Real Life Breyer Horses: Steffen Peter and Ravel Make History At The WEG!

September 30, 2010

Yesterday marked a page in American equestrian history! For the first time ever, an American won his way up to the podium in the individual dressage competition at the WEG!

Dressage competitions are commonly dominated by European teams which have hundreds of years of history with the sport. Steffen Peters, a German-American that came to train in the United States in the 1980’s, and Ravel, his faithful mount, gave the Europeans a run for their money this time around! This duo is one of the most successful Dressage pairs that America has ever had! Winning time and time again at world class competitions is this team’s specialty and in the Beijing they missed the bronze medal by mere points!

Steffen and Ravel got what they were due on Wednesday with their amazing ride in Lexington Kentucky. With a score of 78.542 this dream team rode an amazing ride and made their way into the history books on their home turf! Not to be outdone, the Netherlands came home with a huge score of 85.708 to bring home the gold and Great Britain was awarded silver with a a 81.708, two amazing scores!

After the ride, Steffen noted noted how good his ride felt and how happy he was with the ride and how well Ravel performed. Upon standing on the podium he noted his overwhelming emotion from the disappointment with the fourth place finish in Beijing. Steffen and Ravel were finally awarded that Bronze medal that has eluded them since Beijing.

You can bring home half of this dream team from Golden Oak Stables! Ravel is recreated on Breyer’s new Idocus mold. This portrait of a now champion can come home and live in your stable as the champion he is! This beautiful warmblood stands tall with a stately expression ready to perform for his faithful mount.

Breyer’s stable of champions is a wonderful place to start filling your stable. Creating champions is Breyer’s specialty, but even then, you can still add your favorite backyard pony to your stable! With Breyer and Golden Oak Stables, you can live the dream of a world class rider!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: WEGs Are Underway! USA Brings Home Gold!

September 27, 2010

Saturday began the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in picturesque Lexington, Kentucky! This is the first time ever that the games have left Europe and the United States welcomed the world in grand scale!

The first day of competition began early in the morning with Reining. This sport that originated in the United States was added to the games 8 years ago when the games were in Spain and America has been a top contender every time! This is the only sport in the games that is of the western discipline and uses primarily American Quarter horses. The horses compete over a myriad of disciplines but find their largest niche in Western events.

Reining is the pride of many parts of the United States and to the United States Reining team there is no other place than Gold! Performances started off strong with Tim McQuay and Hollywoodtinseltown yesterday. Strong performances followed by  Craig Schmersal, Tom McCutcheon and Shawn Flarida. Belgum came in second and Italy followed a close fourth!

Reining Team Competition United States – Total: 674.5 points
Tim McQuay on Hollywoodstinseltown
Craig Schmersal on Mister Montana Nic
Tom McCutcheon on Gunners Special Nite
Shawn Flarida on RC Fancy Step Belgium – Total: 659.0 points
Jan Boogaerts on Gumpy Grumpy BB
Ann Poels on Whizdom Shines
Cira Baeck on Peek a Boom
Bernard Fonck on BA Reckless Chick Italy – Total: 655.5 points
Marco Ricotta on Smart and Shiney
Stefano Massignan on Yellow Jersey
Dario Carmignani on Red Chic Peppy
Nicola Brunelli on Spat a Blue

We can’t all be world class reining champions, but we can bring home our own reining horses from Golden Oak Stables to you! Bet Yer Blue Boons is a beautiful red roan western horse that would look great under the saddle in reining classes. This beautiful mare was originally released as Stacy Westfall’s Roxy For Breyerfest 2009. This is your opportunity to add this wonderful mare to your stable of champions!

Stay tuned to Golden Oak Stables for more WEG coverage and all the latest Breyer news! Stable News is, as always, your first stop for the latest news and information!


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Once In A Lifetime, Breyer Horses and the World Equestrian Games

September 23, 2010

This Saturday marks the opening ceremony for the World Equestrian Games. For the first time ever, the world’s fiercest competitors will descend on the Kentucky Horse Park to mark the first time ever that the games have been held outside of Europe! Sixteen days of competition spanning eight disciplines will fill the park grounds with the most famous and talented horse competitors out there!

Breyer has been named the “Official Model Horse” of the World Equestrian Games and fittingly so has produced some wonderful models in honor of the games! In addition, Breyer will have a large presence at the games with a full area devoted to Breyer horses and the model horse hobby! Hobby demonstrators will be on hand to teach others about the hobby from all facets: showing, customizing, collecting and more! Breyer will also have hands on activities for attendees, contests, raffles and more!

