Breyer Horse Activities: Crazy Real Horse Activity Set

June 27, 2013

Summer is here and these long summer days can get a little boring if you have too much time on your hands. One fun way to spend that time is with your Breyer horses. Cleaning, organizing, customizing and playing are all wonderful ways to spend with your models, but you can also let the artist in you out with a fun new set from Golden Oak Stables!

New for summer 2013, the Crazy Real Horse Activity Set is a fun way to bring the creativity out of anyone! Drawing horses is a past time so many of us participated in. On the back of school worksheets and in sketch pads, so many horse lovers created doodle after doodle of their favorite horses. Breyers are a popular model as well for artists. Being realistic and beautiful, they make great subjects for those learning to draw the equine!

The Crazy Real Horse Activity Set includes everything you’ll need to unleash the creativity inside of you! You can start off with a few coloring sheets that will warm you up to drawing with beautiful sketches of some of your favorite Breyer models. Once you’re comfortable with that you can try out the sketch pad and get to work on creating your own drawings.

This set includes a set of crayons and colored pencils to give you a few mediums to work in, four coloring sheets, a 30 page sketchpad to hold your own drawings, two stamps, stickers and best of all, a stablemate of your own to sketch!

Let your creativity run wild with this fun new set and spend a warm afternoon by the poolside doodling your favorite models! With a little practice, anyone can so it!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Stablemates Crazy Create & Color Barn

June 24, 2013

Stablemates collectors can rejoice with a  fun new set that will have you ready to get creative and fun with Breyer!

Standing approximately 4 inches tall, Stablemates have been in the Breyer lineup for almost 40 years! First introduced in 1975, these little horses pack just as much detail as Breyer’s Traditional horses horses! Sculptors have worked their magic to create these tiny horses that bring all of the excitement of the equestrian world to miniature form. It’s no surprise that collectors have fallen head over heels for these little horses and have made them almost as popular as their traditional counterparts!

Golden Oak Stables brings you a fun new set that will not only get you playing with your Stablemates, but will also get your creativity going. The Stablemates Crazy Create and Color Barn is a fun way for you to make a barn for your Stablemates all on your own. This set comes with a cardboard series of pieces that are just waiting for you to unleash your creativity on them. The large stable has opening doors, windows and a hay loft that will have it feeling like the real thing. This set also includes fence to create a paddock for your horses to turn out in and a run-in barn for them to gallop into at their leisure.

The fun is in the creativity though, included are a set of crayons that can start you off, but anything is possible! What kind of barn do you want to create? A lovely oak barn with a rustic feel? Or perhaps a red and white barn like you see on so many farms? There’s nothing stopping you from trying something bright and colorful, like a pink or purple barn either! The choice is yours, so where will you start?


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Lindsay’s Faith

June 20, 2013

Every year hundreds of mustangs are rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management and adopted out to horse lovers all over the country. These roundups provide a way to sustain the population of wild mustangs as well as bringing horses into new homes. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you a model created after one of these success stories!

There are thousands of  wild horses that roam throughout the United States and every year some of these horses are rounded up and placed for adoption. This is to keep the herds of Mustangs from over population. The  horses that are rounded up go on to amazing transformations that have to be seen to believed! Horses like J.B Andrew and Padre are both adopted Mustangs that have gone on to have very successful dressage careers and the Kentucky Horse Park has a Mustang troop of their own that performs for visitors from all over the world! These horses can truly do anything!

Lindsay’s Faith is a Mustang that proves this in her own way. Rounded up right around the age of six, Lindsay was selected to participate in the annual Extreme Mustang Makeover challenge. In this competition, competitors have 100 days to train and transform a wild Mustang into a riding horse. Lindsay made it to the final rounds of the competition, showing her genteelness and ability to learn to hundreds of spectators!

