Real Life Breyer Horses: The 2014 Rolex Three Day Event

April 28, 2014

The 2014 Rolex Three Day Event has come and gone and placed a myriad of horses into the history books. This year’s event was one to behold with a wide range of riders from all over the world representing the sport of eventing. There’s no question that the 2014 event was an incredible one for horses, riders and fans of all ages!

Thursday started off early with the first of two days of dressage. Riders showed their elegance with their mounts for the three days by competing in a difficult and precise dressage test that put the horses through obstacles that showed their skills in the classical movements that help a horse and rider communicate. By the end of the dressage tests, Alison Springer and Arthur were on top, followed closely by William Fox Pitt and Lauren Kieffer.

Saturday played host to the ever popular cross country phase of the competition. 35,000 fans gathered over the four mile long course to cheer on their favorite horses and riders as they galloped their way through a difficult and intense course. William Fox Pitt and Bay My Hero came into first place with a clear and fast run and Lauren Kieffer came in a close second with Phillip Dutton and Mr Medicott making their way into third.

On Sunday, riders were surprised when third place rider, Phillip Dutton withdrew Mr. Medicott from the competition and moved Marilyn Little into third place. Riders rode a tough show jumping course for a chance to move up in the standings. The course was tough, and the clean rides were few and far between. At the end of the day, the top two riders stayed in their position, with William Fox Pitt taking home his third Rolex win, Lauren Kieffer came in a very close second representing the USA  and Buck Davidson rounded out the top three!

Do you have any eventers in your Breyer stables? If not, why not wander over to Golden Oak Stables and put a new Rolex prospect into your collection?

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Real Life Breyer Horses: Creating Your Own Three Day Event

April 24, 2014

This weekend, The Kentucky Horse Park welcomes riders from all over the world to the only four star three day eventing event in America, the Rolex Three Day Event. This amazing competition brings riders from all over the world and all walks of life to compete for the coveted right to stand in the winner’s circle. Many of us may never get to join the ranks of these talented riders, but with a little ingenuity and creativity, all collectors can live this dream!

Three day eventing is a sport in which horses compete across three disciplines to show their versatility and stamina. The first day of the three day event is Dressage, where riders and horses show precision and their connection with their rider as they perform an intricate test of delicate movements. The second day is the grueling day of Cross Country, where riders and their horses travel across natural terrain and jumps designed to test their endurance and stamina. The third day is the final test, show jumping. Riders compete over delicate jumps not only testing their accuracy, but also their speed as they try for the fastest and quickest round. After all three days, the scores are combined to award the rider who has performed best over all three days the trip to the winners circle.

Most of us will never get a chance to compete at Rolex, but with Golden Oak Stables you can create your own Rolex at your barn! With all of the tack and accessories that you can add to your stable, a three day event of your own is only a little creativity away! Jumps can be turned into both show jumping and cross country courses with a little bit of creativity and a fence can easily become a dressage arena!  The only question left is, who’s going to be your mount?

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Real Life Breyer Horses: Zenyatta Has A Filly!

April 21, 2014

Horse fans all over the world have been caught up in the story of the amazing mare Zenyatta and her amazing life as a race horse. Zenyatta retired three years and a half years ago to become a brood mare and further racing’s future and welcomed her third foal with much excitement just a few days ago!

The amazing mare Zenyatta has become a part of American horse racing history for her 19 wins out of 20 starts. This record, unlike no other, is astonishing to say the least and the fact that she’s a mare makes the story even more incredible! Zenyatta is a large, dark bay mare that is owned by the Moss’ and love by millions all over the world. She started her career in 2007 and by 2008 she was being ridden by Mike Smith was starting to get attention as the big mare that could beat the boys. She retired, with just one loss, her final race in which she came in second to Blame, at the Breeders Cup Classic. Even with that one small second place win, her record is astonishing to say the least and will live on in the record books for eternity!

Since becoming a broodmare, Zenyatta has given birth to two colts, Cozmic One and Ziconic in 2012 and 2013. On April 20th in the early Easter morning, Zenyatta delivered a healthy dark bay filly that looks stunningly like her mother at Lane’s End Farm in Versailles Kentucky.

