Breyer Horse Collecting: Authenticating A Breyer

September 27, 2012

Breyer horses have long been prized by collectors for their beauty and collectibilty. As with all collectibles it’s important to ensure that models are authentic. Whenever your purchase one from Golden Oak Stables, you know you are getting a genuine and authentic Breyer, but keeping records of your models can help you keep the value of your collection as high as possible!  As important as this is, it’s also quite easy!

Taking the time to document your collection will help ensure that it is authentic as possible! If you’ve taken the time to create a beautiful collection you should also document it well. Keeping receipts, certificates and boxes are all ways of maintaining the authenticity of your horses. Also keeping notes of where it was purchased and when can help! Many collectors keep electronic files on their computer with this information and many still have binders and paper copies of records that hold it all. The more you can document the better off your collection is!

If you happen to have models you’ve purchased second hand, it’s always a good idea to give them a once over to check for authenticity. Breyer horses have a very distinctive style, it’s easy to tell one from afar if you are a collector. Tradional and Classic models are all made of the same plastic and Stablemates have a plastic all to their own. These plastics are very unique to Breyer horses and in many years of collecting I’ve not found another model horse made of the same material. This is a very simple and easy way to start checking the authenticity of a horse.

Inspecting the paint job is also a way to check authenticity. Breyer horses are all painted by hand with an airbrush and have a distinctive style to them. There shouldn’t be runs in the paint or gloss of a Breyer but mistakes do happen from time to time. If you’re a collector you can probably tell the difference in a factory painted horse and a custom. Trust your gut!

If is a special run model, they often times come with Certificates of Authenticity or other paperwork. These are very important!

No matter what though, you’ll always know you’re getting a genuine and authentic Breyer from Golden Oak Stables!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Totilas Dressage Champion

September 24, 2012

New for the end of 2012 comes one of the most exciting horses is trotting into Golden Oak Stables with a new mold that is sure to capture the hearts of horse lovers everywhere!

Totilas is a star of the Dressage world that has taken the world by storm with his astonishing performances! Being the first horse to ever score above a 90 in Dressage is Totilas’ claim to fame along with winning three gold medals at the 2010 World Equestrian Games and two at the 2009 Dressage Championships! On top of that he’s won the FEI’s award for the best athlete. Totilas is also a breeding stallion creating the next generation of Dressage champions, all while still competing.

Breyer went to beloved German artist Brigitte Eberl to sculpt their portrait model of this ever deserving horse. Brigitte brought Totilas to life in Traditional scale with her attention to detail. Sculpted in an extended trot, Totilas is the epitome of an equestrian athlete and Brigitte has captured that perfectly! With his eyes intent and focused on the prize, Totilas is ready to compete!

Created in perfect likeness, Totilas wears his mane braided up and his tail groomed neatly. His stunning black coat is a sight to say the least and looks beautiful as he makes his way across the arena. His four white socks are perfectly recreated as are the star and snip that he wears on his face.

Bringing together both the realism of an astonishing athlete and the beauty of the horse, Brigitte has a way of capturing the spirit of a horse, and Totilas is no exception!

Sure to become a favorite among collectors, Totilas makes his way into Golden Oak Stables this December! With his dynamic pose and superstar qualities, Totilas is sure to cause a storm as he makes his way into the Breyer lineup!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: How A Breyer Is Made

September 20, 2012

Collectors get excited for any new Breyer horse, with their beauty and attention to detail there’s no model horses that compare! It may surprise you to learn just what it takes to create a new Breyer horse!

Each Breyer horse is created on a sculpture, oftentimes called a mold. When Breyer decides to make a new mold, the first step is contacting an artist. Breyer has a long list of talented sculptors that sculpt for them and choosing one that fits the new horse is very important. From there an artist will sketch ideas for the new mold until they find the right look, feel and pose.

Once a sculptor has picked they then move onto sculpting. Sculpting is a very difficult process that takes weeks, months and sometimes even years! An artist will use clay to bring the horse to life adding every detail you could imagine. When the sculpture is finished it will go to Breyer and start the mold making process.

After a mold has been completed, samples are painted at the Breyer factory and checked for everything you can imagine. If it is a real life horse the owner will often times be asked to check for correctness, down to the smallest detail! This is one of many reasons why Breyers are so realistic! Details like eye painting, hoof color and spot placement are all very important and add to the reasons why Breyers are so detailed and beautiful.

