Breyer Horse Showing: North American Nationals 2015

June 29, 2015

The North American Nationals is the pinnacle of model horse showing for the North American countries. Each year, thousands of models and many, many collectors, travel far and wide to have their chance at a national championship. With this level of competition, it’s obvious that any placing is an honor, and for the winners this weekend, it clearly was!

NAMHSA and NAN celebrated their 20th anniversary this year. Formed in the mid 1990’s, NAMHSA is the organization that so many model horse hobbyists are familiar with. NAMHSA governs over NAN qualifying shows, and from those shows, horses are qualified to show at the national show once a year. On even years, the show is held in Kentucky in the days preceding Breyerfest. On odd years, the North American Nationals travels to a location somewhere else in the country. In recent years NAN has been held in Tuscon, Arizona, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and this year in Palm Springs, California! This is the first time in many years that NAN was held in California and the enthusiasm from the local crowd was clear early on!

With over 4000 models entered and nearly 125 entrants, NAN Palm Springs was sure to be three days filled with fierce competition. Large competitive halter classes made for stiff competition on day one and the same could be said on days two and three for custom and collectibility entries. The stiff competition and amazing models made a championship and a top ten placing something to be truly proud of!

Do you have any models qualified for the North American Nationals? The next time you pick a model from Golden Oak Stables you may be choosing the next NAN champion! Who will you pick?


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Chocolate Chip Kisses

June 25, 2015

A good horse can be hard to find, and a horse that is great with young riders is a thing to be prized. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you a new championship horse that has excelled in the show ring and brought an up and coming young rider right along with him!

Being a champion means a lot of different things to different people, but no one can deny that a horse that has helped get it’s young rider into the winners circle time and time again is truly a champion. Chocolate Chip Kisses is precisely that! This lovely bay pinto nicknamed Choco has earned 28 Pinto World Championship titles and brought his owner and rider, Lauren Demchuk right along with him! The pair compete in both English and Western event, showing not only the diversity of the breed but also the versatility and talent of both Choco and Lauren!

Chocolate Chip Kisses has been created on the collector’s favorite Stock Horse Stallion who recently received a makeover at Breyer! The new Stock Horse Stallion features a long flowing tail that collectors have gone mad over! His deep chocolate bay coat that gives his name meaning has been recreated by Breyer in stunning likeness, down to the last detail! There’s no mistaking Choco!

Bringing not only a champion to you, but a unique and illustrious one, Breyer presents Chocolate Chip Kisses!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Plush Butterscotch

June 22, 2015

Is your collection missing something a little bit sweeter? Maybe a horse of a different color so to speak? Golden Oak Stables brings you a lovely little horse from Breyer that is sure to not only spruce up your collection in it’s own special way, but also will make the perfect decoration or snuggle pony!

Everyone knows that Breyer horses are some of the most realistic and beautiful horses in the world. With thousands of different models, hundreds of molds and dozens upon dozens of breeds, there’s a horse for everyone! You can even pick your favorite size and there’s a myriad of different hosres for you to choose from! No matter what your fancy, there’s a horse for you!

New for 2015, there’s a new type of horse in the Breyer stable, a plush pinto horse that is sure to not only add to your collection but also to give you a few snuggles along the way. Butterscotch is an adorable pinto that lives up to her name with her creamy buckskin coat that’s dotted with large white pinto spots. Four white socks accent her dark mane and tail giving her the most beautiful accents. She lays 19 inches long from nose to tail and lays in a calm and relaxed position. Her soft coat is plush and beautiful and makes cuddling so easy!

Ready to add a horse of a different kind to your collection? Butterscotch is a soft and sweet way to brighten up your collection!


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Breyer Horses Classics: Dun Quarter Horse

June 18, 2015

One of the most influential and popular breeds in not only America but the world is that of the American Quarter Horse. This uniquely American breed brings versatility and stamina to every ring it enters. At Golden Oak Stables, a little Classics version of this breed is sure to impress!

The American Quarter Horse is known for not only it’s popularity but also it’s versatility under the saddle. This astonishing breed can trace back to the beginnings of our country but was formally founded in the late 1800’s with the first sires including Steel Dust and Shiloh. From there the breed developed into a working cattle breed that helped to found the western states of the United States! Without this breed, our country would be distinctively different to say the least!

Today you can find Quarter Horses all over the world and competing in far more than just cattle work. The American Quarter Horse is known for it’s fast speed, gaining it’s name for running a quarter mile with speeds up to 55 mph! They are also known for their work in English and Western pleasure, show jumping, and as schooling horses!

The Classics Dun Quarter Horse is a lovely light dun incarnation of the popular breed created on the classic Quarter Horse mare. This lovely little lady shows her stuff in a soft loping gait and her calm expression is sure to give her rider confidence. Her light powdery dun coat is eye catching and beautiful and her dark points give her the perfect contrast.

Want to hit the trail? Or maybe just the schooling arena? The American Quarter Horse is the perfect mount!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: How Many Famous Horses Are In Your Collection?

June 15, 2015

It’s no question that Breyer makes some of the most realistic and beautiful model horses in the world. Over the last 65 years, many of these horses have been portraits of some of the most famous and prestigious equines in the world. From famous race horses to endurance champions, show jumping stars to famous hunter mounts, Breyer has created many champions over the years, but have you ever really stopped to see what’s in your collection?

As you look at your collections you’re sure to notice a pattern or two that has developed. Some collections are filled with a certain size of horses, while others are filled with certain breeds or colors. Almost all collections have something in common, a few famous horses! It’s pretty hard to amass a collection of Breyers without a few famous portrait horses mixed in, you might not even recognize that some of them are!

