’s muzzle to give direction from the rider. It is a bold blue color matching the seat of the saddle beautifully! The set also includes a matching saddle pad, pair of splint boots and a pair of bell boots, so you can open the door to all kinds of western events!

No matter if you want to compete or play, Breyer brings you tack that will make for hours of fun for you and your horses!

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Breyer Horse Classics: The Dream Horse Magic Spirit With Book

February 20, 2014

Breyer has for many years embraced horses in literature and has created some of the most famous and beloved horses that we remember from the pages of our favorite books. These horses remind us of the beloved stories that we lived together with the characters from these books and brought the horses to life! Now, Golden Oak Stables has brought a new author to collectors and brought her beloved characters to life with Breyer models of their own!

Magic Spirit: The Dream Horse is a book by Pippa Funnell. Some of you may recognize that name as one of Eventing’s elite, Pippa has for many years ridden in the highest levels of three day eventing, even becoming the first woman to win the Rolex Grand Slam of Eventing in 2003 by winning the Rolex championships in Lexington, Kentucky, Burghley and Badminton!

Pippa brings her life long love of horses and all things equestrian to her writing by telling the story of Tilly Redbow. Tilly is a horse loving girl who starts her riding adventures at Silver Shoe Farm. There she rescues a grey horse that she names Magic Spirit who has been neglected and through patience and kindness teaches him to trust again.

Breyer brings not only this exciting novel to you, but also Magic Spirit! Created on the Classic Black Beauty mold, another beloved literary character, Magic Spirit is a beautiful grey horse! Light shading catches a bit of attention as he prances proudly with his stunning light grey coat! You can read the adventure of Tilly and Magic together as you care for Magic Spirit yourself and train him to be the amazing horse that he can be!

Want to add a little adventure to your collection? Let Magic Spirit gallop into your home today!

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Real Life Breyer Horses: Presidential Connection

February 17, 2014

This President’s Day we celebrate the country and our leaders that have helped our country through times both difficult and good. You might be surprised though, that many of our earliest presidents and founding fathers had equine companions close to their side! Golden Oak Stables brings you a few horses that can help you both learn about and remember the equestrian past of our country.

The earliest presidents of the United States of America were known for many things, including their well known equestrian counterparts. Many other presidents also had horses that followed them into battle and some even followed them into the White House! Horses have long been a part of the founding of our country and the connection to our presidents is not far from that. While horses today are mostly ridden for companionship and sport, horses were an integral part of the world just 100 years ago. Used for transportation and farming, our country would have been a much different place without them. That goes for the government and presidents too! Without faithful horses to lead them into battle, our country would have never been founded. In many ways, we have our horses to thank for the United States of America!

Over the years, Breyer has created many beloved historical horses of presidents and war heroes, and there’s even a few right now to bring some history to your collection! You can start with Abraham Lincoln’s mount Old Bob, who is beloved by so many. This presidential mount was almost as well known as his owner during Lincoln’s time in office! You can also bring home Sgt Reckless, while not exactly a presidential mount, Sgt Reckless helped soldiers during the Korean War and brings her American Spirit to you!

Breyer has always found a way to bring a myriad of different horse worlds together, today, celebrate President’s Day by remembering the equestrian connection that so many presidents shared!

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Breyer Horse Stablemates: Show Jumping

February 13, 2014

Ready to saddle up and head over a few jumps? Maybe you’ve got your sights set on the Olympics and the gold medal. Whatever your goal, Golden Oak Stables is ready to help you put your Stablemates in the winners circle with a new set to have you saddling up!

Show Jumping is an English sport that has deep ties in Europe. This sport brings some of the equestrian world’s most talented horses together with riders that have the precision and determination to jump fragile jumps in quick time. Horses are given a set course and time that they need to complete the course in and any jump that is knocked over in the process counts as a fault. Horses that compete in show jumping are determined athletes that must be strong, quick and precise and riders must be as well. The teamwork that horse and rider show in the sport of show jumping is one in it’s own that exemplifies just how tight the bond between man and horse can be!

The Stablemate Show Jumping Set brings all of the excitement of the sport to you! Create your own show jumping championships with a Stablemate Warmblood horse of your own in a beautiful shade of rose grey. You can tack up with an English saddle and bridle and a rider is ready to mount up and get on course. The set also comes with a section of fencing and a jump of their own!

