Breyer Horse Accessories: Around The Barn

March 29, 2012

Breyers may be model horses, but you can still experience what it’s like to manage and own a barn just like any other horse owner. With lots of fun accessories Breyer has made it easy for collectors to have their own realistic barns that they can use to display and play with their collections. Many collectors take this a step further and work to a minute detail to create realistic and detailed scenes that could fool just about anyone! Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have a myriad of accessories that can help you create the stable of your dreams!

Every barn needs to start out with a few key things, fencing is a good place to start! The Breyer Wood Corral is the perfect way to create paddocks for your horses, you can also use the Livestock Corral to create a fun and realistic pen! From there you’ll want to stock your tack room with everything a horse lover might need. Saddle Stands are a must, you don’t want your prized saddles getting damaged when they aren’t being used. A Tack Box is also a popular choice to keep all of your odds and ends organized.

Around the barn there are many things you’ll need on a daily basis, the most important are cleaning supplies. No one really enjoys this job, but having a Stable Cleaning Kit will keep your stalls clean and your aisles clear so that you can focus on the important things, like bringing home that blue ribbon! Keeping your barn clean isn’t the only important thing, keeping your horse clean is also important! A Grooming Kit is a necessity for any horse owner, complete with all of the basics you might need. If you’re headed to a show you’ll find the Show Grooming Kit to be a fun way to stand out among the crowd!

These are just the basics, there are dozens of fun and realistic accessories to help you create the stable of your dreams! We may not all be able to own a real horse or barn, but with Breyer and Golden Oak Stables we can have the stable of our dreams!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: All About The Numbers

March 26, 2012

Since the very beginning Breyer has given each model ever created a number of their own. Thousands of models later this number has become an important cataloging and collecting tool for many collectors. What number your horse has can tell you many things about the model and help you keep track of what you have in your collection, and what you hope to add to it.

Commonly accepted as the first Breyer horse, the Palomino Western Horse started it all as number 57. For the first few decades it seemed like there wasn’t too much of a pattern to numbering models, families commonly had number in sequence, such as 4,5 and 6 for the iconic Palomino Family Arabian Foals, but models weren’t commonly released in sequential numbers.

In the 1970’s new sets began being released, these classic sets were a little smaller in scale than the Traditional models that had been the only option before then and they had new sets of four digit numbers as well! Stablemates also were introduced in the 1970’s with their own sets of four digit numbers.

In the 1980’s Special Run models became a collectors favorite. These models could be any scale and began coming with a five or six digit number to identify them. Even today Special Runs still have six digit numbers that identify them for both Breyer and collectors alike.

Regular Run models now commonly have a four digit number to identify them with a little variation here and there. This number can be a very helpful tool for collectors to keep track of their collections. Numbers are not commonly reused by Breyer, it has happened a handful of times, but for the most part, one number corresponds to one horse. For collectors this is a great way to easily catalog collections! This can also be helpful for knowing which models you are looking for or which you’d like to add to your collection.

No matter what kind of collector you are, a little organization is always a good thing! So the next time you get a new horse from Golden Oak Stables, take a moment to look at the model number on the box, it might just help you keep things a lot more organized in your barn!


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Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest and the North American Nationals

March 22, 2012

It’s that time of the year when thoughts of summer vacation are starting  to creep into everyone’s mind. For Breyer lovers, that means thoughts of Breyerfest! This year Breyer brings the spirit of Great Britain to Kentucky. That’s not the only exciting thing, this year Lexington plays host to the North American Model Horse Showers Association’s North American Nationals in the days leading up to Breyerfest!

The North American Nationals, or NAN for short, is a three day championship show held every year that crowns the best model horses in the nation. Models are required to qualify  at one of dozens of shows all over North America with a first or second placing. For three days hobbyists from all over North America to compete for the coveted title of National Champion. Even if you aren’t competing you can still catch a glimpse of the action. So if you are in Lexington early for Breyerfest be sure to stop by and see some of the best horses in North America!

Breyerfest 2012 is the year of the British Invasion and collectors from all over the world will come to Lexington to celebrate all the wonderful things British! From July 20th to the 22nd the Kentucky Horse Park will be taken over by thousands of collectors all there to share their love for Breyer. The guest of honor is Mariah’s Boon a striking bay drum horse that will enchant fans with his beauty! Entertainers also include The Knights of Valor, a famous jousting troop that has taken the world by storm on their television show Full Metal Jousting! Countless workshops, seminars, performances and model horse shows also fill the weekend, so there’s no doubt that there isn’t something to do at any time of the day!

Breyerfest is surely a dream for any Breyer horse lover and the North American Nationals is the same, but if you can’t get  to Kentucky Golden Oak Stables has events that will keep you and your horses busy this spring! March 24th brings Youths and Novices to Golden Oak Stables for a fun day of learning and competition. April 14th brings a day of open competition with a NAN qualifying show that will allow you to compete with open showers from all over New England.

