Breyer Horse Collecting: Honoring Your Collection

Collectors of all kinds have pride in their collection and each time you bring a new horse from Golden Oak Stables, chances are, you feel that same sense of pride. Part of being a collector is the pride that comes with your collection, and that goes hand in hand with what you do with your collection. There are many ways to show your pride and honor for your collection, here’s just a few ways.

One of the biggest ways that collectors show pride in their collections is through how they display their Breyer horses. There’s no right or wrong way to display your models, they key is all in how you do it. Some collectors have shelves upon shelves showcasing each and every one of their horses proudly. Many collectors find happiness being able to see their collections neatly displayed and enjoy being able to sell all of their horses.

Other collectors find pride in displaying extensive setups with barns, paddocks, riders and more. Setting up realistic scenes is a fun way to not only appreciate your horses but to also enjoy it! For many collectors, “playing” with their models is most of the fun! Seeing Breyers lovingly set up with care and attention to detail is truly a site to behold and fun to say the least.

For many collectors, displaying their models isn’t an option, due to space or other reasons. Some collectors choose to honor their collections by being competitive and attending live shows. Live shows allow horses to be showcased and judged against other horses and can be a big source of not only fun, but pride for collectors!

No matter how you honor and appreciate your collection, all it needs to do is bring you a sense of pride. What special thing do you do to honor your collection?

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