Breyer Horse Collecting: Dressing Your Horse For The Weather

You might not think about it everyday, but horses need clothing too, and I’m not talking about tack! As the weather gets colder and winter starts to roll in, horses will need to be kept warm on chilly days. But it’s not just the cold either, horses need protection when they travel and for rain too! Golden Oak Stables has everything you need to keep your horse properly “dressed”.

Travelling with your horse can be one of the most stressful parts of owning a real horse. Dressing your horse properly for travel can save you not only bumps and bruises but also your horse’s life! It’s no surprise that Breyer has created more than one shipping blanket set so that you can keep your horses safe! If you’re into bright colors you can add the Hot Colors set to your tack room, a little more subtle? How about a blue or a red set? There are also accessory kits so that you can doubly protect your horse with a halter, head bumper and more!

Now if your horse just spends time in the stable, investing in a blanket is still a good idea! If it gets very cold where you are, the Quilted Stable Blanket is perfect! Complete with a hood, this set is lovely in a light blue with purple trim and is enough to keep even the chilliest models cold! Real horse owners will recognize the name RAMBO when it comes to blankets. These are the gold standard of the horse world. Now you can bring two different RAMBO blankets to your stable. The RAMBO Turnout Sheet is a fun shade of hunter green and perfect for turning your horse out on a chilly day. If you need something a little warmer, the RAMBO Haymarket blanket will keep your horse nice and toasty!

Keeping your horses warm and protected is a real need for horses, you can make collecting all the more real by adding a few sheets and blankets to your tackroom! From travel to play, there’s always a need for a blanket!


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