There’s a little bit of Breyer fun wherever you look! So get out and have a blast with your horses in 2012!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Pony Gals Mini Whinnies

March 19, 2012

The smallest scale in Breyer’s stable is also one of the most exciting! Standing at just about an inch tall (1/64th scale) , Mini Whinnies are a fun line of model horses from  Breyer that are not only adorable but also just as realistic as their large counterparts! 2012 brings three new sets of Mini Whinnies to Golden Oak Stables in fun colors that will add excitement to anyone’s collection!

Socks ‘n Snips is a group of five Mini Whinnies that show off with their high white sock and their lovely blazes. A chestnut Thoroughbred stands tall and regally with his high flashy white markings. Next is a buttermilk buckskin Spanish horse that looks lovely with her high action. A rearing bay Arabian shines with his deep red bay coat and catches all the attention. Two foals finish out this set, a playful chestnut filly and a bay roan Draft horse!

Ready for a little flashy fun? Spots n’ Patches is a group of Pintos that are bright and flashy as can be! A black and white American Saddlebred starts the set and is parked out in perfect Saddlebred style! Western lovers will go crazy for a fun and flashy red roan cutting horse that is right in the middle of the action. A bright palomino sport horse shows just how versatile pintos can be as he lands from a jump. Last but not least two little pinto foals finish this set, a red bay scampering foal and a bay grazing foal!

Finally, Happy Appy’s is a set of Appaloosas that will have lovers of spots going crazy! A bay blanket Appaloosa is first up and is calm and temperate as all good Appaloosas are! A roan blanket Appaloosa comes next and calmly walks as she heads on her way. Not to be forgotten is a high action leopard Appaloosa that is sure to catch attention as he spins like the best reining horses out there. Two foals also finish out this collection, a high action prancing and a playful seated foal both shine in bay blanket Appaloosa patterns.

Mini Whinnies are a fun and easy to collect part of the Breyer stable that will have you filling up those tiny stalls quick! Affordable as they are fun, there’s no question as to why you shouldn’t bring a few home!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Brookside Pink Magnum

March 15, 2012

A little horse with a lot of power, Brookside Pink Magnum is a pony that has brought popularity wherever he goes! He now comes to you from Golden Oak Stables and Breyer!

Brookside Pink Magnum, or Magnum for short is a striking 12.2 hand Welsh Pony Stallion who shines with his exceptional   and eye catching red roan coloring! Red Roan is a coloration that happens when white hairs mix with a chestnut coat on a horse giving the indication of a red or pink coat color. It’s no question that the Pink in Magnum’s name is appropriate to say the least! This pony shines beyond his striking coat though, his sweet personality has been passed on to his extensive family of foals that he has shared with the world. His offspring have gone on to be some of the most successful Welsh Ponies in the United States proving him to be one of the most influential sires in his breed!

Breyer has honored this important stallion with a Breyer of his own. Brookside Pink Magnum has been created on the collector’s favorite Bouncer mold. This spunky little Welsh Pony has all of the characteristics you’d expect out of a Welsh Pony. Magnum has his iconic red roan coat that is just as bold as his real life counterpart! His blaze has been created in near exact likeness as have his three white socks. His lush an full mane and tail are dark as his his head that still retain the chestnut coloration he was born with.

Always happy to meet a new friend, Brookside Pink Magnum is a sweet stallion with personality abound. It’s no question why Breyer chose this stallion to represent the Welsh Pony in their stable as well as yours! Need to add a little bit of color and fun to your stable? Brookside Pink Magnum is the perfect amount of flash and beauty to spice things up and make your stable stand out!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Zenyatta Has A Colt!

March 12, 2012

Foaling season is here in full bloom and the Kentucky Bluegrass welcomed it’s newest and most awaited new foal just a few days ago, Zenyatta’s first foal!

Foals are being welcomed to the world all over but none of them was as awaited as that of Zenyatta and Bernadini’s foal! Zenyatta lit up the horse world as the strong and powerful mare with an incredible 19:1 record! This power mare raced her way into the record books and into the hearts of millions with her determination and her iconic jig she did just before each race. Ridden by famed jockey Mike Smith, Zenyatta made her home at Hollywood Park in California and grew quite the following out west. It wasn’t long though before the entire country had caught Zenyatta fever!  With two wins in The Breeders Cup and a very close second in her final race to Blame it was easy to see why fans so quickly fell in love. During her career Zenyatta has won numerous awards and even has  a race named after her!

In January of 2011 Zenyatta made her way to Kentucky to begin her life as a broodmare at the famous Lane’s End Farm. After a successful breeding she’s lived out the past year relaxing in the bluegrass and getting ready for her new foal! Fans all over the world waited with baited breath when news broke late last week that the time was growing near! At 10:10am on March 8th Zenyatta brought a dark bay colt into the world who bears a striking resemblance to his mother!

It will be a few years before we see just what Zenyatta’s colt is capable of but you can still bring a little reminder of Zenyatta home! Golden Oak Stables has a portrait model of this super mare from Breyer that has already become a favorite among collectors all over the world! Created in near perfect resemblance, Zenyatta has every detail that her real life counterpart carries, even down to her spots along her socks!

