Breyer Horse Holiday: Musical Snowglobe Holiday Homecoming

November 29, 2012

It’s time to deck the halls and let the holiday spirit capture your imagination! Thoughts of snow and warm fires with family and friends aren’t far away! Now you can decorate with a little help from Golden Oak Stables and have a Breyer filled holiday that any horse lover will be nickering to be a part of!

Along with a Holiday Horse, each year Breyer brings collectors wonderful accessories to help celebrate the holidays in Breyer style. This year along with the lovely ornaments to deck your tree there is a wonderful snow globe to help you deck the halls with horses!

Holiday Homecoming is a wonderful addition to your Breyer collection as well as your holiday decor. Bringing two fun reasons to celebrate the holidays together Holiday Homecoming is a lovely snow globe that can deck your halls through the holiday season and fill your shelf the rest of the year. Inside this lovely snow globe is a scene that will warm your heart. A high stepping chestnut horse is tacked up in his finest adornments for the holiday season as he pulls the most famous sled in all of the land, Santa’s! Santa’s sleigh is a beautiful red and gold creation befitting of only himself. The horse is fitting as well with a red and green harness and red ribbons in his mane.

Beyond Santa and his sled is a wonderful winter scene that will have you wishing for a white Christmas! Santa’s sled is dashing through the snow past evergreen trees and a brick post with a holiday wreath on it. By his side are a fun-loving dog that chases birds as he runs along with the sleigh!

The base of the snow globe is decorated with a wonderful snowflake design and is wrapped with a fence giving it the perfect equestrian feel!

Holiday Homecoming is a small but fun way to bring a bit of Breyer to your holidays! Deck your halls with Golden Oak Stables and celebrate all year long!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Classics Mobile Vet Clinic

November 26, 2012

So many of us dream of caring for animal in one way or another. Few and far between are the horse lovers that didn’t think for at least a short while of becoming a vet. Taking care of the animals we love so dearly is a big task that only those with the biggest of hearts can do, but with Golden Oak Stables you can care for the models around your stable!

New for 2013, the Classics Mobile Vet Clinic is the perfect way to bring a new element to your stable! You can now bring the vet right to your horses, dogs, cats, cattle and more. Just like the real large animal vets that visit your horses when they get sick, this vet clinic is the perfect way to bring the care that your horses need to your own stable. Scaled for Classic scale models, the Mobile Vet Clinic comes with everything a vet could need all on wheels. This large vehicle has been converted to have every amenity that your sick animals will need. With two horse stalls in the back even the sickest of horses can be transported in comfort to the vet’s office to receive all the care they need.

Inside the clinic is an exam table for all those small animals that live on the farm if they happen to come down with something. An extendable roof allows the vet extra room for examining and treating and working lights and sirens can get everyone’s attention in case of emergency!  This Mobile Vet Clinic is ready to treat all of your sick animals quickly and with care!

You can live the life of a vet with your own Mobile Vet Clinic and Breyer. Bringing this new and exciting accessory to your stable is only the beginning, with a little imagination and a few horses you can be saving the lives of horses throughout your stable! There aren’t many jobs as selfless as that of a Veterinarian  now you  can get a little taste of what it’s like to save lives every day!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Thankful For Breyer Horses

November 19, 2012

This week as Thanksgiving rolls nearer we reflect on things in our lives we are thankful for. Friends and family are often the two things that sit near and dear to our hearts, but what about those amazing horses that bring so much joy to us?

Breyers bring joy to millions all over the world. With their realistic nature and their beautiful artistry, there’s no question why horse lovers all over the world adore Breyers. Breyers allow those who can’t be around real horses for one reason or another share the joy of horses. No other horses allow you to bring the most famous horses that have lived throughout history into your lives. From famous historical horses to the most popular equestrian athlete, Breyer brings these to your very own stable where you can have the barn you’ve always dreamed of!

Breyer horses also involve a wonderful group of people collectively known as Model Horse Collectors. These collectors are often friendly, kind and excited to share information with others. Many people meet some of their very best friends through collecting Breyer horses. Without these horses thousands of connections between people never would have happened. There’s no question as to why we should be thankful for that!

