Breyer Horses New Releases: Color Crazy Barn

One of the most fun series that Breyer has brought to collectors is the Color Crazy Stablemates. These fun colored ponies are a blast to collect and beautiful as can be! Now, you can get a new stable from Golden Oak Stables to hold all of your Color Crazy Stablemates!

The Color Crazy Stablemates are a series of  three to four inch tall horses that bring a whole different world to Breyer collectors. The Color Crazy Stablemates are clear or frosted horses that are made in bright, bold colors! But that’s not all, they have glittered manes and tails giving them even more excitement! These little ponies bring a fun new aspect to collecting and a bright new twist into the Breyer lineup!

New for 2014, the Color Crazy Barn is the perfect place for all of your Color Crazy Stablemates to live! This fanciful barn is made in shades of bright pink, purple and blue. These bright colors make the perfect color scheme to keep these bright and bold horses corralled. The barn features an attached paddock for turning out your horses as well as working doors and a roof that opens from the top so that you can easily peek in and care for your horses. The first resident of your barn is a lovely bright blue clear warmblood that’s ready and waiting to mount up. It’s not just Color Crazy Stablemates, realistic Stablemates can make their home here too! What will your stable hold?

A bold, bright, fun twist on Stablemate collecting, the Color Crazy Barn is a super fun way to bring a fun twist into your collection!

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