Breyer Horse Holiday: Beautiful Breeds Ornament Peruvian Paso

For 10 years Breyer has chosen one breed each holiday season to showcase to the world. Each year a new breed is chosen and earns the right of being hung on Christmas trees of horse lovers all over! This year, the Peruvian Paso has been chosen. With his spirit and beauty there’s no question why!

The Peruvian Paso is a breed that hails from the land of South America. This breed was originally descended from Spanish breeds like the Andalusian brought over by conquistadors. The Peruvian Paso is most well known for their gait, a trot that creates a smooth ride for the rider. This gait is unique to only the Peruvian Paso and is one of the smoothest gaits of any horse.

The Peruvian Paso is a compact horse typically under 16 hands. Their Spanish roots can be seen in their Iberian appearance with a crested neck and well defined facial features. Peruvian Pasos can come in nearly any coat color aside from pinto or appaloosa and make for a colorful rainbow to say the least!

For 2012, Breyer brings us a wonderful ornament to add to our tree celebrating the Peruvian Paso. Sculpted by the ever talented Sommer Prosser, the Peruvian Paso ornament captures the spirit and beauty of this beloved breed. With his soft ambling gait, the Peruvian Paso brings the same calm demeanor and disposition to this wonderful horse. Created out of porcelain, this lovely Peruvian Paso is deep bay in color, with lovely shadings throughout his body. A white sock provides the perfect contrast and his long flowing black mane and tail make him all the more fanciful. He wears a golden halter that is perfect for the holiday season and is accented with a red poinsettia that trails green and red ribbons behind it!

Always celebrating the beauty of the horse, Breyer once again shows us the true spirit of another beautiful breed. From near and far, the horses that Breyer showcases bring beauty to anyone who has the chance to experience them!


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One Response to Breyer Horse Holiday: Beautiful Breeds Ornament Peruvian Paso

  1. Squueeeee! Love Peruvian Pasos 😀 They’re my favourite breed :3 Haven’t got any of the Beautiful Breeds Ornaments before but I may just have to this year 😉

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