Golden Oak Stables: Get Your Own Golden Oak Stables Shirt!

February 28, 2011

Do you love Breyer Horses? Wouldn’t you love a bright and lovely reminder to wear whenever you wanted? For a limited time only you can bring home your own Golden Oak Stables shirt for free!

Free “I Love Breyer
Horses” T-Shirt
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That’s right, you can bring home Golden Oak Stables‘ logo shirt proclaiming “I Love Breyer” on the front with a gorgeous heard of horses on the back, just by doing a little shopping!

Best of all, it is valid on any purchase! So you can grab all the new releases from the 2011 Breyer Line and fill out your collection and fill out your wardrobe! Kripton is a stunning bay Andalusian that is dramatic and romantic with a full mane and tail! Beloved for their romantic and stately looks, Andalusians are a favorite among any. You can also bring home the earth shanking Kong from the Preifert’s champion draft team! This stunning black Percheron is large and in charge! There’s also GG Valentine and Heartbreaker, a gorgeous Warmblood mare and foal set! This set comes in an exciting Matte and Glossy set, I know I’m going to be collecting both sets!

You can also fill your collection out with those things you’ve been waiting to pick up from last year and years before! There’s hundreds of different items available from Golden Oak Stables, so take some time and look around!

You can wear your own Golden Oak Stables shirt any Breyer event, a model horse show or join the many that wear them all over Breyerfest! Or you can wear your own Golden Oak Stables shirt every day! The choice is yours!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Mark Your Calendars, Zenyatta’s Having a Baby!

February 24, 2011

Yesterday love was in the air in central Kentucky when the “Wonder Mare”, Zenyatta met her first boyfriend, Bernadini! This match made in racing heaven is one of the most anticipated courtships that racing has watched in a very long time and is proving to be exciting for fans from all over the world!

Zenyatta is taking up residence at Lane’s End Farm in Versailles which is right outside of Lexington, KY. Lane’s End Farm is home to some of the most prolific and successful stallions in the country including AP Indy, which many thought she was going to be bred to. Zenyatta’s owners surprised us though by sending her to Darley to be  bred to Bernadini! Zenyatta will live at Lane’s End Farm as a broodmare and her foal should arrive sometime in early 2012!

Lady Z has been settling into life in Kentucky well spending time out in the pasture with other broodmares and enjoying not only the chilly weather that January brought to the Lexington area but also the warm temperatures that February has brought! It was a hard life for such a prolific and talented mare to settle into, but she seems to be loving her life as a broodmare and is sure to enjoy weather that is more like her home in California when summer rolls into the  bluegrass!

Zenyatta isn’t only the most famous race horse in recent history, this wonder mare is also one of the most popular Breyer horses in recent history! Everyone wants a piece of arguably the most successful mare the racing history! This lovely mare has won and unprecedented 19 out of 20 starts loosing the 20th race but less than a head!

So don’t delay, head over to Golden Oak Stables and  bring home Zenyatta and get ready for baby with all of us! We’ll all be waiting on pins and needles for a due date and I know I’ll be waiting to hear what name they pick! Personally I’m rooting for “Don’t Stand Too Close To Z!”. We’ll all just have to wait together!


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Breyer Horse Accessories: What’s in Your Stable Yard

February 21, 2011

Where do your Breyers live? On shelves in a special room? Perhaps on the floor where they are galloped around or maybe on a desk or mantle. What  about a barn? Every horse needs a barn and better yet a stable yard, Golden Oak Stables and Breyer brings you a huge selection of everything you can imagine to have your very own dream stable!

The Deluxe Breyer Barn is the perfect start for your dream stable! With two stalls, working doors, feed bins, saddle racks, bridle racks and a cross tie area, this barn is ready to become a championship barn with your horses! Created out of all wood in a natural finish the Deluxe Breyer Barn is gorgeous as can be and will make any horse lover happy!

You can fill out your pasture with a Breyer Wooden Barn is a perfect run-in shed or a great small barn to start out with. It can easily fit two Traditional horses and has working doors, chain stall guards and feed bins! This barn is great by itself or laid side by side, or it looks great as a run-in barn for your pasture horses!

