Breyer Horse Collecting: How Real Can It Get?

Breyer collectors around the world share one common bond, a love for horses. This love for horses started as a young child for some and as an adult for others. No matter when it started, that love has helped create a hobby where the horse is celebrated each and ever day! One of the most significant aspects of the hobby is the level of realism that everyone strives for! From horses to accessories no detail is spared!

Ever since the beginning Breyer collectors have found a way to celebrate the spirit of the horse. For over 60 years collectors have formed the model horses hobby from one of humble beginnings to one that will astonish and amaze. Over those 60 years many things have changed but the constant is the improvement in realism. Any Breyer collector can see the difference in Breyers made even 10 years ago, new techniques and technology has allowed great strides! Some Breyer horses are so realistic you just wait for them to breathe!

Model horse customizers have also found ways to create amazingly lifelike models that can fool just about anyone in photos! It’s proof that practice will always make you better! The same goes for model horse tack and prop makers. Hobbyists strive to get every detail just as perfect as possible when creating something for their horses.

It may seem a little odd to strive for such perfection, but most hobbyists are just paying homage to the horse. Model Horses often help us have the stable of our dreams, full of horses from all walks of equine life and the world! Trying to make everything as realistic as possible just makes your stable all the more real!

Model horse showing has also created a friendly and competitive environment that has raised the bar with each and every show! Just like in real horse shows you bring your best and hope to bring home that blue ribbon! That strive has helped collectors push their stables into a new realm of realism!

No matter what collecting what you love is the only way to collect! The next time you bring home a model from Golden Oak Stables take a moment to notice just how realistic Breyer models are! From horses to tack to props, you’ll be blown away if you take a moment to see just how realistic each and every little thing is!


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