2009: A Year of Breyer Horses

December 18, 2009

2009 was a huge year for Breyer horses both for myself, hobbyists and the many in the Golden Oak Stables family. Between beautiful models and amazing events it was a great year for model horse collectors.

Breyer began the 2009 year with amazing new releases including a fun and informational Mare, Stallion and Foal Treasure Hunt. Figuring out what foal you might get from your stallion and mare is the fun and luck of the draw; nearly a dozen different foals that have shown up so far. If you’d like to test your genetic knowledge, you’re in luck, you have until January 31st! Another important release from 2009 was the completion of the Ethereal series with the Fire model and the Water model. These models mark the high pinnacle of Breyer craftsmanship and show true beauty.

I had the privilege to attend Breyerfest in 2009, the largest event of the year! It was a beautiful year for such an event. The horse park was getting ready for the World Equestrian Games which will be held in the United States for the first time ever next year. The weather was unexpectedly cool and dry and there were thousands of amazing hobbyists that made the event just wonderful. The icing on the cake was Stacy Westfall and her horse Roxy who were the celebration model.

It was a busy year for Golden Oak Stables as well, with four events including a NAN qualifying show, a workshop day and two novice events, there was always an event to be at!  The first event, Saddle Up For Spring was an all novice show that welcomed 50 entrants! It was an amazing event that showed what a great force our New England Area novices have! June welcomed Summer Break Live and dozens more novices eager to learn as always. Another learning experience was August’s Workshop day! Prop making, tack making and customizing were all taught to both young and old. Last but certainly not least for the year was New England Fall Live, Golden Oak Stable’s first annual NAN qualifying show. The competition was tough and there were tons of awards all around. It was the event of the year!

2009 was an amazing year for Golden Oak Stables and the Breyer Horse hobby. 2010 is right around the corner and I’m sure we can expect nothing less. Have a wonderful holiday and we’ll see you in the New Year!


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Holiday Breyer Horses: Nutcracker Prince

December 16, 2009

Its that time of the year again and the holidays are quickly approaching. Snow is begining to fall in many areas of the country and lights are strung up as far as the eye can see, but for me, its just not the holidays until my Holiday Breyers are displayed and my horse ornaments are on the tree.

This year’s holiday horse, Nutcracker Prince, is the premier of the holiday collection. He is one of my favorite holiday horses that has been offered by Breyer and is full of energy and holiday spirit. He is a light gray Arabian stallion on the iconic Huckleberry Bey mold. He is stepping high with his mane and tail flowing back behind him. His coat has a slight pearl sheen that shimmers in the light.



His costume is red and green velvet that is embroidered in gold thread featuring pieces of candy, bells and bows. His bridle is also velvet and gold cording that trails through the mane. There are feathers on top of his head in a plume and beautiful bead work. Tucked into his costume pockets are two ornaments, a nutcracker and a ballerina.


Nutcracker Prince is a standout in the history of holiday horses, he’s truly beautiful and striking. Along with Nutcracker Prince is a full line of holiday ornaments, snow globes, horses and more! Check out Golden Oak Stables to see the entire line!


My holiday Breyers have become part of my holiday traditions, my Breyer ornaments hold memories of years gone by and my horses remind me of the beauty of my collection. I can’t think of a better way to remember the holidays gone by than with my Breyer horses!


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What Breyer Horse Talents Do You Have?

December 14, 2009

We all have talents of some sort, some of us are wonderful singers, some are gifted artists, but just about all of us have some sort of talent that we can use in our Breyer horse hobby!

I started off collecting just Breyers, but eventually my curiosity and craftiness got to me and I tried to make a halter and other stable accessories. Many of us have tried to create something for our horses, and many more of us have kept with it and done a wonderful job creating amazing miniatures. From halters and bridles to hay nets and water buckets, there’s so many things to create for anyone that has ambition.

Customizing is also a popular activity in the hobby; many hobbyists start off pulling out their craft paints and changing up a much loved horse. Now nearly everyone starting off has their first project end up looking a bit Frankenstein like, but everyone is in the same boat when they start. You might be surprised to know that even popular artists started off with their craft paints and funky paint jobs.

There are many people who are wonderful seamstresses. You might have to think a little outside of the box, but sewing is a wonderful talent to have in the hobby. Doll makers are extremely popular and in extremely short supply. Another popular thing in the hobby are cloth carrying bags for traveling with models. In addition to that, you can create wonderful stable blankets to keep all the ponies in your barn warm!

