Breyer Horse Showing: What Is Live Show Quality?

August 30, 2012

The term Live Show Quality, or LSQ is one that you’ll hear all the time if you happen to show, or want to start showing. It’s a term used in the model horse hobby on a regular basis. It’s also one of the hardest ones to understand. Not only does the definition mean a little something different for everyone, it also changes as time goes on! There is a little bit you can know for sure about the term Live Show Quality and about Breyer horse showing!

There are two types of Breyer horse showing, Photo Showing and Live Showing. Live Showing is the more popular of the two and involves coming in person to a venue and bringing your horses along. Because of this, horses that enter a Live Show can be looked at closer and details you might not see in a photo might be seen in person.

This is where the term Live Show Quality comes from. Typically, it is used to describe a model that is good enough to be shown at a Live Show, but what does this mean? With every judge being different, just about everyone’s idea of Live Show Quality is different, but with a few guidelines you can pick horses for your show string that stand a chance against the competition!

The first thing you want to look for when choosing a model for a show is condition. Are there rubs? Not just body rubs, but look on the eartips and hooves too! Little rubs in these areas can make or break a horse in the eyes of a judge. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for bent eartips or legs. Because of the material that Breyers are created out of, sometimes a leg or eartip can be bent if the horse happens to get too hot, keep an eye to make sure they are straight.

The next thing to look for is the paint job. How detailed is it, are the markings crisp? What about the dapples, are they in scale for the horse? There’s also making sure that the color of the paint job for the horse is appropriate for the body type of the horse. A little research into real horses will give you insight into what to look for in a paint job.

Lastly you’ll want to pick models that are good representations of their breed. Some Breyer horses simply look more like their real life counterparts than others. As the shower it is your job to use your best judgement and pick your best of the best!

With a few things to look for you can start picking out models that will be Live Show Quality, just remember that this means something different for everyone! The next time you head up to Golden Oak Stables for a show, remember these few steps and you’ll be on your way to the winners circle!


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Breyer Horse Holiday: Artist Signature Ornament

August 27, 2012

Breyer brings together some of the most talented artists in the world to create their horses. For over 60 years Breyer has brought artisans in to sculpt and paint some of the most realistic model horses in the world! For the past four years Breyer has celebrated these artisans with a special holiday ornament showcasing one of their many artists. This year, the talented Sommer Prosser has been chosen for the Artist Signature Ornament!

Sommer Prosser is a sculptor and painter that has been creating beautiful horses for Breyer for over 10 years. Her creations are some of Breyer’s most well known models including Zippo Pine Bar, Rejoice and Strapless! Sommer’s sculptures have an expressive style all their own and always seem to have a kind eye.

Her talent doesn’t stop there though. Sommer is also a well known hobbyist in the model horse hobby, competing all over the country with her work! From customizing to sculpting, Sommer’s creations light up the showring and the collections of whoever has the pleasure of owning them!

You can own a little piece of Sommer’s work with the 2012 Artist Signature Ornament. New for 2012, this is the fourth in the Artist Signature Ornament series. Blown out of beautiful red glass, this ornament is sure to become an annual favorite on your tree. Sommer’s work has been recreated into two artistic representations of her sculptures. On one side her Warmblood sculpture, Strapless has been recreated in the popular Appaloosa coat. On the other Rejoice sits in a stunning dapple rose rose grey. Both horses are lit by an old fashion street lamp that sets the perfect tone!

Bringing together artisans and collectors, Breyer always has a way of bringing the most fascinating and astonishing works of art to collectors. Now with Golden Oak Stables, you can deck your tree with even more art to celebrate the season and the beauty of the horse with!


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Breyer Horse Holiday: Beautiful Breeds Ornament Peruvian Paso

August 23, 2012

For 10 years Breyer has chosen one breed each holiday season to showcase to the world. Each year a new breed is chosen and earns the right of being hung on Christmas trees of horse lovers all over! This year, the Peruvian Paso has been chosen. With his spirit and beauty there’s no question why!

The Peruvian Paso is a breed that hails from the land of South America. This breed was originally descended from Spanish breeds like the Andalusian brought over by conquistadors. The Peruvian Paso is most well known for their gait, a trot that creates a smooth ride for the rider. This gait is unique to only the Peruvian Paso and is one of the smoothest gaits of any horse.

The Peruvian Paso is a compact horse typically under 16 hands. Their Spanish roots can be seen in their Iberian appearance with a crested neck and well defined facial features. Peruvian Pasos can come in nearly any coat color aside from pinto or appaloosa and make for a colorful rainbow to say the least!

For 2012, Breyer brings us a wonderful ornament to add to our tree celebrating the Peruvian Paso. Sculpted by the ever talented Sommer Prosser, the Peruvian Paso ornament captures the spirit and beauty of this beloved breed. With his soft ambling gait, the Peruvian Paso brings the same calm demeanor and disposition to this wonderful horse. Created out of porcelain, this lovely Peruvian Paso is deep bay in color, with lovely shadings throughout his body. A white sock provides the perfect contrast and his long flowing black mane and tail make him all the more fanciful. He wears a golden halter that is perfect for the holiday season and is accented with a red poinsettia that trails green and red ribbons behind it!