Even if you don’t recognize any portrait models on your shelf, you’re sure to have at least a few famous molds on your shelf! The Newsworthy mold is a famous hunter pony, and now is released as the Connemara Pony,  and the Let’s Go Riding set was originally Secretariat! It doesn’t stop there though, so many of Breyer’s molds over the years have been portraits of famous model horses, that it’s hard to escape the draw of a famous model.

There are dozens of famous horses at Golden Oak Stables, so the next time you are choosing a new horse, take a look at what famous horses are in your collection, and which you’d like to add! A little star power never hurts!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Shetland Pony

June 11, 2015

Continuing the new and exciting series of breeds from the British Isles comes a little pony that is probably the most recognizable for many and also one of the most endearing.

The Shetland Pony is a small pony with a lot of personality. So many have found the back of a Shetland Pony to be their first mount and in Great Britain it’s almost a right of passage as a rider. Many riders start off the foundations of their riding careers by learning to ride a Shetland Pony. Many more find love and companionship with this breed. The Shetland Pony comes in so many different colors that the rainbow is endless and it’s short stature and hardy appearance make it so cute!

Golden Oak Stables brings you an adorable little Shetland Pony, new for mid-year 2015, that is sure to light up your stable. This sweet chestnut pinto is a wonderful addition to the new British Breeds line from Breyer and is sure to be a favorite mount in your barn! Her kind expression and bright chestnut coat is a show stopper. Her flaxen mane and tail are long and beautiful and sure to stand out in the show ring. She stands calmly, like any good schooling horse, ready for her next lesson or rider.

Need a little bit of British flare in your stable? Why not add a Shetland Pony? With a flashy coat and a compact size, there’s no reason not to bring this sweet little pony home!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: American Pharoah Makes History!

June 8, 2015

Racing fans all over the world have been anxiously anticipating the coming of the next Triple Crown winner. Not since Affirmed in 1978 has a horse been able to win the three biggest races for a three year old, The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness and The Belmont Stakes. Many said it couldn’t be done again, that horses just weren’t bred to run like that anymore. Saturday, a brown colt proved them wrong.

American Pharoah may only be a three year old, but in his short career he has created more of a stir than anyone could have imagined. This unassuming bay colt was bred in Kentucky, his sire Pioneer Of The Nile came a close second in the Kentucky Derby, and his dam even more unassuming.

People started to notice him with his impressive wins in G1 stakes throughout the country, and when time came for the Kentucky Derby, it was clear that he was one to watch. By the time he crossed the finish line, there was no stopping Pharoah. From there fans watched as he demolished the field in The Preakness, running through a sloppy track to cross the finish line first. It was clear, this horse was something special.

Saturday’s Belmont Stakes brought anticipation from all over the world, as millions tuned in to see if the 37 year streak would be ended. In a short mile and a half American Pharoah showed the world that he was something special, there was no stopping him, and with a 5 1/2 length lead he bolted across the finish line to make his way into the history books!

American Pharoah is headed to the Breeders Cup Classic to attempt a final Grand Slam in horse racing and will retire to stud after.

Golden Oak Stables congratulates American Pharoah on his amazing win!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Race For The Triple Crown

June 4, 2015

In just two days eyes from all over the world will descend on Belmont Park to hope to see history be made. This will mark the seventh time in 15 years that a horse has come this far in their Triple Crown journey, but none have managed to conquer the Belmont. Will American Pharoah make history?

Saturday, June 6th marks the 147th running of the Belmont Stakes. This prestigious race has become the cherry topping on the three year old horse racing world being the last leg in the race for the Triple Crown. Millions will tune in and thousands have made their way to New York to hope for a chance to witness horse racing history be made when the favorite, American Pharoah, goes up against a field of 8. Each of the horses is arguably as talented as the last and there’s no telling who might pull out the win.

The Belmont has always been a tough race with a long 12 furlong, or 1.5 mile, length. Only horses with exceptional stamina can compete in a race of this length and it has proven to be a hurdle for so many. Not since Affirmed in 1978 has a horse proven itself across the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont!

American Pharoah is an easy favorite, with his Kentucky Derby win fresh in so many memories and his win at the Preakness on a sloppy track in the rain, his fans are sure that he can go the distance and make history once again!

Will you be watching? Golden Oak Stables will be!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Plush S’more

June 1, 2015

A Breyer collection is never complete, any collector will tell you that, but if you’re looking to add something a little special to your collection, Golden Oak Stables has a horse that is sure to fit the bill!

Over the years, Breyer has released thousands of models on hundreds of molds in many different scales. Every collector knows there are Traditional, Classic, Stablemate and Mini Whinnies scales, but did you also know there’s a few plush horses hanging around the stables that are always happy to help you cuddle up and relax with Breyer?

S’more is a lovely plush horse that is sure to happily find a home with you. This chestnut blanket appaloosa is made of the softest plush fabric with a realistic touch. His white spotted blanket is reminiscent of champion blanket appaloosa and his white socks and blaze are perfect pops of color. His mane and tail are just a touch lighter in color and soft as can be! His realistic looks make him unlike so many other plush horses and something you can only expect from Breyer.

He’s positioned in a sweet laying position, you can just imagine him sitting in the shade in his paddock or catching a quick nap in his stall when no one is looking. His size is perfect for hugging and display laying 19 inches in length from hoof to tail.

Looking for a new little buddy for your collection? S’more fits the bill perfectly. Are you ready to cuddle up?


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