Once a horse has been approved it goes into production and soon it is at Golden Oak Stables waiting to come home with you! From inception to final product new molds can take over a year and new models take many months of planning! You’d never really know how much goes into a Breyer until you stop to think about how many hands take part in creating it.

The next time you get a new Breyer take a moment to appreciate the long journey it took from imagination to you!



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Breyer Horse New Releases: Zenyatta’s Colt!

September 17, 2012

This spring, America’s favorite race horse, Zenyatta, welcomed a new colt into the world! Now, Golden Oak Stables brings you, your very own Zenyatta’s Colt to add to your collection.

Winning 19 of her 20 races, it’s no question as to why Zenyatta is a favorite horse for millions of horse racing lovers. This deep bay mare captured the hearts of horse racing lovers all around the world with her gorgeous looks and loving personality. Known for “dancing” before a race, Zenyatta took the world by storm as she won 19 out of 20 races in her racing career!

In the winter of 2010 Zenyatta was retired from racing and made her way to Lexington Kentucky to live on the prestigious Lane’s End farm! In spring of 2011 it was confirmed that Zenyatta was in foal to Bernadini and the world anxiously awaited as this superstar foal was to be born! On March 8th 2012 Zenyatta gave birth to a dark bay colt that looked just like his mother!

Now everyone can add a little bundle of joy to their stable with their own Zenyatta’s Colt! New for fall 2012, Zenyatta’s colt has been created on the Heartbreaker mold. This spunky little guy looks like he’s ready to break out and dance himself with his spirit and expression. His deep bay color has been recreated in a lovely way and makes you think of none other than his mother. He has a small star on his face and a little sock that has another one of his mother’s touches, ermine spots!

There’s no question that this little guy is Zenyatta’s and with a father like Bernadini there’s no telling just how far this little colt could go! With star parents like his, he could end up the next triple crown winner, only time will tell! The world waited for 11 months in anticipation for what is thought to be the next generation of great race horses, but you don’t have to wait to add a little bit of racing futurity to your stable! A little foal with a lot of potential, Zenyatta’s Colt is a surefire way to liven things up in your collection and stable!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Keep Padre and Fox Valley Oliver in Your Thoughts!

September 13, 2012

Each Breyer horse that is created is done so with love and care. The horses chosen to be portrayed as models of their own are often stars of the equine world in one way or another. Today we have news from two horses that have been immortalized as Breyer models but have hit a couple bumps in the road that are showing us that anything is possible.

Fox Valley Oliver is a black Shire that found many fans with his stunning Breyer model and then as a guest at Breyerfest 2008. This stunning Shire has made fans wherever he’s gone with his amazing beauty! Sadly this week it was learned that Fox Valley Oliver had found his way to a horse rescue in Ohio, Frog Pond Farm Draft Rescue. While his story may sound tragic, Ollie has found a forever home there and will work as an ambassador for horse rescue and adoption! His story will show the world that any horse can fall on hard times and that any rescue horse can do whatever it puts its mind to.

Another Breyer model who has captured the hearts of so many fans is Padre the mustang. Padre showed the world that anything was possible by showing and winning at the Devon Dressage show, one of the most prestigious in the world.  Many remember that Padre had to skip Breyerfest this year due to an injury. A few weeks ago Padre was spooked in his paddock by workers at a neighbors property and suffered another injury. Padre is on the mend and should be on his way back to the dressage ring soon though!
Ollie and Padre may have hit a hard time, but they go to show us no horse is invulnerable. Young, old, famous or backyard pony, any horse can hit hard times. So, hug your Breyers tight and your real horses tighter as you keep Ollie and Padre in your prayers! Golden Oak Stables wishes them a full recovery and a healthy and happy future!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Breeds Of The World Clydesdale

September 10, 2012

Hailing from the British Isles, one of the most well known draft horse breeds is that of the Clydesdale! This sturdy and strong breed has long epitomized the family work horse. Now Golden Oak Stables brings you the newest addition to the Breeds of the World series with a firey Clydesdale!

A relatively new breed, the first “Clydesdale” can be dated back to the early 1800’s. Bred on the British Isles, the Clydesdale was a work horse bred for farm work and for hauling coal. Surprisingly after World War Two, the Clydesdales’ breeding stock had dropped down to under 200 horses due to the war as well as the modern world relying less on horses and more on machines. The Clydesdale was placed on the rare breeds survival list and by the 21st century has re-flourished into one of the most popular draft breeds!

