Breyer Horse Collecting: What’s in a hairstyle?

November 28, 2011

Just like any person, a horse’s hair can be its crowning glory! Horse’s manes and tails are different from one horse to another and even more different from one breed to another. By looking at a hairstyle you can often tell what a horse does or where it came from!

Horses have long developed their breeds and disciplines based on the culture and the need in the area which they live. A horse in the American Southwest is much different than a horse in Northern Europe. Each breed has things they are bred for, and each has also developed a hairstyle to help with whatever job a horse might encounter in its day to day life.

The Arabian horse developed in the Arabian peninsula and due to its harsh conditions developed several specific traits that are still very prevalent today. One of those is the sparse but elegant mane and tail. The Arabian’s tail in particular is famous for its “Flagging” action in which it elegantly flows.

A close relation to the Arabian, the Morgan horse has a thicker but still very elegant and flowing mane and tail. The champion of the show ring, the showy Morgan shines with its flashy and beautiful hairdo!

Mules are a quite special, a mix between horses and donkeys these popular hybrids are great mounts for trail and hard work! Many mules have a roached mane. This is when the mane is shaved all the way down and no hair remains. Their tails also tend to be sparse and short. For these animals, less is more!

Draft Horses can often seen pulling carts and wagons in a large variety of different settings. Draft horses are nearly always found with a fancy ribbon and bow decoration in their manes and tails, showing off for their owners and also helping prevent hair getting caught in all the moving parts of the wagon.

Last but certainly not least, eventers and hunters are the stars of the show ring and often have elaborate braided manes and tails to keep them neat and tidy as they sail over jumps! These braids are often intricately done the morning of the show and vary from simple to very elegant designs.

A different hairstyle for every breed and a different horse for every person! Horses and their hairstyles are different as can be from one another, but the variety is what makes them fun! What horses at Golden Oak Stables do a certain job? What about in your stable?


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Every Model Needs a Name- Incorporating Real Horses

November 24, 2011

Every Breyer comes with a name and number, even if its just a breed name, it still has a name. One of the favorite activities of collectors is to create and assign new names to their models based on the owners interests. Names are one of the easiest ways to customize your collection in way that personalizes it for you, and only you!

Many collectors have a name for their stables, this is a good place to start your journey in model horse naming. Names can be anything you can imagine but commonly include the words “Stable” or “Ranch”. Many customizers use the name “Studio” to refer to their collections as well. A stable name is a name that you can easily incorporate into each horse’s name. Initials are an easy and fun way to do this! If you stable name was Golden Oak Stables you might start each horse’s name with GOS.

Naming your horses based on their breeds is a very fun way to research real horses, learn new things and create realistic names. Every breed of horse has a home country, so picking a name in that home language is a common way to name real and model horses. Naming models after prominent stallion and mare lines in that breed is also a common and fun way to learn about the real horse counterparts to our models.

Variations on the name Breyer has given the horse can help you remember the models in your collection easily as well as the names you’ve given them. With many horses being created after real horses, it’s easy to turn these names into realistic names for your horses that reflect the real horse world. Thoroughbreds for example often follow series’ of names through sire and dam lines. Lets look at Zenyatta; Zen is a way to incorporate her name into the name of your horse (ex: Zenzational). This keeps the real horse’s name near as well as giving you a bit of creativity!

No matter what you choose, taking the time to research and create creative names for your models is rewarding, educational and well worth the time! Spend a little time getting creative around your stable!


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Breyer Horse Holiday: Vintage Holiday Horses

November 21, 2011

For 15 years Breyer has created a beautiful limited edition Holiday Horse and accessories each and every year to deck our halls with! This year is no exception with Winter Belle, but Golden Oak Stables has a great vintage selection to help you fill out your collection if you’ve missed a horse or ornament over the years!

Noelle is the Christmas horse from 2008 and this beautiful cream colored draft horse is beautiful beyond compare! With a lightly pearlessent  finish her shining coat is striking as light flickers off of her coat. Her glittery base is the perfect amount of shimmer and sugarplum straight from the north pole. Decorated in a sheer and shimmery costume, Noelle is decked in her holiday finest. A hunter green seat and golden saddle blanket are accented with snowflake details that dangle along her body. A golden beaded bridle looks beautiful on her kind face and bells line the reins. A large feather plume sits atop her head finishing off her perfectly royal style this holiday season.

