Breyer Horse Accessories: Nico & Polo Tack

May 11, 2015

Polo is a fun equestrian sport that seems rare and exotic for so many. Played all over the world, polo is a high impact, fast paced sport on horse back that is unlike any other. Now, Golden Oak Stables brings you the perfect rider and tack to help you explore the fun world of Polo with your Breyers and have a little fun while you’re at it!

Originating back to the 6th century BC, the sport of polo is one that has been around nearly as long as we have been on horse back. Played by teams of riders, polo players each carry a wooden mallet and attempt to send a small wooden ball into their goal all while racing around on the back of a horse. The game has found popularity again in America through local polo associations and through the popularity of the sport overseas, and while it might not be the most recognizable of sports in the equestrian world, it certainly catches attention wherever it goes!

You can start your own polo journey with Nico and a Polo Tack set of your very own. Outfitted in Breyer’s signature blue and yellow, your polo rider is ready to hop on and head onto the field. He comes dressed in full polo regalia including a jersey, helmet and protective leg gear. He’s of course, not complete without his mallet and ball though! His Polo Tack has been created in stunning likeness to it’s real life counterpart with an English saddle and bridle, martingale, breast collar and matching blue and yellow accessories.

Ready to try a new sport at your stable?


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Meet The Breyer Riders

March 27, 2014

The Breyer stable has welcomed thousands of horses over their sixty years but one often forgotten member of the Breyer family is the riders of the Breyer stable. These lovely rider dolls have long helped the horses make their way into the winner’s circle, down the trail and through schooling lessons, but have you ever gotten a chance to meet them?

Golden Oak Stables brings you a rider for every discipline you could imagine and each unique as the last. Austin is the first up, and this cowboy is ready to help around the ranch or at the rodeo. He’s dressed in a casual western outfit with a yellow shirt, pants and chaps. He, of course, wears a black cowboy hat to finish off his look with the perfect look of a beloved ranch hand. Taylor is a cowgirl dressed to the nines in a beautiful and sharp sparkly shirt that is perfect for shining in the show ring. She wears a pair of fringed chaps over her pants and a bold and big silver buckle make her stand out in a perfect way.

In the English arena, Brenda shines her way into the show jumping ring. Dressed in an iconic red sport coat, white breeches and black boots, Brenda is ready to mount up and hit the show ring for a clean round. You can also hit the dressage ring with a Dressage Rider who’s black shadbelly and white breeches make her dressed perfectly for the event. With these two dolls, there’s no stopping you from the winner’s circle.

There’s also a few dolls that are essential to any barn. Every barn needs a good Farrier to keep the horses’ going on the right foot, Breyer brings you one that’s ready to get to work with all the tools a farrier needs. Every barn also needs a Veterinarian on call in case of emergencies and to keep horses in tip top condition, and you can bring home one of your own who’s ready to care for your horses.

There’s many characters that make up any real barn, and the same goes for your Breyer barn as well. Which riders live in your barn?

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Breyer Horse Tack: Hot Colors English Tack Set

March 6, 2014

Ready to fill up your tack room and saddle up for a day fun of fun? Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you a set that will have you ready to train for your next competition or just have a wonderful afternoon with your favorite equine friend.

Breyer has been making realistic tack for many years and collectors have found hours upon hours of fun with it! Adding tack to your collection can add a new level to your collecting or play by opening the door to so many possibilities! Tack allows collectors to create realistic scenes with their horses for play or show. It also allows collectors to learn about different types of tack that many would not experience without their Breyers. This knowledge and experience is often not found elsewhere and can open the doors to so many new places!

New for 2014, the Hot Colors English Tack Set is the perfect way to start, or add to your tack collection and to give your horses a chance to shine! The set starts off with a tan saddle with pink accents, giving it a look all it’s own. This all purpose saddle is great for schooling and lower level showing. A matching bright pink bridle comes next and gives such a fun pop of color. The saddle blanket is made of a lavender fabric and then has been trimmed in pink. The set finishes off with a pair of splint boots, polo wraps and bell boots to keep your horse’s legs safe through all of that training.

When you’re ready to saddle up in a fun way, the Hot Colors English Riding Set is ready and waiting to come into your tack room. You too can ride in style with Breyer!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Hot Colors Western Tack Set

February 24, 2014

The world of performance may seem intimidating for many collectors, the thought of tacking up their models to head out to a show or even just to play is a lot. With Golden Oak Stables, you can jump into the world of Western riding with both feet and everything you need in one, convenient, set!

In the model horse world, performance is the name given to the division in which hobbyists use their imagination and real horse knowledge to create realistic working scenes with their models. This typically involves tack, props and riders to show the sport or event in which a horse is performing. Hobbyists have used their creativity to bring the show ring and create scenes that will make you question if they’re really model horses!

If you’ve yet to give performance a chance, there are many places to start, but the Hot Colors Western Tack Set is an easy and affordable way to jump in with both feet and see where your creativity can take you! The set starts off with an all purpose western saddle that can take you throughout many events, or even just on a nice trail ride. The saddle is accented with a blue seat and a red breastcollar. The bridle is a classical bosal style bridle without a bit. This bridle is different than a bridle with a bit, because it relies on a thick cord around the horse’s muzzle to give direction from the rider. It is a bold blue color matching the seat of the saddle beautifully! The set also includes a matching saddle pad, pair of splint boots and a pair of bell boots, so you can open the door to all kinds of western events!

