Breyer Horse Showing: What is “Live Show Quality” ?

January 28, 2010

LSQ, and NANed  may seem like a  foreign and confusing language to many collectors even if you’ve been in the hobby for a long time, because determining the quality of models is subjective. One person’s opinion can vary immensely from another, but there are some things to look for when choosing to describe your own models or when purchasing second hand.

LSQ is short for Live Show Quality; that’s the easy part. The difficult part comes when we begin to decide what that means to each of us. Many beginning collectors feel this term is a fail proof indicator of the quality and show-ability of a model, whether it is a custom or an original finish, when in all reality, the term really doesn’t have much to do with how it will do on any given day.

When we think of the term “Live Show Quality”, in its simplest terms it means that the person selling the model feels that its a nice enough model, whether in condition or quality, to be taken to a live show. This is where the water gets muddied. One person’s “mint” is another person’s customizing quality. Many times, the difference in a class between shows varies hugely, because placing is always dependent on what else is on the table. At the Golden Oak Stables‘ shows, I’ve seen amazing models that have won big at one show and then at the next not done so well, because the competition is different and there were better models than it that particular day. NANed can sometimes be a little bit of a better indicator of the quality of the model. If a model has quite a few NAN cards, you can assume that it is one of the better examples of that model. NAN cards are admission cards for the North American Nationals Show which are awarded to first and second place horses in NAN accredited shows. These are normally held with high esteem.

When purchasing models it’s more important to consider condition, not a term. Ask about specific flaws, ask where rubs are, shiny marks and any mold flaws. Ask about the showing history of a horse; they might be a consistent placer if the seller shows quite a bit. Because judging is very subjective, there are cases where rubs don’t matter as much as the quality of the model. Many judges will look over small flaws in an exceptional horse.


Multi Champion and NANed Stablemate Morgan Stallion. Even with rubs he continues to show well because of his age, rarity and exceptional markings.


Multi NANed Elegance Dressage Horse. Has small factory flaws but still shows exceptionally well.

LSQ is a subjective term and it shouldn’t be taken as the end all-know all of quality. Ask for good, high quality photos and ask questions about the model. Most importantly, buy what you love, and if it doesn’t win a ribbon, who cares? Because you love it!


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Breyer Horse Treasure Hunt 2010, Now With More Treasure!

January 25, 2010

We’ve already talked about the amazing Treasure Hunt for 2010, a beautiful set of three draft horses that represent three of the four seasons, and the fourth horse, representing winter, is a gift from Breyer when you purchase the set of three. Well, there’s  been an exciting twist in the hunt this year!

The beginning of the year always marks the birth of new Breyers and 2010’s  have been rolling in steadily and last week welcomed the 2010 Treasure Hunt drafters! The surprise here is that some of the drafters were glossy! Glossy models have gained popularity because of their sometimes porcelain type appearance as well as their durability. Glossy models have an extra layer of protection to keep them from getting damaged whether running around the carpet herd or being shown in performance.

The matte models are just as beautiful as the glossy, but for those who collect drafters it will be a fun hunt to say the least! Golden Oak Stables currently has all of the matte models available as well as the glossy bay, so don’t wait! Grab your’s while you can!

The last, but certainly not least, twist in this hunt is the redemption model, Winter. To receive Winter you have to first find all three of the seasons and send your UPC’s to Breyer along with the redemption form. We have no idea what Winter might look like, but in years past Breyer has done variations on the redemption models. This year there were at least 10 different “Fun Foals” that were available and the year prior there were at least 4 different “Herd Stallions”. There are no promises that they will do the same thing this year, but if the redemption form is any indicator, it may be the case! The terms state that each house hold is limited to four redemption, we can only hope for four different “Winters”!

We will not know *ANYTHING* about Winter until collectors start receiving them from Breyer; you could just sit tight until then, but why not enjoy the Treasure Hunt for yourself? Happy Hunting!


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Breyerfest 2010: A Red Carpet Affair!

January 21, 2010

The new year is a reminder of many things for many people, but one of the things I look forward to each year is the release of Breyerfest information in January! This year marks the 21st anniversary for Breyerfest and Breyer is rolling out the red carpet with the theme “Lights, Camera, Action”. Not surprisingly Breyer has pulled out all the stops to bring a true star to Breyerfest!


This year’s guest horse is the World Grand Champion Standardbred Roadster, Old Glory. Old Glory is the prized champion owned by the famous William and Elizabeth Shatner. He has been the winner of 12 World Championship wins since 2002 and is  a great representation of the Standardbred Roadster type, with his high-stepping knee action, amazing work ethic and a quick speed at the trot. All Glory is unlike many celebrity horses because he is actually shown by his owners! He has won his championships under the saddle when ridden by Elizabeth and “to bike” with William! What’s best of all is that every three day ticket holder will receive a traditional scale model of “Old Glory”!

