Real Life Breyer Horses: Black Caviar Wins #24!

March 28, 2013

The Australian mare Black Caviar may not be as well known as some of her female racing counterparts in the states but this mare is certainly making a name for herself. This week marked win #24 for this amazing mare in 24 starts making her an undefeated champion!

Black Caviar is a six year old Thoroughbred mare that was foaled on August 18th 2006. Since Black Caviar was born in Australia she goes by the Southern Hemisphere’s age standards and her official birthday is on August 1st. In the Northern Hemisphere all Thoroughbred birthdays are set to January 1st regardless of birth date. Foaled in Victoria Australia, this beautiful mare stands 16.2 hands high and is just as beautiful as she is fast!  Black Caviar started her racing career as a two year old as a sprinter and has gone on to be known as one of the greatest sprinters in the world of horse racing! With 24 wins under her saddle it’s clear that there’s no stopping this mare.

Breyer has created a Traditional scale model of the lovely Black Caviar letting collectors bring a little part of racing history into their own stables. Created on the mold of another famous female race horse, Ruffian, Black Caviar is shown in her final stretch as she reaches for the finish line! Her beautiful black coat shines with a little bit of shading giving her a realistic feel. Her solid black coat is striking and without a touch of white on her she is striking and simply beautiful. With her dynamic position she’s got only one hoof on the ground and stands into a clear base giving her the stability she needs to stretch across that finish line.

Bringing you another amazing equine superstar, Golden Oak Stables brings Black Caviar to you! Who wouldn’t want to bring a champion like Black Caviar into their stable?


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Model Horse Showing: Golden Oak Stables Spring Warm Up

March 25, 2013

For any model horse collector, a Breyer horse show is an event not to be missed. Whether it’s your first or fortieth there’s no question that the anticipation of a day spent with model horse collectors and beautiful horses is enough to get anyone excited. Golden Oak Stables hosts shows every year that cater to Novice, Youth and Experienced showers. This April 6th Golden Oak Stables opens it’s doors for Youth and Novice showers for Spring Warm Up!

If you’ve been looking for a chance to try model horse showing and you’re in the New England area, Spring Warm Up Live is your reason! This show is catered for Novices and Youth showers making it easy to jump right in. Those new to showing will be with others that are new for a day of learning the ropes of what model horse showing is all about!

Structured like a large nationals qualifying show, Spring Warm Up Live takes that and shrinks it down to an easy to understand and diverse format. There are classes for your Original Finish Breyers to be judged on both their breed assignments (Halter) and rarity (Collectibility). There are also classes in Performance where you can use your Breyer scale tack and props to create realistic scenes featuring your models. Artistic types can show their custom models in classes that are only for new customizers and those who are more experienced or have purchased a custom model can show them in the Professional Custom category. Last but not least are fun classes that will have you excited to bring out horses you might not expect to get a ribbon at a model horse show.

Model horse showing is a fun experience where you can meet others that share the love for Breyer horses like you do. You also get the experience of a real horse show and the competition that comes with it. There’s no question as to why it’s so addictive and fun! So, have you given it a shot?


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Rest In Peace Fox Valley Oliver

March 21, 2013

Last year you may have remembered Golden Oak Stables updating you on the story of Fox Valley Oliver. This amazing Shire captured the hearts of Breyer collectors in 2008 when he became a Breyer model and then went on to meet thousands of Breyer fans at Breyerfest that year.

Collectors from all over the world got to know Fox Valley Oliver and his amazing accomplishments when he was chosen to be made into a Breyer model. This stunning black Shire stood almost 17 hands tall and was called a “2000 pound lap dog” by his owners. The story of Fox Valley Oliver came back into the spotlight in the fall of last year when he found his way to a draft horse rescue in Ohio. Through a few changes of hands this one time equestrian super star had found his way to a rescue where he found a forever home.

Ollie as he was called by his owners took up permanent residence at the Frog Pond Farm Draft Horse Rescue and spent his time working as an ambassador for horse rescue and adoption. Ollie visited real horse shows and even a few model horse shows to share his story. This gentile giant was both the perfect gentleman for the job and had the perfect story, showing that any horse can end up in a bad place.

Last month Fox Valley Oliver fell under the weather with a few digestive issues and was sent to Ohio State University for treatment. The vets there were optimistic on Ollie’s condition and he showed great leaps and bounds in healing. Sadly in the past few weeks Ollie fell victim to Laminitis and though he fought the decision to put him down was made Tuesday after complications grew to be too much.

Our hearts are with the Frog Pond Farm Draft Horse Rescue and all of the friends of Ollie. As Breyer collectors we were lucky to get to learn about, experience and in some cases meet this gentile giant, something we all should be thankful for!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: What Is Your Stable Name?

March 18, 2013

In the world of horses there are millions of stables throughout the world and each of them has a name. From simple to extravagant, there’s a name for just about every stable out there. Breyer horse collectors often like to name their stables and collections too! Here are a few ideas to get you started!

One good place to start is by looking at your collection. What kind of horses do you tend to collect? Are their certain breeds that you have a lot of? If you do you might want to think about a stable name that mirrors that. Certain breeds are common to certain areas, so if you collect a lot of Warmbloods, maybe a German name is in line. Quarter Horses are known from the ranches of the western United States so a western themed ranch name would be fitting. If you’ve got a favorite discipline like horse racing or eventing that can be a place to start too! If your collection doesn’t have a strong theme think about the types of things you like and your interests. These can easily reflect onto your stable name giving you an interesting and unique stable name!

