Golden Oak Stables Real Life Horses: Portrait Models

August 14, 2014

As you look over the shelves of your collection, you probably have a wide range of horses that make it up. Big, small, different scale and colors, all of these things that make a collection unique. There’s a special kind of horse that lives in in the Breyer lineup at Golden Oak Stables that stands out though, portrait models.

Portrait models are models made after real life horses that are unlike any other! Breyer has a long history of creating some of the most famous horses and immortalizing them with a model of their very own. Famous race horses, eventing super stars and even movie stars made up some of the first Breyer portrait models and are still some of the most memorable Breyer models in the world. 

Breyer has created hundreds of portrait models in their history, and continues to create many still today! Breyer collectors can now not only add their favorite movie stars, race horses and eventing super stars to their stable, but they can also add more unique horses that are famous for all kinds of different reasons! 

Horses like Lil Ricky Rocker is known for his long time at Breyerfest among other accomplishments. Rare breeds like the Norwegian Fjord have been immortalized with their champions like GVF Sjokolade, who was most recently added to the Breyer lineup. Famous horses from books, therapy horses, and even Mustang Makeover winners have all been created by Breyer, bringing unique and incredible real life horses to collectors!

What models make up your shelves? Do you have any unique portrait horses? 

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