Real Life Breyer Horses: Rolex Three Day Event

April 28, 2016

Today the most talented three day eventers from around the world start the trial of the Rolex Three Day Event. The only Four Star Event in North America, this prestigious event has become a staple for the worlds equestrian riders and fans alike. This year, riders will be riding their hearts out for not only a chance at the prestigious winner’s circle, but also a chance at the Olympics in Rio!

The Rolex Three Day Event starts off with the Dressage trial. This test of precision and delicacy shows the intimate connection between horse and rider and serves as the integral first stage of three day eventing. Riders will then take to the cross country course where they will test their endurance over a tough series of jumps and elements that are difficult to say the least! Finally, the last day of competition is a fast paced show jumping trial that is a finale to this exciting and difficult test.

Eventing is a beloved sport for many reasons, so it’s no wonder that Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have everything you need to live the eventing life with your Breyers! From jumps, to tack, to cross country elements, you can build courses to test your models. You can then pick your perfect mount, tack and rider and head into the Rolex arena yourself!

Live the dream with a little imagination and you can be the next horse and rider team in the winner’s circle!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Classic Race Horse & Jockey

April 25, 2016

Spring means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but most horse lovers think of one thing, racing season! The coming of spring is the start of the Thoroughbred racing season, and each year fresh faces and champions alike come together to make history! This year, Golden Oak Stables brings you a sweet set that will help you live your own racing fantasies with your collection!

The Classic Race Horse and Jockey is a fun new set that brings the action of horse racing to your collection. This adorable bay filly is created on the classic Ruffian mold and stands approximately 6 inches tall. Her deep bay coat is understated and beautiful and her small sock is reminiscent of Ruffian herself.

She comes dressed in her own set of silks that are beautiful and feminine in light purple lavender and white. A female jockey rides her in matching checkerboard silks and a matching helmet, making them easy to pick out on race day. A saddle and bridle complete their set and make them ready for the starting gate!

Horse racing might be a far off distant dream for many of us, but with Breyer you can bring a little bit of the horse racing world to your collection and a little bit of excitement too!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!

April 21, 2016

One of the most well known and longest ruling monarch’s of the world is also one of the most established equestrians with a long history of loving horses. On Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday we take a moment to appreciate her equestrian life!

The Queen has always been a lover of horses, since childhood, and has always been a supporter of equestrian sport in all types. From racing to show jumping, The Queen has supported the horse in many forms. Many members of the royal family have competed over the years in equestrian sports, from polo to the Olympics, the Winsors have always been patrons to the horse under Queen Elizabeth’s guidance!

Queen Elizabeth has several Breyer connections too. Her famous mount Burmese was created in the 1990’s as a special run for European collectors, and is still a rare find today! Rumor has it that The Queen even has sent her hand maidens to Breyerfest to pick up horses for her, so who knows what her collection might look like.

Currently you can add one of The Queen’s favorite mounts to your collection from Golden Oak Stables, Carltonlima Emma! This little Fell Pony is not only royal, but a new sculpture as well. Part of the British Breeds series, this little pony is full of British and royal pride!

Celebrate this momentous occasion with a fellow equestrian and Breyer lover! Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: How Do You Play With Your Models?

April 18, 2016

Play can mean a lot of different things to many different collectors, but all of us do it in one way or another. That’s a big part of the fun of collecting, finding a way to play with your models!

Just about any activity you do with your Breyer horses is playing, from collecting, to showing and everything in between, there’s so many ways that you can play with your horses! Most of us started off playing with our horses in a traditional way, setting up stables, and tacking them up to have adventures in our bedroom or back yard. Playing with our horses that way can drum up tons of memories for so many of us. Imagining the stables of our dreams has made it possible for so many of us to have the adventures with horses we could only imagine!

Other collectors find that customizing their models is a special way to play with their models. With a little creativity and some  paint and epoxy, anything is possible! Tacking up can be playing, and so can creating your own tack for your models. Creating replicas of tack, stable accessories and more is an art all it’s own, and makes playing all the more fun!

Showing models is one of the most interactive ways you can play with your models, and meet other collectors along the way! Both live and photo showing are popular events for hobbyists and create an interactive activity for your models. Recreating the real show experience is the ultimate in playing!

That’s just the beginning, whatever fun you have with your horses is a way to play with your horses! What do you do to play with your horses? Golden Oak Stables has everything you need to make playtime awesome!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Loving What You Collect

April 14, 2016

Collections don’t happen by accident, and they certainly don’t happen without your help, so it’s no wonder why we love them so much! When you look at your collection, can you remember where each one is from, or why you chose that one? Chances are that you probably can, which is the first step in happy collecting.

