Breyer Horse Collecting: Connecting With The Hobby

March 31, 2014

One of the most fun parts of collecting Breyer horses is connecting and meeting other collectors that share the same love for horses as you do! Through the years, the model horse hobby has evolved to one that is technologically advanced and crosses across the world, with one thing in common, a love for Breyer horses!

If you’re reading Stable News, you’re already connecting with the hobby in one way! One of the easiest ways to connect with the hobby is reading blogs and websites just like Golden Oak Stables and Stable News! You can get all of the latest news from Stable News and all of the newest releases as they are released from Breyer and even more information about events and the hobby. Connecting with news gives you an insight into the hobby and information you can’t find anywhere else!

Another place to connect with Golden Oak Stables and other hobbyists is through social media. Social media sites like Facebook is a fun way to learn about all the latest news from Golden Oak Stables as well as from all over the hobby world! Social media sites provide ways to connect with other collectors and a way to get news in an up to the minute way, but remember to stay safe and get permission if you’re still a youth hobbyist.

Offline, the model horse world can be a fun place as well, and attending events and live shows can be a great way to meet other collectors and to learn new things. Events like Breyerfest bring collectors together with real life horses in a way unlike no other. Collectors get to experience all sorts of experiences at model horse events, from competitive events like live showing, to educational ones like painting a model horse of your own!

It doesn’t matter if you connect with the hobby online or off, there’s a myriad of ways to meet other collectors and to get involved!

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Breyer Horse Accessories: Meet The Breyer Riders

March 27, 2014

The Breyer stable has welcomed thousands of horses over their sixty years but one often forgotten member of the Breyer family is the riders of the Breyer stable. These lovely rider dolls have long helped the horses make their way into the winner’s circle, down the trail and through schooling lessons, but have you ever gotten a chance to meet them?

Golden Oak Stables brings you a rider for every discipline you could imagine and each unique as the last. Austin is the first up, and this cowboy is ready to help around the ranch or at the rodeo. He’s dressed in a casual western outfit with a yellow shirt, pants and chaps. He, of course, wears a black cowboy hat to finish off his look with the perfect look of a beloved ranch hand. Taylor is a cowgirl dressed to the nines in a beautiful and sharp sparkly shirt that is perfect for shining in the show ring. She wears a pair of fringed chaps over her pants and a bold and big silver buckle make her stand out in a perfect way.

In the English arena, Brenda shines her way into the show jumping ring. Dressed in an iconic red sport coat, white breeches and black boots, Brenda is ready to mount up and hit the show ring for a clean round. You can also hit the dressage ring with a Dressage Rider who’s black shadbelly and white breeches make her dressed perfectly for the event. With these two dolls, there’s no stopping you from the winner’s circle.

There’s also a few dolls that are essential to any barn. Every barn needs a good Farrier to keep the horses’ going on the right foot, Breyer brings you one that’s ready to get to work with all the tools a farrier needs. Every barn also needs a Veterinarian on call in case of emergencies and to keep horses in tip top condition, and you can bring home one of your own who’s ready to care for your horses.

There’s many characters that make up any real barn, and the same goes for your Breyer barn as well. Which riders live in your barn?

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Breyer Horse Collecting: Honoring Your Collection

March 24, 2014

Collectors of all kinds have pride in their collection and each time you bring a new horse from Golden Oak Stables, chances are, you feel that same sense of pride. Part of being a collector is the pride that comes with your collection, and that goes hand in hand with what you do with your collection. There are many ways to show your pride and honor for your collection, here’s just a few ways.

One of the biggest ways that collectors show pride in their collections is through how they display their Breyer horses. There’s no right or wrong way to display your models, they key is all in how you do it. Some collectors have shelves upon shelves showcasing each and every one of their horses proudly. Many collectors find happiness being able to see their collections neatly displayed and enjoy being able to sell all of their horses.

Other collectors find pride in displaying extensive setups with barns, paddocks, riders and more. Setting up realistic scenes is a fun way to not only appreciate your horses but to also enjoy it! For many collectors, “playing” with their models is most of the fun! Seeing Breyers lovingly set up with care and attention to detail is truly a site to behold and fun to say the least.

For many collectors, displaying their models isn’t an option, due to space or other reasons. Some collectors choose to honor their collections by being competitive and attending live shows. Live shows allow horses to be showcased and judged against other horses and can be a big source of not only fun, but pride for collectors!

No matter how you honor and appreciate your collection, all it needs to do is bring you a sense of pride. What special thing do you do to honor your collection?

