Breyer Horse Accessories: Your Tack Room

October 3, 2016

One fun activity may collectors find enjoyment in is tacking up their Breyers like a real horse. As with all things Breyer, there are so many different ways to bring the fun of real horses to your collection. Tack is just one of many, but one that can bring a lot of realism and fun to your collection.

You might think of saddles and bridles when you think of tack, but there is a lot more in Golden Oak Stables‘ tack room than just the basics. Of course, there are lots of saddles and bridles to choose from, enough to take you into any type of riding you might wish for. There’s also tons of things that you might not think would be available for your Breyer horses.

Halters and Blankets are the first logical thing you might think of when it comes to tack, and why not? These are important pieces of any horse owner’s tack room! These staples of horse ownership take on a fun twist in the Breyer stable with fun colors and patterns to make simple daily chores much more exciting!

Once you are suited up, you can start adding things like jumps, equipment, fencing, and more to your tack room and your barn! You can start training in so many ways and take your Breyers into the winner’s circle!


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Turn Out Set

May 16, 2016

With spring in full force, everyone seems to be enjoying the warmer weather. Horses, riders and everyone in between use spring as a chance to get outside and shake off those winter blues. Your Breyer horses also need a little help to start off spring the right way, and with a little preparation, everyone will be happily springing into the warm weather!

Spring brings many things with it, flowers, baby birds, longer sunny days but it also brings a little pest for horses and riders alike, insects! Horses that are out to pasture spend a lot of time with these little pests and as the day gets warmer and longer these can become a real problem.

You can help get your Breyers ready for this warm, but pest filled season with a Turn Out Set all their own. The set starts off witha  fly sheet for your horse to wear that will help keep their coat protected with it’s lightweight mesh. A bottle of fly spray and a horse fly give you a chance to take care of the problem all on your own. To keep your horse amused out in the pasture a horse ball and salt lick complete the set and look just like the real thing!

Golden Oak Stables can help your horses get ready for just about anything, all you need to add is your collection!



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Breyer Horse Accessories: Riders

April 11, 2016

Riders are a crucial part of any horse’s life, without them, they’d still be wild and feral, but with them, they can do almost anything. The bond between horse and rider has created so many possibilities and those possibilities can come to your stable as well!

Golden Oak Stables has a stable full of riders that can help your horses do the events of your dreams and everything in between. There are so many places to start, but like all riders we can start with schooling. The Junior Rider and Nadia are both young schooling riders that can help take your horses to their first horse shows and ponies into the hunter classes.

Brenda is waiting to take your horses to the next level, in the show jumping arena. If dressage is your forte, the Dressage Rider is dressed to the nines and ready to take your horses to the top levels of competition. Finally, you can finish out your three day eventing if you choose with the Cross Country rider!

Western lovers will be happy to add either Taylor or Austin to their stable. Both of these cowpokes are equipped to work the ranch or the show ring with your favorite western mounts. Both of these versatile riders are ready and rarin’ to mount up and do a hard day’s work at the stable!

Last but certainly not least, are two people that every stable needs at their disposal, the Vet and the Farrier! Without these important people,  your horses wouldn’t be happy and healthy. Every good rider knows the importance of them!

What riders make up your stable?


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Sarah Event Rider

February 15, 2016

Horses may seem like an obvious choice when it comes to new additions to your Breyer collection but horses need companions too! There are quite a few riders in the Breyer stable to accompany your horses on a multitude of adventures and to all kinds of events, but a new rider is in town for 2016 and ready to take your horses to new eventing heights!

Three day eventing is an intense sport where horse and rider undertake three days of intense competition starting off with classical dressage. The second day is a grueling cross country ride and the third day finishes up with a precise and difficult show jumping finale.

Sarah, the newest rider to visit Golden Oak Stables, comes dressed for the second day of competition. Her cross country outfit includes a pair of tan breeches, a knit shirt, a protective vest, and a matching helmet. Protection is important for all phases of competition, but this one in particular due to the rough terrain that cross country is completed over. She also brings along a tote bag that can carry all of her essentials from the stable to the course.

