Breyer Horse Holidays: Best Friends Ornament

October 20, 2016

Breyer collecting has many different facets. From learning about the real life horses that inspire Breyer models to collecting the horses of your dreams, the collecting world of Breyer is wide and varied. But one of the most incredible things that comes with collecting is the friends you make along the way. This holiday, Golden Oak Stables brings a special way to celebrate that friendship.

The Best Friends Ornament is a beautiful collection to the already stunning 2016 Breyer Holiday Collection. This stunning ornament is the perfect gift to give to your very best horse friend and even more lovely to receive!

Featuring two white horses, this amazingly sculpted ornament brings a bit of fantasy with their delicately blue shaded manes and tails. Each horse wears a gilded gold halter and an evergreen wreath around their necks. Between them a heart connects the pair together with a gold chain that matches their gold hooves. They carry a banner declaring friendship that stretches the length of the ornament and perfectly completes this perfect pair.

No matter near or far,  old or new, friendship should be celebrated, and what better way than with a beautiful ornament for your very best Breyer friend?



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Breyer Horse Collecting: The Scale Of It All

October 17, 2016

Almost anyone can recognize a Breyer. Its superior detail, careful painting, realistic details, all of these things make a Breyer, a Breyer. Have you ever taken a moment to think about the scale of a model? What makes it larger or smaller than other Breyer horses?

The Breyer Traditional line is probably the most recognizable of the Breyer scales. These large horses are generally about 8 inches tall and the largest of the Breyer scales. These are the models that first came into collectors hands in the 1950’s and have created the bulk of the Breyer lineup. No wonder they are called Traditional! Many of the horses you will recognize will make up the Traditional scale.

Classics are one size step down from Traditionals, and stand about six inches tall. These models came about in the 1970’s and have a loyal group of collectors. Their 1/12 scale makes them easy to display and collect. There is a big variety in the Classics size, with many different breeds being depicted!

Stablemates is probably the scale with one of the biggest fan bases. Standing about 3 inches tall these tiny beauties pack a ton of detail into a tiny package, and needless to say, have found a huge fandom because of that! Their small size also makes them fun and easy to collect, especially for those with space at a premium!

Golden Oak Stables has all this and more waiting for you! No matter what your collection, there is a Breyer that is the perfect scale for you!


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Breyer Horse Plush: The Softer Side of Horses

October 13, 2016

You probably think of the classic Breyer horse when you hear the name Breyer. Expertly sculpted and molded in plastic, then hand painted to perfection. There’s everything to love about them! But, did you know Breyer had a softer side too? One that is soft, cuddly, and oh so fun!

Breyer’s Plush line is filled with the same beautiful horses you know so well, but in a soft and cuddly form that is fun for all ages. Six different horses currently fill the plush stable, and are all different and unique on their own! You can pick the horse that best fits your collecting passions, or pick more than one to make up a diverse and beautiful stable!

Butterscotch is a buckskin paint that is stunning with his white pinto patches and his black mane and tail. Marshmallow is a grey beauty that has a light dusty white body and grey mane and tail. Penny is a bay paint that is deep and chocolately in color, and contrasts stunningly with her bold white patches. Pepper is a deeper grey than his friend Marshmallow and has a grey mane and tail to match. Rocky is a deep liver chestnut, much like his namesake, the Rocky Mountain Horse. And last, but not least S’more is a chestnut blanket Appaloosa that is spotty and sweet all in one.

So, who will you choose? Where will you start? Golden Oak Stables wants to know!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: The Care And Keeping Of Breyer Horses

October 10, 2016

You might not think much about it, but Breyer horses require care just like their real life counterparts. Breyer horses might be a lot easier to care for than a real horse, but they still require care to keep them in tip top shape and beautiful for years to come.

Breyer horses are durable, that’s no secret. Many of them put up with years of play with very little damage, but taking care of them can help you have a lifetime of memories with each and every model in your collection. There’s nothing wrong with playing with your models, in fact, it’s some of the most fun you can have with them! Taking care to tack up carefully can help prevent scratches and rubs. Tiny buckles and bits can cause scratches if you aren’t careful, so always tack up with caution, just like a real horse!