No matter if you want to compete or play, Breyer brings you tack that will make for hours of fun for you and your horses!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: Starting Your Breyer Tack Collection

October 7, 2013

Everyone’s collection takes a path that is different than the next, each is as unique as the collector themselves! Many collectors though, start off collecting horses and then some start adding things like tack and accessories to their collections. This is true for model horses showers too! If you’ve been waiting to add some tack to your collection, Golden Oak Stables has two sets that are perfect for giving your tack room a start or helping you to put your first performance entry into the show ring!

The Lets Go Riding Western Set is the perfect introductory set for the Western lover in all of us. This set includes everything you need to hit the trail or start working on the ranch. The set starts off with a palomino pinto stock horse that will brighten up your stable. Next is a lovely blonde cowgirl that will have your ranch working hard as she rides and works cattle. They come together with a western saddle, saddle pad and bridle that will get you started with all kinds of fun on the ranch!

The Lets Go Riding English Set is a magnificent way to start anyone in the saddle. It starts off with a beautiful chestnut Morgan mare with a kind and gentle demeanor. Her rider is a brunette who is dressed for a casual day of schooling and lessons. They come with their own set of tack including an English bridle, saddle and saddlepad. This pair is ready to teach a lesson or go for a fun and casual ride around the barn!

But that’s not where the fun stops, these sets open up a whole world of creativity for collectors. You can bring your own creativity to these sets to make them what you want! Add props, accessories and more to make a fabulous setup that is worthy of real life, or maybe even that coveted blue ribbon! Where will you start?


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Breyer Horse Accessories: How To Care For Tack

February 16, 2012

Your stable is full of horses and probably plenty of tack, but did you know that proper care of your Breyer tack can make it last for many years?

Breyer tack is often created out of very similar materials to real horse tack, making some of the most realistic tack you can imagine for your models! Before you start filling your tack room it’s important to take a few steps to make sure that it lasts for many years to come!

Proper storage and care is key when it comes to your tack collection. Storage in a cool, dry place is the best first line of defense against keeping your tack from getting damaged. Warm air and dampness can cause glue to come loose on your bridles and saddles, something no one wants in the show ring! But don’t let your tack get too cold or dry, that can cause leather to become dry and brittle. The best conditions are those which you are comfortable, storage in a basement or attic won’t preserve them as long as storage in a temperate location.

The other best line of defense is keeping your tack properly stored. Letting your tack get crumpled or bent will cause creases and bends that are difficult to remove. By hanging your bridles and letting your saddles sit on stands you preserve the shape of your tack!

Another thing to remember when it comes to tack is display. Many people like to display tack on their models. This is a great way of showing off your collection, but extended display can cause damage to both tack and models. When displaying your tack be sure to check every now and then to make sure that the color of the tack isn’t transferring to the model and that the tack isn’t becoming stiff or otherwise damaged.

Golden Oak Stables’ is ready to fill your tack room full of everything you need to have a stable of stars. From English to Western and everything in between you know right where to head to bring a champion to your stable!


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Western Tack

November 3, 2011

You may have already hit the English show circuit but what about those famous Western performers in your stable? Is your tack room stocked and ready to send some Western winners into the show ring?

One of the most popular events in Western riding is Western Pleasure. In this discipline riders and horses are judged on how relaxed and composed their ride is. Judges are looking for a horse that will be a comfortable and sturdy mount. The Western Pleasure Saddle is a great overall saddle to get started with! This lightly tooled saddle is a touch of fancy but still great for overall riding.

If your horse is more of a working horse, the Western Roping Saddle might be more up your alley! This saddle is specifically designed for the rough life of a cattle horse.  On a roping saddle the pommel and horn are designed so that a rope can easily be tied onto it to hold that rowdy calf! It also features a breast collar and double rigging to give it stability as you ride.

Either of these saddles can be used with the Western Show Bridle. This bridle is perfect for any of the western disciplines!

If you’re looking for a good overall set with all you might need there are two Western Riding Sets! The first Western Riding Set is a set that is full of everything you could need to casually ride or take a long ride out on the trail. The bedroll and canteen will keep you feeling good on the trail and the saddlebags will hold anything horse and rider could need! All are coordinated in shades of maroon and tan, matching the saddle and bridle!

If you’re looking for a fun and flashy set, the Hot Colors Western Riding Set is the perfect one for you! Created in hot blue and pink, this set is fun and flashy! A lovely saddle that is great for just about any event is created out of warm light brown shades and accented throughout by bright accessories!

A fun twist on the western show is Halter. This class evaluates how well conformed the horse is. This means, how well it matches breed standards. In real stock horse classes horses wear a fancy halter often adorned in real silver! Breyer has created a miniature version of the Western Show Halter  so that you can lead your horse into the show ring too!

