Breyer Horse Contest Time! Halloween Photo Contest!

August 30, 2010

As fall rolls in Breyer has rolled out a stunning Test Model that will be awarded to the top prize!

The adorable Halloween Pony Gift Set is the perfect addition to just about any collection, this adorable blue roan pony is the absolute pinnacle of sweetness. Dressed in a ghost costume she is frighteningly ready for a barn costume contest, or better yet, a Breyer contest. With her faithful witch companion dressed to the nines in orange, green and black she is ready to lead her pony right into the winner’s circle.

Breyer has comprised a great contest that puts this set in center stage! Breyer is asking you to create a Halloween scene using the Halloween Pony Gift Set and your own imagination to come up with a photograph that will scare the horseshoes off of anyone! Bats, pumpkins, spooky trees, nothing is off limits when it comes to your creativity!

The prize is an amazing Legionaro mold done in a test run color similar to a previous Halloween Horse “Merry Widow”. This one of a kind model will be given away to the winner and two runners up will win this year’s Dealer Special Run “Bats in the Belfry”!

From Breyer:

Win a Test Model in our Spooktacular Scene Contest

We have a frighteningly fabulous test model of the 2003 Halloween Horse, Merry Widow, to give away to one lucky winner! Done in sparkly metallic black paint on Legionario (mold #68), “Merry Widower” features a spooky spider and spider web pattern, perfect for Halloween! Entering is fun and easy! Just purchase the Halloween Pony Gift Set (#1427), create a spooky Halloween scene and send us a picture of your creation. With our rider doll masquerading as a witch and her playful blue roan pony posing as a ghost, a spooky scene should be a piece of cake…or at least pumpkin pie!

Restrictions, terms and conditions apply. Click here for complete details.

So spook on over to Golden Oak Stables to pick up your Halloween Pony Set and then dust off your camera and get started! Time’s ticking away!


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Announcing The Golden Oak Stables Breyer Horse Video Challenge!

August 26, 2010

One of the hottest new trends in the Breyer horse hobby is Youtube! Creating videos of your collection is quickly becoming the fastest growing activity to do with your Breyer Horse collection.

From simple “Collection” videos where a user will record her entire collection for others to see, to elaborate productions starring their favorite models, the variety of subjects and genres are varied and wide! If you type in the words “Breyer Horses” in Youtube you will get over 5000 videos from hundreds of different users.

Golden Oak Stables is proud to announce the Golden Oak Stables Video Challenge! With six different prize categories that have wonderful prizes, you’d be silly not to enter.

The six different categories are:
1) Creativity – Use your imagination to innovate something that is new.
2) Reality – Use actual events or facts in a simulation.
3) Informational – Use your knowledge to provide instruction.
4) Choreography – Use your artistic talents.
5) Videography – Use your skills to provide an organized production.
6) Golden Oak Stables “I Love Breyer Horses” Video Challenge Award – To be awarded to the best over-all video.

Winners will be announced on October 23rd, 2010 around noontime and entries must be submitted by October 17th, 2010.

Entries can be any subject, let your creativity run wild and create a video that will stand out in a crowd! Your video can be fiction or documentary, and live action or animated, the most important factor is that you are as creative as possible!

Winners in categories 1-5 will win a $50 Golden Oak Stables gift certificate, and the winner in category 6 will win a $100 Golden Oak Stables gift certificate!

So pull your camera out and get those creative juices flowing to create a video for the Golden Oak Stables Video Challenge. Take a moment to join the Golden Oak Stables Youtube Page to keep up with the contest as it grows closer to the deadline.

Full rules can be read on the Golden Oak Stables Video Challenge page.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Enter today!


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Breyer Horse Collections: What Can You Do To Grow Your Collection?

August 23, 2010

Collections of any kind are meant to grow. It can be hard to grow your collection if you don’t have unlimited income, like most collectors, but finding creative ways to bring new members to your herd can not only be fun but it can also be rewarding.

