Breyer Horse Collecting: Regular, Special and Limited Edition Runs

May 31, 2012

All Breyers are special, from an exceptionally beautiful breed to a famous horse, there’s something special about every Breyer horse. There’s something about Breyer horses you might not know though, there are many different types of releases that make them special too!

Breyer horses are all limited in some way, no Breyer horse is created forever, most only for a few years. Even the most popular Breyer horse can become hard to find after it’s been “retired” or removed from the Breyer catalog. Even more so are models that are limited in their release.

Regular Run models are those available in the catalog and from your favorite dealer, like Golden Oak Stables! These models are the core and foundation of collections showcasing breeds from around the world, famous equine super stars and even that perfect lesson horse. These horses, while open ended in their release can still become very rare. There’s no telling how long a model will be released and sometimes regular runs can be just as rare and hard to find as even the rarest Breyers!

Limited Edition Runs are models that are released in a limited number, no matter what the number these models are limited by the number that will be produced. Limited Editions can be released anywhere and be limited to any number, it just means that they are limited in nature. Limited Editions have long been coveted by collectors and many come out every year for your to add to your collection!

Special Runs are the last category of Breyer releases and are those which are only available for a certain time through a certain place or places. These horses  can be very hard or very easy to find, each and every one is different! Special runs are not determined by quantity but by their limited availability.

No matter what type of release a Breyer horse has had it’s desirability is always determined by how much the collectors love it. What really matters though, is not how rare it is or how many were made, but how much you love it! Picking your favorite is always the most important factor when choosing a new horse for your stable!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Abe Lincoln’s Old Bob

May 28, 2012

Galloping into Golden Oak Stables from the history books is a horse that was the beloved companion of one of our country’s most beloved president’s, Abraham Lincoln! Bringing history and the love for horses together, Old Bob is a wonderful way to remember some of the nation’s history along with celebrating the beauty of the horse!

Old Bob was the ever favorite mount of our country’s 16th president. Abraham Lincoln was beloved by many as the president that ended the Civil War and brought our country back together as one. Before his time as president Lincoln lived in Illinois as did his beloved mount, Old Bob. Old Bob was actually named Robin but given the nickname of “Old Bob” by Lincoln himself. This chestnut horse was Lincoln’s choice mount during his time in Illinois where he worked as a lawyer. He also was a beloved member of the Lincoln family, often pulling the family carriage. When Abraham Lincoln passed away, Old Bob had a special place in the funeral and was led through the procession dressed in all black, a symbol of mourning.

Breyer has recreated an amazing reminder of American History with their very own, Old Bob. Created on the Adios mold, this stocky horse stands tall and proud with a deeply shaded dusty chestnut coloration and a shaded mane and tail. Dark points along the legs help to create a lovely realistic chestnut throughout. Old Bob shines with his stoic expression and his calm demeanor, fitting for a president’s family. Just like the real Old Bob, Breyer’s recreation comes complete with a black blanket similar to the one Old Bob wore to Lincoln’s funeral with silver trim and tassels.

A reminder of the not only our 16th president but also our nation’s history, Old Bob brings a touch of history to your stable. With his calm and stoic demeanor he’s the perfect mount for anyone and the perfect way to remember a beloved president. Bring a little history home today.
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Real Life Breyer Horses: CH Sprinkles

May 24, 2012

The flashy and bright Saddlebred is a breed unlike no other. With it’s high stepping gait and exceptional style and flare, the Saddlebred stands out to say the least!  New for 2012, Golden Oak Stables brings you CH Sprinkles, a champion Saddlebred that has taken the Saddlebred world by storm and stands out not only for his exceptional performance but his bright and flashy coat!

The American Saddlebred is a horse that is known for it’s show ring performance and it’s striking three and five gaited walk. These high stepping walks are the extra gait that makes Saddlebreds different from no other!

CH Sprinkles is a chestnut pinto Saddlebred mare that had taken the world by storm! With wins from Kentucky all the way to California this flashy mare has won blue ribbons in 109 of 130 appearances in the show ring! An astonishing record to say the least. Even more astonishing is that her rider Eleanor is only 13 years old! Eleanor has been riding Sprinkles since she was 10 and the two of them have made an unstoppable pair ever since.

