Breyer Horse Classics: Best Friends

Both people and animals make unexpected friends all the time. Horses often have a way of bonding with their owners, riders and other horses they meet. One relationship that’s often forgotten is that between horse and the other animals around the barn. Golden Oak Stables brings you a pair of friends that show how close animal friends can really be.

Other animals often find their way into the stable with horses for one reason or another. Other livestock often live with horses on farms or spend their days in nearby pastures together. Many other animals are meant merely for companionship of horses though. Horses, like any other social creature, need interaction with others throughout the day, and sometimes that comes in the form of cats, dogs, or even goats! Many horses have had companions to keep them company, from famous race horses to the lesson horse in your home town!

Breyer brings you a set that celebrates this bond between horse and creature with the Classic Best Friends Set. Starting out with a gorgeous fleabitten grey Morgan, this set brings together everything that is special between a horse and it’s companion. This lovely horse shows the beauty and grace of the Morgan horse with it’s calm demeanor and stunning flowing mane and tail. Her companion is an active and perky Shetland Sheepdog. The Shetland Sheepdog has been used for many years to keep sheep safe on the farm and has since become a popular dog for horse owners because of their experience on the farm. The set also includes a set of matching blankets for both horse and dog, fencing to keep them herded up,  and a water trough that they can share!

Bringing together two unexpected friends, Breyer’s newest set has a way of reminding us of the friendship and happiness that horses bring into our lives!

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