With so many different choices out there for Breyer horses, it can be a little overwhelming to pick one out. All of the different breeds, colors, scales and sizes can make your head spin, but choices are also amazing! At any time you can bring the horse of your dreams into your home and add it to your collection. Horses that you never imagined could be yours can stable up with you and stay there forever!

Collecting what you love sounds easy enough, but it can actually take a little work to make sure that each horse you add will stand the test of time. When you look at your collection, do certain horses speak to you? Certain ones stand out above the others as a favorite? There’s probably a few that do, and you probably gravitate towards them more than others.

So the question is, how can you make sure each horse in your collection is like this? The first step is to choose what you love, without any hesitation. Getting hung up on things like color, artist or scale when you love something really doesn’t matter in the end, you’ll love it regardless of anything else. You also need to remember that you love it, so if a friend doesn’t care for a particular model, that doesn’t matter, it’s yours and only yours.

What you love is the only thing that matters to your collection! Happy collecting from Golden Oak Stables!


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Riders

April 11, 2016

Riders are a crucial part of any horse’s life, without them, they’d still be wild and feral, but with them, they can do almost anything. The bond between horse and rider has created so many possibilities and those possibilities can come to your stable as well!

Golden Oak Stables has a stable full of riders that can help your horses do the events of your dreams and everything in between. There are so many places to start, but like all riders we can start with schooling. The Junior Rider and Nadia are both young schooling riders that can help take your horses to their first horse shows and ponies into the hunter classes.

Brenda is waiting to take your horses to the next level, in the show jumping arena. If dressage is your forte, the Dressage Rider is dressed to the nines and ready to take your horses to the top levels of competition. Finally, you can finish out your three day eventing if you choose with the Cross Country rider!

Western lovers will be happy to add either Taylor or Austin to their stable. Both of these cowpokes are equipped to work the ranch or the show ring with your favorite western mounts. Both of these versatile riders are ready and rarin’ to mount up and do a hard day’s work at the stable!

Last but certainly not least, are two people that every stable needs at their disposal, the Vet and the Farrier! Without these important people,  your horses wouldn’t be happy and healthy. Every good rider knows the importance of them!

What riders make up your stable?


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Breyer Horse Activities: Reading With Breyer

April 7, 2016

Stories of horses have been around as long as man, and many of these stories have survived and have helped to form the close bond that man has with horses today. It’s no surprise that special stories have found their way into Golden Oak Stables, and have started to become beloved by a generation of Breyer collectors!

Many collectors will remember characters like Misty, Stormy, The Black Stallion and Black Beauty, and their stories that have become literary classics. These horses have also become classics themselves, as Breyers. Many storybook favorites have found their way to the Breyer lineup in the 65 years that Breyer has been around. Now, new favorites like Primmore’s Pride and Canterwood Crest have started a whole new generation of classics for horse lovers.

Breyer also has a few titles that are exclusively theirs. These books are becoming classics in their own right, and have a following all their own. The Wind Dancers are a unique and fanciful line of horses with fun stories and beautiful winged models to complement the stories in a beautiful way. With an entire Breyer line all of their own, these colorful and gorgeous horses are well onto their way of becoming a classic themselves one day!

What is your favorite horse story? Do you have a model that goes along with it? You can find a new favorite with the horses at Golden Oak Stables!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Your First Breyer Horse

April 4, 2016

Every collection starts somewhere, and your’s is no exception! Where your collection started and where your collection went from there is unique as each collector themselves, and tells a story that only your collection can!

If you collect Breyer horses, there has to be a start to your story, everyone starts somewhere, and most places are as unique and interesting as the collections themselves. If you think back to where your collection started, you can probably recall the magical first time you had a Breyer in your hands. For so many collectors, their first Breyer was the answer to their hopes and dreams of having a horse in their lives. For others, it was a way to celebrate their passion for horses or to memorialize a special horse.

Sometimes a Breyer comes into the hands of someone who doesn’t have a passion for horses, and it lights one! Breyers have made many people fall in love with horses through their unique beauty that captures the essence of the horse. This is what makes Breyers special and unique!

What is the story of your first Breyer horses? Did it light the passion in you for horses? Or did you already have a love of them? What was so unique about your first Breyer? Whatever it was, it’s a story all your own, and one you can help write for the next generation of collectors. Is there someone in your life that needs their first Breyer? Golden Oak Stables can help! Choose carefully, chances are, you’re starting a life long collection!


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