Cleaning and displaying your models is also a major part of keeping good care of your Breyers. Displaying your models, take care to not place them on a surface that is unstable. The last thing you want is for your horses to come tumbling down. Taking the time to make sure they aren’t touching, and have a little room between one another will also help damage while living on display.

Gentle cleaning is also a good idea. Most horses can live with a dusting every now and then. If they do get dirty, warm water and a mild soap will clean them right up. Just clean slowly and gently and your horse will be beautiful again!

Golden Oak Stables is full of fun horses to fill your collection with. And with a little care and keeping, your next model can live a lifetime in your collection!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Holiday Collection 2016

October 6, 2016

Halloween might be on your mind as fall whips its way in, but the holidays are just around the corner, and as any Breyer collector can tell you, that means that the Breyer Holiday Collection has begun to make its appearance!

For twenty years, Breyer has released a special horse to commemorate the holiday season and this year is no different. These horses have become collectors favorites by so many collectors and their release is eagerly anticipated by so many! The holiday collection has also come to include many other items, including ornaments and snow globes to help make your holidays a little more Breyer filled!

Golden Oak Stables brings the 2016 Holiday Collection to you with each and every item in it just waiting to be added to your collection! The holiday horse this year is a spirited Thoroughbred that is adorned in a holiday costume unique to this year only. Like everything in the holiday collection, he is limited, and only available for a short time.

The collection also includes eight ornaments, that will suit anyone’s collecting tastes or tree. From a new addition to the Beautiful Breeds series to an ornament perfect for your best friend, there’s one for everyone! And last, but certainly not least, a snow globe to help you decorate in equestrian style!

The 2016 Holiday Collection is ready and waiting to help you bring a little fun to your holidays, and a little touch of Breyer to them as well. Where will you start?


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Your Tack Room

October 3, 2016

One fun activity may collectors find enjoyment in is tacking up their Breyers like a real horse. As with all things Breyer, there are so many different ways to bring the fun of real horses to your collection. Tack is just one of many, but one that can bring a lot of realism and fun to your collection.

You might think of saddles and bridles when you think of tack, but there is a lot more in Golden Oak Stables‘ tack room than just the basics. Of course, there are lots of saddles and bridles to choose from, enough to take you into any type of riding you might wish for. There’s also tons of things that you might not think would be available for your Breyer horses.

Halters and Blankets are the first logical thing you might think of when it comes to tack, and why not? These are important pieces of any horse owner’s tack room! These staples of horse ownership take on a fun twist in the Breyer stable with fun colors and patterns to make simple daily chores much more exciting!

Once you are suited up, you can start adding things like jumps, equipment, fencing, and more to your tack room and your barn! You can start training in so many ways and take your Breyers into the winner’s circle!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: What Are You Collecting Right Now?

September 29, 2016

There’s an infinite number of ways that a Breyer collection can be built. From beginning as playthings to gifts from loved ones and everything in between. Model Horse collections are as unique as their owners, but have you taken a moment to see just what direction you are taking your collection in?

Careful collecting, or curation, is always important when it comes to collecting. It’s good to take a moment every now and then to look over your collection, what you have in it, and what you are hoping to add to it. This will help your collection grow in a way that is best for you! Curation is one of the most important parts of collecting anything, and can lead to happiness and pride in your collection.

So, the question comes, what are you collecting right now? There’s a myriad of ways that this question can be answered, but start looking at patterns in your purchases and collection. You’ll probably notice that you purchase a certain type or size of model. Or maybe you love one kind of breed, or a certain color of horse? Even if you can’t find a pattern, chances are you’ll find horses at Golden Oak Stables that are similar to your collection, and your tastes.

Looking at how future purchases add into your collection is the first step in smart collecting, and being happy with your collection. When you add horses to your collection that you will love, your collection will have staying power and will bring you happiness! By choosing your next model with your collection in mind, you can add a lifelong member of your herd to your stable each time!


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