If you can’t make it to the games, Golden Oak Stables has the full line of WEG merchandise available for you to bring home today! Esprit the official model horse of the games is a wonderful addition to any collection; this Kathleen Moody sculpture is a beautiful metallic grey stallion with a full mane and tail! You can also pick up Esprit in black bisque porcelain; he’s stunning and understated, perfect for home décor or to simply enjoy! Esprit also makes his mark in the form of Cloisonné Pins and a water globe perfect for collecting!

In addition you can also bring home Ravel and Sapphire, two of the horse superstars of the games! These two sport horses have taken the sport by storm with their performances at key events all over the world! Breyer has also created eight Stablemates for the games, each representing one of the eight different disciplines exhibited at the games. There’s also Mini Whinnies, a stable rug and more to collect!

I’ll be visiting the World Equestrian Games October 2nd and 3rd and will bring you all the latest news from the games! So stay tuned to Stable News for coverage of this once in a lifetime experience! We’ll bring you all the news from the Cross Country course as well as all the news from the Equestrian Village and Breyer’s presence at the games! You won’t want to miss it!


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Breyer Horse Events: New England Fall Live! NAN Qualified and Just Around The Corner!

September 20, 2010

Fall is officially in season and the second annual New England Fall Live is just around the corner, and entries are rolling in quick!

Golden Oak Stables

opens its doors on October 23rd for the second annual New England Fall Live! This show is the finale to a year of model horse shows and welcomes novices and seasoned showers alike. With nearly 100 classes the show is full to the brim with ribbons and is now NAN Qualifying so that you can earn qualification to the nationals show for you and your horses if you place first or second in a class.

New England Fall Live is unlike no other show, the only show in New Hampshire that brings you a day full of Breyer appreciation! The one restriction for the show is that it is Breyer only so that we can appreciate the beauty and versatility of Breyers! Breyer is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year and they have long been the favorite model horse of collectors, October 23rd will be their day to shine! Performance classes are wonderful for the scene maker in you, we challenge you to bring your top game to show us a realistic event scene, and with a ton of classes, you have tons of chances! Bring your most beautiful and realistic Breyers to show off in breed classes, or your rarest horses to bring home all of those ribbons in collectability! Custom classes offer an opportunity to show the artistic ability in the hobby, and if you are a customizer there are special classes just for you!

Don’t wait too long to decide though, entries are rolling in for this show stopping event! Both novice and open showers are welcome and this fun loving show is a wonderful way to jump into the world of model horse showing. If you are a veteran shower its not only a wonderful specialty show for your Breyers but its also just a wonderful excuse to win some wonderful prizes and be surrounded by some of the most beautiful model horses in New England!

The day is also full of fun day activities for the entire family and you’ll have the opportunity to shop the full inventory of Golden Oak Stables! Even if you aren’t entering the show, if you are in the area, take the time to drop in and visit! They’ll be plenty to see and do!

Visit the Golden Oak Stables Event Calendar for more information or drop me an email below.

Hope to see you there!


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Breyer Horse Judging: The Basics of Biomechanics and Conformation

September 16, 2010

Model horse shows in the simplest sense are the miniature counterparts to a real horse show. The two largest factors in real horse showing are biomechanics and Conformation, and we hear these words thrown around quite a bit in model horse shows, but do we really know what they mean?

Many judges will tell you that the most important of these two terms is biomechanics. Biomechanics is the study of how an organism (In this case a horse) is physically built. In model horses judges look for which horse could physically be possible in real life. No model horse is one hundred percent realistic, there are always flaws in the sculpture, but there are often horses that stand out above others as having correct biomechanics. If a model horse has incorrect biomechanics, it may not be able to survive in real life; for this reason, they are placed with a higher  importance.

Some things to look for in the realm of biomechanics are correct muscle structure and that all the parts of a horse are in the right place. Muscle structure is one of the most common things that can be incorrect. Muscles like legs move in a certain way and sometimes models can have incorrect leg movement in comparison to what the rest of the body is doing. Look for tensed muscles to see what looks correct and look for the overall visual of the horse; often an overall look of the horse can help you judge if something looks “off”. Take the time to also check the legs for correct placement and leg bone length and check the eyes to see that they aren’t “Froggy” or sunken in. These are common flaws that can be found that might make or break your entry.

