Breyer Horse New Releases: Horse Crazy Stablemates

November 5, 2012

Sure to catch the eye of any Breyer collector a new line of Stablemates are on their way to Golden Oak Stables and are shimmering along the way!

New for 2012 is a line of Horse Crazy Stablemates that are made in fun,bright, translucent color and even have some sparkle! Six different Stablemates have been created in these fun colors to bring a little fantasy into anyone’s collection. With each standing approximately 3 inches tall there’s a lot of fun packed into a little package!

A purple Arabian starts the group of fun fantasy horses. With its fanciful long mane and tail that are perfect for sparkling this little Arabian is sure to capture your heart! A green American Saddlebred is a beautiful light shade that is just the right touch of fanciful. Standing in it’s well known “parked out” stance this Stablemate is packed with both fantasy and the beauty of the breed. A light pink cantering Warmblood is the perfect way to show the athleticism of a horse along with a beautiful and fun color. He’ll shimmer in the sun as he takes his turn on the cross country course. A bright fuchsia Tennessee Walking Horse shows his well known racking gait and is bright and beautiful as he does so! A light blue Belgian brings true horse power to the group and with just a touch of sparkle on his roached mane and bobbed tail. Last in the group is a stunning deep purple Mustang. Bringing the spirit of being wild and free to the group he is the epitome of the spirit of the horse.

A fun way to celebrate your love for horses, stablemates or even just Breyers, the Horse Crazy Stablemates are like nothing you’ve ever seen before! With their fun colors, their exciting poses and their touches of glitter, they are sure to be favorites for collectors everywhere!


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