Breyer Horse Classics: Pet Groomer Set

January 30, 2014

Taking care of your animals is the most important task of ownership and one of the biggest tasks is keeping your animal groomed and clean. Golden Oak Stables brings you a new Classics gift set that brings together the fun of pet ownership together with the love of Breyer horses to make a set that’s bound to provide hours upon hours of fun for any animal lover!

Pet grooming is a task we all take on when we get an animal of any kind. Some animals require less work than others, but most cats, dogs and of course horses, need care to keep them clean and healthy. Cats normally need a brushing on a regular basis, Dogs also need a bath from time to time, but horses require a little more work. Horses require daily grooming to keep them healthy in most cases.

Breyer has created a set, new for 2014, that helps you take care of all of your Breyer animals. The Pet Groomer Set is a fun set filled with animals and fun! The set starts off with a lovely and lively Corgi dog who’s bright coat shines! His companion is a Siamese cat that’s stretching herself out as she relaxes. They are both joined by a palomino pony foal that trots happily. Their companion is a beautiful brunette rider doll that’s ready with a bottle of pet shampoo, a bucket and a feeding trough to keep them all clean and taken care of!

The responsibilities of pet ownership can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but this fun set reminds us of the joy that our animals bring us. Big or small, feline, canine or equine, animals all bring something special to our lives!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Classics New Arrival At The Barn

January 27, 2014

With the start of the new year comes the start of foaling seasons for so many horse farms. Golden Oak Stables brings you a set that’s new for 2014 to help you relive the excitement of a new foal in your own stable and bring foaling season and two new horses into your stable.

Foaling season is always exciting on the farm and new foals are always a reason to celebrate! For Thoroughbreds, January 1st always marks their official birthday, but it’s only the start of foaling season. Most foals are born in the late winter or early spring after 11 long months of pregnancy. These new foals can be expected to stand, walk and even run within their first day of life! Within a year, a horse will be ready to start some light training and by 3 he will be ready to start his training as a riding horse.

Breyer brings a set to collectors that brings the joy of a new foal right to your barn, and just in time for all of those new foals on the way! The New Arrival At The Barn set includes two beautiful classic horses, a warmblood mare and her new spunky foal. The foal bears a resemblance to his mother’s striking red chestnut coat and has a bold blaze on his face. He comes with a blanket to keep him warm while it’s still chilly out so he can scamper in the pasture as his mother watches near. Also included is all you need to take care of a new foal, a shovel and fork for stall cleaning will keep the foal comfortable and healthy. A bucket and trough are also included to keep the new arrival, and his mother full and happy. There’s also fencing to make a pasture for your mare and foal, giving them plenty of room for play. Last but certainly not least, is a rider to keep a watchful eye on the new mother and foal.

Bringing a fun new set to Golden Oak Stables, the Classics New Arrival At The Barn is a fun way to bring the joy of a new foal to your stable!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Peace, Love & Horses

January 23, 2014

One thing that can be said about horses is that they bring joy to so many. The love of a horse can bring a whole wealth of happy emotions to a horse lover and now you can celebrate all of the wonderful things that horses bring to you with Golden Oak Stables.

New for 2014 Breyer brings a new lovely Classic model that is sure to bring a new twist to your collection. Peace, Love & Horses is a fun new horse that brings a twist to your collection while remembering what horses bring us, peace and love. Created on the Warmblood mare mold, Peace, Love & Horses is a decorator that is unlike no other. Collectors have dubbed Breyers with a fanciful edge to be Decorators. These models were first introduced in the 1960’s, when blue and gold Breyers were marketed as decorating pieces. Now, Breyer horses come in dozens of different colors and they don’t stop there. Breyer has created elaborate decorators that push the limits of the imagination and now collectors can add a new one to their collection!

Peace, Love & Horses is decorated with retro flowers and a peace sign that are all colored in shades of the pastel rainbow. With a bright rainbow mane and tail, rainbow shading on the face and green legs, there’s all to love in this horse. Even her hooves have been painted a stunning shade of blue! She brings the spirit of a bygone era to collectors and also reminds us of the joy and peace that horses bring us.

Collectors rejoice, a new decorator is on her way into the stable. Reminisce about Peace, Love & Horses with Golden Oak Stables and a new lovely little decorator for your stable!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Stablemates Horse Crazy Gift Set

January 20, 2014

Stablemate crazy collectors rejoice, a new and exciting set is galloping it’s way into Golden Oak Stables and is sure to make you whinny with excitement with their fun twist on these lovely little horses!

Standing only 4 inches tall, Stablemates have been a part of the Breyer lineup for almost forty years, since 1975, and have enchanted collectors for just as long with their fun and collectible size and their amazing detail. These little horses are so easy and fun to collect, it’s no surprise that they are one of Breyer’s most popular scales of horses. With breeds ranging from the beloved Arabian and Thoroughbred to the stocky Clydesdale and even down to the small Shetland Pony, Stablemates are just as diverse as they are beautiful.

Collectors of Stablemates can get excited for the Stablemate Horse Crazy Gift Set, a new addition to the popular Horse Crazy lineup. These translucent additions to the Stablemate lineup have quickly become favorites for collectors and now a new set of four is ready to head into your collection and brighten things up! First a lovely blue Paso Fino stands in his iconic gait with a little swing to his foot to start the collection. He’s followed by a pink standing Quarter Horse, a green frosted Warmblood and a rearing frosted yellow Arabian. They’re all accented with glittered manes and tails that give them a final touch of fantasy that is simply so fun!

