Breyer Horse Classics: English Horse And Rider Set

Ready to saddle up and gallop off into the show ring? Ready to give English riding a shot, or maybe you’re already an English rider, and looking for a new mount? Golden Oak Stables brings you a fun new set that will have you ready to mount up and start a myriad of adventures of your own!

Breyer Classic scale is the second largest size in the Breyer stables, standing approximately six inches tall. The Classics have been a favorite of collectors since 1975 when the series was first introduced. In that time, hundreds of different classics and dozens of different molds have become part of the Classic’s stable. Today, collectors find their detail along with their easy to collect size makes them a favorite in many collections. You’ll be hard pressed to find a Breyer collection without at least a few of these lovely little horses.

New for 2014, the English Horse and Rider Set is a wonderful new set that will have collectors excited to explore the world of English riding. The set starts off with a beautiful bright palomino blanket Appaloosa Sport Horse. This beautiful horse shines with his striking coat and will be sure to attract attention wherever he goes. His mane has been fixed into a row of braids and his tail has been neatly groomed for a day out on the course. His rider is casually dressed in a pair of khaki pants and a purple hoodie. They come with their own set of black English all purpose tack that can help carry them through the ranks of competition or just through schooling and trail riding.

This flashy little Appaloosa Sport Horse is a wonderful way to bring a lovely little Classic into your collection, along with the fun of English riding!

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