Breyer has created CH Sprinkles on the iconic Five Gaiter mold. This mold has been around for decades and is a collector favorite with it’s flashy and determined stance! Sprinkles’ flashy coat has been re-created in an exact likeness even down to her silver shoes and ribbons!

CH Sprinkles has been seen far and wide, participating the Rose Bowl Parade as well as the World Equestrian Games opening ceremony. This year Sprinkles will get to meet an entirely new group  of her fans at Breyerfest as a guest horse! She may have won lots of blue ribbons in Kentucky but she’s sure to take the Kentucky Horse Park by storm as well as Breyer fans with her beauty, style and grace!

The American Saddlebred is a breed all it’s own and CH Sprinkles is a wonderful ambassador of that breed, with her exceptional beauty and her amazing winning record she’s truly a horse all her own!

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Real Life Breyer Horses: I’ll Have Another Wins Another!

May 21, 2012

Horse racing fans from all over the world tuned in on Saturday to the 137th Preakness Stakes in Baltimore Maryland to see if I’ll Have Another would win another and make his way even closer to that famed Triple Crown. He did! I’ll Have Another may be extremely close to making history, but who is this virtually unknown horse that came out of nowhere to capture our hearts and spirit?

Named after his owner’s love for chocolate chip cookies, I’ll Have Another is a chestnut colt that has taken the world by storm in just a few weeks! Foaled on April Fools day in 2009, I’ll Have Another was born and bred in Kentucky and sold for a humble $11,000 at the Keeneland Yearling Sale. From there he was broken and sold to his current owner, Canadian businessman J.Paul Reddam and history was on it’s way.

I’ll Have Another entered the Kentucky Derby with a few notable wins under his belt including the Santa Anita Derby and with a very famous horse as his lead pony, Lava Man! With 15:1 odds he seemed like a middle of the road runner for the Kentucky Derby, until in the last turn he sprinted in front of Bodemeister to enter that famed winner’s circle!

Despite his strong Kentucky Derby performance, I’ll Have Another still went into the Preakness as the second favorite behind Bodemeister. It wasn’t long though before the world saw that I’ll Have Another wasn’t just a one trick pony. With a performance that resembled the Kentucky Derby nearly stride for stride, I’ll Have Another pushed past Bodemeister at the last stretch to win the Preakness by a neck!

I’ll Have Another has joined the ranks of Big Brown, Smarty Jones and Funny Cide to be just one race away from making Triple Crown history! We haven’t seen a winner in over thirty years win all three stakes races, will this be the year? In just a few weeks the eyes of the world will descend on The Belmont to see if I’ll Have Another has just one more in him. This race known for its difficulty will surely put him to the test, we’ll all just have to wait and see! Even if we don’t have a Triple Crown winner this year, you can still bring one into your stable with Golden Oak Stables. We’ll all be crossing our fingers for that one last win though!

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Breyer Horse Showing: All About Breed Types

May 17, 2012

With hundreds of breeds of real life horses it’s no wonder why the world of model horses is as diverse and varied as it is. From tiny miniature horses to gentle giant draft horses, there is a Breyer horse for it! When model horse shows began to grow in popularity, they had to evolve to have a place for all kinds of breeds. Today, it is common to divide a model horse show up by Breed Types, but what are they exactly?

Most model horse shows are divided into eight different breed divisions, Light, Gaited, Sport, Spanish, Stock, Pony, Draft and Other. These distinctions come from all the way back to the formations of the breeds, dividing the hundreds of different breeds of the world into smaller groups by common characteristics.

Light Breeds are horses are easily recognizable as your Arabian type breeds. These horses have characteristics from a life in the desert. Horses such as the Arabian, Morgan and National Show Horse are considered “Light Breeds” because of their Arabian heritage.

Gaited breeds are the showmen of the show ring. These horses carry an additional gait or way of moving that causes them to stand out in a crowd. American Saddlebreds, Rocky Mountain Horses and Tennessee Walking horses are all Gaited because of their distinctive way of moving.