Each Breyerfest also brings a myriad of workshops, events and shows, and this year is no exception. Dozens of workshops are scheduled for Friday and Saturday, including customizing  classes, drawing, jewelry making and tack making! These events are hands on and tend to fill up quickly. Seminars are free and open to anyone holding a three day ticket. Topics include Showing, Horses in Hollywood, Repairing Models and even a special seminar about a wild horse sanctuary!

Last, but certainly not least are the model horse shows! Not only does this year host the North American Nationals the week prior to Breyerfest, but Breyerfest also hosts a Children’s Show, a Youth Show and an Open Show. The competition is often tough, but the prizes are amazing!


Stay tuned to Stable News for information, Golden Oak Stables will keep you in the know and help you get prepared, and even if you can’t get to Breyerfest, Golden Oak Stables has events planned all year, so you don’t have to miss out!


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Small Talk: Breyer Horses FEI Stablemate Set

January 18, 2010

Eight new horses, with six of them being new molds? All of them small enough and affordable enough that just about anyone can fit them into their collection? That is the joy of Stablemates!

Breyer is the “Official Model Horse” of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010. These games bring together the most amazing horses and riders from all around the world, and in most cases, these games are held with more prestige than the Olympics! This year’s games are especially important because they will be held in the States for the first time ever! This marks a huge milestone for United States equestrian sports, proving that we can compete with the best of the best, and even better, host the best of the best!

Breyer’s FEI line includes models of all scales but some of the most interesting and fun are the eight new Stablemates depicting the eight different disciplines of the games. These include Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Endurance, Para-Dressage, Reining, Driving and Vaulting.

Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing make up what most of us are familiar with when it comes to equestrian sports, three day eventing. These events are also what we see in the Olympics every four years. Endurance is a fascinating event pitting man against nature in rides that last anywhere from 50 to 150 miles where the true “endurance” of the horse is tested. You often see Arabians in this discipline because of their long history of living in the deserts. This also gives the Middle Eastern teams an advantage over the competition making them tough to beat!  Para-Dressage is a specialized dressage event for those with disabilities allowing them to compete at the highest level of competition. Reining is the only western event in the games and shows the true abilities of the horse asking the horse to perform in a series of patterns.  Driving in the WEG is combined driving where a team of horses are asked to navigate through a course with elements similar to a cross country course. Truly a difficult thing to ask of not only one horse, but several, while attached to a carriage! Last but not least, Vaulting is simplest put as gymnastics on horse back. Horse breeds that are used for this sport include horses that are largely built such as draft horses and warmbloods.

Any of these events are amazing on their own, but together they are truly a showcase of the amazing power of the horse! Visit Golden Oak Stables today for your FEI Models and add this set to your collection so you too can enjoy all that equines have to offer us, as horse lovers!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Peruvian Paso

January 14, 2010

The beauty and spirit of South America might not be easy for you to experience first hand, but the amazing Peruvian Paso horse will give you a taste of the amazing culture of Peru!

The Peruvian Paso horse is a gaited breed that is known for its fancy gait and its smooth ride. The breed was formed in the 1500’s during the Spanish Conquest finding its roots in horses from Spain, Jamaica and Panama, as well as native horses in South America. The horses were primarily used on plantations in Peru for transportation. During the formation of the breed the most important characteristics for the breed was the gait and strength.

Throughout the years the gait was preserved and the Peruvian Paso has grown to become a loved national past time gaining popularity both in Peru and all over the world. The championship show in Lima, Peru is even a national event! There are currently 25,000 Peruvian Paso’s in the world and have become quite popular for their temperament and their gait all over the world.

The Peruvian Paso is a small horse ranging from 14.1 hands to 15.2 hands high; they have a deep chest and a large, significant neck and they can come in just about any variety of solid colors making them a rainbow in both the real and model horse world. One of the most significant characteristic of the Peruvian Paso is the outward swinging action of the front leg while gaiting. This is called Termino and is completely normal! It looks a bit odd when you see it for the first time, but it is a natural movement that does not hurt the horse in any way.

The first half of 2010 has brought a new Peruvian Paso into the Breyer line, Manco Capac. Manco Capac is available right now from Golden Oak Stables and is the latest installment in the Collectors Choice model. These limited models are collector chosen, representing some of the most realistic horses in the line, and are limited for only half a year.

Its been nearly 6 years since we’ve gotten a new Peruvian Paso, so this guy is bound to be a fan favorite. Don’t wait to add him to your collection today!


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Breyer Horses 4 Seasons Treasure Hunt!

January 11, 2010

Now this is my kind of treasure hunt! Since 2006 Breyer has brought us a fun and challenging series dubbed the “Treasure Hunt”. These events run for one calendar year and the goal is to collect certain horses, but the catch is, there is typically one of the horses that is harder to find! Once you’ve found all of the horses, you have the opportunity to send in your UPCs to Breyer and they’ll send you a special model! But Golden Oak Stables has you covered! You can pre-order your 2010 Treasure Hunt set and not have to worry about finding them!

