Breyer Horse New Accessories: New Accessories For Your Farm

February 2, 2015

Breyer has blown collectors out of the water with new additions to the lineup for 2015. Ranging from new horses and activities to the Livestock animals coming back into the Breyer lineup, Breyer has brought a new exciting group to collectors that they have been begging for! Golden Oak Stables brings you the entire line, including some new accessories for your farm yard that will bring the perfect touch of realism and play.

The new livestock models have collectors jumping for joy in so many ways. So many collectors have been waiting for the return of the stock animals to the Breyer lineup and with their return come a few accessories for your farm to make them complete. It’s no secret that animals require special things to care for them, and farm animals are a little bit different than horses in what they need. Breyer delivers with just what you need to get your farm in shape for their arrival!

The most important part of animal care is always proper feeding and with the Livestock Feeder your animals will be perfectly fed. This top loading design keeps hay off of the ground and constantly moving. It’s wooden construction will keep it looking lovely for years for collectors too!

Keeping your animals corralled is a second but very important necessity of animal ownership as well, the Metal Livestock Fence includes four panels to get you started keeping those animals corralled. You can put more than one set together to create a pen of your own design and then when you’re done it will collapse down flat for easy storage!

Is your farm ready for a little livestock? It’s easy to get started with just a few fun accessories!

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Breyer Horse Animals: Cow And Calf Gift Set

January 29, 2015

Ready for something a little different in your herd? Golden Oak Stables brings you a couple of new animals that are sure to shake things up at your barn and have your horses looking twice at the new additions you’ve brought home.

Breyer introduced animal models very early on in the 1950’s as companions to their horses. Dogs, cats, cows, even wild animals like bears and deer have been created over the years and have become collectors favorites by so many. Collectors have embraced this subsection of collection with excitement and enthusiasm and after years of asking, Breyer has brought some of the animal molds from retirement and into collectors hands!

The Cow and Calf Gift Set is a set of a two Holstein cows that so many of us will recognize. This familiar dairy cow is so memorable and so easy for us to recognize with it’s patchwork black and white pattern. The cow’s calm expression is sweet and knowing and her calf turns curiously to one side. They have both been painted with delicate grey shadings around the hooves and soft pinking in the ears and nose area that gives their stark black and white coat coloring a beautiful touch.This new and detailed paint job is the most detailed that these calves have seen and that collectors have had a chance to add to their collection.

Open up that paddock and get ready to add a little livestock to your barn, this Cow and Calf is just waiting to graze in your pastures and start, or add to, your Breyer Animal collection!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Stablemate Singles Set Of Eight

January 26, 2015

2015 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for Breyer collectors. The new horses that have made their way into Golden Oak Stables are already making collectors so excited! So many are already on their way to their new stables and even more ore on wish list after wish list, just waiting for a special occasion to take them home. Stablemates collectors are excited not only by the new releases, but by the new molds that are joining them!

The Stablemates Singles Set is a set of eight new adult Stablemates that will have any collector making room in their stables. The set starts off with a stunning sabino chestnut American Saddlebred. His high whites and show stretched position make him unmistakable! Another gaited horse, a liver chestnut Tennessee Walking Horse comes second and steps proudly with his flashy coat and green braids. A grey Arabian stallion with a long flowing mane and tail comes next. His light shading and calm demeanor make him a very handsome example of his breed. A galloping black blanket Appaloosa is racing fast and stretched out fully as he comes galloping down the stretch or across the paddock.  A sweet dun pony is sure to be any girl’s dream horse. His heavily shaded coat and bold star make him such a beautiful example of his breed. A striking red dun Warmblood is sure to catch eyes in the show ring with his primitive leg barring and creamy coat that is unique as he is!

That’s only six of the new models, the last two are exciting new additions to the Stablemates stable, new molds! New for 2015 come a black Andalusian who steps high with spirit to spare. There’s also a mustang that gets ready for a romp and a buck of his own. He’s been painted in a beautiful roan that is sure to catch anyone’s eye!

Stablemate collector or not, there’s a little room in everyone’s collection for these lovely new little horses!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Stablemate Mystery Foal Families

January 19, 2015

Stablemates have always been popular among collectors, and there’s no question why not. These adorable little horses are not only easy to collect because of their size, but also are so full of detail that collectors can’t help but fill their shelves with these little guys. New at Golden Oak Stables for 2015, you can add new Mystery Foal Family sets to your collection and anxiously await the new addition of a foal in your stable!

The fun of the Stablemate Mystery Foal Families is that until you open them up, you’ll have no idea what the foal looks like! It’s just like expecting a real foal of your own, until it’s born, it’s all a mystery! Three special sets have been created for 2015 and bring fun new molds and colors to collectors.