Sport breeds are the athletes of the show ring. These horses include horses that were bred to compete in disciplines such as show jumping and racing. All Warmbloods fall into this division as do Thoroughbreds. These superstars are bred to compete, and it shows!

Spanish breeds are those that have evolved from horses from Spain as well as Southern and Central America. Also called Iberian horses, these horses are known for their distinctive looks and beauty. Andalusians, Lusitanos and Crillos are a few examples of these horses.

Stock breeds are the stars of the Western world. Bred for the ranch, stock breeds can be recognized as Quarter Horses, Paints and Pintos. These standouts of the American South West are the ranch’s most important asset and are easily recognizable with their compact and strong bodies.

Pony breeds are those horses that were bred for their compact size. Pony breeds come from all over the world and are only defined by their smaller than average size. Welsh Ponies, Shetland Ponies, and the American Walking Pony are all examples of these tiny powerhouses.

Draft breeds are the gentile giants of the horse world. Standing sometimes 6 foot tall at the shoulder these horses were originally bred for hard farm labor. Today they are used for any number of disciplines, from harness work to dressage, you can see a draft doing just about anything! Clydesdales, Shires, and the Belgian are all common draft breeds.

Last but certainly not least are Other breeds. These horses don’t fit into any of the above categories. Donkeys, mules and zebras are considered “Other” breeds.

With a little understanding of the  different types of breeds you’re sure to have a leg up on the competition at your next Golden Oak Stables show! But whether you’re a shower or not, a little more knowledge of real life horses is always a good thing!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: What’s In A Finish

May 14, 2012

As a collector you’ll hear terms used all the time to describe any number of things about Breyer horses. From things like breed names to molds there’s probably a term that collectors use to describe it. One thing that is used very often to describe models are terms for finish. You’ve probably heard things like matte, glossy and metallic to describe a model, but do you know how to tell what your model is?

When Breyer horses are created they are painted with any number of different paints and colors. Each paint has different properties and different finishes that make the model look different than any other model. Collectors began to take notice of this and use terms to distinguish between different types of models.

Glossy models were some of the first types of models offered by Breyer. These models were finished in a thick coat of shiny clear gloss that not only protected the finish of the model, but also reflected popular trends in home design at the time. Glossy models shine with a thick sheen of gloss that is very distinguishable from other models. Today glossy models have become popular again and can be found on many models!

Semi-Glossy models are a step down from glossy models and have a sheen that many collectors describe as similar to a real horse that’s ready to enter a show ring! Semi-Glossy models have a light sheen that shines in the light and is very smooth to the touch. Models have been created in semi-glossy finishes for just about as long as Breyer has been around and is a very common finish.

The most common finish is a matte finish. Matte finish is a flat finish that is soft and can be almost powder like at times. These soft and delicate finishes are the most common finish for Breyer horses and bring a soft and realistic look to a model. Breyer first introduced matte finish models in the 1960’s when glossy models started to become less popular and have continued to make them ever since.

A new finish that many collectors have seen over the past few years is a metallic finish. This finish brings a touch of what real horse owners call “chrome” to the model horse world. These models will shimmer a bit in the right light, just like a real horse that has chrome in his coat. These models are distinctively different from other finishes but can still be glossy, semi-glossy or matte.

Many collectors have one finish they prefer over others but even more love each and every one! Do you have one of each finish? Which is your favorite? Either way, Golden Oak Stables is always ready to bring that new Breyer to you! Which will you pick?

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Breyer Horse Showing: North American Nationals 2012

May 10, 2012

The time is nearing when the best model horses in the world gather in Lexington Kentucky to compete in the North American Nationals. In the three days proceeding Breyerfest this year, the North American Nationals will crown hundreds of National Champions, Reserve Champions and Top Ten Placers. These horses have the distinction of being named Champion among the best horses in both the country and the world and will carry that title forever!