Clydesdales stand anywhere from 16 to 18 hands high and are known for their extensive feathering on their feet. Clydesdales are probably best known for their bay coats and extensive sabino white markings but can also come in black, grey and chestnut. They tend to have very elegant long legs and handsome faces. They are known for their kind personalities and tend to be gentile giants of the barn.

Created by one of the model horse hobby’s favorite artists, Kristina Lucas-Francis, The Breeds of the World Clydesdale has been created in a timeless resin that holds detail in an exceptional way. This beautiful bay Clydesdale is truly the epitome of his breed. With his kind expression, confident gait and beautiful spirit, this Clydesdale is sure to turn heads! His iconic bay coat is deep and rich with white markings high on his legs that are so common in the breed. His mane and tail have been braided in typical Clydesdale fashion with flowers or bobs in his mane and tail!

No matter what kind of stable you have, a good draft horse is a must! From doing hard work to being a companion, the Clydesdale has proven that size doesn’t matter when it comes to what they can do!


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Breyer Horse Events: A Fall Of Fun At Golden Oak Stables

September 6, 2012

For years Golden Oak Stables has brought collectors together to celebrate their love for Breyer horses with other collectors through shows and events. This fall, two events finish off a year of of Breyer horse fun in a way you’ll never forget!

First up is Golden Oak Stables End of Summer Cool Down rolling into Golden Oak Stables on September 15th! Breyer horse lovers will get the opportunity to not only show their best to compete for that coveted blue ribbon but can also spend the day participating in fun events!

The day starts off bright and early with a youth/intermediate horse show where entrants can bring their models and compete against one another in dozens of classes! There are dozens of chances for a blue ribbon of your own!

Golden Oak Stables has a special event planned for the day as well, Author Jessie Haas will be on hand to sign copies of her new Breyer book and model Chico’s Crossing! This is your opportunity to meet the person behind the pen of one of Breyer’s newest models and most exciting stories!

The fall will round out with a Youth/Novice show on October 13th. This is the perfect way for someone who is new to jump in to live showing! If you’ve never shown before, this is your chance to give it a try in a friendly environment that’s meant for learning!

Each Golden Oak Stables event is also paired with a Breyer Fun Day with activities for everyone! Drawing, shopping games and Stablemate Painting are ways for everyone to get involved in the Breyer fun!

If you’re ready to jump into showing or just looking for a fun way to spend the day, visit Golden Oak Stables this fall! There’s no better place to be if you love Breyer horses!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: What Jobs Do Horses Do?

September 3, 2012

Every horse has a purpose and in that purpose is a job. From the backyard pony to the competitive Olympic gold medalist, each horse has something it does in its day to day life. You might be surprised by how much variety there is in the horse world! Just like humans, horses have diverse jobs that vary based on their place in the world. With Breyer and Golden Oak Stables you can pick jobs for each of your horses!

Horses have developed over the years to do different jobs. Each breed has been bred to be the best physical example of what a certain job required. Horses like the Arabian have features that make riding in the high desert for long periods of time easy like large flared nostrils. The American Quarter Horse has developed a strong muscular structure for cattle work on the ranch. Draft horses are large and able to pull carts for the farmers that bred them.

It’s all not that simple though. Today horses have just about any job that their owners might ask of them. It’s not uncommon to see a Percheron draft horse competing in Dressage from time to time, or an Arabian in Western Pleasure. It’s all about what the owner wants! It also depends on the personality of the horse. Breed and size may limit a horse a little bit when it comes to the jobs they can do, but personality will be the largest deciding factor. Sometimes a horse is simply not a good fit for a job. It’s the responsibility of the owner to find the perfect job for their horse.

With Breyer horses you can choose just about any job you’d like for the horses in your stable; the only limit is pose! Sometimes with Breyer horses the pose of a model epitomizes what the horse does. A cutting horse or a show jumper are pretty recognizable but with a little creativity you can find new things for any model! It’s all up to you as the owner to pick the perfect job for your Breyer.

So take a look at your stable: what kind of jobs do your horses do? Do you have a lot of western working horses? Maybe a stable full of eventers. Perhaps you have a stable that’s as wide and varied as the Breyer lineup. Either way, it’s fun to find a job for each of your models  and with a little creativity your imagination can go wild!


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