Breyer Horse Accessories: How To Care For Tack

Your stable is full of horses and probably plenty of tack, but did you know that proper care of your Breyer tack can make it last for many years?

Breyer tack is often created out of very similar materials to real horse tack, making some of the most realistic tack you can imagine for your models! Before you start filling your tack room it’s important to take a few steps to make sure that it lasts for many years to come!

Proper storage and care is key when it comes to your tack collection. Storage in a cool, dry place is the best first line of defense against keeping your tack from getting damaged. Warm air and dampness can cause glue to come loose on your bridles and saddles, something no one wants in the show ring! But don’t let your tack get too cold or dry, that can cause leather to become dry and brittle. The best conditions are those which you are comfortable, storage in a basement or attic won’t preserve them as long as storage in a temperate location.

The other best line of defense is keeping your tack properly stored. Letting your tack get crumpled or bent will cause creases and bends that are difficult to remove. By hanging your bridles and letting your saddles sit on stands you preserve the shape of your tack!

Another thing to remember when it comes to tack is display. Many people like to display tack on their models. This is a great way of showing off your collection, but extended display can cause damage to both tack and models. When displaying your tack be sure to check every now and then to make sure that the color of the tack isn’t transferring to the model and that the tack isn’t becoming stiff or otherwise damaged.

Golden Oak Stables’ is ready to fill your tack room full of everything you need to have a stable of stars. From English to Western and everything in between you know right where to head to bring a champion to your stable!


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