The 2010 Treasure Hunt is a play on the four seasons, where you collect three of the seasons, Spring, Summer and Fall and you’ll receive Winter in return! This year features the popular Wintersong mold which is a feathery and fanciful draft horse. He was first sculpted and released as a porcelain nearly 10 years ago as Othello, a gypsy horse and Mortiz, a Noriker. In 2007 Breyer decided to create that mold in a plastic version as the 2007 Holiday Horse, and thus the Wintersong mold. Wintersong has been one of the most popular molds that has ever been released gaining fans quickly.

The three colors featured on this mold for 2010 are Bay, Chestnut and Grey Pinto! These are all completely new colors for this mold and all of them look just smashing! The bay is bound to be popular; he could easily take the place of a Clydesdale in your stable, as well as a myriad of other draft breeds. The chestnut could be virtually any mix of breeds you can think of – just remember that he has to carry some Clydesdale or Shire in him for that feathering on his legs! The grey pinto will be a ton of fun to pick a breed for; for me, the most obvious choice would be a North American Spotted Draft, which is a catch-all for all spotted draft horses. You might choose to get more creative though with your mixes. You may even be able to show him as a Gypsy Vanner with the right photograph!

We won’t know what Winter looks like until he arrives at your door! So don’t wait, this is bound to be a Treasure Hunt you won’t want to miss out on!


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Mark Your Calendars! Golden Oak Stables’ 2010 Breyer Horse Events!

January 7, 2010

Its here! 2010 is here and I’m proud to announce the 2010 Golden Oak Stables event schedule. If you are in the New England area you’ll want to be at the biggest and best events of the year!

Golden Oak Stables’ Saddle Up For Spring- All Novice: March 27th 2010

Golden Oak Stables’ Summer Break Live- All Novice: June 26th 2010

Golden Oak Stables’ Workshop Day: August 21st 2010

Golden Oak Stables’ New England Fall Live- Open NAN Pending: October 23rd 2010

Our first show of the year is an all Novice/Youth show which welcomes Youths under the age of 18 and Novices of all ages. As in our previous novice shows, its a full class list with tons of divisions and classes; more than you’ll find at any other novice show out there! There’s classes for your Original Finish Breyers, Performance, Custom and Fun classes. There’s even special classes for customs that you do with yourself!

June will welcome another Novice/Youth show of the same format to welcome in summer. In August we’ll hold an event like no other, a workshop day where hobbyists can come to learn about a variety of different techniques to use with their models.

October 23rd 2010 is Golden Oak Stables’ second annual New England Fall Live. This nationals qualifying show is open to all showers and is the finale of the year! The competition is stiff, but the rewards are worth it! Last year we had hundreds of NAN (Nationals) cards and thousands of ribbons all looking for a new home!

No matter what your experience or your involvement in the hobby, there’s an event for you this year. Don’t be shy! Come out, meet some of your fellow hobbyists and have a great time with Golden Oak Stables!

Click Here for Registration Info and More

Happy New Year!


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New Year, New Breyer Horses!

January 4, 2010

Each year brings a big surprise for Breyer collectors when Breyer releases the new horses and accessories for the new year. 2010’s models have been announced and they are expected by the end of the month! As always, Golden Oak Stables is your source for the entire Breyer line, including the 2010 line!

This year marks an important event for the American horse industry: the World Equestrian Games will be held for the first time ever in America. These games are unlike any competition that has been held in the United States and is seen to many as more important than even the Olympics! Breyer is the official model horse of the FEI World Equestrian games and has released some spectacular models in its honor! Esprit is the poster horse for Breyer’s FEI WEG line; he symbolizes the spirit of the horse into a beautiful dapple grey horse with a fanciful mane and tail! Also in the FEI WEG line is a set of 8 Stablemates that represent the eight different events and included in that set are 6 new sculptures! There is also a set of three classic models for the games all on new molds!

For 2010 Breyer has released two models to benefit a charity into their traditional line. For the past couple year Breyer has been working with the ELCR to help conserve land that is used as trails and for other equestrian purposes by having a benefit model. This year is no exception with a beautiful glossy Lady Phase model that is the 2010 ELCR model! In addition this year Breyer has taken up the cause of Breast Cancer and produced a Breast Cancer Benefit model! He’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, done in a clear pink plastic with a ribbon decorations all over him. Breyer has only produced a couple clear models before and all of them have been difficult to find special runs, so this horse is bound to be a popular model in a special color!

There are dozens of other new products which you can take a look at on Golden Oak Stables’ site; these are just a few of the many new amazing models! A new year is often an exciting new start for many, but 2010 is going to be an exciting new year for Breyer horse collectors! With all the exciting new horses and products its clear we have an exciting year full of amazing models!


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