Do you have an eventing superstar in your stable? Maybe there’s one just waiting to be discovered. With the right rider, anything is possible!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Traditional Truck And Trailer

January 25, 2016

Taking your horses places can open up the world for a horse and rider. Going to competitions, trail rides and to new barns opens up a world of experiences that couldn’t ever happen at your horses’ home. With a truck and trailer for your Breyers, your imagination can run wild taking them to so many places!

The Breyer Traditional Truck and Trailer are made in striking likeness to a real Dually pick up truck and two horse trailer. Anyone who’s seen the real thing will see the similarities right away, and those who haven’t can get a hands on feel, in miniature! Painted in a bold new color scheme for 2016, the truck and trailer are two essential pieces to your Breyer collection that will get your collection going places!

The truck is a traditional scale truck that has working doors, a working hatch and rolling rubber like wheels that actually turn along with the steering wheel. It is painted in a two toned white and blue color scheme with a bold horse graphic on the doors! The large bed can hold hay, tack and other accessories anywhere your horse adventures might take you.

The two horse trailer is stunning in a bold teal color that is bright and beautiful, matching the accents on the truck. This working two stall trailer has dutch doors and a fold down ramp that will help guide your horses on and off with ease. A beautiful bay horse proudly proclaiming Breyer across the side of the trailer gives it a beautiful flare all it’s own.

Rolling into Golden Oak Stables, the Traditional Truck and Trailer is what every barn needs to go to the next level with their horses, and have a little fun while they are at it!


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Western and English Winner’s Circle Sets

January 14, 2016

Finding your way to the winner’s circle is an accomplishment for any rider and horse. That brief moment can shape careers and make memories that last a lifetime. With new new fun sets, you can have amazing moments of your own in the winner’s circle and let the champions of your own stable shine!

Golden Oak Stables welcomes both the Western and English Winner’s Circle Sets to the 2016 lineup. Each of these sets is sized to fit Traditional Breyer models and is full of realistic accessories that can go from winner’s circle, to tack room and beyond!

The Western Winner’s Circle Set starts off with a beautiful purple blanket with World Champion emblazoned across it. A silver plated halter is second in the set and reminiscent of the halters given to champions each year. A bright blue first place rosette can be placed on his halter and then can find it’s way to his stall in the stable, and a winner’s trophy shines in it’s silver glory. Finally a winner’s jacket is ready to go to your favorite rider to commemorate their win!

In similar fashion, the English Winner’s Circle Set starts off with a winner’s cooler that proudly says Breyer Champion across it! A winning saddle pad marks the victory and a large neck sash rosette is just waiting to be perfectly placed on your winner’s neck. A silver trophy cup is a wonderful way to mark this momentous win and finally a jacket for the winning rider will fill her with pride!

Which horses in your stables are frequent visitors to the Winner’s Circle? They certainly deserve a few prizes for their efforts!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Outfitting Your Model

October 8, 2015

Collecting Breyers encompasses a myriad of different activities, from creating a stable of your dreams to customizing the horse of your dreams, there’s so much to do! Whatever collecting means to you, outfitting your models is a fun way to interact with your models and to bring a little more realism to your collection.

Golden Oak Stables is stuffed to the brim with accessories to outfit your model in just about any way you can imagine! Using tack and accessories, you can outfit your collection in a way that will make you think your models are the real thing. Tack and accessories can also help you learn about different disciplines and how barns operate, in a fun and interactive way! Your Breyer models are just the start!

Tack like saddles and bridles are a great way to start, and range from your familiar English and Western to specialty tack like polo tack. Blankets and halters can help you round out your tack or just get things started. Every tack room needs to be stocked and you’ll find it easy to do with so many different options.

Around the barn you’ll find accessories like a grooming kit, jumps and a hot walker can all make your stable not only more realistic, but also make for a lot of fun for your models! These are just the start of different ways you can outfit your stable yard! You’ll find tons of accessories to fit whatever activities your barn prefers.