English or Western, Golden Oak Stables has a tack room full of tack to get your horse into the show ring. So saddle up and gallop on into the winners circle!


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Breyer Horse Accessories: English Tack

October 31, 2011

Are you ready to hit the Rolex Three Day event? Maybe the star in your barn is a pony club champion? Maybe an introductory jumping lesson? No matter what your pick, there’s a special saddle for you! Breyer has recreated a huge variety of tack in miniature scale for your stable, here’s a look at some English tack.

Many riders use what’s called an English All Purpose saddle. This saddle does exactly what it says, its good for all different types of English events. This versatile saddle can easily be used for just about any lower level competition and transfers well between disciplines. Breyer’s All Purpose saddle is the Devon English Hunt Seat Saddle. Pair it with the English Hunter Jumper Bridle and you can ride the day away! If you’re ready to compete on the three day circuit, the English Riding Accessories Set has all the little touches you need to keep your horse safe and competitive!

Dressage is a favorite activity for many riders. From the lowest levels to the highest this sport teaches communication and workmanship. The Dressage saddle is typically black an features longer panels than an All Purpose saddle. The Breyer Dressage Saddle is created out of a gorgeous black leather with a seat perfect for any rider! The Dressage Bridle features accurate touches like matching black leather and white accents along the browband and noseband.

If you’re looking for something a little more casual, why not try a fun all purpose set? Breyer’s English Riding Set comes in a fun tan and burgundy color and has accessories abound! Just about anything you could need comes ready for you to use! If you’re a little more funky, why not tack up with the Hot Colors Riding Set? Bright yellow and blue give this set a fun touch and accessories make it easy to do just about anything!

No matter what your discipline, there’s a tack set for you as well as tons of accessories. From jumps to barns, feed sets to tack, Golden Oak Stables has every little thing you could need to outfit all of the stars in your barn!


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Breyer Horse Showing: Picking The Right Performance Horse

March 18, 2010

Choosing the right horse to show can be difficult, but choosing the right one to show in performance showing is truly a skill.

There are many things that need to be considered when picking the right entry; many factors go into performance showing due to the intricacies of creating a realistic scene. Picking a model that is versatile is also important for performance showing. You don’t want to have to change horses and tack between each and every class, and it also can earn you big rewards if you have a horse that excels in many disciplines. Lastly, choosing a horse that has a realistic movement, mane and tail style (No braids in a Western class, for example) and a tidy attitude and appearence can help you find a ideal show horse.

One of the most accomplished performance horses is the Flash mold. This little Morgan is full of spunk and can work in a myriad of events. His position works well for both English and Western and even though he is a bit small in size, he can overcome even the biggest competition. His short size does limit him a bit, making him a poor choice for higher level competition such as Olympic events, but he can make that up with versatility. He’s available currently from Golden Oak Stables in the Fun With Model Horses set.


For someone wanting a bit more of a creative choice the Cleveland Bay mold can be used in a variety of ways. He makes a wonderful driving horse, especially the version with a braided mane and tail, but with a loose mane and tail the doors fly open. O’ Leary’s Irish Diamond is a loose mane Cleveland Bay in a beautiful dapple grey, who would look wonderful in a variety of lower level and pleasure work. Being a heavier horse than the usual stock or sport horse, you might need larger tack for him, but he will make up for it by standing out in the ring.


These are just two of hundreds of different molds that can be used in dozens of different ways. Creativity really is the biggest help to any performance shower, but a good horse can take you places!


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Performance Talk: What really can be done with Breyer Horse Tack!

December 7, 2009

Its very easy to get overwhelmed when you are thinking about tack for your horses. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables offer a wide variety of tack made by Breyer that can be easily obtained and used quite successfully to be realistic and maybe even bring you home a few ribbons if you go to a show!

I was lucky enough to attend a show in Vermont a few weeks ago to judge and saw an entry that inspired me to show off what Breyer tack could really do. This entry was an English Pleasure entry with a Devon English Hunt Seat Saddle and an English Hunter Jumper Bridle. The entry was perfectly adjusted, the saddle and bridle fit and it was the perfect size for the horse. Needless to say, that horse walked away with the blue ribbon in the class.


The Cimarron Western Saddle Set is another strong set that can hold up well. Both saddles are a little flat, but they are shaped properly and can still be convincing. The Cimarron saddle features realistic “Tooling” and a great blanket that can be used for years to come.

Breyer also offers tons of different accessory kits that can be mixed and matched into your tack room for show or play. Jumps, blankets, stable keeping tools; all of them perfectly sized for your traditional horses. Lets also not forget the riders that are offered too. Breyer’s rider dolls are now fully articulated and beautifully dressed. Gone are the days of bendy legs and poofy hair; here Breyer offers riders that are ready to saddle up! Check out the entire line here to see for yourself!

When I first started collecting the tack offered by Breyer it was extremely limited and left much to be desired. They offered an English saddle and a Western saddle, and a couple blanket sets. Now there are dozens of pieces of tack ready to make their way into your tack room. The variety of tack along with the detail has grown so greatly that you might even see a few bits of Breyer tack or accessories make their way into the nationals show! Its all about fit and creativity. Good luck!


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