Bringing a fanciful new element to any collection, the Horse Crazy Gift Set is a fun way for any collector to bring a new touch of whimsy to their collection along with four beautiful horses that encompass everything there is to love about Breyer horses and Stablemates all in one!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Colorful Blanket Assortment

January 16, 2014

Chances are, it’s pretty chilly where you are right now. Snow has been falling and cold temperatures have made their way in to stay, at least for a few months. But what about your equine friends? How are they dealing with the chilly temperatures?

Real horses are hardy animals that can weather the elements pretty well, but even then, some of them need a little bit of help when it gets very cold outside. It’s an important part of horse ownership to know when to blanket a horse and when they can take care of themselves. Blanketing a horse when it’s too warm outside can cause them to sweat  which can sometimes lead to illness. If a horse is let out when it’s too cold without proper covering, they can become very sick too! It’s important for owners to learn about their horses and what their horses needs are to keep them at the peak of health and comfortable!

Breyer horses are a little easier to take care of, but you still want to think about blanketing your Breyers for fun and realism. Golden Oak Stables brings you a set of four new blankets for 2014 that are flashy, bold and beautiful! The Blanket Assortment is a fun way to spruce up your stable and keep your horses not only warm, but protect them. Blankets can be a fun way to keep dust off of your horses or to keep them from rubbing when they get bumped against one another. Just like real horses, our Breyers sometimes do better with a blanket on them too!

If you’re ready to warm up this winter, bring a little bit of bright and bold fun into your stable and keep your horses warm and protected in style! You’re sure to welcome spring in with patterns this beautiful and bright!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Lets Go Riding Western Set

January 13, 2014

Ready to saddle up and head out on the trail? Or maybe you’re looking to work a few cows on the ranch to get them into shape. Whatever your favorite activity, Golden Oak Stables has a wonderful new set that will have you ready to mount up!

The two main disciplines in horseback riding are English and Western, each of these have millions of devoted riders all over the world, but also have a million different reasons to ride. New for 2014, Breyer has released a new Let’s Go Riding Western Set that will have collectors and horse lovers alike saddling up for adventure.

Western riding has a long history that roots itself in ranch work and long distance riding. For many years, the Western horse was a symbol of the American wild west and the ranches, riders and cowboys that called it home. Today, cowboys still proudly ride Western saddles in most cases but the Western saddle has found it’s way into the show ring just as often. Western riders now compete formally to show their skills in everything from Western pleasure classes to reining, which is a lot like dressage!

Breyer’s Let’s Go Riding Western Set features a stunning metallic buckskin Spanish bred horse that is calm and ready to do what is asked of him. He comes with his own tan and brown western saddle and a one eared bosal bridle with rope reins. His rider is a lovely red headed cowgirl dressed in a pair of riding jeans, a white fancy shirt and a matching cowboy hat. She’s even got a bright and shiny belt buckle making her all ready to go for a rider or head on into the show ring!

No matter what you rider or collect, the Let’s Go Riding Western Set is a fun new way to let your riders saddle up and head on out for lots of new adventures!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Western Parade Saddle Set

January 9, 2014

One thing that has always made Breyer stand out as the premier model horse is the realism that their horses and accessories bring to collectors. New for 2014, Golden Oak Stables brings you a new saddle set that will have all of your horses wishing they could be on parade with you!

One of the most coveted pieces of tack in the world is that of a top of the line Western parade set. These saddles, bridles and  accessories are typically elaborately decorated with extensive tooling which is truly an art form of it’s own. They are also known for their ‘bling’ as many know it. These pieces of tack are commonly covered in elaborate silver decorations that are hand etched and formed to the specific saddle and often are customized based on the customer’s desires. Because of this, Western parade tack is beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to behold. Typically this tack is only used for special occasions, such as parades and demonstrations, because it’s meant to be seen!

New for 2014 has created a Western Parade Saddle Set that is sure to have you biting at the bit to add it to your tack room. Made in a beautiful shade of brown, this set is ready to be put on your showiest of horses. It is accented throughout with silver accents and beading throughout. Every piece of tack you could want to complete your parade look is included, a western saddle with tapadero stirrups, bridle, breast collar and serape all combine for the winning look. There’s even a fancy saddle pad that finish off your set perfectly!

Ready to ride in style? The Western Parade Saddle Set is the perfect way to spruce up your tack room and to bring a new twist to your models. Which one of your horses is ready to gallop down the streets in your local parade?

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Breyer Horse New Releases: 2014 Horse Of The Year Amelia

January 6, 2014

The new year brings new starts, for so many and for Breyer, it brings new models for collectors! Each year, dozens of new horses make their way into Golden Oak Stables but only one horse is named the Horse of the Year!  This year, that special honor goes to a model named Amelia, that is sure to have collectors jumping at the bit to bring her into their own stables!

Collectors rejoice! There’s a new classic model headed your way for 2014, Amelia the lovely bright metallic palomino Appendix Quarter Horse! Collectors might recognize this mold for it’s very brief appearance in the Gallery series several years ago, but this is the first time that this model has been released in the regular lineup and in plastic! For most collectors, this means a new mold for their collection, which is a reason to celebrate!

Amelia is a stunning bright metallic palomino Appendix Quarter Horse. Appendix Quarter Horses are a mix between an American Quarter Horse and a Thoroughbred and bring the best of both worlds to the breed. Both the speed and sturdiness of both breeds combine to create an amazing working and riding horse that can compete across disciplines and across borders.

Her stunning palomino coat is deep and rich and shimmers in the light. Her short socks give her a bit of contrast along with her bright white mane and tail. She stands proudly and strong, epitomizing the Appendix Quarter Horse with all of her might!

You can bring this beautiful new horse into your collection and celebrate a unique breed along with a new mold that will have you making room for this lovely new lady! How will you start to celebrate 2014? Amelia is a wonderful start for any collector!


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