Breyer Horse Collecting: Different Scales

August 29, 2013

Breyer horses come in all shapes and sizes, from the small pony to the large draft horse, there’s a Breyer for every type of horse, but that’s not all. Breyer also brings collectors horses of many scales to collect. Do you know what the different scales are?

Traditional horses are 1:9 scale, meaning that for every inch on the horse, it equals nine inches in real life. So, most traditional horses stand about 8 inches tall making a real horse right about 64 inches tall. All of the accessories, riders and tack in the traditional lineup has been perfectly scaled to 1:9 scale, just like the horses making them both beautiful and realistic!

The second largest scale in the Breyer lineup are the Classics. Classic horses are 1:12 scale making one inch equal to twelve inches in real life or one foot. Classic horses stand approximately 6 inches tall which translates into 6 feet for a real horse. Classics also have many accessories which are scaled perfectly and bring fun and realism to your stable. This is a fun, easy to collect scale of horses because of their size.

A new line that has recently premiered is the Breyer Gallery Breeds Of The World. These horses are approximately 1:24 scale making one inch equal to 24 inches or two feet. These little models have quickly become popular with their dynamic poses and exciting artistic value.

Last, but certainly not least are the Stablemates. These beloved horses of the Breyer world are 1:32 scale, one inch for every 32 inches, and typically stand just under 3 inches tall. The remarkable thing about this scale is just how realistic both the horses and all of their accessories are for being so small. It’s easy to see why they are a favorite!

So, what scale do you collect? Is there one in particular, or do you have a little bit of everything? Maybe you’re missing one, Golden Oak Stables can help!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: Back To School

August 26, 2013

Students all over the country and world are headed back to school and for collectors that means less time with their Breyers. It may seem a bit sad to leave your Breyers and focus on school, but there’s lots of fun ways to have fun with your horses, while still learning!

History may seem a far off course, but Breyer has long brought us superstars of the equestrian world and in addition to that, famous historical horses. Through these models you can bring the reality of history class to your collection and to your world! One of the most prolific examples of this is Sergeant Reckless!  This little pony was a Korean War veteran and was recently honored with a statue of her own! You can learn and study all about this amazing little pony, her job and get to hold your very own realistic model of the famous Sergeant Reckless with Breyer!

Art class is a fun for so many, and expressing your creativity is something that has been a long popular facet of the model horse hobby! Breyer has so many ways to use your creativity to interact with your horses and create equine art of your own. From customizing kits to activity books, there’s a way for every type of artist to create a masterpiece with a bit of fun from Breyer!

If you’re really in the back to school spirit, the Breyer Chalkboard Horse is the perfect way to bring the classroom home! You can doodle and draw all day long on this fun horse and then wipe it clean! There’s no more festive way to go back to school than with this fun horse!

The model horse hobby has long been about showing creativity and love for horses, and with a little creativity, Breyer can help you get back to school with a bang! What are you going to do with your horses to go back to school with a bang?


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Breyer Horse Collecting: What Do You Love About Breyer Horses?

August 22, 2013

It’s easy for any horse lover to see why so many collect Breyer horses. From their beauty and realism to the equine stars they portray, it’s an easy choice to collect, but why else do you collect? What makes Breyer horses so special for you?

Breyer collectors start collecting at all stages of life from small child to adult, there’s really no age that is more common than another, but one thing is for sure, something about that beautiful yellow box and the horse inside it captures our attention. There’s something to be said about being able to bring home a new horse in your hands on a whim. Breyers are realistic as can be, but still require no care beyond a dusting every so often. This makes them such an easy choice for those who can’t have a horse of their own for one reason or another. You can saddle up with a Breyer and be riding in the World Equestrian Games or taking your horse out on a trail ride in the Grand Canyon! There really is so much you can do on the back of a Breyer!

Others collect for the artistry of the horses, there’s something to be said about such a realistic representation of a horse in miniature form. Breyer has long employed the greatest artisans in the equestrian world to create their models and throughout the years it’s only gotten more impressive! The art of the Breyer is truly something to behold and something that fascinates so many.

Another wonderful thing about Breyers is that some people collect for the friends you make. Making friends with other collectors is a wonderful experience and is a great way to meet others with similar interests. The friendships formed by these models are numerous and stretch all borders!

So, why do you collect? What makes you excited to get that new Breyer in the mail from Golden Oak Stables? Is it one of these reasons, or one of your own?


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Breyer Horse Collecting: The Diversity Of Breyers

August 19, 2013

Breyer has long brought the most amazing model horses in the world to millions all over the world. These horses are the most realistic and beautiful model horses in production and are beloved by collectors and horse lovers alike. One beautiful thing about Breyer horses is the diversity that they have in their models. Breeds from all around the world are reproduced by Breyer and bring these interesting and unique breeds to horse lovers all over the world!