Conformation is a bit easier, but less important than biomechanics. Conformation is the study of how well the body structure and physical appearence of a horse matches the “Breed Standards” set forth by the founders of the breed. The easiest way to learn about these is to either visit a particular breed’s website where information can be found or to visit a large trade show like Equine Affaire and meet all of the different breeds and their owners in person. These are rare and wonderful opportunities to bridge your model horses and real horses!

So the next time you start pulling your horses together for a Golden Oak Stable show, take a few minutes to study the biomechanics and conformation, you may just help pick the next champion!

Real Life Breyer Horses: Zenyatta The Fastest Filly In The Land

September 12, 2010

The fastest filly in the land goes by a name that burns an impression in your mind: Zenyatta! This fantastic filly is busy working hard to pave the way for fillies to come.

Winning all 18 of her 18 starts, this amazing mare has created fans where ever she goes. Winning 18 out of 18 is unheard of in the racing world and this lady’s record has done nothing but create love for a filly that deserves all the publicity. Known for her “jig” as she gets in the gate, Zenyatta is a huge 17.2 hands tall at her shoulder and towers over many of the colts in the field!

Born on April 1st, 2004, this six year old is still running strong and is even starting to cause waves with her relatives. This weekend was the annual Thoroughbred sale at Keeneland Racetrack in Lexington, Kentucky. This colt is out of the half-sister to Zenyatta and brought a stunning $4.2 Million dollars at the auction!

Zenyatta is primarily ridden by the amazing talent of the jockey Mike Smith. Mike is a star in his own right, as one of the most successful jockey’s of all time, Mike knows a winner when he sees one! He is also the star of the Animal Planet show “Jockeys”.

Golden Oak Stables is proud to offer a beautiful replica of this history making mare by Breyer. Created on the Lonesome Glory mold. Zenyatta is created in striking realism in traditional scale. This stunning dark bay girl is the spitting image of the real Zenyatta. With her flirty and spirited pose she’s just waiting to get into the starting gate and break away from the crowd. Her two rear socks are reproduced in stunning detail with her tiny bay spots not forgotten! Her bright white blaze lights up her face and makes her visible all the way down the home stretch!

The Lonesome Glory mold is one of the most realistic and conformationally correct Thoroughbred models produced by Breyer and this color on the mold is no exception. The Zenyatta model is bound to become not only a favorite model for many but also a top show horse for others!

A once in a life time filly like Zenyatta is truly befitting of being immortalized by Breyer, bring one back to your stable today!


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Breyer Horse Accessories: New Pickup Truck and Trailer!

September 9, 2010

Breyer helps us create a world in which we can live out our real horse fantasies through their model counterparts. From famous racehorses to back yard ponies, the world of horses is wide in the Breyer line, but there are also a wide variety of realistic and accurate accessories to make your stable yard just a real as the real one!

New for fall 2010, the new Pickup Truck and Trailer are ready for any heavy duty hauling you might have at your barn. The Dullay (or dual wheeled) truck is the spitting image of its 2500lb counterpart. It is perfectly recreated with opening doors to let your riders in the driver’s seat and passenger seat. From the driver’s seat Brenda Breyer can turn the steering wheel and move the front wheels to direct the truck. There is also a working hitch in the back and the tailgate opens and closes for all your heavy hauling. If you happen to have any trouble, the front hood opens up to get to the engine if need be. The 2010 edition comes in a stunning paint scheme of green and yellow making it pop on the road! With a chestnut horse decal on the truck doors it is ready to head off to the local horse show!

The 2010 release of the two horse trailer is a striking match to the new truck. This beautiful show transport is just as luxurious as the ones that transport your favorite equestrian stars. With four working wheels it easily attaches to your pickup truck and can be towed easily. It features a front door for checking on your horses along the way and filling their hay net! The back doors are split in two with a ramp on the bottom to easily move horses in and out and top barn style doors on top. It matches the new pickup truck with the yellow and green theme and also has a large decal of that same chestnut horse one the side.

Visit Golden Oak Stables today to see the full line of Breyer accessories to fill your barn or to ready you and your mounts for an upcoming show. Everything from Saddles to Stables are available to help you create your dream stable today!


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2010 Breyer Horses’ 60th Anniversary Celebration!