One of the easiest things you can do to add a little bit of hobby income into your wallet is to cut down on your unneeded expenses. Things like eating fast food and grabbing a coffee every day can add up quick; cutting this out only a few days out of the month can add up quickly! By the end of the month you’ll probably have enough for a new traditional model! If you did that every month you’d have 12 new models for your collection!

Another thing you can do is pick up a little extra work here and there, like walking a neighbor’s dog or babysitting a neighbor. Picking up a few extra hours here or there doing an odd job is a fun way to bring in a few extra bucks! You’ll get a little variety in your life and have something to do while making money for your models!

Many hobbyists find that they have talents in the hobby that they can share with others and fund much of their hobby with. There are dozens of talented tack makers that create custom miniature tack for models. Many others custom paint model horses for others using a wide variety of mediums. Even more creative people find different ways to make a hit in the model horse hobby. Creating custom pouches for transportation and storage of models is one of the more creative ideas. Others create custom websites for model horse hobbyists to showcase their collections on the internet.

Finding a niche is not hard to do, nor is making a a few extra dollars by saving or working a few extra hours. Its an easy and quick way to find yourself with a much fuller wallet when it comes to model horse shopping.

When your chores are done and your saddles are shipped out to your customers, pay a visit to Golden Oak Stables where you can fill your stable with just about anything your heart desires.  From Arabians to Clydesdales and everything in between, there’s a new model for you, or 12!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Fall World Equestrian Games Releases!

August 19, 2010

In only a few very short weeks the World Equestrian Games will roll into Lexington Kentucky for what will be the largest and most important horse event to ever happen in America. Breyer is the official model horse maker of the events and has created tons of wonderful products to commemorate the famous horses, the events and the spirit of the games and there are even more to come!

One of the most exciting releases is Sapphire, the show jumping champion ridden by McLain Ward. Created on the Gem Twist mold, this portrait of the show stopping show jumper is done in a beautiful likeness of the mare. One of the most detailed models in the current Breyer line, Sapphire features a beautiful paint job right down to the highly detailed socks and hooves!

Breyer has created the icon of the WEG’s not only in plastic but also in a black bisque porcelain. Esprit has been created using the finest black bisque to create a stark black version of this model that is stunning and elegant. He is attached to a base making him easy for display and is limited to only 2010 pieces.

You can bring home the beautiful work of LeRoy Neiman that he has created for the WEGs on a ceramic version of the popular Big Ben. This commemorative edition is traditional scale and is bright and colorful featuring artwork of the games. All of the disciplines are represented in this beautiful piece of art and the horse is finished on a base to complete the piece.

For a little bit of fun, there are several models created with play in mind. How about a set of WEG Mini Whinnies for you to create your own WEG’s? There  is even a Mini Whinnie WEG Trailer Set for your to transport to and from the Kentucky Horse Park! English lovers can compete with the WEG Classic English Set featuring a model, tack and rider! There’s also a set for Western Lovers with the WEG Classic Western Set where you can be a champion reiner!

That’s not all! There’s even more WEG models, accessories and sets available from Golden Oak Stables!

Even if you can’t make it to Kentucky for the WEG, you can still bring the spirit of the games home thanks to Golden Oak Stables and Breyer!


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Breyer Horse Events: Golden Oak Stables New England Fall Live

August 16, 2010

Herd your horses and pack up your tack, New England Fall Live is just 8 weeks away and its time to enter!

New England Fall Live is the finale to a year of model horse showing for Golden Oak Stables in the form of a NAN Qualifying all Breyer show with over 100 classes! As one of only a couple shows in New England this fall and the only show in New Hampshire all year you’ll want to make plans quick to attend if you live in the area.



New England Fall Live is a show specializing in Breyers, so there are divisions for Original Finish Breyer Horses, Custom Breyer Horses, Performance Classes, Collectibility Classes and Workmanship Classes! We even have a whole division specifically for amateur owner customs, so that your work will be judged equally and you get the attention you deserve! As always there is a Breyer Fun Day scheduled for the day of the show with activities for the whole family as well as shopping like you’ve never seen before!



Halter classes are abound and are double judged, so each horse has a chance at double the ribbons, one for Halter/Breed and one for either Workmanship or Collectibility. The ribbons will also be flowing in the Performance classes with a class for just about anything your creative mind can think up!



