Breyer Horses Stablemates: Lights & Siren Animal Rescue

March 30, 2015

Animal lovers all over want to care for their animals, and one of the most important people in the life of any animal, and especially a horse, is that of a trusted vet. Stablemates lovers can care for their horses like a real life vet with an accessory that is sure to light up the stable and have them rushing to Golden Oak Stables.

Any trained horse person knows that when crisis strikes, time is the most important factor. When an animal is sick or injured, minutes can really matter, and how quickly a vet is able to help can mean very different outcomes for your horse. Breyer brings the realistic world of horses to their Stablemates line every day, with a huge range of accessories that make any stable complete in so many combinations of ways. For 2015 they have created the perfect accessory to help horse lovers keep their Stablemates safe and healthy, the Lights & Siren Animal Rescue Set.

The Lights & Siren Animal Rescue Set includes a truck and trailer that will have your horses in safe hands quicker than you can imagine. This beautiful red and white truck and trailer are decorated in an animal rescue theme with animals decorating the trailer sides. Bright blue lights make way for help to arrive on the truck that pivots and rolls in a realistic fashion. The trailer has working doors and a removable roof for you to easily access your horses as they load on and off and as they travel.

Ready to rescue an animal? Buckle up and head on out with Breyer!


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Hot Walker

March 26, 2015

Having all of the equipment you need for your stable is a concern for any horse owner, or Breyer owner alike. It’s fun to create realistic scenes with your Breyer horses that are just as beautiful as they are realistic. There’s a new accessory in town that will have your stable feeling so much like the real thing, you might just mistake it for a moment or two, and you can bring it home today!

Golden Oak Stables has brought you dozens of amazing new items from Breyer for 2015, from horses, to animals and now to accessories, there are so many fun new releases! Accessories have been a staple for collectors for many years and have only gotten more and more realistic as time has gone by. So many collectors find joy in using accessories to enhance their collections. From showing to displaying, new accessories always make the experience more interesting as a collector and make it seem just a little more like the real thing.

Now, you can exercise your model horses just like trainers and owners do with their real horses every day! The Breyer Hot Walker is a perfect Traditional scale replica of this popular piece of horse equipment used to warm up, cool down and exercise horses every day all over the world! Up to four horses will attach to the Hot Walker by their halters and can all be exercised at once while the Hot Walker does most of the work for you! Painted in white and red, it’s sure to stand out and to look beautiful in your stable as it does!

So, what’s in your stable yard? A Hot Walker makes the perfect accessory for any stable!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Learning From Your Collection

March 23, 2015

Collecting Breyer horses is a hobby we all share. Large or small collection, we all share a love for horses and Breyers. Have you ever taken a moment to think about how things have changed since you started collecting? Chances are, every time a new model shows up from Golden Oak Stables, you’re doing a lot more learning about horses and your collection than you think!

With such a diverse collection, collecting every Breyer horse has long been a dream for many collectors and accomplished by very few. With all of this diversity comes another side of collecting, learning about horses you may have never heard of otherwise! Each year Breyer produces dozens of horses, from rare breeds to accomplished equestrian athletes from so many different sports. So, it’s no surprise that often collectors add horses to their collection that they didn’t know much, or anything, about before welcoming the horse into their collection!

Your collection also provides so many other ways to learn about horses. Interacting with other collectors is sure to get you learning things you probably didn’t know, whether it be Breyer history or real horse knowledge. Preparing for live shows can also help you learn about real horses and the models that you are collecting. Many live shows require this type of research prior to showing, so you’re sure to pick up some new information along the way!

The next time you glance at your collection, take a minute to think about how much you have learned since your collection started. What is the most interesting thing that collecting has taught you?


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Breyer Horses: AQHA 75th Anniversary Edition

March 19, 2015

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the American Quarter Horse Association, and in perfect style, Breyer and Golden Oak Stables are celebrating right along with them!

The American Quarter Horse has long been a staple of the American way of life, from settling the west to today’s modern love for the horse, the Quarter Horse has shown that it can excel in so many different sports and even make some of the best family horses out there. The American Quarter Horse Association has been registering and keeping track of the American Quarter Horse breed for the past 75 years and hails as the largest breed organization in the world. The AQHA provides programs in all disciplines that encourage the deep bond between  horse and rider and even programs for young riders. In 75 years this organization has grown into one of the most recognizable organizations and breeds in the world!

This year, Breyer celebrates 75 years of the AQHA with Quarter Horses that span the color rainbow. You can add sorrel, bay and palomino American Quarter Horses to your collection that show off the breed’s diversity. Created on the Ideal American Quarter Horse model, the model stands calm and placid showing the breed’s gentle demeanor. Their bold colors are sure to brighten up your stable and steal the show ring along the way!

Do you have any American Quarter Horses in your collection? Maybe you have a real American Quarter Horse? What do you know about the most popular breed in the world?


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Breyer Horses Stablemates: Horse and Rider Red Roan Sport Horse

March 16, 2015

2015 is a big year for the Stablemates and for Stablemate collectors alike. New molds, new models and tons of new accessories have made their way into Golden Oak Stables and collectors are scrambling to fill their collections! With so many  choices, there’s no telling where to start!

English riding has long been one of the staple disciplines in riding and schooling and jumping aren’t far behind. The sport of equitation and learning to ride in proper form have all been skills that every English rider must learn from the beginning of their training. These skills form the bonds and abilities that take riders from the schooling ring into the winners circle and beyond!

