Breyer Horse Collecting: How Do You Pick Your Next Horse?

July 28, 2011

With dozens and dozens of horses at Golden Oak Stables, choosing your newest horse can be a difficult task!  The vast amounts of breeds, scales and colors make it hard for everyone to pick their next horse, what about you?

Collections vary from one person to another, some collect all of one scale, all of one color or all of one breed, which makes it a little easier for that person to pick a new model. Many collectors, like myself, have a varied collection, so its not that easy!

Its best to set aside your own set of criteria so that you can pick the best model to add to your collection. One of the best ways to start is to pick your favorite Breyer molds and try to add those to your collection. Collecting all of one mold is very popular and many collectors do this! Its fun to see your favorite horse in a new color and can be challenging and exciting to try to add all of one model to your collection and very exciting when Breyer releases a new color!

Running a close second for most popular way to collect is collecting one size and the most popular size next to traditionals are stablemates. These small guys pack a lot of detail and character! Although large, traditionals are the most popular Breyer scale and new models and molds are released every year!  All of Breyer’s scales are sculpted by the top artists in the hobby and come packed with details and realistic paint jobs, so picking a scale can be difficult to stick to!

Picking a breed or a type of horse to collect can be very fun and rewarding, a stable full of ponies or championship warmbloods can recreate the experience of owning your own show barn! Bringing the excitement of showing to the model horse show arena can be rewarding too with your own breed stable full of champions!

These are just a few of many different ways to being to choose what to add to your collection, but there’s one more thing to think about when picking your new model, and its the most important. Go with what your gut tells you. The horse that captures your heart before you buy it is probably going to capture your heart when you bring him home to your stable! It may seem difficult to pick a new horse when there are so many to choose from, but when you choose with your heart you’ll never go wrong!

So who’s coming home to your stable this fall? The fast and flashy Thoroughbred Sato? The large and in charge Kong? Or maybe the sweet pony Apple Jack? Who captures your heart?


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Real Life Breyer Horses: TS Black Tie Affair

July 25, 2011

Arabian style with a bright black and white coat, TS Black Tie Affair has taken the horse world by storm with not only his stunning looks but also with his amazing world champion winnings! This amazing stallion has galloped his way into the Pinto horse as well as the Breyer horse world with a new model that showcases this amazing horse!

TS Black Tie Affair

Owned and trained by Jan Sharpe, this 7/8ths Arabian has a striking black and white tobiano pattern that is nearly half black and half white, a highly desirable pattern. Taking on a myriad of disciplines, TS Black Tie Affair has championed in everything from Dressage to Western Pleasure to Equitation. This stallion really is one that can do it all! Winning 22 Pinto Horse World Championships TS Black Tie Affair really shows the versatility of the horse and the Arabian. In 2010 he was honored with a huge honor, the Arabian Horse Association Ambassador Award! Truly a gentile and intelligent stallion, TS Black Tie Affair now impresses the crowd with tricks, showing that this stallion can’t be stopped!

Greeting His Fans at Breyerfest 2011!

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring this impressive stallion to you! New for Mid-Year 2011, TS Black Tie Affair is created on the very popular Huckleberry Bey model sculpted by Kathleen Moody. Showing his bold persona and Arabian flare, Huckleberry Bey is the perfect portrait model for this amazing horse.

TS Black Tie Affair was a guest horse at Breyerfest 2011 and was kind as can be to all his fans despite being a stallion! He performed tricks and wowed the crowds with his owner and even did a few circus tricks like standing on a platform, no easy task for a horse!

TS Black Tie Affair Showing Off a Trick!

Breyer finds a way to bring the best horses in the world to all of our stables just like TS Black Tie Affair. Not your typical show horse, this black and white Arabian cross brings a stunning flash of color to the show ring as well as versatility that very horses possess!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Sato the Colorful Thoroughbred

July 21, 2011

Many people recognize Thoroughbreds as bay, chestnut or even gray, but did you know the spectrum of the Thoroughbred reaches all throughout the horse rainbow! Breyer has taken one of the most colorful Thoroughbred horses, who is flashy as can be, and has recreated him as a Breyer model that will change everyone’s idea of the modern day Thoroghbred.

Hailing from Blazing Color’s Farm, Sato is a bright and flashy palomino sabino Thoroughbred. With flashy markings beyond compare, this gorgeous horse stands out in a sea of chestnut and bay Thoroughbreds. His sire was the famous Puchilingui who has produced many brightly colored and flashy sabino Thoroughbreds.

Sato at Breyerfest 2011

Registered with the Jockey Club, Sato is a fully registered Thoroughbred. While it might seem odd for such a bright Thoroughbred to  be a full Thoroughbred, did you know that there are many colors that they can be? Thoroughbreds can come in just about any color any other horse can come in including palomino, buckskin and grey! They can also come in one of many pinto patterns but most commonly sabino like Sato. The one color Thoroughbreds cannot be is roan, where the head and legs are darker and the body is flecked with white hairs. Sometimes a grey horse can be confused with a roan but to this day no roan gene has been found in the the Thoroughbred gene pool.