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables don’t stop there! There are a ton of accessories that you can bring into your model horse barn! Stable accessories like saddle stands and fencing are great essentials to start with and important in every barn. Fill your tack room with all the tack imaginable, there’s a tack set for just about any discipline you can imagine! So you can turn your barn into a championship eventing barn or a world class reining barn, the possibilities are endless! There are also a huge range of accessories for your barn as well as riders that will be champions each time that they saddle up!

So start your stable today with any of the wonderful accessories that Breyer and Golden Oak Stables brings you! The possibilities are endless and everyone can have that dream stable they’ve always wanted, what could be better?


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Priefert’s Kong

February 17, 2011

From the romantic French countryside comes one of the most beloved and well known draft breeds, the Percheron! Breyer has taken the stunning and powerful Kong and created him in exceptional detail for the 2011 line!

Making their debut at Breyerfest 2010, the Priefert hitch was a big hit amongst many! This amazing and hard working group of six Percherons perform a full schedule all around the country, traveling from expo to expo, for audiences of all shapes and sizes. From fast-paced Roman riding to their “Texas Thunder” performance, they stun and awe with their amazing harness work! Equally impressive is their size – each of these horses stand a tall 18 hands, which is six foot tall at the shoulder!

Golden Oak Stables brings the excitement of the Priefert Percherons to you with the amazing Kong. Nicknamed Donkey Kong, this large and in charge “wheel horse” stands 19 hands tall and is the leader of the pack. His stubborn streak may be what gave him his nickname, but he gets the job done controlling and leading a group of six huge horses!

Breyer has created Kong on the stunning Cedarfarm Wixom mold that was previously created as the title championship Percheron. This mold is huge in comparison to other traditional horses, putting him in perfect scale for his breed. He is solid black aside from a white blaze across his face typical for his breed and he wears a bright red ribbon in his tail that is tied up and ready for a show.

An exciting and stunning new release, Breyer has not only brought a stunning Percheron to collectors but also a superstar! You can bring a little “Texas Thunder” – and a beautiful and impressive Breyer – home today with Kong!


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Breyer Stablemates: Small Scale Fun!

February 14, 2011

One of the most collectible and most fun Breyers out there are the Stablemates! These lovely little sculptures capture the spirit of the horse in tiny sculptures that are less than three inches in size! They are just as detailed as their traditional counterparts and are painted just as beautifully too! Breyer has found a way to capture the wonder of a twelve inch horse into a three inch package, What could be better?

Stablemates are arguably just as collectible and popular as the famous Breyer Traditional horses. These lovely models in miniature are easy to collect for many reasons, size being a large one. The space that you take up with 12 traditional horses can hold almost 100 Stablemates! Its much easier to display Stablemates if you have limited space or only a few shelves. Stablemates are also much more affordable, so for only a few dollars you can have a whole new horse, or even a new herd!

There is also a ton of accessories making these wonderful for enjoyment! You can have all the adventures you can think up with your Stablemates! There are many playsets that include fun accessories in perfect scale that Breyer has created for your Stablemates!  Golden Oak Stables has the full line of Breyer Stablemates available including some of the most exciting sets! You can bring home a truck and trailer so that you can bring your models from one show to another! Decorated in bright graphics its Brenda Breyer’s dream car, and every horse lover for that matter! You can even bring your horses to the animal hospital for a little bit of vet care after a long day on the trail and the fun playsets don’t stop there!

There are dozens of Stablemate accessories and sets that will enchant your imagination. Breyer has created a line of lovely sets and horses that brighten the play scene for many and provide a series of easy and very fun horses to collect for all! Stablemates are easily the most enchanting and collectible Breyer line they have ever produced, get hooked today!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Rolex 3 Day and Reining!

February 10, 2011

Hot off the presses, the 2011 Rolex Three Day event will incorporate one of the most exciting and popular events in the equestrian sport, Reining!

Reining was the star of the show at the World Equestrian Games 2010 and was one of the most exciting events! This sport brings the excitement of western working events and the elegance of classical training into one event that showcases the versatility and power of  the Western working horse! Riders perform a pattern the first night and they are judged on how well they perform that series of movements including the sliding stop and the spin. These are two of the more well known moves that make reining iconic. On the second night the audience will view Freestyle Reining that is a choreographed pattern by horse and rider that uses a bit of creativity to bring the elegance of reining to life!

