Real Life Breyer Horses: What Is Your Favorite Breed?

August 28, 2014

Horses are incredible for so many reasons, and over thousands of years they have evolved into hundreds of different breeds of horses that roam the earth and have changed the world as we know it. Golden Oak Stables has a stable full of different Breyer horses that bring some of the most incredible breeds to life, do you know what your favorite is?

One of the oldest breeds in the world is the Arabian, this desert living horse has evolved after spending hundreds of years in the deserts with the Bedouins roaming. These horses have become some of the most hardy horses in the world, often living past 30. From the Arabian many horse breeds followed, including one many know very well, the Thoroughbred. This horse has been bred for speed and to excel on the race track as a quick mover.

Horses like the Clydesdale come from Great Britain and have evolved as work horses to farmers that needed strong horses to help around the farm. The Norwegian Fjord also comes from the chilly northern lands of Europe and is a work horse in their own right, though are often closer to pony size.

In America the Morgan horse was bred to be an all around work horse and is still a favorite mount of so many today. Their sweet demeanor and hard working attitude have made them favorites! The Quarter Horse is also a popular breed that has evolved through American breeding and has many fans all over the world.

That’s just a few of the hundreds of breeds in the world, which ones are your favorite?


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Real Life Breyer Horses: The Pinto Pattern

August 25, 2014

There are many different colors in the rainbow that is horses, from palomino to dapple grey and everything in between! There’s a myriad of different colors that are all different from one another and all unique as can be! There’s one pattern that stands out from so many others and has created so many fans all over the world, the pinto pattern.

The pinto pattern can easily be described as white body markings on top of any solid color. There are many different pinto patterns that can be exhibited on a horse, including the Sabino pattern, the Overo pattern and the Tobiano pattern. These patterns explain how the white markings are on the horse’s body, and only occur with certain genetics. For example, Arabians can only have the Sabino pattern present, any other pinto pattern means that the horse isn’t fully Arabian, and not eligible for registration as one.

Pinto patterns can be seen in many breeds though, and in many different variations. Some horses will have very little markings, sometimes only high socks and maybe a spot on their stomach, while others will have very elaborate markings throughout their entire body. The defining factor? It’s all random!

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have so many pinto horses to choose from, from the Gypsy Vanner with bold patterning and a lot of drama, to the Grullo Pinto who has a stunning color and pattern, to the new Camila, who’s pattern varies from one variation to the next.

Each pinto is different, what kind of pinto horses do you have in your collection?


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Have You Met Brenda And Her Friends?

August 21, 2014

Behind every good horse is a good rider, and in the Breyer stable there’s a whole host of good horses that need a good rider! Golden Oak Stables has a barn full of riders that are all ready and waiting to get on the back of one of your horses and help it become a champion of whatever you might desire.

Most Breyer collectors have at least heard of Brenda Breyer, she’s been the star rider of the Breyer barn for thirty five years! Brenda has ridden many disciplines over the years, but now takes up seat as a Show Jumper most of the time with the occasional turn in the Dressage ring. She’s talented in many aspects, but Brenda truly shines in the English arena sports and makes a wonderful rider for any horse aspiring to make it big one day!

Western fans may have been introduced to the two stars in the western stable, but if not, Taylor and Austin are your guys! These two riders bring the fun of riding Western to your stable. These two are ready to mount up and head onto the trail or into the arena to show off their skills at reining, cow cutting, barrel racing and more!

Young riders can add a sweet little rider to their stable in the form of Junior Rider. This adorable little girl is excited to hop on her pony and compete and learn!

Finally, the two most important people in any stable are the Vet and the Farrier! These two will keep your stable healthy and happy when you need it most! No stable is complete without them.

Ready to mount up? Pick a rider and head on out today!

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Breyer Horses Classics: Western Horse and Rider Set

August 18, 2014

Breyer Classics are one of the most exciting scales of the Breyer horse collection. With so many fun accessories, different breeds and amazing paint jobs, classics stand out as a special scale that is unique and beautiful. Golden Oak Stables brings you a fun set that will have you dreaming of days on the ranch and a special horse as your mount.

New for 2014, the Classics Western Horse and Rider Set is a fun new set that brings everything you need to create your own western adventure to you in one set! The set starts off with your faithful mount, a beautiful red roan quarter horse. This beautiful roan horse has a lovely white blaze and two white socks on her back legs giving her a stunning look.

Her rider is a lovely little girl with a long blonde ponytail. She wears a casual outfit with dark jeans, a pink sweatshirt and a pair of black cowboy boots. This outfit is perfect for an impromptu lesson or a trip out on the trail. She wears a lovely tan cowboy hat with pink trim to finish off her look.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the set comes with a set of black western tack that will help you to have everything you need to saddle up and head on out on whatever adventure you can think up!

Ready to hit the trail? Want to get your seat in a Western saddle? Now you can with a Classics set all your own and full of fun!