Bringing the excitement of a beloved discipline to you, Breyer has a way of bringing the real equestrian world to collectors all over the world! Jump into show jumping today for yourself!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Mu Wen Ma Year Of The Horse

February 10, 2014

The new year is upon us and the Chinese Lunar calendar celebrates this year as the Year Of The Wood Horse!This year on the lunar calendar symbolizes a year in which strong and stable people will be born. Breyer has brought together the celebration of the Chinese New Year together with something collectors haven’t seen in decades, a new traditional woodgrain that Golden Oak Stables brings right to you!

Mu Wen Ma is a new addition to the Breyer collection for 2014 that has already gotten so many collectors excited. Created on the standing American Saddlebred, this lovely horse stands proud and strong with a look of great strength and stability, characteristics of the year of the wooden horse. The American Saddlebred mold has been a collector favorite for it’s proud and strong stance with a beauty all his own.

What makes Mu Wen Ma truly special is the woodgrain finish that Breyer has brought out of the archives. Not since the 1970’s has a woodgrain horse graced the Breyer traditional lineup. This finish was popular in the late 50’s and into the early 70’s as decorating pieces and collectors pieces. The finish has long been a collector favorite and some models can be very desirable. Now everyone has a chance to own a woodgrain!

Mu Wen Ma has all of the trademarks of a classic Breyer woodgrain, including the deep pattern of graining that gives him the look of being carved out of wood. He also has airbrushed white markings, and black painted hooves that can be seen on many of the vintage woodgrains.

Ready to add a new twist to your collection? Bring a bit of history and a bit of luck this new year into your stable with a Mu Wen Ma, a horse that not only has the history of the Chinese New Year, but also a whole lot of Breyer history too!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Abigail English Rider

February 6, 2014

One of the most exciting parts of horse ownership is getting out to give your horses a ride. With Breyer horses, the same sense of excitement can come from tacking up by our horses for a ride out on the trail or a day in the show ring. Golden Oak Stables has long carried all of the accessories you could imagine for your horses. Now you can tack up your classics for a fun day wherever your imagination will take you!

English riding has been a long been a discipline that has spanned the gamut of activities. English riders practice any number of activities, from classical dressage to trail riding. The English discipline is often known for it’s show jumpers, dressage and eventers that compete in world class competitions all over the world. English riders also compete in hunter jumper competitions as well as trail riding. Many riders use an English saddle to learn from a very young age the fundamentals of riding because of it’s long and classic history in the equestrian world.

New for 2014 comes a lovely little rider, tack in hand, that’s ready to saddle up your Classics and mount up. Abigail English Rider is a beautiful brunette doll who is dressed in a lovely schooling outfit. It starts out with a bright pink collared polo shirt with short sleeves for a comfortable ride on a warm day. Her black breeches have pink pinstriping and she comes with her own helmet and boots. Her tack is a black English set that is classic and can take her onto the trail or into the show ring. She finishes off her matching look with a pink saddle pad in the same shade of bright pink.

Ready to tack up? Your Classics horses will be jumping at the bit to get under the saddle with this new lovely set!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Let’s Go Riding English

February 3, 2014

Ready to ride into the show ring comes a new Breyer set  that will have us all ready to saddle up and head on into the ring. Golden Oak Stables brings collectors a myriad of Breyer horses to fill our shelves and collections with more horses than you can imagine, and now you can get ready to bring English riding into your stable.

English riding originated in Europe and has ties all over the world. The shape of the English saddle is much different from the Western saddle and can be Distinguished by the lack of horn and smaller look overall.  English saddles are commonly used in the eventing, hunter/jumper and show jumping disciplines along with being the choice for pleasure riding for many. The English disciplines are as varied as they are interesting and are bound by only what the rider can do in the saddle.

New for 2014 come a set from the imaginations at Breyer that will have you running to the barn for a ride. The Let’s Go Riding English Set is new for 2014 and brings a new horse to the Breyer lineup. A stunning spotted Spanish horse is the star of this set and brings a new face to the typically warmblood filled English discipline. This black and white spotted  horse features lovely grey shading in his mane and tail and a fun spotted coat that will catch the attention of anyone who sneaks a glance. He comes along with a rider of her own dressed in a casual riding outfit for a day full of schooling or fun out on the trail. Their set is completed with a set of brown English tack and a pink saddle blanket.

Bringing the fun of riding together with a stunning horse, the Let’s Go Riding English Set is ready to gallop into your house and create memories for years to come!

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