Breyer horse collectors also learn so much from their models. Everything from horse anatomy to the rules of an equestrian sport can be learned through a Breyer horse. Many people have learned horse anatomy from their Breyer models and even more have learned about different breeds, sports and how to care for a horse. A Breyer may be simply be a plastic horse, but the knowledge they hold is immense!

Many artists find their creativity through their Breyer horses. Many famous horse artists started off drawing for photographing their Breyer horses and many other artists are very successful with careers customizing Breyer horses. These creative outlets are special to the artists and their fans and wouldn’t be possible if not for Breyer!

The next time you get a new model from Golden Oak Stables take a minute to think about what Breyer horses have brought into your life. You’ll probably be surprised by how thankful you are for them!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Displaying A Collection

November 15, 2012

Whether you have one Breyer or a thousand, you’re going to need to display them! Then comes the tough question of how to! With a few tips you can find easy and fun ways to display your Breyer horse collection for all to see and for you to enjoy.

Breyer horses are some of the most beautiful horses in the world, so there’s no question that the next time you get a new model from Golden Oak Stables, you’ll want to display it.  The question comes down to, how do you want to show off your horses?

Some collectors find a way to work their horses in with the home decor and have them throughout the house. Tucked into bookshelves and sitting on side tables are easy and fun ways to integrate your collection into your home! Having them throughout your home is a fun way to see your collection all the time and get to live with your collection wherever you go in your house and also add a bit of an equestrian feel to your home decor.

Many other collectors have specific spaces set off for their models. Whether it be a whole room for their models or a few bookshelves in an office, displaying your collection in mass can have a stunning look! When all your models are together it’s not only easy and fun to see what they look like all together but you can also see just how large or small your collection is. It also makes it easy to tell what models you have and which ones you still need.

It’s not uncommon for collectors to not display their entire collections either, so if you have some models that are hidden away or in storage don’t feel bad! Finding a way to show off the models you do have out can make room for more and help you truly enjoy your collection!

However you choose to display your collection remember to keep them out of bright sunlight, away from heat and to dust them every so often to keep your models in tip top shape! Your collection is your own personal way to celebrate your love for the horse, display it with pride!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Celebrating Veterans With Breyer

November 12, 2012

This Veterans day we celebrate and honor those who have given us the sacrifice of giving their lives to the military. Those heroes span every generation and every barrier with one thing in common, they have devoted their lives and in many cases, given us the greatest sacrifice to keep us safe. Alongside those heroes many horses have also served. From cavalry to front lines, horses have long been a part of our military. This year Breyer has celebrated two horses for their lives given to the military.

Sargent Reckless was a small mare with a big amount of courage. Fighting her way through the Korean War  she became a hero to the wounded soldiers she transported and all of the soldiers who received supplies and ammunition from her. Standing only about 14 hands tall she was truly a little mare with a lot of heart. For her time in the military she was honored by the Marines with nine awards including two Purple Hearts. Sargent Reckless spent her retirement at Camp Pendleton in California! With her own Breyer she’s sure to live on through another generation and remind us all of the sacrifice that our military give.

Old Bob was also created by Breyer this year as a portrait of Abraham Lincoln’s prized mount. Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War Breyer brings you a stunning portrait of our president’s horse. Old Bob was known as the family horse of the Lincoln family and brought Lincoln to his job as a lawyer before his presidency. Often thought to be his favorite horse, Old Bob was given the honor of following his hearse in his funeral procession.  Breyer’s Old Bob has been created in astonishing detail, even down to the blanket he wore to his funeral.

With Golden Oak Stables you can celebrate history as well as remember our Veterans this Veterans Day with a few historical horses! Bring home a little history today!



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Breyer Horse Holiday: Holiday Stirrup Ornament

November 8, 2012

Since 2000, the  Holiday Stirrup Ornament has been a favorite for many collectors. Capturing the holiday horse, this year it’s Noche Buena, in extreme miniature detail and making it into an ornament that is simply beautiful makes this one of the most popular ways for a Breyer lover to celebrate the holiday season!