You can school with your Stablemates with a fun new set that will have you riding through your lessons and ready to train hard. The Horse and Rider Red Roan Sport Horse is a wonderful set to get you started in the world of English riding, or get you going even further with your training. The set starts off with a lovely cantering red roan Warmblood horse that is painted in a flashy and beautiful color that is sure to stand out in the show ring. He’s stretched out, in a full canter, ready to take on his next task with great concentration. His flashy white socks and wide blaze are stunning and even more of an eye catcher! He comes along with his rider and a set of English tack that will get him ready for his lesson or a class or two once his skills are perfected. Once those skills are perfected he can start training over his own roll top jump!

Ready to saddle up? This gorgeous red roan Warmblood is waiting for you!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Deer Family

March 12, 2015

Breyer brought back a big surprise for 2015 that have collectors excited to see some of their favorite models back after many years. Golden Oak Stables  has opened its stable doors to a new kind of livestock and wildlife that hasn’t been seen by collectors in years!

Breyer has long been known for it’s model horses, but they also have a long history of making animals and wildlife models that are favorites among collectors and animal lovers alike. Some of the first Breyer models were animals, and date all the way back to the beginning of the company in the early 1950’s. The Boxer, Elephant, and Collie models were all released very early on in Breyer’s history, and since then many more animal models have been produced. Collectors of all kinds have fallen in love with the wildlife and animal models over the years and many collections have at least one animal model in it, if not more!

The Deer Family is a long time favorite for collectors since being released first in 1974. This set of three deer stand calmly and silently, all looking off to the distance. They have been painted in a light tan color with delicate shading throughout. The fawn even has the delicate white dotting of a baby deer coat still on her.

It’s easy to see why they would be collector favorites,  not only are they beautiful, but the deer family makes a great prop for traditional scale setups and dioramas. What trail rider hasn’t come across a deer in the woods?

Do you have any animal models in your collection? If not, the Deer Family is a perfect place to start!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: What Does Collecting Mean To You?

March 9, 2015

People have been collecting things for thousands of years and for the last 50, horse lovers have been collecting Breyer horses. Collecting comes in many forms and each collection is different from the next. No two collections will ever be exactly alike and each is as individual as the owner!

Collectors all have different reasons for getting into collecting, but all Breyer collectors share a love of horses. Some find horses beautiful and want to express their love of horses through collecting beautiful horses. Shelves of beautiful horses fill so many collectors with joy beyond belief! Breyer makes it easy for collectors like this with their astonishing number of beautiful horses released each and every year!

Collectors that might find it difficult to spend their time with real horses also find joy in collecting Breyers. With a little imagination collectors can create the stable of their dreams in any, or all of their favorite disciplines. Champion horses can fill the stable aisles and beautiful tack can fill your tack room, making a fantasy come true!

Some collectors love to show their artistic abilities or their love for art through their horses and fill their collections with custom painted artist creations done either by themselves or others. This allows a collector to customize a horse, and their collection, to be exactly what they’d like!

Many more collectors do a combination of these things, or have another reason all together! What does collecting mean to you? What are your favorite parts of collecting Breyer horses? Golden Oak Stables would love to know!


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Breyer Horses Stablemates: Super Sporty

March 5, 2015

One of the most prolific types of horses in the world are sport horses. These super stars of the equestrian world compete in so many different disciplines, that it’s hard not to notice them! Golden Oak Stables opens its doors to a set of four Super Sporty horses that are ready to saddle up and take a ride into the ring.

Sport Horses have long developed over thousands of years in Europe and all over the world. These medium riding horses were developed with selective breeding over centuries to exude the most athletic and precise abilities known to the equine world. One of the best known sport breeds is the Thoroughbred, known for his fast speed. Warmbloods are another type of sport breeds excelling in dressage, show jumping and other top equine sports. The next time you see show jumping, dressage, horse racing or eventing, chances are, there’s a sport horse under the saddle!

Standing only 4 inches tall, Stablemates Super Sporty is a set of four sport horses that are sure to wow you with their ability and power. An athletic chestnut Arabian will have you thinking about all of the athletic and sporty things the Arabian breed can do from endurance trials to show jumping. An Appaloosa Sport Horse brings a bold and flashy coat into the ring as it competes with the best of them. A bay Hanovarian shows his stuff in an extended dressage trot, one of the most precise moves in the sport. Rounding out the bunch, a warm grey Thoroughbred stands calm and ready to compete.

A lot of horse in a little package, these four Stablemates bring a sporty power unlike any other to your collection!


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Breyer Horses Activity: 3-D Paint by Number

March 2, 2015

One of the most exciting parts of the model horse hobby is the creativity that exists in the hobby. So many collectors find creative outlets through their model horses and find ways to express their artistic spirit along with their love of the horse. Golden Oak Stables brings you a wide range of activity kits to get that creativity started, including a new one for 2015 that will have you on your way to painting one of the most elusive colors in the model horse world.

Customizing model horses is a part of the hobby as old as the hobby itself. Taking the models we all love so dearly and turning them into the horses of our dreams has been something artists and hobbyists have been doing for decades. Creating customs is one of the more popular creative outlets in the hobby with so many collectors giving customizing a shot at one point another.

Have you ever tried customizing? Maybe painting your own model seems a little overwhelming, but with the right tools anyone can be on their way to the winners circle. New for 2015 comes a new 3-D Paint By Number Kit with a model horse created especially for this kit in dapple grey! This bold and stunning color is a favorite coat color for so many collectors and horse lovers alike. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to make your very own customized horse with a model, paint, paint brushes and instructions!

With just a little bit of time you can create a masterpiece of your very own! With a little practice, who knows, you might just be the next famous model horse artist!


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