Breyer Horse Accessories: Sarah Event Rider

Horses may seem like an obvious choice when it comes to new additions to your Breyer collection but horses need companions too! There are quite a few riders in the Breyer stable to accompany your horses on a multitude of adventures and to all kinds of events, but a new rider is in town for 2016 and ready to take your horses to new eventing heights!

Three day eventing is an intense sport where horse and rider undertake three days of intense competition starting off with classical dressage. The second day is a grueling cross country ride and the third day finishes up with a precise and difficult show jumping finale.

Sarah, the newest rider to visit Golden Oak Stables, comes dressed for the second day of competition. Her cross country outfit includes a pair of tan breeches, a knit shirt, a protective vest, and a matching helmet. Protection is important for all phases of competition, but this one in particular due to the rough terrain that cross country is completed over. She also brings along a tote bag that can carry all of her essentials from the stable to the course.

Do you have an eventing superstar in your stable? Maybe there’s one just waiting to be discovered. With the right rider, anything is possible!


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