A bay Quarter Horse starts off the sets, this is a new mold that is for the first time available to collectors all over. The collector favorite Reining horse has been painted in a metallic silver dun, who knows what his foal will look like! A black Warmblood in an extended trot is sure to make a stunning foal, but who knows what it might look like? Next is another Warmblood, but this one is a stunning sorrel with pinto markings. A palomino blanket Appaloosa is sure to add some stunning color to his foal. And lastly is the highly anticipated sorrel Icelandic pony, what will his foal look like?

Ready for a surprise? The Mystery Foals sets are a perfect way to add new Stablemates to your collection but to bring the fun of new foals to your collection too! What do you think the mystery foals will look like?

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Breyer Horse Limited Editions: Glitterati

January 15, 2015

Breyer horses have a long history and interesting history that stretches over 65 years with thousands of horses in between. Celebrating the 65th anniversary of Breyer, Golden Oak Stables brings you a model that combines the amazing artistry of Breyer today with the beloved mold that started it all.

In 1950 Breyer Molding Company was based out of Chicago Illinois and was a lot more like any type of manufacturing plant than the company we know it as today. Creating everything from steering wheels to clocks, Breyer produced plastic injection molded pieces and products for companies all over the world. In 1950 they were commissioned to create a western themed clock for the F.W. Woolworth company along with a horse standing beside it, this would end up being the first ever Breyer model. When Breyer saw the popularity of the clock, they decided to produce just the horse due to popular request. This horse was affectionately known as Western Horse, because of his molded Western style tack. The original palomino Western Horse was produced for over 50 years, being eventually retired in 1991.

New for 2015, Breyer has created a twist on the beloved Western Horse that already has collectors excited. Glitterati is a perfect creation showing the intricate detail that Breyer is capable of along with the classic and beloved Western Horse. This old favorite has been painted in a detailed and delicate bay Appaloosa with intricate spotting and beautiful shading. His tack has been hand painted in both gold and black with ever iconic gold chain link reins. He has been finished in a stunning high gloss just like vintage Breyer horses were finished in, giving him the perfect finishing touch!

Ready to add a bit of history to your collection? Glitterati is a perfect way to bring both something old and something new into your collection!

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Breyer Horse Limited Editions: Santiago Polo Pony

January 8, 2015

Breyer has brought a whole new herd of amazing horses into the hands of collectors for 2015 and one of the most exciting is Santiago! Collectors from all over will be making room on their shelves for this gorgeous new polo pony!

Golden Oak Stables welcomes Santiago, a stunning new addition to the 2015 lineup! Limited to only 3000 pieces, this stunning horse is special in so many ways. Starting with his mold, he has been created on the collectors favorite Smarty Jones mold. Running at a full gallop, he comes with a turf stand that mimics the green grass of a polo field. The mold has been given a special new touch, exclusively for this model. For the first time ever, collectors can add the banded tail and roached mane version of this model to their collection! This special mold detail has only been offered once before, and was exceptionally limited in release!

His mold might be enough to make most collectors swoon, but Santiago also features a gorgeous detailed rose grey paint job. His multi-layer paint scheme has been delicately created with variations in shading and coloration throughout. Shades of grey, white and rose all peek through and star dapples unlike no other gives his coat a look like no other!

Is your stable ready for a new addition? Chances are, you won’t be able to pass this one up! With his stunning coat and his mold unlike any others, you won’t want to miss your chance to add Santiago to the stable!

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Breyer Horses Holiday: Appaloosa Beautiful Breeds Ornament

December 4, 2014

Each year collectors anticipate one of many additions to the Breyer lineup. Special runs, limited editions and new horses in series’ are always an exciting addition to collections for so many collectors. Each year collectors anxiously anticipate the release of the Holiday Collection from Breyer and in that collection comes the Beautiful Breeds series.

The Beautiful Breeds series was introduced 12 years ago and in that time, 12 beautiful horse breeds have been expertly recreated in astonishing likeness to their real life counterparts. These amazing ornaments feature realistic sculpting and painting, making them the perfect addition to your collection. They also feature a touch of holiday decoration and are produced out of fine porcelain making them easy and fast favorites for so many collectors!

Golden Oak Stables brings you the 12th addition to this amazing series in the form of the Appaloosa. This stunning Appaloosa stands tall and proud with a focused expression and a prancing pose. He has been painted in a stunning black full leopard appaloosa that is accented with light shadings throughout. He wears a harness around his neck of holly and golden bells as his holiday touch and a red satin ribbon will hold him high on your tree.

No matter what your collection looks like, there’s always room for a stunning new addition to it. Now you can celebrate the holidays as well as the beautiful models that Breyer makes with the Breyer Holiday Collection!


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