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Breyer Horses New Releases: Color Crazy Barn

March 20, 2014

One of the most fun series that Breyer has brought to collectors is the Color Crazy Stablemates. These fun colored ponies are a blast to collect and beautiful as can be! Now, you can get a new stable from Golden Oak Stables to hold all of your Color Crazy Stablemates!

The Color Crazy Stablemates are a series of ¬†three to four inch tall horses that bring a whole different world to Breyer collectors. The Color Crazy Stablemates are clear or frosted horses that are made in bright, bold colors! But that’s not all, they have glittered manes and tails giving them even more excitement! These little ponies bring a fun new aspect to collecting and a bright new twist into the Breyer lineup!

New for 2014, the Color Crazy Barn is the perfect place for all of your Color Crazy Stablemates to live! This fanciful barn is made in shades of bright pink, purple and blue. These bright colors make the perfect color scheme to keep these bright and bold horses corralled. The barn features an attached paddock for turning out your horses as well as working doors and a roof that opens from the top so that you can easily peek in and care for your horses. The first resident of your barn is a lovely bright blue clear warmblood that’s ready and waiting to mount up. It’s not just Color Crazy Stablemates, realistic Stablemates can make their home here too! What will your stable hold?

A bold, bright, fun twist on Stablemate collecting, the Color Crazy Barn is a super fun way to bring a fun twist into your collection!

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Real Life Breyer Horses: Irish Breeds

March 17, 2014

This St. Patrick’s day, people all over the world will be Irish for a day and celebrate the special place that is Ireland. Many horse lovers know that this beautiful country also heralds beautiful horses with some breeds that are special to Ireland only. Come along with Golden Oak Stables and explore the lovely land of Ireland and the amazing horses that live there!

Many youth riders start off with a pony of their own, in Ireland, this pony is the Connemara Pony. These compact little sport ponies come from Ireland and are all heart and soul. The Connemara Pony has become a favorite mount for both pleasure riding and competition for both children and adults. The Connemara Pony is a horse with a lot of soul and a lot of talent. Typically, Connemara Ponies are known for their grey or bay coats and their sleek sport pony looks.

Many eventing, dressage and show jumping fans are familiar with the Irish Warmblood, the Irish Draught, and the Irish Sport Horse. These breeds have evolved through careful Irish breeding to become some of the best sport horses in the world. The Irish Draught was bred to pull carriages originally and is the heaviest of the three sport horses. These horses today are often used in competition and show great talent in many disciplines. The Irish Warmblood is a relatively new breed, established in 2009, and brings the power of Irish horses into a Warmblood. These lovely horses are already competing and dominating in the younger horse circuit, who know’s what the future holds! Last, but certainly not least is the Irish Sport Horse, which was bred from both the Irish Draught bloodlines along with the Thoroughbred. This combination has created a horse with exceptional strength, power and precision!

Ireland surely brings some amazing horses to the equestrian world. What Breyers do you think represent Irish breeds well?

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Breyer Horse Classics: Best Friends

March 13, 2014

Both people and animals make unexpected friends all the time. Horses often have a way of bonding with their owners, riders and other horses they meet. One relationship that’s often forgotten is that between horse and the other animals around the barn. Golden Oak Stables brings you a pair of friends that show how close animal friends can really be.

Other animals often find their way into the stable with horses for one reason or another. Other livestock often live with horses on farms or spend their days in nearby pastures together. Many other animals are meant merely for companionship of horses though. Horses, like any other social creature, need interaction with others throughout the day, and sometimes that comes in the form of cats, dogs, or even goats! Many horses have had companions to keep them company, from famous race horses to the lesson horse in your home town!

Breyer brings you a set that celebrates this bond between horse and creature with the Classic Best Friends Set. Starting out with a gorgeous fleabitten grey Morgan, this set brings together everything that is special between a horse and it’s companion. This lovely horse shows the beauty and grace of the Morgan horse with it’s calm demeanor and stunning flowing mane and tail. Her companion is an active and perky Shetland Sheepdog. The Shetland Sheepdog has been used for many years to keep sheep safe on the farm and has since become a popular dog for horse owners because of their experience on the farm. The set also includes a set of matching blankets for both horse and dog, fencing to keep them herded up, ¬†and a water trough that they can share!

Bringing together two unexpected friends, Breyer’s newest set has a way of reminding us of the friendship and happiness that horses bring into our lives!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: What Are Stablemates?

