Breyer Horse New Releases: Bella Horse Of The Year

January 30, 2017

For five years now, Breyer has brought us a new classic scale sculpture to serve as horse of the year. These models have become collectible and anticipated by collectors, with much excitement for each every year! 2017 is no exception, and a few and feisty new horse is already galloping into Golden Oak Stables.

The Horse Of The Year Bella is a classic scale model that has been eagerly anticipated all around! Bella has come to us in the form of a beautiful buckskin Appendix Quarter Horse. The Appendix Quarter Horse is a beloved breed, that is a straight cross between a Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse, bringing the best of both breeds together. These horses can still be registered as Quarter Horses and maintain many of the characteristics of both Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds!

Bella has been sculpted in a full gallop, with her head down in strong focus as she heads towards whatever is catching her eye. A wide blaze and pink nose give her face a flashy look and striking contrast to her metallic, deeply shaded, buckskin coat. Gentle shadings fade into dark points on the mane, tail and legs, where on two of her legs, white socks sit!

This feisty little lady is a fun new sculpture that is unlike any before her. Let her gallop on into your stable today!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: A Whole New Scale & More!

January 26, 2017

Every new year is filled with fun new releases that excite and amaze collector, that’s just the Breyer way. New breeds, famous horses, and models are always anticipated with great excitement, but this year, in addition to all that, Breyer brings a whole new scale of models to Breyer collectors!

Corral Pals are the latest addition to gallop into Golden Oak Stables and have quickly become a collectors favorite in such a short time. These realistic models stand approximately six inches tall by four inches long, and fill in right in between the Classic and Stablemate Breyers as far as size. Collectors might recognize the work of Debroah McDermott, who has been sculpting some of the hobby’s most illusive and desired works for decades. Now, her work comes to a grand scale in the Corral Pals line.

There are tons of different breeds, even some unique ones that might surprise you! There’s also tons of other animals that can fill your barn yard, and collection with other favorite animals. These animals are just waiting to fill that special spot in your collection, horse, dog or otherwise!

It’s an exciting year for Breyer, and this is just the beginning! Not only is there a new scale, but there are dozens of new releases, new molds and so much more in store! You won’t want to miss any of it!



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