Outfitting your models in accessories can be so fun and can add a whole new world to your collection! Where will you start?


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Quilted Stable Blanket

April 20, 2015

Warm weather might be around the corner, or have already arrived, for so many, but horses still need to be kept warm if the weather gets cool. Golden Oak Stables has a myriad of ways to keep your models warm, and safe no matter what time of the year. Even better, there’s a new, and very stylish one, that has just made it’s way in!

Keeping your horse protected with a blanket from the elements and weather is something real horse owners know about all too well. Real horses need to be blanketed in times of bad weather and cold temperatures so that they stay warm and safe both in the pasture and stable. Horses are hardy animals, but require some extra protection as the weather turns poor, and a blanket can often do just the trick.

Just like real horses, Breyer horses sometimes need a little extra protection. Keeping your model dust free and safe from bumping into his neighbor on the shelf is the perfect job for a model horse sized blanket. Blanketing your model can keep your horses clean, dust free and protected from many bumps and bruises. They can also be very stylish, and make any collection light up!

The Quilted Stable Blanket is a wonderful addition to the 2015 Breyer lineup and is as stylish as it is effective. This beautiful blue plaid stripe blanket has been created to look just like the full size counterpart so many real horses wear every day. With green and white accents and bold blue strapping, this blanket is sure to stand out in a crowd. For even more protection, the blanket comes along with a matching full hood, that will protect your model wherever he might need to go.

Do you blanket your model horses? Now is a great time to start!


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Breyer Horse Riders: Nadia Schooling Rider

April 16, 2015

Young or old, we all can appreciate the role of schooling when it come to getting experience as an equestrian. Lessons are a vital part of building a bond between horse and rider, and any rider will tell you, that time in the saddle is some of the most important you can spend on horseback. Now, you can add a sweet schooling rider to your stable to help your horses exercise and learn along with creating the fun of your own lesson stable!

Nadia comes to Golden Oak Stables with a bright attitude and a fun demeanor that is perfect for any horse at your barn that might need a little more time with a rider. She’s ready to saddle up and hop on for a trip out to the schooling ring at a moment’s notice and get your horse ready for the next show ahead. She’s also ready to learn a few new skills of her own and is looking for the right horse to teach her the ropes, who in your stable would take on a rider like this?

She’s dressed dapperly in a turtleneck striped long sleeve shirt that will keep her comfortable in almost any weather. Over that she layers a quilted riding vest made of a beautiful metallic material and lined in a beautiful bright pink fabric. A pair of riding jeans keep her casual and comfortable all day long and she isn’t complete without her tall black riding boots and of course, her helmet! Safety first!

Nadia is ready to come to your stable, which horse will you have waiting for her?


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Breyer Horse Tack: Pack Saddle with Panniers

April 9, 2015

Ready to head out to the range? Breyer has a new and exciting tack set that is not only beautifully made but a unique addition to your tack room that will have you tacking up for a day out on the trail.

Golden Oak Stables loves to fill your stable with tack and accessories that will excite the imagination! With this fun new set, you can bring the realism of a long trek down the trail to your stable and head on out for a journey! Treking across long trails and difficult terrain is hard for any experienced horse person. Often trail riders choose sure footed mules for these long treks because of their sturdy nature and their rugged ability to navigate rough terrain.

The Pack Saddle with Panniers set will fit the Traditional mule in your stable as well as most other Traditional scale horses in the Breyer lineup. The set starts off with a leather halter and lead rope that will help you guide your horse through the rocky terrain of the trail. A wooden saddle tree that sits on cinching to keep it snug and safe as the road gets rocky. Two canvas panniers attach to the wooden saddle tree to keep all of the camping and treking gear that you might need handy and ready for you to spend your days and nights out on the trail.

Ready to tack up? Your trusty pack mule, or horse, will be ready to tag along with this beautiful set!


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