The Kentucky Reining Cup will be held in the all new Alltech Arena. This is the same venue for the Breyerfest Live shows! This lovely arena played host to the Reining competition at the WEG and makes a wonderful venue for this lovely event! This event will be the only five star Reining event in the Western Hemisphere this year! This event is sure to become a favorite for many and paired with the Rolex 3 Day Event, this is shaping up to be an exciting weekend of equestrian competition!

Breyer has a stable full of Western stars that you can add to your stable from Golden Oak Stables. One of the most popular Breyer horses in recent years is Big Chex to Cash. This reining horse is a champion of the ring in both real life and in the Breyer horse ring. He’s a stunning palomino pinto with a bit of a metallic touch to his coat. He’s got high white socks and a small amount of spotting on his belly. His coat is full of dapples all over and he even carries his ranch brand! Chex has become a favorite among Breyer collectors for his high level of detail and stunning appearance!

Check out the all new Kentucky Reigning Cup along with the Rolex Three Day in Lexington Kentucky April 28th – 30th 2011, and if you can’t make it to Kentucky you can still bring a champion home with Golden Oak Stables!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: New Playsets for 2011

February 7, 2011

Amongst the wonderful and exciting New Releases for 2011 are two very fun and very exciting play sets that are not only wonderfully collectible but they are also full of accessories that will make them fun for hours of play!

The first set is the Pet Sitter set which is perfect for any animal lover! This lovely set includes a gorgeous black and white half-Arabian pinto foal that is sweet as can be! This lovely foal is roughly classic sized and comes with her very own blanket! Her blanket is a lovely pink color with a bright flower and yellow trim that just screams spring! The faithful “Pet Sitter” is a wonderful red headed doll with her hair tied back in pig tails and white bows tied on the ends. She wears an outfit adorned in lovely pink colors with flowers that matches the foals festive blanket! She brings along a beagle and a tabby cat that she cares for along with the foal and she brings a handful of toys to keep them occupied as she watches them!

The other exciting playset for 2011 comes in the form of an Art Class set for the creative in all of us! Horses have long been the subject of fine art and this set comes complete with doll and inspiration! The adorable bay pinto foal is still curly with baby fur but is a lovely subject! The artist is a beautiful red head with a fun and modern outfit on including a heart print top and jeans! She brings along her palette and her foal friend carries a saddlebag full of her art supplies! She even brings her very own Breyer with her as inspiration as well!

Golden Oak Stables is proud to bring you the full 2011 line and these are just a few of the exciting new releases. Have some fun today and bring home a new playset. Young or old, these are too fun to pass up!


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Breyer Horses New Releases: New Craft Kits!

February 3, 2011

Looking for the perfect winter project? Sitting around in all this snow and cold and looking for something to do with these long cold days? Golden Oak Stables has the perfect thing to ease your boring winter days! Breyer has released two more exciting craft kits to their already full and fabulous line of kits to get you started on the way to painting your next champion!

We all know that practice makes perfect, and there’s no better example of that than when customizing your own model horses. Well known Breyer cutsomizers will tell you that you need to practice over and over again. Painting a champion is a a difficult process and it would be a miracle to paint one the first time you sit down, but starting is the first step there!

Breyer has created kits that will help get you to the winners circle in the easiest way possible. Their kits come complete with all of the supplies that you need to fully complete a project! They come complete with a Breyer horse that is fully prepped and ready to paint, a variety of acrylic paints to create a realistic paint job, as well as paint brushes and directions!

There are two of the new Breyer Create, Play and Paint kits that are new for 2011. The spunky stallion is classy and full of energy! He features a black rooted mane and tail, perfect for styling and stands at around 6 inches tall! The lovely mare is a great companion to her stallion and also stands about 6 inches tall. She too has a rooted mane and tail that you can have a ball braiding for her next show! These kits also have a  fun element, they are perfect for play with their rooted manes and tails and exciting, dynamic poses. There’s also a sheet of flocked markings that you can place on your horses to change their looks into a pinto or appaloosa!

It may be cold outside but its warm in the craft studio! Use this time to polish up on your customizing skills and get started on painting your next champion for 2011!


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