Breyer Horse Collecting: Have You Seen The Classics Lately?

It’s no surprise to most collectors that the Traditional horses are the most popular and most collected, but all of the other Breyer scales are packed with just as much detail and just as much beauty!

The Classics are the second largest scale in the Breyer lineup at Golden Oak Stables, and stand about 6 inches tall. These lovely horses were first introduced in 1975 as the Classics line, but a few of them have been a part of the Breyer lineup since the early days of the company. The Western Pony and the Rearing Stallion have been around for over 50 years, well before the Classics were officially introduced but are generally considered to be a part due to their size. When the Classics were first introduced, they came in both singles as famous race horses as well as family sets. These family sets and famous race horses were a staple for so many collectors. Today, the Classics have had many new molds added to their stable as well as beautiful new colors, accessories and more!

Some of the more exciting Classics releases have been a myriad of new molds that have come into the Classics line in the last few years. Famous sculptors likeĀ Brigitte Eberl has added her touch to the line with the new Halflinger Mare. There’s also the Horse Of The Year which is a new mold this year, a stunning palomino stock horse that stands tall and proud. You can also have fun with the classics in new ways, like taking adventures with your models and their stories, just like the girls at Canterwood Crest. You can even create your very own Stable with every accessory you can imagine!

Ready to explore the world of the Classics? Chances are, you’ll be surprised by how amazing they are!

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One Response to Breyer Horse Collecting: Have You Seen The Classics Lately?

  1. I have some beautiful live – show – placed Classics but others are pretty…meh.

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