Breyer Horse New Releases: Barrel Racing Tack With Bling!

February 2, 2017

Most tack is utilitarian, made to help the rider and horse communicate and work together. Breyer tack always has been created in the latest fashions of the real horse world and kept abreast of current trends, but their newest tack set takes this to new levels!

Western riding has a bit of fashion and flare to it, there’s no doubt about that. Bling and sparkle has been used to not only catch the attention of judges, but also to express the personality of the horse and rider with little special touches! Barrel racing has always been a sport that brought the bling to the show ring, making the fast horses and ladies shimmer and shine as they race at lightening speeds around the arena!

Now, Breyer gives collectors a Barrel Racing Set that is binged, glittered and pink to the nines! The set starts with a saddle in a lovely natural brown with a black seat, but then brings on the bling with glittered pink piping! A black saddle pad matches well with the same glittered pink detail. Not to be stopped there, the bridle matches in beautiful brown leather and bright pink gaming reins not only add accuracy, but also a bold touch. Lastly, safety is always important, but so is looking good, so what better to finish this set off with but four sparkly pink sport boots? I can’t think of anything!

So, saddle on up and ride on our with style and Golden Oak Stables!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Valegro

August 22, 2016

The Olympics are in full swing and the equestrian events have been fierce with competition. The world has watched as nations have competed for the gold medal, and equestrians all over have watched as history was made by one of Breyer’s most recent portrait models, Valegro!

Valegro and his rider Charlotte Dujardin have already taken the world by storm with their amazing partnership that has stretched the world over. Valegro is the current record holder for both freestyle and grand prix style dressage and at the 2016 Olympic Games he set a new record for the highest dressage score at an Olympic Games. He and Charlotte then went on to win the coveted gold medal, making it their second!

Breyer’s Valegro is a perfect portrait of this amazing horse, with his strong profile and delicate movements, he has been created in the elegant Pirouette. Bringing his dark bay coat and striking white markings to his model, he is indistinguishable down to every last detail from the real life Valegro!

Known around the barn as Blueberry, he has captured the world with his talent. Now, Breyer collectors can celebrate the gold along with Blueberry, Charlotte and Great Britain!

Congratulations Valegro!


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Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest Live 2016

July 28, 2016

One of the most exciting parts of Breyerfest is the competition that comes with the model horse shows that come along with it. This year was especially special with the North American Nationals happening in Lexington, which meant, the competition at other shows were even more fierce!

The largest show in the world, Breyerfest Live took place on the first day of Breyerfest and it was not only an opportunity to compete but to also see models that you may have only heard about in rumors! The rarest of the rare, the most elusive customs and the most impressive original finish models all came to compete in Lexington for a chance in the winner’s circle.

This show is unlike so many others, and actually operates like six shows in one with all of the different divisions and classes. There were hundreds of classes that over six thousand horses competed in for a chance at the elusive blue ribbon. There is no doubt about it, this is some of the most competitive competition in the world!

So sit back with Golden Oak Stables and enjoy just a few of the many impressive scenes from Breyerfest Live 2016













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Breyer Horse Accessories: Nico & Polo Tack

May 11, 2015

Polo is a fun equestrian sport that seems rare and exotic for so many. Played all over the world, polo is a high impact, fast paced sport on horse back that is unlike any other. Now, Golden Oak Stables brings you the perfect rider and tack to help you explore the fun world of Polo with your Breyers and have a little fun while you’re at it!

Originating back to the 6th century BC, the sport of polo is one that has been around nearly as long as we have been on horse back. Played by teams of riders, polo players each carry a wooden mallet and attempt to send a small wooden ball into their goal all while racing around on the back of a horse. The game has found popularity again in America through local polo associations and through the popularity of the sport overseas, and while it might not be the most recognizable of sports in the equestrian world, it certainly catches attention wherever it goes!

You can start your own polo journey with Nico and a Polo Tack set of your very own. Outfitted in Breyer’s signature blue and yellow, your polo rider is ready to hop on and head onto the field. He comes dressed in full polo regalia including a jersey, helmet and protective leg gear. He’s of course, not complete without his mallet and ball though! His Polo Tack has been created in stunning likeness to it’s real life counterpart with an English saddle and bridle, martingale, breast collar and matching blue and yellow accessories.

