Breyer Horses Stablemates: Super Sporty

March 5, 2015

One of the most prolific types of horses in the world are sport horses. These super stars of the equestrian world compete in so many different disciplines, that it’s hard not to notice them! Golden Oak Stables opens its doors to a set of four Super Sporty horses that are ready to saddle up and take a ride into the ring.

Sport Horses have long developed over thousands of years in Europe and all over the world. These medium riding horses were developed with selective breeding over centuries to exude the most athletic and precise abilities known to the equine world. One of the best known sport breeds is the Thoroughbred, known for his fast speed. Warmbloods are another type of sport breeds excelling in dressage, show jumping and other top equine sports. The next time you see show jumping, dressage, horse racing or eventing, chances are, there’s a sport horse under the saddle!

Standing only 4 inches tall, Stablemates Super Sporty is a set of four sport horses that are sure to wow you with their ability and power. An athletic chestnut Arabian will have you thinking about all of the athletic and sporty things the Arabian breed can do from endurance trials to show jumping. An Appaloosa Sport Horse brings a bold and flashy coat into the ring as it competes with the best of them. A bay Hanovarian shows his stuff in an extended dressage trot, one of the most precise moves in the sport. Rounding out the bunch, a warm grey Thoroughbred stands calm and ready to compete.

A lot of horse in a little package, these four Stablemates bring a sporty power unlike any other to your collection!


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Breyer Horses Activity: 3-D Paint by Number

March 2, 2015

One of the most exciting parts of the model horse hobby is the creativity that exists in the hobby. So many collectors find creative outlets through their model horses and find ways to express their artistic spirit along with their love of the horse. Golden Oak Stables brings you a wide range of activity kits to get that creativity started, including a new one for 2015 that will have you on your way to painting one of the most elusive colors in the model horse world.

Customizing model horses is a part of the hobby as old as the hobby itself. Taking the models we all love so dearly and turning them into the horses of our dreams has been something artists and hobbyists have been doing for decades. Creating customs is one of the more popular creative outlets in the hobby with so many collectors giving customizing a shot at one point another.

Have you ever tried customizing? Maybe painting your own model seems a little overwhelming, but with the right tools anyone can be on their way to the winners circle. New for 2015 comes a new 3-D Paint By Number Kit with a┬ámodel horse created especially for this kit in dapple grey! This bold and stunning color is a favorite coat color for so many collectors and horse lovers alike. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to make your very own customized horse with a model, paint, paint brushes and instructions!

With just a little bit of time you can create a masterpiece of your very own! With a little practice, who knows, you might just be the next famous model horse artist!


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Breyer Horses Classics: Chestnut Morgan

February 26, 2015

The Classics stable grows each and every year with exciting breeds and beautiful horses that make any collector excited to bring this second largest scale into their collection! This year, a beloved American breed sees a new flashy incarnation that is sure to brighten up any stable, including Golden Oak Stables!

In Colonial New England, a horse that could go to town and carry the family was important to many. From Springfield Massachusetts, the Morgan horse was born. Useful for riding, competing and as an overall family horse, the Morgan horse is a compact and agile riding horse that now finds its home as a family horse and competitive riding horse. The Morgan is quick to learn and adapts well to just about anything thrown at it! This breed has become a favorite among so many as a riding horse, a driving horse and a partner in the show ring. There’s little that can stop a Morgan!

The Morgan horse can come in a myriad of colors, from deep bay and black to bright dapple grey to buckskin, but the exciting color of this newest release is something else! A bright flashy chestnut Morgan is sure to light up any arena he enters with his incredible firey color and flaxen mane and tail. This Morgan has been painted with darker shading in his mane and tail to give him a bold contrast against his light flaxen hairs. He has four low, delicately painted socks that finish out his look that is sure to stop anyone in their tracks!

Ready to bring a little flashiness to your stable? This new Morgan is the perfect way to brighten things up!


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Breyer Horses Classics: West Wind Stable

February 24, 2015

Everyone knows that the one accessory every collector needs to complete their collection is a stable of their own. Golden Oak Stables brings the Classic’s line the first all wooden stable so your stable yard can be complete!

Having a stable of your own for your stable is the most important touch to many collectors that are building stables and stable yards of their own. A stable of your own not only means a place for your models to live, but it also gives you countless possibilities for play, display or photographing. Most collectors have a stable of one sort or another, and many enjoy decorating it with extreme detail to get the most realistic stable possible. Classics collectors have had many choices for barns over the years, but this year, the first all wooden stable comes to collectors!