September 6, 2010

From their humble beginnings as a plastic manufacturer in Chicago Illinois, Breyer has always been one step ahead of the game. This year marks their 60th anniversary creating model horses, which is a worthy celebration for any company, Breyer’s long and sometimes fascinating history makes this celebration even sweeter!

In 1950, Sam Stone was the owner of the Breyer Molding Company, a plastics company that created parts for everything from airplanes to home goods, like clocks. Sam Stone was asked to create a horse for a clock by the company Mastercrafters, a frequent customer of Breyer, and the western horse was born. The Western Horse resembled another popular model horse of the 1950’s: Hartland’s Champ. It is still unclear which came first, something highly debated to this day! Western Horse was mounted over a Mastercrafter’s clock and marketed at Woolworths to a huge success! People began asking for more, and many asking for just the horse!

Breyer began to mold horses on their own, apart from Mastercrafters’ clocks. These became some of the very first Breyer models, from the Western Horse and the Western Pony (its smaller counterpart), to the Proud Arabian Mare and Clydesdale Stallion, these first horses ranged the world with the variety of breeds and spanned beyond horses. Breyer also created dogs which were popular at the time; a poodle and boxer were some of the favorites!

In the 1960’s Breyer expanded into unthinkable heights with dozens of new different molds. Some of the most popular were the Fighting Stallion and the Family Arabians. Breyer was using a glossy paint during this time that gave many of the horses the look of porcelain. These horses are highly collectible today due to their scarcity.

The next decade brought an oil crisis which greatly effected Breyer as well as the growth of the model horse hobby where live showing became popular and clubs and groups began to form.

The 80’s and 90’s were truly the explosion of the model horse hobby and Breyer. During this time, Breyer was purchased by the company “Reeves International” and the offices and production was moved to New Jersey. Breyerfest was born in 1990 and the model horse hobby exploded through events such as this and the wide spread usage of the internet.

Today in the 21st centrury we are lucky to have dozens upon dozens of Breyer’s to choose from, including a special one for 2010, Golden Oak Stables is proud to offer, Diamond Jubilee, a silver filigree American Saddlebred Stallion! This model symbolizes 60 years of innovation and beauty created by Breyer!

So grab Diamond Jubilee today, and celebrate 60 years with America’ favorite model horse creator!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Ravel 2009 Horse Of The Year!

September 2, 2010

The Breyer fall releases have been announced and one of the most exciting is the release of Ravel the 2009 horse of the year!

Ridden by Steffen Peters, Ravel and Steffen are the only American pair to sweep the CDIO in 2009 in Aachen, Germany! This 12 year old Dutch Warmblood Gelding was one of five horses that was nominated for the 2009 horse of the year. This honor is voted on by the United States Equestrian Federation and symbolizes the pinnacle of equestrian sport. He is owned and trained by a multi-cultural team that symbolizes the American dream quite well! Steffen Peters, his rider is German-born , his owners, husband and wife Akiko Yamazaki and Jerry Yang are Chinese-Americans and his groom Rafael Hernandez Carillo a Mexican-American!

Ravel was one of five horses that were nominated for horse of the year including Sapphire, another famous Breyer model, Courage to Lead a Morgan Mare, Kripton-Seni II an Andalusian stallion and CH Our Charming Lady an American Saddlebred mare. This group of talented horses made competition more than difficult for the board but Ravel came out as the superstar!

Ravel and Steffen became the first American combination to win the World Cup in America. With a huge 84.95% score in Las Vegas last year in the Freestyle they outdid the competition to win!

Originally from the Netherlands, Ravel was bought by Akiko and Jerry after the WEGs in 2006 specifically for Steffen. They were seeking a horse for him to ride in the 2008 Olympics, while they missed the bronze medal by 1/3 of a percent, Ravel still proved his worth sweeping up the Dressage competition in both Aachen and Las Vegas and is getting ready to set Lexington on fire!

Breyer’s version of Ravel is done on the ever popular Idocus mold, this beautiful Warmblood mold is the perfect portrait model for the stately Ravel! His stunning dark bay coat is stunningly created by Breyer with beautiful shadings and bits of chrome. He has two socks just like his real life counterpart as well as a blaze on his face!

With a stable full of grand champions, Golden Oak Stables is your destination for adding those champions to your stables! From WEG winners to back yard ponies, whatever your dream horse, Golden Oak Stables has it! So why not grab a champion today?


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