Breyer Horse Collecting: Mold Makeovers

April 30, 2012

Breyer horses are created through an intricate molding process that reproduces an artist’s original sculpture into a model that we all can collect! You’ll hear collectors use two very distinctive words to talk about Breyer horses, molds and models. Models change all the time, but when the mold does, it will certainly catch collector’s attention!

The word “Mold” is used by collectors to describe the actual sculpture that artists create for Breyer. These model are often used for years upon years by Breyer and are created in many different colors over decades, so when one changes, it’s certainly big news!

In the past few years Breyer has surprised us all with a few tricks up their sleeves by “refreshing” a few of their models. One of the first models that saw a makeover was the Stock Horse Stallion. Originally released 30 years ago, the Stock Horse Stallion was a favorite for many years in the Breyer lineup as the go to Quarter Horse, Appaloosa and Paint horse.  Breyer surprised us all when they gave him a new hairdo a few years ago. The Stock Horse Stallion now can be seen with a long and luxurious flowing tail, like on the model Elvis’ Rising Sun!

Breyer gave us another surprise for 2012 with the release of Hickstead! Created on the Trakehner model this horse touched the hearts of millions with his determined spirit. It’s no question as to why Breyer would “spruce” up his mold a little, making this model even more special. A new fuller tail also now sits on the Trakehner mold and gives him an elegant touch.

New molds are always exciting and an existing model with a new touch can be just as exciting! It’s not every day that a mold gets a makeover, so when it happens, collectors are sure to notice! Don’t miss all the fun with Golden Oak Stables. Which model will be the next to enter your stable? One with a makeover?

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Real Life Breyer Horses: Rolex Three Day Event

April 26, 2012

Horse lovers and eventing fans wait all year for this weekend in April, a weekend when the world comes to Kentucky to compete in one of the equestrian world’s most prestigious events, the Rolex Three Day. This four star event is the only one in the Western Hemisphere and is a fan favorite for equestrian lovers from every corner of the earth! Each year equestrian super stars are born, many of them go on to the Olympics and make their way into the record books. Some even make their way into eternity as a Breyer horse!

Eventing is a three trial event that combines Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping. These three events test the endurance, ability and strength of both the horse and rider through three very different and very difficult events. Dressage is the first trial that tests the connection between horse and his rider. The horse and rider are asked to do a series of very specific movements in order and with great precision. It is truly the ballet of the horse world! The second day is Cross Country, this event takes endurance to a whole new level when riders and their horses travel over across a long distance of difficult terrain and encounter obstacles along the way.  On the third day precision and speed are of most importance as the Show Jumping phase finishes out the competition and requires riders to race through a series of jumps, any of which if even bumped can make or break the competition! After three days of intense competition the champion is crowned, truly an honor that only the most talented horses and riders can attain!

Breyer has long immortalized the horses of the eventing world with models of their own, and who knows, maybe a star will shine this weekend! You can start your own stable of stars with Golden Oak Stables that can find their way to the eventing world! Saddle up and get training for a ride of your own with your own stable!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: The Importance Of Documentation

April 23, 2012

Collecting has always been much more fun than organizing for any collector. Organizing might not be the most fun thing to do with your time but it can really help you in the long run. Documenting your collection is one of the most important thing any collector can do. By documenting your collection you ensure that you not only keep your collection in tip top shape but you also can keep track of it for years to come!

The easiest way to document your collection is to start keeping records early on, but don’t fret if you’re a long time collector! Starting with each horse write down any information you can,  the amount produced, where it was purchased from and what you paid for it. These key bits of information can be very helpful in the future. Doing this for every horse might seem tedious but the information can be priceless.

Another key thing to do when documenting your collection is organizing any other bits of paperwork you have for your model. Certificates of Authenticity, receipts and even those cards from the backs of Breyer boxes are collectible and important to the authenticity of models. It may seem like just a piece of paper, but that little sheet of paper can often tell a collector a great deal of information about a horse.

If you’ve ever live or photo shown your model, you might want to begin storing any ribbons, NAN cards or winnings along with your documentation. These items can be kept for years and tell the story of a horse and it’s winnings! There’s nothing more impressive than a long time show horse with all of his or her winnings!

Many collectors find organizing in binders, folders or envelopes to be the easiest way to keep track of their paperwork. Play around with it a bit and see what works for you! No matter if your collection is big or small, organizing and documenting is a great idea to keep your collection in the best shape possible. So the next time you get a new Breyer from Golden Oak Stables, start a file for it and watch it grow!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: What’s In A Pose?

April 19, 2012

With hundreds of different Breyer molds that look vastly different from each other you can see why Breyer horses are as popular and collectible as they are! Models vary in many different aspects, breed, size, color but one thing you might not think about at first is pose. The pose of a horse can tell a lot about it, from its breed to it’s job and even what kind of owner they might have, a pose can tell so many stories!