Nutcracker Prince is the 2009 Holiday Horse and this spunky Arabian stallion is full of holiday spirit. This high action guy is decked from head to toe in perfect red and green style. A felted blanket covers his back and a golden strap crosses his front and back. Bells are attached along the straps and jingle as he trots along. Embroidery details all throughout the blanket and golden beads give the perfect touch of elegance. Ribbons trail through his large mane and tail giving him such a dynamic feel. A golden and velvet bridle with a matching plume finish his holiday style! But don’t forget the ornaments that he carries with him, a nutcracker and ballerina!

Don’t forget to take a moment to take a look at the Vintage Ornament Collection, there’s bound to be an ornament missing from your tree! No matter what Breyer you choose to celebrate the holidays with, there’s no wrong choice! Full of holiday spirit there’s always a model for every stable and every tree!


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Breyer Horse Accessories: A Stable of Riders!

November 17, 2011

Every collector has a stable full of horses, but what about a stable full of riders to put them to good use? Riders are just as varied as horses are and typically specialize in one discipline. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables has a rider for any event you can imagine so you can put all of those horses to work!

One of the most popular equestrian events in Show Jumping. The exhilaration of  setting a horse loose over tall jumps as fast as possible has made this event exciting for riders and spectators alike! Show Jumping Brenda is a lovely blonde doll with a fetching red jacket like all of the top show jumpers! Ready for the top competitions in the world Show Jumping Brenda is ready to sail over even the largest jumps!

Western riders will find two choices for their horses. Austin is a cowboy who’s ready for a day of cattle work with his casual but completely western outfit including a pair of chaps. He even wears a large silver belt buckle that he must have won!  Taylor is a sweet brunette cowgirl who wears a fun and flashy pink and white show shirt and black pants and chaps that match her hat. Both are versatile and ready for whatever your horses can throw at them!

Ready for a little pony games fun? The Junior Riders is up your alley then! Dressed in fun and bright colors, her blonde pig tails peek out of a pink leopard helmet! How fun? Complete with fun accessories to outfit her own pony, she’s a ton of fun, no matter what pony event!

They might not be riders but there’s two other key people who you’ll probably want on hand around your barn. The Farrier is an important person to have on hand for all of your horse shoeing needs. This Farrier is ready to go with his own tools, anvil and shoes! The Veterinarian is also a very important person to have around your stable. Breyer’s Veterinarian is ready with her bag of supplies to make any illness go away and keep your stable healthy and happy!

No matter what kind of stable you keep, you’ll need a few friends around!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Molds and Models

November 14, 2011

Collectors have all kinds of terms that are used to help organize and understand their collections better. Terms like Mold and Model are often used by collectors, but what do they really mean?

Breyer horses have all kinds of different identifiers, everything from names to numbers can be used to identify a particular horse.  Sometimes you’ll hear a horse called the name of the breed, other times its the name of the horse or even the number. But what does all that mean? Do you know what to call your models?

Determining the horse’s mold is a good first step. But what is a ‘Mold’? In the model horse collecting hobby horses are often referred to by the first release of a particular model. For example, a new mold this year was the Weather Girl horse. This model, no matter what color, will be on the ‘Weather Girl‘ mold. The first release of the model nearly always takes the name of the mold. For a horse like Sato, this mold originally came out as the famous race horse Cigar so Sato is done on the Cigar mold. Many people choose to define their collections by collecting all of one mold. Its also an easy way to organize either on paper or on your shelf.

A model is exactly what it sounds like, the particular release of a horse. Each Breyer horse that Breyer releases is a model. Every model has a paint scheme that is individual to that horse and also a name and a number. Because of the limited number of molds, models are often produced on molds that have already been a horse in the Breyer stable. It just adds to the fun though, because once you find a mold you like, collecting all the models can be fun and exciting!

No matter what you collect, a particular mold or just the models you like, Golden Oak Stables has a stable stuffed full of everything you could ever ask for. What mold or model are you missing?


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Breyer Horse Treasure Hunt: Weather Girl Is Headed Into The Vault!

November 10, 2011

Sculpted by the incomparable Brigitte Eberl, Weather Girl has already created a storm of excitement among Breyer collectors! The surprise addition  to the 2011 lineup, Weather Girl has been popular beyond compare! But don’t delay, she’s galloped into Golden Oak Stables for one last  time, but won’t be here much longer!

Weather Girl is a new sculpture for 2011 by the German artist Brigitte Eberl. Brigitte is a favorite sculptor in the model horse hobby and the addition of her lovely Arabian mare to the Breyer line in 2011 has brought collectors from all over the world together to find all three! Brigitte’s sculptures are known for their realism and dynamic poses that capture the spirit of the horse.