Golden Oak Stables brings you the full line of Breyer holiday including, including the 2012 Holiday Horse, Noche Buena is a beautiful dark bay horse with spirit to spare. Created on the Ethereal mold sculpted by Kathleen Moody, Noche Buena has already become a favorite among collectors. He is dressed in a poinsettia costume that celebrates the Mexican and now American tradition of the poinsettia flower during the holidays with bold bright red flowers that cover his costume.

The Stirrup Ornament recreates him in a stunning way! Perfectly scaled down into miniature he is almost exactly the same as his traditional counterpart. From his deep bay color to his stunning poinsettia costume, there’s no question why you’ll fall in love with him!  Long been a favorite of collectors, the Stirrup Ornament is a collectible and fun way to celebrate this holiday season!

He’s shown standing on a ground of fluffy snow, and playing in it as he shows off his holiday spirit. He’s then been surrounded by a beautiful chrome silver stirrup  that creates a frame for this lovely horse. It hangs from a golden ribbon that accents the silver in a beautiful way and will shimmer on your tree. Lastly a red poinsettia dangles down atop Noche Buena bringing the spirit of the holidays full circle!

Don’t forget to bring a little Breyer fun to your tree and with the Holiday Stirrup Ornament you can bring Noche Buena to your tree! There’s always room for a little spirit of Breyer in your Christmas!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Horse Crazy Stablemates

November 5, 2012

Sure to catch the eye of any Breyer collector a new line of Stablemates are on their way to Golden Oak Stables and are shimmering along the way!

New for 2012 is a line of Horse Crazy Stablemates that are made in fun,bright, translucent color and even have some sparkle! Six different Stablemates have been created in these fun colors to bring a little fantasy into anyone’s collection. With each standing approximately 3 inches tall there’s a lot of fun packed into a little package!

A purple Arabian starts the group of fun fantasy horses. With its fanciful long mane and tail that are perfect for sparkling this little Arabian is sure to capture your heart! A green American Saddlebred is a beautiful light shade that is just the right touch of fanciful. Standing in it’s well known “parked out” stance this Stablemate is packed with both fantasy and the beauty of the breed. A light pink cantering Warmblood is the perfect way to show the athleticism of a horse along with a beautiful and fun color. He’ll shimmer in the sun as he takes his turn on the cross country course. A bright fuchsia Tennessee Walking Horse shows his well known racking gait and is bright and beautiful as he does so! A light blue Belgian brings true horse power to the group and with just a touch of sparkle on his roached mane and bobbed tail. Last in the group is a stunning deep purple Mustang. Bringing the spirit of being wild and free to the group he is the epitome of the spirit of the horse.

A fun way to celebrate your love for horses, stablemates or even just Breyers, the Horse Crazy Stablemates are like nothing you’ve ever seen before! With their fun colors, their exciting poses and their touches of glitter, they are sure to be favorites for collectors everywhere!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Vintage Western Pony

November 1, 2012

Collectors old and new can get excited about a new release for 2013 with a vintage feel! Second in a series, Golden Oak Stables brings you a mold that’s long been a favorite of collectors with a new and striking feel sure to capture the attention of collectors everywhere!

Introduced nearly 60 years ago in 1956, the Western Pony is one of Breyer’s first molds! Very similar to the larger Western Horse, the Western Pony has long been a favorite for collectors. The Western Pony has always come with a molded on bridle, chain reins and a saddle of his own. These details were popular in the 1950’s for both play and display. Collectors still love these charming details that the Western Pony sports. With his vintage feel and long history, the Western Pony became a collectors favorite many years ago but now collectors new and old can add a new one to their collection.

The Vintage Western Pony is the second in a series that aims to make vintage new again! Created in a stunning spotted appaloosa pattern the Vintage Western Pony is sure to draw attention wherever he goes. With a beautiful shaded splatter chestnut coat his color is both interesting and realistic. His blanket appaloosa design gives this little pony the right look and feel for a horse out on the ranch. His saddle and bridle have been painted in shades of brown with golden details that make them shine in the sun. A heavy gloss coating gives him the vintage feel collectors will remember from that time period. Before 1970 most Breyers were coated with a heavy gloss coating, this has become a favorite feature for many collectors. Lastly he comes with a blue ribbon sticker giving him the final vintage detail.

The Vintage Western Pony is a fun way to go back in time with Breyer and bring a wonderful new, but vintage piece into your collection!


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