Always celebrating the beauty of the horse, Breyer once again shows us the true spirit of another beautiful breed. From near and far, the horses that Breyer showcases bring beauty to anyone who has the chance to experience them!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Determining Horse Age

August 20, 2012

When you think of how old a Breyer is, you probably think of how old the actual model is, but what about the horse? Breyer horses are created in striking likeness to their real life counterparts, and with that also goes age. Determining your horse’s age can help you not only at model horse shows but also about real horses!

Foals are easy to distinguish from adults. Everything from their size to their long legs tells you that these are the youngest of all horses. Foals grow up so quickly that there is often a lot of variety! The youngest of foals will often have slender features and long legs. Foals also are born with a fuzzy coat that sheds over time. Some model horse foals are painted to resemble having that baby fur, making these easy to determine as younger foals.

As foals grow up their bodies begin to fill out and begin resembling adult horses. Yearlings are foals that have reached a year in age and are growing closer and closer to adulthood each day. Somewhere between 2 and 3 years a horse will begin to slow down growing and while it still will look young in many respects, it will be very close to being full grown.

Young adult horses tend to be energetic and fit. Their bodies have stopped growing in size and are now growing in experience. By mid-adulthood horses are reaching their physical peak and are in the best shape of their lives in many cases. Middle aged horses in the Breyer stables are athletes in many cases and show just how much a horse can really do!

As horses get older they age just like humans do. Horses also go “grey” like we do, roaning out our lightening up in their coats. Older horses will be less active than a younger horse and will have softer, less defined, muscles and a more calm demeanor in many cases.

No matter what the age, Golden Oak Stables brings you every horse you need for your stable! From foals to full grown adults, there’s a horse of every age for everyone. Can you tell how old your horses are?


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Breyer Horse New Releases: 2012 Holiday Horse Noche Buena

August 16, 2012

For 16 years Breyer has brought the spirit of the Holidays into a horse that captures not only the magic of the season but also the beauty and majesty of the horse. Golden Oak Stables is proud to present Noche Buena, the 2012 Breyer Holiday Horse!

In the past 16 years Breyer has created some of the most exciting holiday horses that collectors could ever imagine! From ponies to drafts and everything in between, the Breyer Holiday Horse is always a favorite for collectors and horse lover alike! Each year a special horse is created and decorated with a costume fitting of the season!

Noche Buena is the 16th addition to the Breyer Holiday Horse series and a fitting one to say the least. This dark bay horse has been created on the collectors favorite Ethereal model! This model has become a collectors favorite with it’s expressive pose and spirit! Noche Buena has a lovely white blaze and two white socks.

Noche Buena is ready to gallop into the season with a lovely costume featuring the poinsettia! The poinsettia gets it’s holiday roots in a Mexican folk tale where children brought weeds to a church on Christmas eve and they blossomed into poinsettias! Now the flower is known all over as the flower of the holiday! Noche Buena is adorned in a costume created from faux poinsettias! From his head to his tail he’s covered in bright red poinsettias! His costume is also adorned with golden embroidery, rhinestones, a few leaves create his costume that even has a saddle for his rider! A golden bridle finishes his look!

This Christmas Eve you can with everyone a Good Night with Noche Buena. This exciting and spirited holiday horse not only brings the excitement and beauty of the holiday seasons to you but it also celebrates a beautiful folk tale! Don’t miss adding Bueno Noche to your holiday horse collection, or starting one today with him!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Dressing Your Horse For The Weather

August 13, 2012

You might not think about it everyday, but horses need clothing too, and I’m not talking about tack! As the weather gets colder and winter starts to roll in, horses will need to be kept warm on chilly days. But it’s not just the cold either, horses need protection when they travel and for rain too! Golden Oak Stables has everything you need to keep your horse properly “dressed”.

Travelling with your horse can be one of the most stressful parts of owning a real horse. Dressing your horse properly for travel can save you not only bumps and bruises but also your horse’s life! It’s no surprise that Breyer has created more than one shipping blanket set so that you can keep your horses safe! If you’re into bright colors you can add the Hot Colors set to your tack room, a little more subtle? How about a blue or a red set? There are also accessory kits so that you can doubly protect your horse with a halter, head bumper and more!

Now if your horse just spends time in the stable, investing in a blanket is still a good idea! If it gets very cold where you are, the Quilted Stable Blanket is perfect! Complete with a hood, this set is lovely in a light blue with purple trim and is enough to keep even the chilliest models cold! Real horse owners will recognize the name RAMBO when it comes to blankets. These are the gold standard of the horse world. Now you can bring two different RAMBO blankets to your stable. The RAMBO Turnout Sheet is a fun shade of hunter green and perfect for turning your horse out on a chilly day. If you need something a little warmer, the RAMBO Haymarket blanket will keep your horse nice and toasty!