Ready to try a new sport at your stable?


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Breyer Horse Accessories: What Is Your Style?

October 6, 2014

Every collector has a collecting style of some sort, certain patterns in their collection that makes it unique to only them! As Breyer collectors, we often find unique ways of making our collection our own. Most collectors enjoy adding at least some kind of accessories to their collection, let’s find out what your style is!

For many Breyer collectors, collecting Breyer horses is either an extension of their love for riding and owning a horse or a way for them to have that experience when they can’t have a horse in their life. It’s no surprise that miniature accessories like tack and miniatures are popular in the hobby. These tiny treasures help to create realistic scenes and bring the realism of owning and riding a real horse to your collection.

Some collectors might not even notice the accessories they have collected for their models. A blanket here a rider there, maybe a show halter that shows off a horse well, these are all little things that define your collecting style. Some collectors want to build a world all their own, and set off to create an entire stable or riding academy with their creativity and a few accessories. Sometimes these collections are focused, just like real riding academies that focus on one discipline, or can stretch the gamut of riding styles. There are even some collectors that enjoy being competitive with their accessories and compete in live model horse shows in performance classes. These collectors create intricate miniature scenes that depict real horse life and ask a judge to evaluate them based on their realism!

No matter what your collecting style, Golden Oak Stables has accessories to get you started, or get you into the show ring. What does your accessory style look like?
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Breyer Horse Accessories: Meet The Breyer Riders

March 27, 2014

The Breyer stable has welcomed thousands of horses over their sixty years but one often forgotten member of the Breyer family is the riders of the Breyer stable. These lovely rider dolls have long helped the horses make their way into the winner’s circle, down the trail and through schooling lessons, but have you ever gotten a chance to meet them?

Golden Oak Stables brings you a rider for every discipline you could imagine and each unique as the last. Austin is the first up, and this cowboy is ready to help around the ranch or at the rodeo. He’s dressed in a casual western outfit with a yellow shirt, pants and chaps. He, of course, wears a black cowboy hat to finish off his look with the perfect look of a beloved ranch hand. Taylor is a cowgirl dressed to the nines in a beautiful and sharp sparkly shirt that is perfect for shining in the show ring. She wears a pair of fringed chaps over her pants and a bold and big silver buckle make her stand out in a perfect way.

In the English arena, Brenda shines her way into the show jumping ring. Dressed in an iconic red sport coat, white breeches and black boots, Brenda is ready to mount up and hit the show ring for a clean round. You can also hit the dressage ring with a Dressage Rider who’s black shadbelly and white breeches make her dressed perfectly for the event. With these two dolls, there’s no stopping you from the winner’s circle.

There’s also a few dolls that are essential to any barn. Every barn needs a good Farrier to keep the horses’ going on the right foot, Breyer brings you one that’s ready to get to work with all the tools a farrier needs. Every barn also needs a Veterinarian on call in case of emergencies and to keep horses in tip top condition, and you can bring home one of your own who’s ready to care for your horses.

There’s many characters that make up any real barn, and the same goes for your Breyer barn as well. Which riders live in your barn?

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Breyer Horse Tack: Hot Colors English Tack Set

March 6, 2014

Ready to fill up your tack room and saddle up for a day fun of fun? Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you a set that will have you ready to train for your next competition or just have a wonderful afternoon with your favorite equine friend.

Breyer has been making realistic tack for many years and collectors have found hours upon hours of fun with it! Adding tack to your collection can add a new level to your collecting or play by opening the door to so many possibilities! Tack allows collectors to create realistic scenes with their horses for play or show. It also allows collectors to learn about different types of tack that many would not experience without their Breyers. This knowledge and experience is often not found elsewhere and can open the doors to so many new places!

New for 2014, the Hot Colors English Tack Set is the perfect way to start, or add to your tack collection and to give your horses a chance to shine! The set starts off with a tan saddle with pink accents, giving it a look all it’s own. This all purpose saddle is great for schooling and lower level showing. A matching bright pink bridle comes next and gives such a fun pop of color. The saddle blanket is made of a lavender fabric and then has been trimmed in pink. The set finishes off with a pair of splint boots, polo wraps and bell boots to keep your horse’s legs safe through all of that training.

