Breyer Horses Classics: Canterwood Crest- Take The Reins

Breyer has always brought the most incredible horses to life and brought them to collectors all over the world! Breyer also has a long history of bringing beloved literary horses to life with models of their very own. Now you can take a journey to Canterwood Crest with a new adventurous story and a horse.

Golden Oak Stables brings you the story of Sasha Silver and her adventures at the Canterwood Crest riding academy, Take The Reins. This elite riding school is the setting for the Canterwood Crest novels that have now come to life with stories and Breyer horses of their own. Sasha and Charm, her beloved horse, arrive on campus and aren’t exactly welcomed with open arms. She finds that the students of Canterwood Crest, one group of girls especially, aren’t ready for a new rider to shake things up. When Sasha and Charm show what they are capable of, the girls are even more determined to not to let Sasha show them up! With that kind of attitude following her around, Sasha becomes determined to make the advanced riding team by the end of the semester, but will she be able to do it?

Her mount, Charm, has been created on a Classic scale Breyer model so that you can have a Charm of your own! The Canterwood Crest Take The Reins set includes the beautiful Charm and a copy of Take The Reins. This beautiful chestnut horse has been created on a beautifully braided sport horse with two white socks and beautiful shading.

You can bring home the story of Sasha, Charm and all of the adventure at Canterwood Crest!



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