There are three different Weather Girls to collect for the 2011 Treasure Hunt. Sunny is a bright metallic palomino part-Arabian mare that shimmers in the sun. A part-Arabian is one that has been bred with another breed of horse. This is done to bring a characteristic to a new horse. This is sometimes done to get a more exciting color or to bring another positive feature in. Partially Cloudy is a dapple grey pinto part-Arabian. Arabians do not carry the gene that produces pinto coloring. Many pinto part-Arabians exist and often belong to the Pintabian registry. Last is the elusive Thunderstorm. This dark grey black Arabian gallops into the stable loudly with her lightening blaze and snip!

If you are able to find all three Weather Girls you’ll be able to get the most elusive of all three, Rainbow. What Rainbow looks like is a surprise but there is more than one! Will  it be a rainbow of real horse colors, or maybe a real rainbow? You only have until January 30th 2012 to take your chances at a rainbow! As for Weather Girl, she’s headed to the Breyer Vault after December 31st 2011 to be held until 2016! So don’t miss your opportunity to add a wonderful example of an ancient breed to your stable!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: 2012 Sneak Peek!

November 7, 2011

Its only November but 2012 is slowly creeping nearer and Breyer has already released a few sneak peeks. Take a look as Golden Oak Stables gets us all excited for what’s to come!

Breyer is starting off with a bang bringing 1o all new classic scale horses to their lineup. These 1:12 scale horses are a fun and easy size to collect and have long been a favorite in the Breyer stable! New for 2012 are a Grey Selle Francais  mare, a Grullo Morgan, a striking Black Thoroughbred, a majestic Bay Arabian, a Chestnut Appaloosa, two Fun Foals in Chestnut and Bay Pinto, a Chestnut Haflinger, a Buckskin Pinto and finally a Silver Bay Mustang! With not only exciting new colors but new molds as well, you’ll be stuffing your stables before you know it!

A little more classic fun awaits you with the Western Lifestyle Set. Ready for some fun on the ranch? Your very own buckskin appaloosa cutting horse awaits! This action filled set is just itching to get out on the cattle trail! Included in the set are your very own calf in an action filled pose as well as a Border Collie to help keep your herd of cattle in line.

On the traditional scale of things there’s a brand new Truck and Trailer set to bring your horses to shows in style! The cherry red Dually Pickup shines with a logo emblazoned along each door and silver accents. The White Trailer sports the same logo and has room for two traditional horses. The truck and trailer both feature realistic details that resemble a real horse truck and trailer!

Last, but certainly not least, a little bit of fun awaits you with a pair of stablemate foals just jumping to play! The Frolicking Foals Pocket Barn is an adorable bright blue barn that houses two little rambunctious foals! A bay prancing foal and a palomino pinto galloping foal play throughout this playset. There’s even a set of yellow fencing to help keep them from getting out and into trouble!

No matter what your collection, 2012  will be an exciting year for any Breyer collector! Who know’s what else is in store at?


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Western Tack

November 3, 2011

You may have already hit the English show circuit but what about those famous Western performers in your stable? Is your tack room stocked and ready to send some Western winners into the show ring?

One of the most popular events in Western riding is Western Pleasure. In this discipline riders and horses are judged on how relaxed and composed their ride is. Judges are looking for a horse that will be a comfortable and sturdy mount. The Western Pleasure Saddle is a great overall saddle to get started with! This lightly tooled saddle is a touch of fancy but still great for overall riding.

If your horse is more of a working horse, the Western Roping Saddle might be more up your alley! This saddle is specifically designed for the rough life of a cattle horse.  On a roping saddle the pommel and horn are designed so that a rope can easily be tied onto it to hold that rowdy calf! It also features a breast collar and double rigging to give it stability as you ride.

Either of these saddles can be used with the Western Show Bridle. This bridle is perfect for any of the western disciplines!

If you’re looking for a good overall set with all you might need there are two Western Riding Sets! The first Western Riding Set is a set that is full of everything you could need to casually ride or take a long ride out on the trail. The bedroll and canteen will keep you feeling good on the trail and the saddlebags will hold anything horse and rider could need! All are coordinated in shades of maroon and tan, matching the saddle and bridle!

If you’re looking for a fun and flashy set, the Hot Colors Western Riding Set is the perfect one for you! Created in hot blue and pink, this set is fun and flashy! A lovely saddle that is great for just about any event is created out of warm light brown shades and accented throughout by bright accessories!

A fun twist on the western show is Halter. This class evaluates how well conformed the horse is. This means, how well it matches breed standards. In real stock horse classes horses wear a fancy halter often adorned in real silver! Breyer has created a miniature version of the Western Show Halter  so that you can lead your horse into the show ring too!

English or Western, Golden Oak Stables has a tack room full of tack to get your horse into the show ring. So saddle up and gallop on into the winners circle!


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