Each first and second place winner will be awarded NAN cards which will admit them to NAN 2011 in Tuscon, AZ or NAN 2012 in Lexington, KY. NAN Cards also qualify you for Merit Awards through NAMHSA!

New England Fall Live is an open level show and is open to all entrants regardless of experience. As with all of the Golden Oak Stables Shows, we encourage everyone to try out showing and see what all the fun is about! For more information please visit the Golden Oak Stables Event Calendar.

So mark your calendars for October 23rd, 2010 and start planning your trip to New Hampshire! Not only will you get to attend the show of the fall but New England is also beautiful in the fall, especially in the Northern Country! See you there!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Rest In Peace O’Leary’s Irish Diamond

August 12, 2010

With a very heavy heart I have some very tragic news to bring you. During his travel to and from Breyerfest, O’Leary’s Irish Diamond picked up a virus. He developed inflammation in his small intestine (Enteritis) and then developed pneumonia. According to many close to Diamond it all happened very quickly and the choice was made to put him down on August 7th.

O’Leary’s Irish Diamond was a world class horse with an exceptional career that any horse would be proud of. As one of, if not the most successful Irish Draught Stallion in the country he took the country and world by storm wherever he went. He was the first American tested Irish Draught stallion to ever be approved.

For those of us who got the chance to meet him at Breyerfest, he was simply a gentleman. With great manners and exceptional beauty he was the star of the show. The huge grey stallion stood out the entire weekend with his grace and astonishing beauty. He performed with the ease of any world class horse and made it very clear that he was in heaven with hundreds of adoring fans. Performing and meeting fans alike he loved every moment of it and seemed to be in love with every ounce of attention he was given.




While we have lost a great horse, we are very lucky that he can live on through the Breyer model that was created in his likeness. We all can have a small bit of O’Leary’s Irish Diamond in our hearts for some time to come.

We are all very lucky to have gotten to experience this wonderful horse through his model. Our hearts go out to his owner Melissas Cason-Kinney and all those who were close with him.

If you’d like to read a bit more about O’Leary’s Irish Diamond, take a look at Golden Oak Stable’s Stable News article written about him earlier this year.


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Breyer Horse Collecting: What’s Your Style?

August 9, 2010

Each year Golden Oak Stables and Breyer bring us hundreds of different models. The vast majority of us have to choose a few from this huge selection a few horses to add to our herd. What draws us to certain models is hard to distinguish, but taking a look at what you do collect might help you pick your future stable champions!

What makes a stable of champions? Well that could mean anything from a stable of top live show winners to a stable of well loved and cherished play things. The wonderful thing about Breyers is that you can fill your stable with whatever you want. Take a moment to look at your horses; Any patterns that you can see? Are there a lot of dapple greys? Maybe there are a lot of draft horses. What about size, do you have a lot of Stablemates? There probably is some consistency if you look hard enough. Maybe you are attracted to horses all sculpted by the same sculptor. Some collectors only collect a few certain molds and go out of their way to keep their collections of this mold complete. This is a fun way to keep track of a collection as well as keeping your collection very manageable.

What about a completely different take on things. Maybe you only have Arabians, one breed that attracts you to the model version of this beloved breed. If you collect all of one breed, is this your favorite breed? Chances are the answer is yes! Part of the wonder of collecting model horses is that we can have a stable full of dozens if not hundreds of horses in one room, without the worries of feed, board, care, cleaning not to mention exercising a stable this size!

So what does all this have to do with collecting? In a wonderful way as collectors we have built our own champion stables piece by piece, hand selected our own broodmares and stallions, futurity champion foals and lovable riding companions. We keep old nags, donkeys, feisty mustangs and unicorns all in our stables when these horses in real life may be far from reach.

Now take a look at your stable, have you filled your stable with the horses of your fantasy? The horses you dreamed about as child (Or an adult for that matter!). Chances are yes, we fill our stables with horses we can only dream of. What a more wonderful hobby we are all a part of!


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