The North American Nationals brings horses from all over the world to Lexington Kentucky this year, with only one requirement for entry, they must have placed first or second in a NAN qualifying show and been awarded a NAN card. This serves as the entry ticket for the biggest show of the year! Models are awarded a card for placing first and second at any NAN qualifying show that is valid for two years. Models qualified before April 30th 2012 are eligible for this year’s competition and can be entered for their chance at victory!

If you’re ready to take the plunge and give your horses a shot at a championship entries are now open! You can visit the NAMHSA site for more information on how to enter. If you’re not quite ready yet, start getting your feet wet at Golden Oak Stables novice and intermediate shows. These are the perfect way to start showing and learn all about the world of model horses! Tailored specifically for  those new to the world model horses and model horse showing these shows take all the elements of a highly competitive open NAN qualifying show and make it friendly for one and all!

Breyerfest this year is sure to be a blast and with the North American Nationals in town it’s a full week of model horse mania in Lexington Kentucky this July! You can be a part of it even if you aren’t there with Golden Oak Stables covering each and every aspect of this week full of model horses! No matter where you are this July, you’ll experience what a week full of Breyer horses will bring!

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Real Life Breyer Horses: Race Horse Fever

May 7, 2012

The eyes of the world were turned this Saturday to Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby. The first Saturday in May everyone is a Thoroughbred fan as the world’s best three year olds race for their way in the history books!

The Kentucky Derby is the first leg of The Triple Crown, which can be won by a horse if they can win three races in a row, the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont. Many horses have come close but only a few have actually achieved the difficult task of coming over the finish line first in these three consecutive races. It’s no surprise that every year millions around the world sit on the edge of their seat rooting for another horse to make their way into the history books.

This year I’ll Have Another galloped his way into the winner’s circle at Churchill Downs to become the 138th winner of the Kentucky Derby.  Situated in the 19th spot this 15:1 chestnut colt raced from the outside and burst through the pack to beat the favorite, Bodemeister, to cross the finish line in a striking 2:01.83 minutes! I’ll Have Another will have the difficult task of following up this astonishing win in a few weeks at the Belmont Stakes where he’ll have to go against some of the same horses and a few new ones to see if he can make his way into the record books!

Thoroughbred racing fever is in full swing as we await the next two legs of the Triple Crown and while we all get caught up in the flurry of racing, Golden Oak Stables can help bring a little bit of the racing world to you! From famous race horses, to sets that will help you recreate your own trip to the winner’s circle, there’s a way to bring a little bit of the excitement of the world of racing to you!

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Real Life Breyer Horses: And They’re Off! Kentucky Derby 2012

May 3, 2012

The excitement of Thoroughbred racing is racing into Churchill Downs this weekend as the 138th Kentucky Derby brings the three year old stars of the Thoroughbred world together. This first Saturday in May has long been the highlight of the Thoroughbred racing season and also the first race in the infamous Triple Crown.

The Kentucky Derby has long been the first jewel in the Triple Crown, three races that are thought to truly test the ability of a three year old Thoroughbred race horse. The Belmont and the Preakness make up the other two jewels and happen in the weeks following the Derby. It’s been over 30 years since we’ve seen our last Triple Crown winner, and while many have come close, no one has yet to follow up Affirmed with his victory of the Triple Crown in 1978.

Breyer has a long history of immortalizing the stars of the Thoroughbred racing world. Dozens of the most famous horses have found their way into the world of collectors with a model of their very own! Currently in the Breyer lineup at Golden Oak Stables are two of the sport’s most famous stars, Secretariat and Zenyatta!

This year twenty horses will run for the roses, from the favorite Bodemeister who will be ridden by Zenyatta’s jockey, Mike Smith, to Take Charge Indy who will have three time Kentucky Derby winner Calvin Borel atop the field is just as difficult to pick as ever. Favorites, longshots and everything in between make up the 20 horses that will race down the stretch looking for their place in equine history.

There’s no telling who will gallop across the finish line on Saturday, the field is set and all that is left to do is pick your favorite horse and watch! Will we finally have a Triple Crown winner to break the streak? We’ll just have to wait and see. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be a new horse that will make his way into the Breyer history books as well!

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