Real Life Breyer Horses: What Is Your Favorite Breed?

Horses are incredible for so many reasons, and over thousands of years they have evolved into hundreds of different breeds of horses that roam the earth and have changed the world as we know it. Golden Oak Stables has a stable full of different Breyer horses that bring some of the most incredible breeds to life, do you know what your favorite is?

One of the oldest breeds in the world is the Arabian, this desert living horse has evolved after spending hundreds of years in the deserts with the Bedouins roaming. These horses have become some of the most hardy horses in the world, often living past 30. From the Arabian many horse breeds followed, including one many know very well, the Thoroughbred. This horse has been bred for speed and to excel on the race track as a quick mover.

Horses like the Clydesdale come from Great Britain and have evolved as work horses to farmers that needed strong horses to help around the farm. The Norwegian Fjord also comes from the chilly northern lands of Europe and is a work horse in their own right, though are often closer to pony size.

In America the Morgan horse was bred to be an all around work horse and is still a favorite mount of so many today. Their sweet demeanor and hard working attitude have made them favorites! The Quarter Horse is also a popular breed that has evolved through American breeding and has many fans all over the world.

That’s just a few of the hundreds of breeds in the world, which ones are your favorite?


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