One of the most unique and exciting breeds is the Marwari from India. New for 2013, this unique breed has found it’s way into the Breyer stable bringing a new and virtually unknown breed to so many! This breed is beloved by the people of India and is known for it’s curled ears that twist inward.

From the British Isles a breed unique to itself with history to spare comes to you, the Gypsy Vanner. This small statured draft horse is known for pulling the carts of gypsy travellers. They are known by sight for their long and flowing manes and tales and thick feathering on the legs giving them a stunningly romantic look to them.

Known by many as Olympic superstars, Breyer has brought many famous Warmbloods to collectors including Totilas. Many Warmbloods hail from Europe where they have been bred to excel at sports like show jumping and dressage. These powerhouses are full of strength and precision and are truly equestrian superstars of the Olympics.

Breyer also produces horses that we’re more familiar with like Quarter Horses, Paints and American Saddlebreds. All of these horses are special in their own way, if a bit more well known than others. It doesn’t stop there though, there are dozens of breeds in Breyer’s collection and dozens for you to collect! What new horse can Golden Oak Stables add to your stable? What kind of horse do you want to learn about?

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Ready For A Little Playtime?

August 15, 2013

Everyone likes a little playtime now and again, and Breyer is always happy to bring a bit of fun to horse lovers! New for fall 2013, Golden Oak Stables brings you a couple of new additions to the Breyer lineup that will have everyone excited for a little playtime.

New for fall 2013, Breyer brings a big pony full of a lot of fun to you! The Little Bits Big Bounce Pony is a big pony full of fun! This bouncy pony is sure to provide fun for any little one with his adorable cartoonistic looks and sweet disposition. Kids can bounce around and imagine life on the back of a horse with their very own pony that can allow them to live out their dreams of having a real pony of their own!  Your little one can gallop across the ranch or race down the track on the back of their very own horse!

Another fun addition to the Breyer collection is the Little Bits Big Red Barn which is sure to make any kid, big or small. This fun playtent is a great way for kids to pretend about life on the farm with a barn of their own! Indoors or outdoors, this bright red barn is a fun way to play pretend in a big way! With flapped tie back front barn doors and a flap on the side, there’s so much fun to be had in this barn of their very own!

Bringing a fun new twist to the Breyer family, children can imagine a barn of their own with a pony to ride and a barn to play in. Their imaginations will run wild playing and romping along with a pony and barn of their very own, what could be better?

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Breyer Horse Accessories: What Does a Horse Need?

August 12, 2013

Breyer horses have been the miniature mimic of real horses for over 60 years now, Breyers have always been so realistic that they feel like they might just take a breath and gallop off! That doesn’t extend to just horses though…

Real horses require equipment like tack, grooming supplies and medicine, and Breyer, wanting to create a lifelike experience for collectors, brings you all the equipment a horse could need! The most logical place to start is shelter, and simply put, every horse needs a barn and a stall. Breyer has created barns for many sizes of their models, from traditional to stablemate!

Once you’ve got your barn, you’ll need to maintain it with the right tools and equipment. Every barn needs a set of tools to clean and maintain the barn, and the Stable Equipment set is a great place to start.  A Feed Set is also a great way to get started as you don’t want any hungry horses and a Grooming Kit is a must have for any barn. From there you can start building your own farm with fence, tack room accessories and your own creativity!

Tack is another big necessity for horses, but where do you start? This is all up to you! Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you dozens of choices for tack. Blankets come in all different colors and tack comes for so many disciplines, that the choice is truly yours! What do you want your stable to be filled with? Olympic show jumpers or maybe just a barn full of ponies for trail riding.

So, what do you think your horses need? What do you want to do with your models and what do you want your stable, and collection, to become? Just like real horses, there’s no stopping you with a little creativity and determination.

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Breyer Horse Collecting: What “Grails” Do You Have?

August 8, 2013

Nearly every Breyer collector has a wish list, whether in their head, down on a piece of paper or at Golden Oak Stables, we all have horses we hope to add to our collections some day soon. What’s on that list is always interesting though and varies from collector to collector, what one collector has searched high and low for another might have sitting right next to them!

Many collectors get excited about new models, and who wouldn’t? Beautiful new sculptures and stunning new paint schemes are enough to get any Breyer collector excited, so it’s no question why new releases get put on the top of so many want lists. The excitement of a new model is something shared by all collectors alike, and new releases are some of the most popular additions to collections each year! Throughout the year Breyer releases new models and collectors wait with baited breath for these horses, are any new releases on your want list right now?

Vintage horses are also a very popular want for collectors and many also have a vintage horse or two on their want list. These horses are discontinued and not currently produced by Breyer, making the hunt that much harder and more exciting. It’s also more difficult to find these horses in good condition, because many of them were played with throughout the years. Mint vintage models are at the top of many want lists and many more have at least a few vintage models that they’d love to add to their collection!

Golden Oak Stables not only brings you all the new models you could ever ask for, but also a selection of vintage models to fill out your want list! So, do you have a list of models you want to add to your stable? If not, start one today!

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