Breyer Horse New Releases: British Breeds Stablemates!

May 21, 2015

Collectors rejoice, there’s a new set of Stablemates headed into Golden Oak Stables that is sure to get collectors all over excited!

The British Breeds are coming! New for mid-year 2015 comes a set of four British Breed Stablemates that will bring their native flair to your stable in a way only the British can do. This lovely gift set includes four Stablemates horses that represent four of the most popular breeds in the United Kingdom and Great Britain and do so with amazing detail and style.

The set starts off with a Shetland Pony in bay pinto. This ever popular mount has been known world wide for being the first horse for so many. It’s almost a right of passage in Britain to have a Shetland pony, and now, your stable can have one of it’s very own. A grey Highland pony is next and brings the rugged sensibility of that breed to you. His feathered feet and long mane and tail show his wild roots and hardy nature. Next is a stunning bay Clydesdale that is just so perfectly British. With a wide blaze and four white socks he’s the picture perfect Clydesdale! Last comes a chestnut Suffolk Punch. This beautiful draft breed is unique to Great Britain and bold with his bright chestnut coat. Most excitingly, he has been created on the Generation 1 Standing Draft model. This is the first time in over 10 years it has been released to the public! This collector’s favorite is sure to be incredibly popular!

So don’t wait, add a little British flare to your stable along with a mold that collectors weren’t sure they’d ever get the chance to own again!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: American Pharoah

May 18, 2015

Saturday May 16th crowds from all over the world gathered in Baltimore Maryland and millions more tuned in to watch the favorite from the Kentucky Derby, American Pharoah, take a shot at coming even closer to history. What would take place is sure to be remembered!

American Pharoah quickly shot to stardom after being not only the favorite going into the Kentucky Derby but after pulling off a win in one of the most prestigious horse races in the world. This amazing bay colt, owned by Zayat Stables, was trained by Bob Baffert, one of horse racing’s most elite trainers. From his earliest races it was clear there was something different about this horse and he proved it true on the second Sunday in May at Churchill Downs.

Going into the Preakness, American Pharoah was the stand out favorite, down to having even odds for a good portion of race day. Eight horses came to Baltimore to give American Pharoah a race for his chance at history, including favorites from the Kentucky Derby. When the call for riders up came, the skies had darkened and by the time of the post parade, torrential rain had began to fall. The race quickly became much harder to predict with such a sloppy track.

American Pharoah broke early and fast, setting the pace for the pack. He kept his lead throughout the race, fighting off every horse in the pack to keep that coveted first position, until the final stretch where he crossed the finish line with an amazing seven length lead.

Now, American Pharoah is off to the Belmont for a chance at Triple Crown glory. With such an impressive race in the rain, and a Kentucky Derby win under his belt, there’s no surprise that fans are hopeful that this year the Triple Crown will be won again, all we can do is wait and see! Golden Oak Stables, will of course, bring you all of the news!




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Breyer Horse History: Scales Through The Years

May 14, 2015

Breyer collectors all know that there are so many Breyers to choose from, that sometimes it can be hard to do! Picking a new model is always hard with so many choices, but many collectors tend to have a favorite scale of Breyer horses that they collect. Do you know the history of the different Breyer scales?

The first Breyer horse was created in 1950 as an accent to a clock. Western Horse, as he would come to be known, stood approximately 9 inches tall and would be the blueprint for every Breyer horse today. That 9 inch tall height became the standard for the Traditional line of Breyer horses that is still being produced today. During the 1960’s and 1970’s horses standing approximately 6 inches in height started to trickle into the Breyer lineup until in 1973 the Classics line was released. Many of these models were released in family sets, making size a big factor among collectors. Not only were they beautiful, but they were more affordable and took up less shelf room, making them quick favorites!

Next to make it’s way to collectors were the ever popular Stablemates line in 1975. These miniature horses stand between 3 and 4 inches tall and are even more popular today than they were forty years ago! Their elaborate detail and wide range of models makes them an always popular collector favorite. In 1985 the Little Bits, or Paddock Pals as some remember them, came to collectors. This small series of models that stood approximately 5 inches tall were popular for playing and are similar in scale to today’s Wind Dancers.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Mini Whinnies were released in 2005. Standing just about an inch tall, these adorable micro scaled horses took no time finding a fond audience and becoming quick collectors favorites.

So, what scale do you look for most at Golden Oak Stables? Do you stick to one scale, or is the sky the limit?


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Nico & Polo Tack

May 11, 2015

Polo is a fun equestrian sport that seems rare and exotic for so many. Played all over the world, polo is a high impact, fast paced sport on horse back that is unlike any other. Now, Golden Oak Stables brings you the perfect rider and tack to help you explore the fun world of Polo with your Breyers and have a little fun while you’re at it!