The West Wind Stable will bring the perfect accessory to your models and allow you to create a stable of your dreams. It’s wooden construction is beautifully crafted in light hardwood. A panel style roof and copula give this lovely barn a classic look that everyone can appreciate. Three stalls will hold your champions behind hinged doors just like the real thing! Windows give your horses a touch of the outdoors and your stable even more realism. All together, this lovely stable is the perfect way to give your Classics the lovely home they deserve!

So, which three of your Classics champions will come to live in your new stable? It won’t be an easy choice!

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Breyer Horses Live Showing: Pony Pouches

February 19, 2015

It might still be snowy and cold in many parts, but the spring show season is just around the corner! Your horses have been waiting all winter for their chance in the show ring, and with a little help from you, they’ll be all ready!

Live model horse shows are a fun and easy way to not only get to experience the model horse hobby, but also to experience a lot of what it’s like to have a real horse too! Model horse shows mimic real horses hows in many ways and bring the same types of events, breeds and competitions to the Breyer horse world. In model horse shows, Breyer horses can compete against one another just like in a real horse show, in both halter, or breed classes, or performance classes that mimic events. Just like a real horse show, ribbons and prizes are given away to the winners of each class and championship and at some shows, horses even qualify for national titles!

If you’re ready to get your feet wet and have a show on the way, one of the most important part of that preparation is packing. Packing your horses well will protect them from damage along the way. Breyer horses are fragile and so is their paint, so making sure that they are well protected for travel is essential. Golden Oak Stables brings you the perfect accessory to keep your horses looking great from stable to show table, Pony Pouches! You can choose between Blue and Pink for your new pony pouches to keep your horses safe. These soft cloth pouches feature a velcro flap to keep your horses in there securely and a name card on the front for you to mark the pouch as belonging to the special horse inside!

Ready to get into the show ring? Then pack on up and head on out!

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Breyer Horse Accessories: Going to the Horse Show

February 16, 2015

Accessorizing your Breyer horse is a fun way to not only dress your horse in fun and fabulous tack, but to also bring a sense of realism to your models. With realistic and fun accessories, you can bring a realistic touch to your own stable that only Breyer and Golden Oak Stables can help you create!

Accessories are one of the easiest and most fun ways to bring your own unique touch to your models and to make them all the more realistic. With tack, props and accessories you can create a world that is unique as your imagination. You can also create the stable of your dreams with a tack room fit for a king! The world is open when your horses are well dressed and equipped for whichever event today might bring.

Going To The Horse Show is a fun set that will have everyone excited for a day of competition. This fun set starts off with a sturdy tack trunk that will fit your horses accessories in style while on the way to the show. A light blue halter is relaxed but bold and bright enough to catch an eye while your horse is groomed for the show ring. A pink and blue plaid cooler is the perfect statement of style while your horse awaits his turn in the ring or cools down after a round in the ring. You can match your horse’s style with a pink and blue plaid tote bag to carry all of the things you need for show day too!

Bring some fun style to your tack room and to your horses with this lovely set that’s sure to catch the eye of anyone!

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Breyer Horse Classics: Butterfly Kisses

February 12, 2015

One of the most popular type of Breyer horses are decorators, and in the fifty years since they were introduced decorators have evolved and grown into one of the most popular type of models that collectors love to collect! This year, a new decorator comes into the Breyer lineup, but the decorators are not without an interesting history!

The first decorators were produced in the late 1950’s and were painted to look like they were carved from wood. These models became affectionately known as Woodgrain models and were popular among home decorators, giving decorators their name! Many horse lovers were attracted to this style because of not only the realistic sculpting, but because they could be so easily incorporated into your home’s style. In the early 1960’s the most colorful decorators came into the Breyer world, and they aren’t without a story. Wedgewood and Copehagen blue models and Gold Charm and Filigree models both made their debut in the early 1960’s as the next incarnation of the decorator horses. The surprise came when these models failed to become popular with collectors and were quickly discontinued. Because of this, they are some of the most desirable Breyer models ever collected and are highly prized today.

By the late 1960’s the decorators had slowly waned in popularity and were quietly discontinued. The surprise came in the 1990’s when Breyer began releasing decorators again, seeing the popularity among collectors! Since then, new Woodgrains, Wedgewood, Copenhagen, Gold Charm and Filigree models have all been produced, along with a whole new world of creativity that brings decorators into the new millennium!

Butterfly Kisses comes into Golden Oak Stables with a decorator style all it’s own. Painted in a color scheme of light blue and white, this lightly shaded model is the perfect canvas for a stunning decorator model. Across the barrel of this beautiful horse, a scene of bright and colorful butterflies flitters past!

With a long and colorful past, decorators are fun to collect and beautiful to display. Do you have any decorators?

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