Now my first halters and customs were pretty sad attempts at the project, but keeping with it helped me learn not only persistence but it also helped me learn the craft of creating. I’m not the best customizer, but I’m still working and learning. As for my tack? I’m working on stablemate scale tack and won my first NAN cards this year! It just takes time and patience. Check out Golden Oak Stables for their line of craft kits that can help you get started on your journey. Everyone has a talent that can transcend into the hobby, it just takes some creativity and patience. What talents do you have?


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How To: Learning about Breyer Horses to learn about real horses

December 11, 2009

For some it may seem like common sense that having Breyer Horses in your life would help you learn more about real horses, and for some, the thought may have never crossed your mind. Either way, you probably have learned something from your horses and the potential to learn is great!

Breyer is currently making some of the most realistic horses they have ever created. They have improved so much over the past ten years and there is so much to learn from them. They are focusing on both breeds that are iconic like the Arabian but also breeds that we may have never heard of. They are bringing us real horses that are winning all over the world and also horses we would have never heard of if not for them immortalizing them in a model.

But, there’s more that you can learn from your models besides the actual Breyer model. Live showing is one of the best ways to learn about real horses. I’ve said again and again at the Golden Oak Stables’ shows that research is the key to winning, and it is, but there’s also the knowledge that comes with it. Many times, a horse that has research will win out over a model without, in both performance and halter.

There are many places where you can find information. One of the easiest place to find it is the internet. The internet is an amazing tool that has a wealth of information, but along with that information comes a few problems. At the top of that list is the fact that there’s no editor on the internet to keep incorrect information away. If you use it carefully you can find wonderful information. Try to stick to websites that are run by organizations as well as those which are recently updated.

An old stand by, the Library is a wonderful place to read up on your breeds and events as well. Typically anything written and published is mostly correct. As with the internet, try to stick to books that are recently updated and your information should be correct.

Lastly, but the best place to look is to the real horse world. Attending real horse shows, taking photos and experiencing the world of real horses will give you a wonderful feel of the event or breed. Real horse organizations have tons of information, and a great place to pick information like that are horse expos that are held all over the country and world! A good place to find these is in Just About Horses which lists them bi-monthly.

Many of us aren’t lucky enough to own a real horse, but even those of us who do, can learn many things from their models. Disciplines that are unheard of and breeds that are unusual. Whatever it is, learning is the key!


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Holiday Breyer Horses: Waiting for Santa!

December 9, 2009

The holidays bring memories for many people and one of my favorite memories was asking for a pony every single year for Christmas. I never got that real pony- instead I received Breyer horses-but that dream is still there today.

Breyer’s Waiting For Santa set is an adorable playset that recreates the image of that very fantasy that many of us shared. Included is a doll dressed in pajamas with a fancy horse print and a sleeping bag with a horse pillow. Along with the doll there are two Mini Whinnies included, one of them a chestnut pinto standing at attention and a bay pinto in a calm walk. These are the doll’s “Breyers”.


Lastly, but certainly not least is the miniature horse included in the set, every little girl’s dream! The miniature horse is a beautiful, slightly metallic grey. She’s shaded beautifully and has a full mane and tail. Her facial markings include a star and snip. The horse also comes with a festive holiday blanket that completes the set.



The miniature horse is done on the Midnight Tango mold that was released in 2000 and sculpted by Sommer Prosser. She has only been released in three other colors which are difficult to find, a buckskin, a black pinto and a chestnut pony. This adorable little pony is difficult to find and makes an amazing miniature horse with endless play and showing possibilities.

This set is one you don’t want to let slip by! Its limited to this season’s holidays only, which ends soon. Check out all of Golden Oak Stables holiday items to finish up your shopping and put a pony under the tree of someone you love.


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Performance Talk: What really can be done with Breyer Horse Tack!

December 7, 2009

Its very easy to get overwhelmed when you are thinking about tack for your horses. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables offer a wide variety of tack made by Breyer that can be easily obtained and used quite successfully to be realistic and maybe even bring you home a few ribbons if you go to a show!

I was lucky enough to attend a show in Vermont a few weeks ago to judge and saw an entry that inspired me to show off what Breyer tack could really do. This entry was an English Pleasure entry with a Devon English Hunt Seat Saddle and an English Hunter Jumper Bridle. The entry was perfectly adjusted, the saddle and bridle fit and it was the perfect size for the horse. Needless to say, that horse walked away with the blue ribbon in the class.


The Cimarron Western Saddle Set is another strong set that can hold up well. Both saddles are a little flat, but they are shaped properly and can still be convincing. The Cimarron saddle features realistic “Tooling” and a great blanket that can be used for years to come.