Originating back to the 6th century BC, the sport of polo is one that has been around nearly as long as we have been on horse back. Played by teams of riders, polo players each carry a wooden mallet and attempt to send a small wooden ball into their goal all while racing around on the back of a horse. The game has found popularity again in America through local polo associations and through the popularity of the sport overseas, and while it might not be the most recognizable of sports in the equestrian world, it certainly catches attention wherever it goes!

You can start your own polo journey with Nico and a Polo Tack set of your very own. Outfitted in Breyer’s signature blue and yellow, your polo rider is ready to hop on and head onto the field. He comes dressed in full polo regalia including a jersey, helmet and protective leg gear. He’s of course, not complete without his mallet and ball though! His Polo Tack has been created in stunning likeness to it’s real life counterpart with an English saddle and bridle, martingale, breast collar and matching blue and yellow accessories.

Ready to try a new sport at your stable?


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Breyer Horse Events: Preparing For Live Show Season

May 7, 2015

Show season is in full swing for both real and model horses all over the world! Horse lovers from all over celebrate the warm spring and summer weather by competing with their faithful companions and collections in competitions that stretch far and wide. Veteran and novice live showers can both benefit from a little preparation going into show season and can reap the benefits of that preparation too!

Live showing has been a staple of the model horse hobby since the 1970’s and while a lot has changed over those years, much more hasn’t. These gatherings are places to meet with other collectors and compete with your horses. You can often buy, sell and trade at these events too and even just visit to look at the beautiful horses and competition.

Another thing hasn’t changed is the level of time and care so many put into their live show string. A little preparation can prepare you for an entire year of showing! A good first place to start is to look over your collection and decide who you would like to show for the upcoming year. Making a plan will help you pack effectively and to not overwhelm yourself with too many horses at the show. Picking your very best models, or even your newest models are often popular choices, but sometimes bringing old favorites out can be a fun experience as well.

Once you have your horses picked, giving them a good bath and checking them for any damage will help them to look their best, even if you don’t have a show for a few weeks. Be sure to dust your horses before packing and always before placing them on the table.

If you know what shows you’ll be attending, or if your area uses a tag system, you can prepare your tags or note cards for your upcoming shows. Many shows use the same formats, so you may only need to make one set of tags for your horses for the entire year! Be sure to read the instructions fully for each show you plan on attending to be sure!

That’s just the start, packing a live show emergency kit, starting a record keeping journal and making contact with other collectors in your area will all make your live show experience something to remember and also so much less stressful. What tips do you have to be prepared when the time comes for a live show?


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Real Life Breyer Horses: 2015 Kentucky Derby

April 30, 2015

This Saturday, 20 of the most promising three year old Thoroughbreds will gather in the gate and gallop towards the finish line in the 141th annual running of the Kentucky Derby. These exciting two minutes have long kept people all around the world on the edge of their seat, and this Saturday is sure to be just as exciting and intense!

Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky is the home of the Kentucky Derby and has rolled out the welcome mat for 141 years and welcomed fans from all over the world to come and see their favorite horses and their new favorites to be race for the roses. This 10 furlong race, or 1 1/4 mile, is the first jewel in the Triple Crown of horse racing, consisting of three different races. The Kentucky Derby is among the most prestigious races anywhere in the world and has long been known to capture the attention of even the most casual of racing fans. These exciting two minutes set the precedent for not only 20 horse racing careers but also the entire racing sport for years to come.

This year is filled with favorites and long shots, familiar jockeys, trainers and owners and everything in between. People have been taking bets and making their predictions for weeks now, but if there’s anything we know about the Kentucky Derby, is that anything can happen and even the most unlikely horse can end up in the winners circle.

Do you have a pick for the Kentucky Derby? Saturday is sure to be exciting and who knows, maybe the next winner will make his way into the record books and be on his way into Golden Oak Stables. You never know!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Let’s Go Riding-Racing

April 27, 2015

Spring is here and any horse lover can tell you that tis the season for horse racing in the Bluegrass! Some of the most important races take part over the next few weeks and with those races come the chances for history to be made. Breyer collectors have long had the chance to add famous race horses to their stables, but now you can saddle up in your own silks and gallop off towards the finish line.

Horse racing is often referred to as the sport of kings, but anyone can participate along with a little help from Golden Oak Stables. Dreams of saddling up your own horse and racing against other talented race horses has always been a fantasy for so many! Names like Secretariat, Man O’War and Citation bring up memories of amazing athletes unlike no other, now you can give your models a head start into the history books for themselves.

Let’s Go Riding Racing is the perfect way to start your own horse racing history with everything you’ll need to get yourself into the winners circle. The set begins with a stunning bright chestnut Thoroughbred mare. Her bold coat shimmers and shines as she races towards victory. Her two white socks and small white snip give her a sweet look that is sure to catch attention in the paddock. Her female jockey is decked out head to toe in bold blue and pink silks that accent her chestnut coat in a lovely way. She comes with a set of racing tack all her own and a saddle blanket and face mask that match her jockey’s silks in the same blue and pink satin.

Are you ready for the winner’s circle? Time to load into the gate and head off with Let’s Go Riding Racing!


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