After that Lindsay’s Faith went on to competitive trail riding where she really proved her abilities. Through the American Competitive Trail Horse Association she competed and was chosen to compete in the America’s Favorite Trail Horse competition for 2011 where they won!

Breyer now brings Lindsay’s Faith to your stable. A fun horse with an unbelievable story, Lindsay is sure to bring excitement to your stable with her unique abilities and stunning rose grey color. Who wouldn’t want such a talented horse in their stable?


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Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest 2013 Denim And Diamonds

June 17, 2013

Model horse collectors from near and far are getting ready for the event of the year, Breyerfest! Each year thousands of people come from far and wide to celebrate the model horses we all collect and love so much and this year is proving to be no exception!

Lexington Kentucky and the Kentucky Horse Park have played host to Breyerfest for over 20 years and this year welcomes Denim and Diamonds! This celebration of the bling and beauty that go along with the world of Western horses is exciting to say the least! Breyer has brought together a group of guests that you’ll not soon forget. The celebration horse is the amazing Smart and Shiney. This reining horse has been heating up the world with not only his amazing talent in the ring but also his amazing looks! He’s truly a handsome horse. His owner and rider is also a bit of a star, the famous Lyle Lovett! There are horses from all over the country on the guest list like Lady C, a beautiful spotted saddle horse and Tennessee Titan, a spotted mule!

With just about a month left there’s excitement running wild with collectors with everything from workshops to special models! There’s shows that are some of the toughest competition in the world and contests that challenge the creativity of every entrant. There’s just so much to do!

The horse capital of the world also brings collectors real horse events to experience, from shows at the horse park to the outlying farms. Keeneland is right down the road from the horse park as are dozens of the most famous stables in the world. Royalty like Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra even live in Lexington, but chances are you won’t be able to see them!

No matter what there’s something spectacular for every horse lover at Breyerfest, and if you don’t have the opportunity to go, don’t fret. Golden Oak Stables and Stable News will bring you the events of Breyerfest so you too can experience the largest model horse convention in the world!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Mystery Foal Surprise Families

June 13, 2013

Stablemate collectors rejoice! New for summer 2013 are nine new stablemates galloping into Golden Oak Stables with a twist, you will only know what six of them are until you open them for yourselves!

The Stablemates Mystery Foal Surprise sets are three fun sets that will have you guessing what each foal will look like. Collectors have long loved the Stablemamates line for their small size, attention to detail and ease of collecting. They are truly the little horses that can capture anyone’s heart! Some collectors may remember the Mystery Foal sets from 2012,  but new for this year Breyer has brought three new sets to collectors that will get your excitement going from the moment you see them! Even more exciting, sometimes a golden foal will appear!

The foals coat color is all based on color genetics, so with a little research you could make a good guess on what each foal might look like, but the true mystery remains until the box is opened.

Mares and Stallions include a bay Arabian stallion, a flashy chestnut Tennessee Walking Horse, a leopard appaloosa Draft Horse, a chestnut blanket appaloosa Warmblood, a black and white rearing overo Mustang and a deep bay Warmblood. These horses can create any number of possibilities for foals, from the bright and flashy to the beautiful and understated, there’s no telling what kind of foals will come out of these horses!

Bringing together the fun of a mystery with new exciting Stablemates to collect, there is nothing more fun than these three new Mystery Foal Surprise sets! You can add nine new beautiful horses to your collection today, the only thing is, what will the foals look like? What are your guesses?


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Pinto Sport Horse

June 10, 2013

There’s a group of new horses that are galloping into Golden Oak Stables this summer and the flashiest one of them all is the Pinto Sport Horse! Full of energy and excitement, this new horse is sure to bring a whole new level of energy to any stable it finds itself in!