March 10, 2014

With all of the different Breyer horses out there, it can be hard to not only collect them all, but remember them all too! One of the most popular series for Breyer collectors is the Stablemate Series. These adorable little horses are fun and easy to collect, but what do you know about them? Come along with Golden Oak Stables and learn all about these little masterpieces.

In 1975 Breyer introduced the first Stablemates horses, standing about 3 inches tall, these 1/32 scale horses are just as packed with detail as their larger counterparts but have size on their side. The first stablemates are known commonly as Generation One (Or G1) Stablemates were sculpted by Maureen Love and also produced by the ceramics company Hagen Renaker. The G1 Stablemates were discontinued about 10 years ago and are still collectors favorites.

The first generation of Stablemates were the only ones in the stable for over twenty years, until 1998 when Breyer released a new set of 12 Stablemates to join the stable. Sculpted by Kathleen Moody, these horses have a life all of their own and collectors rejoiced at their addition! Shortly after, six new foals were introduced into the Stablemates stable. These foals were sculpted by the renowned sculptor Sarah Rose and are both adorable and beloved by collectors.

By the late 2000’s Stablemate fever had hit hard, a third generation of Stablemates had come into collectors hands, many sculpted by Jane Lunger who, while new to many Breyer collectors, has a long history of sculpting. These embodied a new spirit that many fell in love with and spanned many breeds. Quickly following the third generation of Stablemates, a fourth generation was introduced in 2010 to commemorate the World Equestrian Games. These horses show the versatility of the horse and exhibit the eight disciplines of the games. Then in 2013 Breyer surprised collectors once again with a sneak peek of the fifth generation of Stablemates at Breyerfest. Collectors are still waiting with baited breath to see the latest generation come into the Breyer Stable!

Stablemates have a long history and a lot of devoted collectors. Do you have a favorite Stablemate in your stable?


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Breyer Horse Tack: Hot Colors English Tack Set

March 6, 2014

Ready to fill up your tack room and saddle up for a day fun of fun? Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you a set that will have you ready to train for your next competition or just have a wonderful afternoon with your favorite equine friend.

Breyer has been making realistic tack for many years and collectors have found hours upon hours of fun with it! Adding tack to your collection can add a new level to your collecting or play by opening the door to so many possibilities! Tack allows collectors to create realistic scenes with their horses for play or show. It also allows collectors to learn about different types of tack that many would not experience without their Breyers. This knowledge and experience is often not found elsewhere and can open the doors to so many new places!

New for 2014, the Hot Colors English Tack Set is the perfect way to start, or add to your tack collection and to give your horses a chance to shine! The set starts off with a tan saddle with pink accents, giving it a look all it’s own. This all purpose saddle is great for schooling and lower level showing. A matching bright pink bridle comes next and gives such a fun pop of color. The saddle blanket is made of a lavender fabric and then has been trimmed in pink. The set finishes off with a pair of splint boots, polo wraps and bell boots to keep your horse’s legs safe through all of that training.

When you’re ready to saddle up in a fun way, the Hot Colors English Riding Set is ready and waiting to come into your tack room. You too can ride in style with Breyer!

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Breyer Horse Classics: English Horse And Rider Set

March 3, 2014

Ready to saddle up and gallop off into the show ring? Ready to give English riding a shot, or maybe you’re already an English rider, and looking for a new mount? Golden Oak Stables brings you a fun new set that will have you ready to mount up and start a myriad of adventures of your own!

Breyer Classic scale is the second largest size in the Breyer stables, standing approximately six inches tall. The Classics have been a favorite of collectors since 1975 when the series was first introduced. In that time, hundreds of different classics and dozens of different molds have become part of the Classic’s stable. Today, collectors find their detail along with their easy to collect size makes them a favorite in many collections. You’ll be hard pressed to find a Breyer collection without at least a few of these lovely little horses.

New for 2014, the English Horse and Rider Set is a wonderful new set that will have collectors excited to explore the world of English riding. The set starts off with a beautiful bright palomino blanket Appaloosa Sport Horse. This beautiful horse shines with his striking coat and will be sure to attract attention wherever he goes. His mane has been fixed into a row of braids and his tail has been neatly groomed for a day out on the course. His rider is casually dressed in a pair of khaki pants and a purple hoodie. They come with their own set of black English all purpose tack that can help carry them through the ranks of competition or just through schooling and trail riding.

This flashy little Appaloosa Sport Horse is a wonderful way to bring a lovely little Classic into your collection, along with the fun of English riding!

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