Breyer Horse Accessories: Western and English Winner’s Circle Sets

Finding your way to the winner’s circle is an accomplishment for any rider and horse. That brief moment can shape careers and make memories that last a lifetime. With new new fun sets, you can have amazing moments of your own in the winner’s circle and let the champions of your own stable shine!

Golden Oak Stables welcomes both the Western and English Winner’s Circle Sets to the 2016 lineup. Each of these sets is sized to fit Traditional Breyer models and is full of realistic accessories that can go from winner’s circle, to tack room and beyond!

The Western Winner’s Circle Set starts off with a beautiful purple blanket with World Champion emblazoned across it. A silver plated halter is second in the set and reminiscent of the halters given to champions each year. A bright blue first place rosette can be placed on his halter and then can find it’s way to his stall in the stable, and a winner’s trophy shines in it’s silver glory. Finally a winner’s jacket is ready to go to your favorite rider to commemorate their win!

In similar fashion, the English Winner’s Circle Set starts off with a winner’s cooler that proudly says Breyer Champion across it! A winning saddle pad marks the victory and a large neck sash rosette is just waiting to be perfectly placed on your winner’s neck. A silver trophy cup is a wonderful way to mark this momentous win and finally a jacket for the winning rider will fill her with pride!

Which horses in your stables are frequent visitors to the Winner’s Circle? They certainly deserve a few prizes for their efforts!


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