The Sport Horse is a term used by equestrians to describe any number of Warmbloods and horses that are used to compete in the disciplines of events like Dressage and Show Jumping. These horses are known for their determined nature, high level of athleticism and their amazing tenacity. The Sport Horse is a breed type that can manifiest in the form of a large warmblood draft cross that stands tall and proud or a petite Thoroughbred that commands the arena with their presence, there is a great deal of variety! There’s also a ton of variety in the color of Sport Horses. Sport horses can come in nearly any color of the rainbow, because they can be so many different breeds. Sport Horse Registry like the Pinto Sport Horse registry promotes and enhances the lines of these horses while promoting their unique characteristics!

Breyer’s new Pinto Sport Horse has been created on the always beloved Gem Twist mold. This mold is shown in a full approach to an obstacle showing the strength and versatility of this breed. What stands out more though is his striking coat! This beautiful horse shines with his intricate bay pinto pattern that lays in intricate patches throughout his body. Even his mane and tail are bi-colored giving him both a realistic and stunning look! His mane is braided into the traditional braids for competition giving him the most regal of looks.

The Pinto Sport Horse is ready for his day on the course, all he needs is you! So add this new beautiful guy to your stable and saddle up for a day of amazing fun!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: What Is A Decorator?

June 6, 2013

There are many different kinds of horses at Golden Oak Stables, everything from Arabians to Clydesdales and everything in between. Hundreds of breeds of horses have been made by Breyer over the years but there’s one illusive kind of Breyer horse that always gets collectors excited, decorators!

The word decorator may seem like a funny word to describe a Breyer horse but it’s really not that odd at all once you know the history. Over 50 years ago Breyer introduced the first in a long line of decorator horses, the woodgrain. Painted to look like it was carved from wood, the woodgrain horse was sold as a decoration piece for homes, hence the name decorator! The woodgrain horses were popular and were joined by a much brighter set of decorators in the 1960’s. Gold Charm, Florentine, Wedgewood blue and Copenhagen colored horses joined the decorator crew. By the early 1970’s the decorators had come and gone but collectors were still fans and due to their hard to find nature, can be some of the most desirable Breyer horses even today!

In the 1990’s Breyer once again began creating decorators, and now, anything goes! Breyer decorators now can be anything from a golden horse to one with a fairytale scene painted on it and anything in between! Fantasy and creativity run wild with Breyer decorators, which is why so many collectors adore adding them to their collection!

You can go Horse Crazy for a set of decorators all your own! New for 2013 there’s six new, transparent and bright Stablemates in the Horse Crazy set that are sure to have you rarin’ to add something bright and colorful to your collection! These six model are a great way to start a collection of decorators, or add to it!

Always bringing fun and creativity to collectors, Breyer brings a new set of fun decorators to you! What are you waiting for?


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Golden Oak Stables: Activity Kits For Summer

June 3, 2013

With summer knocking at our door step, long summer days are ready to be filled with days of fun! For a Breyer horse lover, there is nothing better than days filled with your stable! There’s also a myriad of activities that any horse lover will have a blast filling their summer days with!

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you a line of accessories that can fill your summer with all new ways to play with your horses and to try new things! A fun way to start is with the My Dream Horse Customizing Kit! You can learn the basics of customizing a Breyer horse like so many artists do every day with this kit and be on your way to turning every horse into your dream horse! This kit will take you from painting to hairing and teach you all about the realistic way to paint a horse!

For those who are ambitious and want to try something creative, the Model Horse Sculpting Kit is the way to go! You can learn how to sculpt a horse from start to finish with this kit just like Breyer’s own sculptors! Included are all the tools you need to make a classic sized sculpture! What a fun summer project!

If you’re looking for something a little more low key, there’s many Breyer Coloring Books that are easy and fun ways to pass the time! Pumpernickle Goes To The Fair, H Is For Horse and the Breyer Collectors Coloring Book are all fun ways to get involved with your horses and bring a little creativity to the pages!

There’s also things like Puzzles, Playsets, Painting Kits and more that can fill almost every summer day with something fun and Breyer to do! The possibilities only end with your creativity, so what are you going to make this summer?


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