Breyer Horse New Releases: Rock and Roll Forever

February 11, 2016

Breyer decorators are collected and loved by so many. Their bold colors and fanciful designs make them both exciting and beautiful. New for 2016, there’s a Classic galloping into Golden Oak Stables that takes it to another level!

Decorator is a term used by collectors to describe Breyer models that are not realistic in color. These horses, painted with decorative finishes, can be a myriad of colors, from bright and bold, to faux woodgrain, to antiqued finishes. These models have a huge following among collectors, and since many are limited in release, highly prized for their rarity.

Rock and Roll Forever is the third release in a line of decorator Classics, but the first to feature a stunning clear plastic body! Created on a galloping Quarter Horse, this spunky stallion is full of spirit just like his rock and roll theme. His light purple plastic gives him the ultimate illusion of art and makes him appear delicate and beautiful. Across his body, a scrolled design with a guitar in the center flanks his side and delicate shading throughout his body makes him shimmer and shine in the most special of ways!

Have room on your shelf for a little decorator? He’s the perfect way to start a decorator collection, or to add to!



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Breyer Horse Collecting: What Is Your Favorite Model?

February 8, 2016

A collection is almost always carefully curated by the owner to be filled with things that make them happy. In this process, items are added to a collection that appeal to the collector in one way or another, so of course,  there’s bound to be a little bit of favoritism in the mix somewhere!

When you look over your collection, what feelings are you filled with? You’re probably filled with some happiness and pride, like most collectors. It’s a common feeling to feel happy by the sight of something you love, and for Breyer collectors, this means their horses.

As you look further into your collection, you probably start to remember adding certain horses to your collection more than other, or a special gift or experience, of course these horses are bound to stand out a little bit more. Perhaps you’ve attended a live show where your model has brought home a ribbon, or you’ve taken an outstanding photograph of another, or maybe a certain model just reminds you of a real horse you love. No matter what the reason, there’s bound to be a horse or two in your collection that are special to only you for a special reason.

Hold tight to those special horses as you make room for others. These favorite horses may change over time, but the memories they hold will last a lifetime. So, what is your favorite horse? What makes it so special?



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Breyer Horse Collecting: Different Types Of Models

February 4, 2016

When many of us first started collecting, it seemed like the biggest type of variation in Breyer horses was the size. From Micro Mini to Traditional, scale is the most common way to tell many Breyers apart, but did you know that Breyer horses come in a variety of materials too, and the differences may be even bigger than the tiny and large sizes Breyers come in.

Traditional and Classic Breyer horses are made of a plastic that we all know and can recognize very well. With little variation, this plastic has been used for the last sixty years to make the Breyer horses we all know so well. In the 1990’s Stablemates and Paddock Pals were switched over to a lighter weight plastic that is very similar but slightly different, and they are still made from that today! When the Breyer Mini Whinnies were introduced, yet another plastic came to collectors, this one a bit more flexible, and better suited for the tiny scale.

Aside from plastic models, Breyer has also created models of a few other materials. Porcelain and china Breyer horses have been released as special editions and have quickly become collectors favorites. These delicate materials give Breyer horses a unique and timeless look. Resin has also been used in many different forms, even in recent years. Collectors will recognize the Breeds of The World resins and the new Breyer American Pharoah resin that is expected to join Golden Oak Stables shortly!

No matter what the material, Breyer horses are beautiful as can be. What different types of models do you have in your collection?


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Breyer Horse Activities: Horse Crazy Treasure Box

February 1, 2016

Every horse lover expresses their love for horses in one way or another. Breyer collectors have found ways to express their love through their intricate collections, to replicating the real horse experience through model horse showing. One of the most fulfilling ways is finding a way to get creative that involves horses. Golden Oak Stables and Breyer has a new set that is sure to get any horse crazy person excited and stroke their creative juices!

The Horse Crazy Treasure Box is a fun addition to the collection of Breyer activities that is just waiting for your creative touch. This lovely treasure box is only waiting for you to make it perfect. The set starts off with a white treasure box that is outlined with a scene of horses in the pasture along the sides and a cameo of a horse on the lid. The inside is lined with a soft blue lining and a large mirror.