In the years since she’s come into our hearts, Breyer has created a lovely Zenyatta that has been so popular with collectors, and a model of Cozmic One as well! Collectors all over the world can add Zenyatta and her first foal to their collections with the help of Golden Oak Stables! Is there a Zenyatta in your collection?

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Breyer Horse Decorators: Celebrating Spring

April 17, 2014

Spring brings thoughts are warm temperatures, baby animals and of course, bright spring flowers. Breyer collectors have lots of different ways to celebrate all throughout the year, but spring is a fun time to bring a bit of color into your world and you can do that with a few fun little horses that will bring a big pop of color into your collection!

Decorators are popular horses for collectors because of their fun and fanciful colors. Breyer has introduced a fun new line of horses that are perfect for spring and perfect for bringing a big pop of color into your world! The Horse Crazy series is a set of eye catching Stablemates that have been made in bright and bold colors that have taken collectors by storm!

These little horses in bright spring colors are the perfect way to tuck a little touch of spring into an Easter basket or to bring a little bit of Breyer into your spring decorating. The first set of Color Crazy Stablemates includes six horses, an Arabian, a draft horse, a warmblood, an American Saddlebred, a Tennessee Walking Horse and a Mustang in shades of pink, blue and purple! These lovely horses are a mix between clear and frosted in their bright colors with a glittered mane and tail. New for 2014, a new set of four Color Crazy Stablemates have come into Golden Oak Stables. This set includes a Quarter Horse, a rearing Arabian, a warmblood and a Paso Fino in pink, blue, green and yellow! And last, but certainly not least, there’s a Color Crazy Stable to house them all in!

Ready to bring a little bit of spring into your world? Why not do it with a fun and funky group of little Stablemates that are sure to make you feel like spring is on it’s way!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: How Has Your Collection Evolved?

April 14, 2014

Old and new collectors alike might notice that their tastes change even after a short time. Collectors that have collected for many years often find their collections taking turns and their preferences changing. Even if you’re a new collector, paying attention to what your collection is made up of and what you are adding to it, can help you see what direction your collection is moving in.

The excitement of a new horse from Golden Oak Stables is usually enough to keep a collector’s mind off of everything besides their new addition, but if we pay attention to what horses we are choosing, it can tell us a lot about our collections. Most collectors start off collecting Breyer horses of one scale, many starting with Traditional models, but with so much variety, it’s hard to stick to just one scale! Some collectors will find that they like a certain color of horse, or a certain breed and their collection will start to trend towards a specific type of horse. Other collectors narrow their collections down to one size of Breyers, like Stablemates only.

Some collectors find that their creative spirit is too much for their collections to bear and customizing their models becomes their collection. Artists often find inspiration sitting right on their shelf! Customized horses are a great creative way for artists to help their collections evolve.

There are even some collectors that just collect everything, and that’s ok! Collections can evolve in an infinite number of ways that’s unique to each and every collector. Finding out how your collection is evolving and what you like to collect can help make each new horse you choose fit into your collection seamlessly and to make your collection curated with thought and love. What does your collection say about you?


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Breyer Horses New Releases: The Event Horse Primmore’s Pride

April 10, 2014

New for 2014, a lovely new horse is galloping into the classics stable with a fun twist, a story of their own! You and Golden Oak Stables can have fun with a new horse and also bring a new story to you!

Collectors may recognize the name Pippa Funnell for her extensive career in the eventing world. Pippa has for many years ridden in the highest levels of three day eventing, even becoming the first woman to win the Rolex Grand Slam of Eventing in 2003 by winning the Rolex championships in Lexington, Kentucky, Burghley and Badminton! Now she takes on a new career as an author, bringing her love for horses to a whole new audience with a jump into the world of writing! Breyer has teamed up with Pippa to create the star of her latest book, Primmore’s Pride so that you can live out the adventures on your own!