Breyer’s Sato is flashy and gorgeous all in one package. Created on the Cigar mold, Sato is a near exact copy of his real life counterpart. The bright flashy and slightly metallic palomino has large patches of white sabino markings. His extended position depict a Thoroughbred as he reaches for the finish line.

Don’t miss out on this stunning brightly colored Thoroughbred from Golden Oak Stables. Sato is not only one of the most flashy Thoroughbred out there but also the flashiest that Breyer has ever produced! Who knew that Thoroughbreds could come in so many colors and with such beautiful and stunning markings? Sato and Breyer did!


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Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest 2011

July 18, 2011

Everyone is on their way home, cars are packed and the horses are being packed into their trailers for a long drive home. Breyerfest 2011 has come and gone in a flurry of excitement and the fun filled weekend will be remembered by all!

By Thursday of last week hundreds of model horse hobbyists had made their way to Lexington, KY and were already taking over the host hotel, the Clarion. With the opening of the Artisans Gallery and Breakables at Breyerfest Live Show taking place on Thursday, events for the weekend got underway!

Guest horses filled the weekend, including the celebration horse, Pecos! Pecos is a world class Andalusian who is beautiful as can be! He was joined by the colorful Thoroughbred Sato who was a crowd favorite, Black Tie Affair the black and white 7/8ths Arabian who entertains wherever he goes and Kripton Seni! Breyer also brought many other horse presentations to entertain, including combined driving, miniature horses and the ever popular, pony games!


Pecos, the Breyerfest Celebration Horse


TS Black Tie Affair Entertaining the Crowd!



Two horse shows were highlights of the weekend for the nearly 300 attendees of both shows! Dozens of horses were crowned as Breyerfest Champions and hundreds got the pleasure of going home as a winner!

Prizes at the Breyerfest Open Live Show

Saturday night brought a costume contest with dozens of entrants that wowed the crowd and even a few that made the crowd laugh! The benefit auction on Saturday that benefited some very deserving charities brought in an astonishing amount with horses demanding some of the highest prices ever! With one of a kind horses that were beautiful as can be, its no surprise that it was such a successful year for Breyer and all of its charities!

The weekend also held seminars, workshops and demonstrations that encompassed all aspects of the hobby, from introductions into the world of customizing to equine color genetics, there truly were events for anyone of all ages! The Hobby Information Booth was staffed all weekend with real hobbyists that shared their skills with everyone.

Attendees learning how to straighten bent legs on their models.

Breyerfest 2011 is truly one for the record books, stay tuned with Golden Oak Stables for more coverage from this amazing weekend!. Mark your calendars, Breyerfest is back in 2012! Breyerfest British Invasion will take the Kentucky Horse Park by storm on July 20th, 21st and 22nd, don’t miss it!


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Breyer Horse Events: The History of Breyerfest

July 14, 2011

Breyerfest is celebrating its 22nd year this year and in two decades this once small event has turned into an event that brings in collectors from all over the world!

The first Breyerfest took place in 1990, when Breyer came out the Kentucky horse park and it was unknown what to expect. The celebration horse that year was Doctor Peaches, a famous eventer, and a little over 1000 people made their way to Kentucky for that first event. Some things have stayed the same from that  fateful event, the raffle began that first year with a gold florentine ( Gold dapple) Misty model.

In the coming year Breyer experimented a bit trying something different in 1991, four Breyerfests held in different parts of the country! While successful, Breyer found its way back to Kentucky in 1993 which has been the only place for Breyerfest since.

In the mid 1990’s they began what would become one of the most prestigious shows in the nation, the Breyerfest live show. It all began as a little model horse show that took place in the dirt arena floor. Now encompassing two days and three shows total, Breyerfest Live has an adult “Open” division as well as a “Children’s” and “Youth” show. Each of these shows bring in huge amounts of people and many consider them the most competitive in the nation! All from very humble beginnings in the dirt of the indoor arena.

In the late 1990’s one of the most iconic parts of Breyerfest would come to fruition, the Breyerfest Special Runs. The first few years for special runs were simply a first come first served event where people would wait for hours upon hours in the heat for their chance at an exclusive model. Now a system of ticketing and numbering make it easy and fair for all and there are many more special runs to go around.

Back at the host hotel, once the Holiday Inn North, now the Clarion Hotel, the rooms have been taken over by hobbyists that sell from their rooms and hang out until all hours of the night! Also at the Clarion is an Artisan’s Gallery which showcases the creative artists of the hobby as well as a swap meet. Lastly the Clarion plays host to a more recent addition to Breyerfest, Breakables Live, an all china show!

Breyerfest may have had humble beginnings, but the wonderful and fun event that it has evolved into is one no collector should miss! It has been and always will be the best place for a model horse collector to visit!


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Breyer Horse Events: The Stars are Coming!