Six markers and 97 jewels await you to bring the box to life. With your creative touch, you can bring the scenes and cameo of the beautiful horses that prance around the box to life. Jewel accents will give your box a stunning shine that you design!

What will you put in your treasure box? It’s all up to you! Bring your imagination and ideas, because it’s waiting just for you!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Banks Vanilla

January 28, 2016

2016 is proving to be an exciting year at Golden Oak Stables. With so many new horses collectors are clamoring to add new models to their collections! One of the most exciting parts of 2016 is just how many new molds are coming out, including one that has already caused much excitement!

Banks Vanilla is a stunning grey Connemara pony that is a champion time and time again. This stunning snow white pony was bred in Denmark and is the grand daughter of one of the most famous champion Connemara ponies, Oxenholme Marble. With numerous in hand championships as well as championships at England’s biggest shows, Banks Vanilla is a wonderful example of the breed to say the least!

Breyer’s rendition of Banks Vanilla is done in beautiful likeness on a new mold sculpted by the beloved hobby sculptor Sarah Minkiewicz. This is Sarah’s first ever Breyer release, something collectors have been hoping for! As the first wide release of her sculpture, collectors have been anxious and excited to get their hands on a copy, and now you can! This stunning and firey horse is full of the life Sarah’s sculptures are known for!

Make a little room on your shelf for this exciting new pony that has taken both the real and model horse world by storm already!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Traditional Truck And Trailer

January 25, 2016

Taking your horses places can open up the world for a horse and rider. Going to competitions, trail rides and to new barns opens up a world of experiences that couldn’t ever happen at your horses’ home. With a truck and trailer for your Breyers, your imagination can run wild taking them to so many places!

The Breyer Traditional Truck and Trailer are made in striking likeness to a real Dually pick up truck and two horse trailer. Anyone who’s seen the real thing will see the similarities right away, and those who haven’t can get a hands on feel, in miniature! Painted in a bold new color scheme for 2016, the truck and trailer are two essential pieces to your Breyer collection that will get your collection going places!

The truck is a traditional scale truck that has working doors, a working hatch and rolling rubber like wheels that actually turn along with the steering wheel. It is painted in a two toned white and blue color scheme with a bold horse graphic on the doors! The large bed can hold hay, tack and other accessories anywhere your horse adventures might take you.

The two horse trailer is stunning in a bold teal color that is bright and beautiful, matching the accents on the truck. This working two stall trailer has dutch doors and a fold down ramp that will help guide your horses on and off with ease. A beautiful bay horse proudly proclaiming Breyer across the side of the trailer gives it a beautiful flare all it’s own.

Rolling into Golden Oak Stables, the Traditional Truck and Trailer is what every barn needs to go to the next level with their horses, and have a little fun while they are at it!


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Breyer Horse New Relases: Stablemate Horse And Foals

January 21, 2016

One of the fun parts about collecting Stablemates is how many you can collect, and how fun that collection can quickly become! With four new sets of horses and foals, your stablemate collection can explode with eight new horses, or it can be the perfect start to your collection!

Golden Oak Stables knows that Stablemates are fun for all collectors and what could be more fun than sets of foals with their parents? These fun sets bring both the adorableness of a new foal and the beauty of  perfectly painted miniature 1:32 scale horses together. Each set has been painted in exacting detail and feature beautiful sculptures that Breyer is well known for.

Four sets make up the 2016 Horse and Foals sets. The first is a striking leopard appaloosa mare and foal with chestnut undertones. They are bold and striking as they are featured in a full gallop! A grey Paso Fino mare and her grey foal come next and bring a bit of Latin flare to the collection. A bay Quarter Horse and his laying foal in a similar shade of bay come next. With delicate markings and soft shading they are beautiful as can be. Last comes a grey Saddlebred and a bright chestnut foal. This sweet set will brighten up any stable!

The Horses and Foals for 2016 are a group of unique and beautiful horses that will add to any collection and to any show string as well!


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