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Golden Oak Stables Real Life Horses: Portrait Models

August 14, 2014

As you look over the shelves of your collection, you probably have a wide range of horses that make it up. Big, small, different scale and colors, all of these things that make a collection unique. There’s a special kind of horse that lives in in the Breyer lineup at Golden Oak Stables that stands out though, portrait models.

Portrait models are models made after real life horses that are unlike any other! Breyer has a long history of creating some of the most famous horses and immortalizing them with a model of their very own. Famous race horses, eventing super stars and even movie stars made up some of the first Breyer portrait models and are still some of the most memorable Breyer models in the world. 

Breyer has created hundreds of portrait models in their history, and continues to create many still today! Breyer collectors can now not only add their favorite movie stars, race horses and eventing super stars to their stable, but they can also add more unique horses that are famous for all kinds of different reasons! 

Horses like Lil Ricky Rocker is known for his long time at Breyerfest among other accomplishments. Rare breeds like the Norwegian Fjord have been immortalized with their champions like GVF Sjokolade, who was most recently added to the Breyer lineup. Famous horses from books, therapy horses, and even Mustang Makeover winners have all been created by Breyer, bringing unique and incredible real life horses to collectors!

What models make up your shelves? Do you have any unique portrait horses? 

Breyer Horses Classics: Canterwood Crest- Take The Reins

August 11, 2014

Breyer has always brought the most incredible horses to life and brought them to collectors all over the world! Breyer also has a long history of bringing beloved literary horses to life with models of their very own. Now you can take a journey to Canterwood Crest with a new adventurous story and a horse.

Golden Oak Stables brings you the story of Sasha Silver and her adventures at the Canterwood Crest riding academy, Take The Reins. This elite riding school is the setting for the Canterwood Crest novels that have now come to life with stories and Breyer horses of their own. Sasha and Charm, her beloved horse, arrive on campus and aren’t exactly welcomed with open arms. She finds that the students of Canterwood Crest, one group of girls especially, aren’t ready for a new rider to shake things up. When Sasha and Charm show what they are capable of, the girls are even more determined to not to let Sasha show them up! With that kind of attitude following her around, Sasha becomes determined to make the advanced riding team by the end of the semester, but will she be able to do it?

Her mount, Charm, has been created on a Classic scale Breyer model so that you can have a Charm of your own! The Canterwood Crest Take The Reins set includes the beautiful Charm and a copy of Take The Reins. This beautiful chestnut horse has been created on a beautifully braided sport horse with two white socks and beautiful shading.

You can bring home the story of Sasha, Charm and all of the adventure at Canterwood Crest!



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Breyer Horse Collecting: Model Horse Diversity

August 7, 2014

One of the most fantastic things about collecting Breyer horses is that you can bring just about any breed into your stables. There’s nothing stopping you from bringing the horses of your dreams into your life, at least in model form! It might not be something you think about your collection every day, but when you take a step back and look at all the different horses, you’ll probably be surprised by how diverse it is!

Real life horses vary from one horse to another, but for most horse lovers, exotic breeds of horses aren’t seen in every day life. Even some breeds that aren’t exotic aren’t seen very often. Different regions of the country and the world have certain breeds that tend to be common to it, and even going to a different state or region can show your horses you’ve never seen before. When you think about that, it makes the world of Breyer pretty incredible!

In the past two decades Breyer has brought some incredible breeds to it’s stable that many of us would never have the chance to experience or learn about if not for them! Breeds like the Norwegian Fjord have only recently become a household name and are still an exotic site in most areas of the world. The Gypsy Vanner has been a part of the Gypsy world for hundreds of years, but only recently has this breed become known to horse lovers all over the world.  The Hackney Pony is a unique little horse that might be well known among some riding circles, but is truly a rare sight among many.  As for truly exotic, the Peruvian Paso is a horse that brings all of his South American style and breed characteristics to a model that has become beloved by collectors.

That’s only the start of all the amazing breeds, take a trip over to Golden Oak Stables and discover a new breed today!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Your Pride And Joy

August 4, 2014

Collecting Breyer horses is different for each and every collector. Some collectors collect what they love, some have just a few horses that remind them of horses they know and other collectors have a lifetime’s worth of horses that grace their shelves. No matter what kind of collector you are, there’s special horses in your collection that stand out among the others!

Collectors of all kinds have pride in their collections, the act of building a collection in itself is something to be proud of. As a collector, we are the curators of a special group of horses that we handpick and choose to be added to our collections. Collectors should take great pride in this, and know how special this really is! Curating a collection is something that takes a detail oriented eye  and an attention to detail. During that process, some horses might stand out from others, and horses that took extra time and care to add to the collection are often given a place of pride in a collection. Do you have any horses that are special like this?

Other collectors use their horses to compete all over the country and world. Whether it be original finish Breyers or customized horses of their own making, these horses often become beloved to their owners. Taking the time to show a horse and to attend live shows builds a sense of pride with the horses that go along with you. Do you have any special show horses in your collection?

There are many reasons to have pride in your collection, and having horses that are your pride and joy are important and special for any collector! Who is the pride and joy of your collection? Or which horse from Golden Oak Stables do you hope will be your new one?

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