Stable names are often descriptive, like Golden Oak Stables,  so let your imagination run wild! Once you’ve picked a few choices give them each a few days in your head to figure out which one you like best. The best names often have a ring to them and are easy to say and remember! Pick a name that describes your stable, you and your interests best but also one that people will remember!

Once you’ve picked a name it’s time to start using it! Many people have websites for their collections or photo albums. These often benefit from having a stable name. If you live show you can also use the name to identify your horses. Using the initials of your stable name in front of the name of your horse will help distinguish your horse and mirrors what so many in real life do!

Having a stable name will bring fun and excitement to your stable and allows some of your creativity to come forward! So start thinking, what do you want your stable to be called?


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Breyer Horse Showing: Keeping Records

March 11, 2013

Spring is almost here and the Breyer horse show season is starting to heat up already! Golden Oak Stables is preparing for their April 6th show and many collectors all over the country are dusting off their horses in preparation for what is sure to be an exciting show year. Getting to the show and showing may seem like the only things you’ll have to worry about but once you’ve packed up your horses and headed home there’s still plenty to do to make sure that your show was a success!

The first thing you want to do is to make sure that your horses get home safely. You might be in a rush to finish up for the day and get home but be sure you pack your horses up well when leaving the show and travel safely with them. Then when you get home be sure to unpack them in a timely fashion. If it’s very cold or hot when you’re transporting your horses try to keep them in a stable temperature and don’t leave them out in the heat or cold. If you do have to, be sure to let them acclimate before you unpack them, this is especially true of the cold. Horses can become damaged when being moved from extreme temperatures, so be cautious and careful.

Once you’re home and your horses are all settled in you’ll want to take a look at your results for the day. Keeping track of these can is important for many collectors so that they can see how their horses did from one show to the next. If you get the time at the show to write down your placings it’s a good idea to. If not, show holder will typically send out copies of the show results within a few weeks of a show. Keep an eye out for these and you’ll be able to tell exactly how all your horses did.

If your horse placed you probably took home a ribbon of some sort at the show too. If it was a NAN qualifying show you may have even gotten some of those elusive NAN cards, organizing ribbons and NAN cards is very important to keeping track of how all your horses show. Some people keep their cards and ribbons with their horses on the shelf, some make envelopes or binders and some keep them in a filing box. There are endless possibilities for organizing, try some and see what works best for you!

Whatever you do, just be sure to get into the habit of getting organized before, during and after a show, it will help you enjoy showing and love your collection even more!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: New Molds For 2013

March 7, 2013

It’s always exciting when the new year starts and new horses gallop into Golden Oak Stables! This year is an even more exciting year from Breyer though, with three new traditional molds it’s certainly a year to celebrate! Each year Breyer releases new models that make collectors all over the world jump for joy. This year is a special year from Breyer, with three new molds collectors can fill their stables with horses that are stunning and exciting!

The first new horse is the exotic Marwari. Hailing from India this horse has found popularity in the United States for it’s beauty and it’s defining characteristic  curly ears! In 2012 the Kentucky Horse Park added three real life Marwari horses to their herd that anyone visiting the park or Breyerfest can see in person! Breyer has released a beautiful palomino Marwari that has collectors excited to add this exotic horse to their stable!

Next is the lovely Gypsy Vanner. Beloved by so many for their their beautiful appearance and their beautiful manes, tails and feathers, the Gypsy Vanner is a breed that is ever popular and always finding new fans. Breyer has created a lovely horse with the help of Kathleen Moody that captures the spirit and beauty of the beautiful Gypsy Vanner. Captured romping through the field, scampering, this exciting new mold is sure to become a quick favorite for collectors!

Last but certainly not least is the stunning dressage champion Totilas! This stunning black stallion has captured the Dressage world by storm and has found fans along the way in Breyer collectors! Captured in a beautiful extended trot, Totilas is the epitome of Warmblood sport and athleticism. This stunning sport horse is sure to become a favorite among collectors in no time!

New models are always exciting, but there’s something about a new mold that is just a bit more so! Which of these new molds has you most excited? Which one will be trotting into your stable first?

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Breyer Horse New Relases: Two Stall Barn

March 4, 2013

If you’re looking to liven up your stable yard, a new barn is always a place to start. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you just about every accessory you could ever imagine for your models, but one of the most exciting accessories to add to your collection is a beautiful barn that your horses will love to be stabled in. New for 2013 is a beautiful red wooden barn that is sure to bring lots of excitement to your collection!

Every stable needs a barn, having a place for your horses to stay indoors is important for any horse owner, and the same is true for Breyer horse owners. Stables vary from one barn to the next, from elaborate and fancy to casual and relaxed. Stables reflect the owner’s personality and often the discipline of the horses in the barn. All barns have personality from their owners and horses, and each one is different!

Breyer brings a new, beautiful barn to you for 2013! The Red Two Stall Barn is a lovely wooden barn that is sure to attract attention from all over! It’s bright red color is iconic of a classic riding barn and is sure to stand out in all the right ways. The two stalls feature sliding doors in the front and dutch doors in the back giving it the same details you’ll find in a real stable! The grey roof lifts off to make it easy for your to move horses in and out or work in the stalls! The barn fits Traditional size horses and accessories making it easy for your collection to slip right in!

The possibilities are endless with a new lovely barn. Every barn reflects the owner’s personality as well as the horses that live inside. The only question is, what will your’s look like?

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