Breyer also offers tons of different accessory kits that can be mixed and matched into your tack room for show or play. Jumps, blankets, stable keeping tools; all of them perfectly sized for your traditional horses. Lets also not forget the riders that are offered too. Breyer’s rider dolls are now fully articulated and beautifully dressed. Gone are the days of bendy legs and poofy hair; here Breyer offers riders that are ready to saddle up! Check out the entire line here to see for yourself!

When I first started collecting the tack offered by Breyer it was extremely limited and left much to be desired. They offered an English saddle and a Western saddle, and a couple blanket sets. Now there are dozens of pieces of tack ready to make their way into your tack room. The variety of tack along with the detail has grown so greatly that you might even see a few bits of Breyer tack or accessories make their way into the nationals show! Its all about fit and creativity. Good luck!


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Holiday Shopping Time! Early 2010 Breyer Releases

December 4, 2009

Each year, in the late fall, Breyer releases a handful of the new year’s releases just in time for the holidays. This year is no exception with exciting new models that have galloped their way to Golden Oak Stables just in time to come home with you for the holidays!

One of the most exciting releases is a new Arabian mare named s’Justadream. This is a new mold that was released at Breyerfest 2009 but looks much different than you might imagine. s’Justadream is actually the Make A Wish model but with a different head and neck! Breyer created the mold with at least two different heads and tails, and this is the first look we are getting at the new version! She is a beautiful chestnut Arabian mare full of spunk.

Another new mold from Breyerfest is Bet Yer Boons, done on the Roxy mold from Breyerfest 2009. She is the portrait of a beautiful red roan quater horse mare. This is the first release of the new Roxy mold as a regular run and she is flashy and beautiful!

O Leary’s Irish Diamond is a beautiful dapple grey Irish Draft horse on the Cleveland Bay mold. This mold is one of the most popular molds in the current line up and the soft dapple grey color that is gracing him currently is sure to become a favorite.

Two new releases in the “My Favorite Horses” line are Baxter and Chili. Both Morgans are done in flashy new colors: Baxter in a really beautiful rose dapple grey and Chili in a flashy chestnut pinto. Baxter done on the Sherman Morgan mold is a high stepping Morgan that shows the spirit of the Morgan horse. Chili, on the Kenebec Count mold, stands quietly showing the versatility of the Morgan breed. Both are beautiful and show wonderful qualities of the breed.

These new models are some of the best that Breyer has released in quite a long time and letting them pass by would be a mistake! 2010 is already bringing exciting new molds and models! Who knows what the new year might bring!


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Breyer Horse Happy 50th Birthday! Family Arabian Stallion

December 2, 2009

2009 marks the 50th “Birthday” of one of the most iconic Breyer horses, the Family Arabian Stallion.

Released in 1959, the Family Arabian Stallion (Or FAS as it’s commonly abbreviated) he has gone on to be one of the most produced and collected models ever. He was released as the companion to an Arabian mare and foal and was a modified version of a Hagen Renaker mold. Hagen Renaker is a porcelain company that released collectible china horses starting in the 1950’s; Breyer used several of their molds and commissioned even more. They are responsible for all of the original stablemates, classics and a few traditionals, including the FAS.

In the 1950’s the FAS was released in Bay, Alabaster, Appaloosa and Woodgrain. These colors continued into the 1960’s and the iconic palomino color was introduced first in glossy and then in matte. The Palomino FAS is one of the most popular and produced models that Breyer has ever done. His color and beauty made him desirable for collectors and horse lovers alike. Also in the 1960’s Breyer gave the FAS a new family that better matched his looks. These are called the Family Arabian Mare and the Family Arabian Foal (FAM and FAF respectively).

The 1980’s and 1990’s brought many more colors for the FAS from liver chestnut to glossy grey – the color scheme seemed endless. The FAS has also been reproduced in various colors for special runs in colors like a retro glossy alabaster and a solid black. These colors tend to be favorites among collectors because of the love of the FAS.

In 2009 Breyer honored the FAS at Breyerfest with a test run that was auctioned off for charity in honor of his 50th birthday. This model was produced in a sandy bay appaloosa and was just about as beautiful as the FAS can get.

Currently you can still get the FAS from Golden Oak Stables in the form of Azhar, a beautiful chestnut Arabian with a flashy coat and a beautiful mane and tail. Being brought into the 20th century has done nothing but make the FAS even more beautiful.

If you don’t own a FAS you’re missing out, as this beautiful boy is an iconic model among many. The FAS has lived in the hearts of many for 50 years and all we can do is wish him 50 more wonderful years! Thanks for all the memories FAS!


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