Horses are capable of an incredible range of motion, so it’s no surprise that their elegant and beautiful movements would be captured so beautifully by the sculptors at Breyer. How a horse is moving is one easy way to tell breeds. Breeds like the Arabian and American Saddlebred are known for their flashy high stepping, flashy gait that draws fans everywhere they go! Quarter horses are known for being calm and docile, a trait most desired in the breed. When a model is sculpted these types of things are taken into consideration and what is created are some of the most realistic horses you can imagine!

A High Stepping Arabian

A Calm And Collected Quarter Horse

A position can also tell you other things, like what a horse’s job is. A Thoroughbred racing towards the finish line looks like no other with it’s extended position reaching with every last inch! A western working horse is special too with it’s relaxed and casual movements a calm cow horse is one of the most prized possession of any rancher and a Breyer with that same personality will surely be a favorite in your ranch!

A Race Horse Pushing Towards The Finish Line

A Working Western Horse

With the hundreds of models at Golden Oak Stables collectors often have to make choices in their collections. Without thinking pose is often a deciding factor! What do you have in your collection? A stable full of calm and collected pasture horses? Maybe a stable full of high action eventers that are ready to leap over any jump? Or what about flashy show horses that are ready to light up the show ring?  Whatever your collection take a moment to appreciate just what your model’s pose tells you about it! You would never imagine that such a little thing can tell you so much!

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Breyer Horse Customizing: Creating Your Own Champion

April 16, 2012

Breyer creates hundreds of new models every year that span the vast amount of breeds and colors of the real horse world. Each of these horses brings the beauty of a real horse to thousands each year.

Many collectors take their collecting one step further and jump into the realm of customizing. Customizing is the art of creating new models by doing as little as adding a few markings to as much as completely resculpting the model. Customized models are very popular in the model horse hobby  with collectors and showers alike. Almost every show in the world has special classes for customized models that are sometimes just as popular as Original Finish classes! With a little creativity and Golden Oak Stables you can be on your way to making your own champions too!

Model horse artists use a variety of materials to create their masterpieces, from oil paints to loose pastel dust the method varies from artist to artist, but many will suggest the easiest and most effective method to start with is acrylic paint. Acrylic paints are easy to find, water soluble which makes for easy clean up, typically non-toxic and work well for model horse customizing.

Pastelling is another common method in which loose pastel dust is applied to the horse in a layers. This process can take dozens to hundreds of layers and produce results that are luminescent and realistic. This method is a newer method that has gained popularity in the past 20 years.

Oil paints are another method that many artists use. These museum quality paints will stand the test of time but take days and sometimes weeks to dry between layers, so they are not for the impatient! Oils are a favorite for their deep colors and many artists use their long dry time to their advantage to created immaculate shadings and details!

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have kits that will make customizing easy for anyone, the only problem will be where to start! From the smallest scale on up there are kits to create your own champion! Breyer kits are friendly for most ages with acrylics that are friendly for everyone. Your champion is waiting for you!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Highland Pony

April 12, 2012

Galloping down from the Scottish highlands, the Highland Pony is one breed that is deeply seeded in history. These ponies are work horses that stand out for their hardy nature and ability to withstand the elements! Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you a Highland Pony of your own, new for 2012 that can bring a little bit of Scotland to your stable!

The Scottish Highlands and Isles are home to three breeds of native ponies, the Highland Pony being one of them. This breed gained the reputation for being hardy over thousands of years of living in the harsh climate of Scotland. Highland ponies tend to be on the larger side of ponies typically standing between 13 and 14 hands high. Most highland ponies are a shade of dun, a primitive coat color that features stripes on the legs, commonly called leg barring, and a dorsal stripe. These coat colors can vary from a yellow dun to a grey dun and just about anything in between. Highland ponies can also be gray, bay, black or liver chestnut although not as common as the commonly found dun. One thing that is standard is the restriction of white markings, Highland ponies are only permitted to have a small star, any other white markings compromise their ability to be registered. The Highland Pony has found its fans in farmers, casual riders, pulling a cart and even more. They are versatile to say the least!

Breyer’s Highland Pony is a spunky pony with a ton of personality just waiting to trot into your heart! Sporting the typical dun coat color, with a beige coat and dark leg markings as well as a dark mane and tail. He’s ready to mount up for your next show or just a day of fun riding. His spunky personality and sweet disposition is sure to gain friends and fans from all over.

Bringing a bit of the British isles to you, Golden Oak Stables brings the rare Highland Pony to you! This breed has been popular across the pond for hundreds of years, and now everyone can experience the beauty that is the Highland Pony!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: The Miniature World Of Stablemates

April 9, 2012

Galloping in at 4 inches tall, the Stablemates of Breyer’s lineup have been a favorite of many for over 30 years. These little bundles of fun are sculpted, painted and detailed to the same level of realism as Breyer’s larger counterparts. These miniature beauties of the equine world are a favorite for just about anyone, you’d be hard pressed to find a collector that didn’t have at least one in their collection! Stablemates go beyond the horses though, Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have everything you can imagine to build an entire world for your Stablemates!