July 11, 2011

Just a few more days until Breyerfest 2011 opens the gates of the Kentucky Horse Park for thousands of Breyer lovers! This year is the 22nd year for Breyerfest, the largest model horse festival in the world. Attendees from all over the country and all over the world will flock to Lexington in the coming days to get a piece of all the action!

Thursday night marks the first official Breyerfest event, The Artisans Gallery opening. Taking place at Breyer’s home away from home, the Clarion Hotel, The Artisan’s Gallery is where artists showcase their works of art. Anything from custom models, resins, tack and props can be found at The Artisan’s Gallery!

Friday will start bright and early with the largest model horse show in the nation, Breyerfest Live. Some of the best horses in the nation come out for their chance at glory. Friday also starts with park activities that include shopping, seminars, workshops and demonstrations! Its a horse lover’s paradise! Friday night leads attendees back to the Clarion Hotel to the all too famous Swap Meet. Vintage, special run, rare, anything could be found in the Swap Meet! You never know what you might find! This popular event is a big highlight for many, its a don’t miss event.

Saturday is another full day of events at the Kentucky Horse Park including the Children and Youth Breyerfest show. In the early evening Breyer transforms the covered arena into a party starting off with several raffles. After the raffles the all too popular costume contest will take place and with this year’s theme being “Fairy Tales”, the costumes are sure to please. Then the big event of the evening takes place, the benefit auction. High action bidding will take over the night where collectors bid for their chance to own one of a kind models.

Golden Oak Stables and Stable News will bring you all the action from the heart of it all! Stay tuned for all the Breyerfest coverage, you won’t want to miss it!


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Breyer Horse Showing: Summer Break Live 2011

July 7, 2011

Its that time again! Mark your calendars and dust your horses off, its time for Summer Break Live hosted by Golden Oak Stables!

August 27th is Golden Oak Stables’s annual summer all novice show! Catering only to novices and youth as only Golden Oak Stables can do, Summer Break Live is a day full of fun and excitement for all novice and youth model horse collectors.  Linda Carrier has put together a wonderful show with a class list that encompasses all facets of the model horses hobby.

The largest division is Original Finish Halter which is where most Breyers that have not been altered show. In Original Finish Halter horses are placed on the table just as they’ve come from Breyer and are judged based on their breed characteristics. Showers pick a name and breed for their horse and then the judge places them based on how close that horse looks like the real thing. Real life breed standards are used by the judge to make their placings.

There are also classes for custom painted horses, this division is called the Customized Division. This division has two separate smaller divisions, one for customs by professionals and one for customs that are made by the entrant. This allows both to compete on an even level and gives showers a friendly division to show their own work.

Performance is the third division, and is for creating the most realistic scenes possible! In these classes entrants will take tack and props and make scenes trying to mimic a real horse performing that act. English, western and harness events are included and ready for your creative touch!

Lastly, the fourth division is collectibility. This division focuses on rewarding rare and collectible Breyers. Horses in these classes are judged against each other and then placed on their rarity, desirability, age and condition. Variations, vintage models and other rare models are popular entries but anything goes!

There’s also fun classes, fun day activities like Stablemate painting and games as well as the best shopping you’ll find anywhere! Don’t miss this end of the summer staple with Golden Oak Stables!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: American Breeds

July 4, 2011

As we celebrate our independence on July 4th we can also celebrate all of the special breeds of horse that have come from America since our first day of independence!

The breeds of America are wide and varied and have been bred and evolved to meet the needs of a new country with a varied landscape as well as varied jobs! People across America need horses for different purposes!

In New England, a horse that could go to town and carry the family was important to many. From Springfield Massachusetts, the Morgan horse was born. Useful for riding, competing and as an overall family horse, the Morgan horse is a compact and agile riding horse that now finds its home as a family horse and competitive riding horse. The Morgan is quick to learn and adapts well to just about anything thrown at it! Golden Oak Stables brings you a grey Morgan named Baxter full of Morgan style and grace.

The west proved to be a harsher terrain than the east and caused a hardy horse to evolve from its mountains, deserts and pains. The Nez Perce bred the Appaloosa horse for its beautiful spotted coat but the original spotted horses came from conquistadors that traveled to America from Europe where the pattern originated. The Appaloosa we know today can excel at nearly every sport and comes in patterns that vary just as a much. Buttercup and Twilight are two sweet Appaloosa foals that show the future of the breed in America today!

From the island of Chincoteague, Misty and Stormy are American icons from the pages of Marguerite Henry’s novels. On this Virginia island a herd of wild ponies have evolved and live in the wild aside from one weekend a year when they are swam to shore to be auctioned. Young girls and boys live their dream of having their very own pony each year during the annual Pony Penning festival when people from all over the world come to bid on these lovely ponies. Many are spotted but it is not a requirement of the breed. Misty and Stormy are the two most famous Chincoteague ponies and have been in the Breyer lineup for almost 35 years straight! A testament to how popular they are!

American breeds of horses are special in many ways, celebrate these special breeds with Golden Oak Stables and fill your stable with a patriotic team of horses!


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