Breyer Horse Accessories: Turn Out Set

With spring in full force, everyone seems to be enjoying the warmer weather. Horses, riders and everyone in between use spring as a chance to get outside and shake off those winter blues. Your Breyer horses also need a little help to start off spring the right way, and with a little preparation, everyone will be happily springing into the warm weather!

Spring brings many things with it, flowers, baby birds, longer sunny days but it also brings a little pest for horses and riders alike, insects! Horses that are out to pasture spend a lot of time with these little pests and as the day gets warmer and longer these can become a real problem.

You can help get your Breyers ready for this warm, but pest filled season with a Turn Out Set all their own. The set starts off witha  fly sheet for your horse to wear that will help keep their coat protected with it’s lightweight mesh. A bottle of fly spray and a horse fly give you a chance to take care of the problem all on your own. To keep your horse amused out in the pasture a horse ball and salt lick complete the set and look just like the real thing!

Golden Oak Stables can help your horses get ready for just about anything, all you need to add is your collection!



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