When you’re ready to saddle up in a fun way, the Hot Colors English Riding Set is ready and waiting to come into your tack room. You too can ride in style with Breyer!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Hot Colors Western Tack Set

February 24, 2014

The world of performance may seem intimidating for many collectors, the thought of tacking up their models to head out to a show or even just to play is a lot. With Golden Oak Stables, you can jump into the world of Western riding with both feet and everything you need in one, convenient, set!

In the model horse world, performance is the name given to the division in which hobbyists use their imagination and real horse knowledge to create realistic working scenes with their models. This typically involves tack, props and riders to show the sport or event in which a horse is performing. Hobbyists have used their creativity to bring the show ring and create scenes that will make you question if they’re really model horses!

If you’ve yet to give performance a chance, there are many places to start, but the Hot Colors Western Tack Set is an easy and affordable way to jump in with both feet and see where your creativity can take you! The set starts off with an all purpose western saddle that can take you throughout many events, or even just on a nice trail ride. The saddle is accented with a blue seat and a red breastcollar. The bridle is a classical bosal style bridle without a bit. This bridle is different than a bridle with a bit, because it relies on a thick cord around the horse’s muzzle to give direction from the rider. It is a bold blue color matching the seat of the saddle beautifully! The set also includes a matching saddle pad, pair of splint boots and a pair of bell boots, so you can open the door to all kinds of western events!

No matter if you want to compete or play, Breyer brings you tack that will make for hours of fun for you and your horses!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Abigail English Rider

February 6, 2014

One of the most exciting parts of horse ownership is getting out to give your horses a ride. With Breyer horses, the same sense of excitement can come from tacking up by our horses for a ride out on the trail or a day in the show ring. Golden Oak Stables has long carried all of the accessories you could imagine for your horses. Now you can tack up your classics for a fun day wherever your imagination will take you!

English riding has been a long been a discipline that has spanned the gamut of activities. English riders practice any number of activities, from classical dressage to trail riding. The English discipline is often known for it’s show jumpers, dressage and eventers that compete in world class competitions all over the world. English riders also compete in hunter jumper competitions as well as trail riding. Many riders use an English saddle to learn from a very young age the fundamentals of riding because of it’s long and classic history in the equestrian world.

New for 2014 comes a lovely little rider, tack in hand, that’s ready to saddle up your Classics and mount up. Abigail English Rider is a beautiful brunette doll who is dressed in a lovely schooling outfit. It starts out with a bright pink collared polo shirt with short sleeves for a comfortable ride on a warm day. Her black breeches have pink pinstriping and she comes with her own helmet and boots. Her tack is a black English set that is classic and can take her onto the trail or into the show ring. She finishes off her matching look with a pink saddle pad in the same shade of bright pink.

Ready to tack up? Your Classics horses will be jumping at the bit to get under the saddle with this new lovely set!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Let’s Go Riding English

February 3, 2014

Ready to ride into the show ring comes a new Breyer set  that will have us all ready to saddle up and head on into the ring. Golden Oak Stables brings collectors a myriad of Breyer horses to fill our shelves and collections with more horses than you can imagine, and now you can get ready to bring English riding into your stable.

English riding originated in Europe and has ties all over the world. The shape of the English saddle is much different from the Western saddle and can be Distinguished by the lack of horn and smaller look overall.  English saddles are commonly used in the eventing, hunter/jumper and show jumping disciplines along with being the choice for pleasure riding for many. The English disciplines are as varied as they are interesting and are bound by only what the rider can do in the saddle.

New for 2014 come a set from the imaginations at Breyer that will have you running to the barn for a ride. The Let’s Go Riding English Set is new for 2014 and brings a new horse to the Breyer lineup. A stunning spotted Spanish horse is the star of this set and brings a new face to the typically warmblood filled English discipline. This black and white spotted  horse features lovely grey shading in his mane and tail and a fun spotted coat that will catch the attention of anyone who sneaks a glance. He comes along with a rider of her own dressed in a casual riding outfit for a day full of schooling or fun out on the trail. Their set is completed with a set of brown English tack and a pink saddle blanket.

Bringing the fun of riding together with a stunning horse, the Let’s Go Riding English Set is ready to gallop into your house and create memories for years to come!

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