Pippa takes her eventing knowledge and has created a lovely world with star Tilly Redbrow! Pippa takes her own horse, Primmore’s Pride as inspiration for this novel and for the star horse, Pride & Joy! This lovely 7/8 Thoroughbred horse has been created on a striking Classic horse who’s ready to ride into the ring. His stunning bay coat is accented with a small star, two small socks and a braided mane. Tilly will be ready to ride into the ring with this lovely little horse, that is, if she can convince the owner of her barn that she’s ready!

Pippa’s novels are full of amazing tales based on her real life adventures, which brings a special touch to her work. Horse lovers young and old can learn from one of the best, while reading an amazing adventure and bringing a new Breyer horse into their stable. No matter what the reason, Primmore’s Pride is a fun and neat way to celebrate your love for horses!

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Breyer Horse Classics: Spring Is In The Air

April 7, 2014

Spring has finally sprung for most people and with that comes the promise of new life in the form of plants, birds and even horses! Spring is the time of the year that welcomes in so many new baby foals. Even if you aren’t welcoming a new real foal in your life, you can welcome a new Classic scale foal with Golden Oak Stables.

Standing approximately six inches tall, the Classics horses are a line of 1/12 scale horses that stand just below traditionals in size. These lovely horses are a collectors favorite and have been a part of the Breyer world for almost forty years! These astonishing little horses bring a life to collecting unlike any other scale and span the gamut of breeds.

There have been hundreds of foals that have passed through the Classics lineup in the past fourty years, and right now, there’s a ton to choose from. You can start off with a fun little Warmblood foal with A New Arrival at The Barn. This lovely little foal comes along with his mother and a bunch of fun accessories to make his addition to the barn a bit easier. Next there’s a lovely little grey Thoroughbred filly with her mom that will leave you wishing for spring in the bluegrass. Collectors will love learning about the versatile Morgan and her new bright red bay filly in the Classic stable. This pair are lovely as can be and adorable as well. Western riders will perk up to hear about a lovely new Chestnut Appaloosa that’s come into the Classic stable along with his mother. These two have both beauty and flash on their side with their striking coats. If you’re in the mood for just a few new foals, you can add a pair of foals all by themselves to your stable. The Colorful Foals set brings together two bold and beautiful foals that are sure to warm your heart with how sweet they are!

No matter what horses live in your stable, a new foal is always fun, especially as spring is starting to bloom. Who will you be adding to your stable this spring?

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Breyer Horse Collecting: The Breyer Gallery

April 3, 2014

Most collectors will admit to playing with their horses at least once in awhile. The chance to pretend that your Breyer is a real life horse and that it takes you on all of the different adventures that follow is something none of us can deny. There’s no question why collectors wouldn’t love that, but there’s another type of Breyer horse too, one that brings a touch of fine art to the world of collecting.

The Breyer Gallery was introduced over 20 years ago and in that time has hosted some of the most incredible Breyer horses that they have ever produced. In the early 1990’s Breyer released their first Gallery models, large traditional porcelain horses representing horses around the world. This set of three horses was popular amongst hobbyists and started the path for a new line of incredibly detailed, artistically focused Breyers.

Most models in the Breyer Gallery start off as new sculptures in any number of sizes. Horses from large Traditional scale all the way down to Stablemates have been featured as Gallery horses and have shown the level of extreme detail and artistry that Breyer can create! Models in the Breyer gallery are often made from different materials than the plastic that you’re used to from Breyer. Porcelain is most common, but there are many resin models that have also joined the ranks.

Golden Oak Stables brings you the latest incarnations in the Breyer Gallery which all bring a new light to the world of Breyer collecting. There are a myriad of different breeds that have been introduced into the Breyer Gallery in the past few years, in a fun and easy to collect size, each standing about 5 inches tall! This newest incarnation in the Breyer Gallery has brought a whole new world of collecting to collectors, putting a piece of fine art in the palm of your hand. Literally!

Any collector can appreciate the detail and amazing work behind a Breyer horse, take it up a notch by adding a horse from the Breyer Gallery to your collection!

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