Keeping your horses warm and protected is a real need for horses, you can make collecting all the more real by adding a few sheets and blankets to your tackroom! From travel to play, there’s always a need for a blanket!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Breeds Of The World Mustang

August 9, 2012

Stories of wild Mustangs and their adventures in the American Wild West have fascinated people all of the world for many years. Their wild spirit and exciting adventures have a way of capturing anyone’s imagination. The American Mustang is a breed unlike any other, and with a history unlike any other they’re sure to capture your imagination.

First brought to the Americas by Spanish Conquistadors, the American Mustang is a breed that was once domesticated but has gone feral from generations of living in the wild. These horses often have Spanish and Iberian looks to them giving the indication that the roots of the breed are still going strong. The American Mustang herds number somewhere around 30,000 in the wild with thousands more that have been captured during an annual round up and adopted out. Many Mustangs find owners through the Bureau of Land Management’s annual round up and adoption drives. This is done to prevent overpopulation of the breed so that the wild mustangs can live freely on the land.

Mustangs can range the spectrum of color, from fancy Grullos and Duns to Bays, Grays and Blacks. Pintos and Appaloosas are all known in the wild Mustang herds, it truly is a spectacle to say the least! Mustangs are a hardy breed with good hooves and a stocky body. These characteristics make them great horses for those who have the chance to adopt one!

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables brings a Mustang to its vastly popular Breeds of the World series in a pose that will have you feeling the action of the wild west! Stretched out and turning quickly towards whatever has caught his attention their new Mustang is a dynamic sculpture that is perched on his hind legs and flowing tail. His light grulla color showcases one of the many beautiful colors this breed comes in and his flowing mane and tail give him all the more interest! He’s stunning to say the least!

Bringing a little bit of the wild west to your stable is always fun and with this gorgeous wild Mustang you’ll fall in love with the breed just as so many before! There’s no question that there is truly something special about the Mustang!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: How Real Can It Get?

August 6, 2012

Breyer collectors around the world share one common bond, a love for horses. This love for horses started as a young child for some and as an adult for others. No matter when it started, that love has helped create a hobby where the horse is celebrated each and ever day! One of the most significant aspects of the hobby is the level of realism that everyone strives for! From horses to accessories no detail is spared!

Ever since the beginning Breyer collectors have found a way to celebrate the spirit of the horse. For over 60 years collectors have formed the model horses hobby from one of humble beginnings to one that will astonish and amaze. Over those 60 years many things have changed but the constant is the improvement in realism. Any Breyer collector can see the difference in Breyers made even 10 years ago, new techniques and technology has allowed great strides! Some Breyer horses are so realistic you just wait for them to breathe!

Model horse customizers have also found ways to create amazingly lifelike models that can fool just about anyone in photos! It’s proof that practice will always make you better! The same goes for model horse tack and prop makers. Hobbyists strive to get every detail just as perfect as possible when creating something for their horses.

It may seem a little odd to strive for such perfection, but most hobbyists are just paying homage to the horse. Model Horses often help us have the stable of our dreams, full of horses from all walks of equine life and the world! Trying to make everything as realistic as possible just makes your stable all the more real!

Model horse showing has also created a friendly and competitive environment that has raised the bar with each and every show! Just like in real horse shows you bring your best and hope to bring home that blue ribbon! That strive has helped collectors push their stables into a new realm of realism!

No matter what collecting what you love is the only way to collect! The next time you bring home a model from Golden Oak Stables take a moment to notice just how realistic Breyer models are! From horses to tack to props, you’ll be blown away if you take a moment to see just how realistic each and every little thing is!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Guy McLean’s Nugget

August 2, 2012

One of Australia’s premiere horsemen, Guy McLean, has found fans all around the world with his exciting take on horsemanship. Proving that man and horse can be one, Guy McLean has a way of bridging the gap between man and animal and communicating with horses.

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you one of McLean’s horses, Nugget! Guy McLean is known for his exciting training techniques but he is also known for his performances where he shows just what he can do with horses! Nugget and McLean found a way to teach each other about one another. Training all over Austrailia, Nugget and McLean showed just what his techniques could do, impressing audiences near and far!  Now McLean performs all over the world. His show is known for his four horse performances where he controls and trains four horses without a saddle, bridle or even a halter! That’s no small task!

New for 2012, Guy McLean’s Nugget brings the spirit of the Australian outback to collectors all around the world. Created on Breyer’s Stock Horse Stallion, Nugget brings the essence of McLean and the outback to you! This bright golden dun horse shines with it’s golden coloration and primitive markings. Dark legs reach up into dun striping near the top of the legs like many classic duns. His  mane and tail are a mix of dark and light hairs that do nothing but make this stallion all the more beautiful.

Nugget comes complete with a DVD so that you can enjoy Guy McLean’s performances and training techniques. With an Australian touch, you’ll be enchanted by McLean and his take on horsemanship!

Bringing together a new take on training and a wonderful show, it’s no wonder why Guy McLean has found fans all over the world! Now you can bring a little bit of his spirit to your stable with Nugget.


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