With a new foal, Zenyatta’s legacy will live on for many years to come, but it can also live on forever with her stunning Breyer model, fit only for Queen Z!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Breast Cancer Awareness Model

March 8, 2012

Third in a line of models helping to fight breast cancer, Breyer has released a new model for 2012 to benefit this heartbreaking disease that touches the lives of millions each year.

Breast cancer is the second most common non-skin cancer in women, affecting nearly 11% 0f all cancer cases in women. However, this is not just a female disease; it effects males as well although it is nearly 100 times more common in females. In recent years advances in research has helped this disease have a lower mortality rate, although it still takes nearly half a million people a year accounting for 7% of all cancer deaths and 1% of all deaths total. This difficult disease that effects not only those afflicted but also the families, has made leaps and  bounds in learning and treatment but the need is still there for advancement; that’s where Breyer comes in!

Golden Oak Stables brings a new Breast Cancer Awareness Model to you for 2012. This year Breyer has released their famed Bluegrass Bandit mold as a stunning decorator to bring awareness and benefit this disease. Bluegrass Bandit is a lovely model that brings fanciful femininity to the equestrian form. This flat shod Tennessee Walking Horse moves with her smooth gait and flowing mane and tail showing off the beauty of the breed.

Created in clear pink plastic, the Breast Cancer Awareness Model brings the icons of breast cancer awareness straight to model form. Her pale pink body color is transparent letting light shine through it in a beautiful way. Along her body is a myriad of pink ribbons, the symbol of breast cancer awareness, that create a lovely pattern throughout. Her legs and tail grow lighter pink as they fade and hoof and facial detailing give her just what she needs to be a little realistic.

Proceeds from the Breast Cancer Awareness Model go to help fight breast cancer through charities and organizations! Bring this new beautiful Breyer home today and join the fight against breast cancer along the way!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Rarity

March 5, 2012

One of the most fun things about collecting Breyer horses is the challenge of finding that horse that you’ve been looking for. Breyer produces dozens of horses each year and some of them end up being harder to find than other for any number of factors!

Rarity is how difficult to acquire an object is to acquire. With Breyers being made for over 60 years you can imagine that there’s some pretty difficult to find horses that have been created in that time. It isn’t always the oldest horses that are the rarest though, some of the most desirable Breyers have been produced recently.

There are many factors that go into determining how “rare” a Breyer horse is, the most important is desirability. How many people want this horse compared to how many people have it? Sometimes a model is retired before many collectors get a chance to add the horse to their collection so that model becomes rare, sometimes Breyer produces only a limited number of a particular model or maybe it’s just a very popular model among collectors and horse lovers alike! Occasionally Breyer produces limited run horses and special run horses that are only available for a certain amount of time or through a certain retailer. Many times these models can be difficult to find.

Golden Oak Stables brings you the full line of Breyers to add to your stable but also features a wide variety of vintage and hard to find models if you want to add something special to your collection! Retired models are often desirable because they aren’t being produced anymore and as collectors look to add these models to their collections, they become rarer and rarer!

As a collector its hard to tell which models are going to be “rare” and which ones will be easier to find, it’s really just a game of waiting to see. The most important thing when collecting is buying what you love and filling your stable with models that are important to you! It doesn’t matter how rare the horse is if you don’t love it, but with how beautiful Breyer horses are, it’s not hard to love all of them!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Plastic, Resin and Porcelain

March 1, 2012

You may notice how wide and varied the 2012  Breyer lineup is! This year Breyer has pulled out all the stops to bring some very exciting models to you! Included are the normal Breyer horses that we know so well but there are also porcelain and resin models included this year!

Breyer has created model horses out of a plastic known as cellulose acetate for over 60 years! Since 1950 the plastic that Breyers have been created out of haven’t changed much. All traditional and classic models are still made with this durable plastic that collectors know so well! Breyer Paddock Pals and Stablemates are created out of a similar plastic that is a bit more light weight, but still very similar.

In the early 1990’s Breyer released their first in a special line that would come to be known as the “Breyer Gallery”. These models were created out of porcelain and were quickly collectors favorites. Commonly called “Clinkies” in the model horse hobby, porcelain models are fragile as they are beautiful! Breyer still brings a few very special porcelain models to collectors from time to time, this year it comes in the form of Year Of The Dragon!

Last but certainly not least are the newest releases for 2012, a special line of Breyer Resins. Resin is a substance that carries both properties of plastic and porcelain but is wonderful for molding because of the details it holds! Many model horse hobbyists are familiar with resin because of individual created Artist Resin model horse creations, but Breyer has brought us resins in one form or another for many years now! This year four new models come to you created out of resin that are sure to become collectors favorites!

No matter what the material, Breyer creates astonishing creations to add to your stable! Bring a little variety to yours with a new addition from Golden Oak Stables! While plastic, porcelain and resin are very different materials, there’s no difference in the beauty each brings to the horse!


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