A barn is always a good place to start and the Stablemates Little Red Stable Set is the keystone to your stablemate world! This three stall barn is exactly what you’ll need to start your Stablemate world. The barn includes a tack room that you can store the included jump and barrels. There’s even four sections of fence to make your own corral as well as two stablemates to get you started on your stable of stars!

The Stablemate Riding Academy is a fun way to add to your Stablemate world by opening up a school for others to learn in! Painted green with a tan roof this lovely riding academy comes out of every horse lover’s dreams. There’s plenty of fun to be had with each an english and western saddle set as well as cavalettis and a palomino mare that will help you learn as you go!

No matter how careful you are, accidents are unavoidable from time to time, but with the Stablemate’s Animal Hospital you can be ready when that time comes! With two horses, a donkey, a goat, a dog and of course a cat the animal hospital is ready to handle any kind of animal on your farm.

There’s no wrong or right way to build your Stablemate world and you’ll find that the possibilities are endless! With dozens of accessories and playsets for these tiny equestrian stars you’ll find them hard to resist! Building an equine world of your own is fun and easy with Golden Oak Stables and Stablemates! You won’t be able to resist the charm and beauty of these little equestrian superstars!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Shetland Pony

April 5, 2012

Hailing from the Shetland Isles, the Shetland Pony is a breed with a history that can be traced back thousands of years. This little pony has galloped all over the Shetland Isles and into the hearts of millions of people with it’s spunky and beloved personality. The Shetland Pony has become the first pony for many young horse lovers due to their small size and versatility. Golden Oak Stables brings you a Shetland Pony of your very own that can bring a big dose of fun in  a small package to your stable!

Originally from the Shetland Islands of Northern Scotland, the Shetland Pony is a tiny breed with a ton of personality. Shetland Ponies are favorite mounts for young children all over the world because of their abilities throughout many disciplines. They are also favorite harness mount for both young and old alike! The smallest Shetland Ponies have even been found to be successful guide animals, talk about versatility!

Shetland Ponies typically stand between 2.5 and 3.5 feet at the shoulder and come in nearly every color of the horse rainbow! These little powerhouses stand out among other breeds of ponies because of their exceptional intelligence and great strength. Shetland Ponies have been known to pull twice their weight, something you’d expect from a draft horse not a pony!

Breyer brings a sweet grey Shetland Pony that will easily trot into your stables and hearts. This sweet girl has the kindest expression with her large eyes and dished face, two distinct characteristics of the Shetland breed! A lovely deep shaded grey, this Shetland Pony has dappling all throughout her coat in the most stunning of ways. A dark mane and tail are typical of her coloration and accent her in the most beautiful of ways. Four white socks are her final markings that sit just below her knees on each leg.

Showing both the beauty and versatility of the breed Breyer’s new Shetland Pony is sure to be a favorite of any and will light up your stable like no other. There’s no question as to why Shetland Ponies have been a favorite for thousands of years, now you can bring a little bit of the Shetland Islands to your stable!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Pony Gals

April 2, 2012

A fun group of horses for those young or young at heart, Pony Gals are a sweet line from Breyer that brings the beauty of the horse and a little bit of fantasy together all in one. With unique personalities and a beauty that everyone can be drawn to, Pony Gals are a sweet group of gals that are irresistible as can be!

Three sweet and glamorous girls sashay into Golden Oak Stables for 2012 with their lovely looks and glamorous style that will have everyone in the stable looking at these ladies! Standing 4.25 inches tall, the Pony Gals are a group of horses that have a lightly fanciful look along with realistic horse colors that can easily find a home in your stable. With long manes and tails you can have a blast styling them all day for either a day at the show or a day of fun!

Hayley is a bay cutie that prances her sweet way into your stable. Her long luxurious black mane and tail are beautiful as can be matched with her red bay coat. Three white socks finish off her lovely coloring making her stunning in every possible way!

A striking pearly light grey, Aubrey‘s bright light grey coat is lovely as a pearl and her lightly shaded grey points are beyond beautiful. Her happy and excited nature is another of Aubrey‘s enchanting characteristics, with her sweet face she’ll easily make friends wherever she trots. Long white hair glistens in the sun and will be a dream for anyone to brush and comb.

Last but certainly not least, Emily prances into your stable with her energetic nature she shines! Her coat color is a striking blue roan that turns heads wherever she goes. A star sits atop her head and long black hair finishes off her beautiful look in the most perfect of ways!

With these three lovely ladies, your stable can be filled with the beauty and glamour that only the Pony Gals can bring. Your hardest decision will be who to start with!


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