Real Life Breyer Horses: Peruvian Paso

The beauty and spirit of South America might not be easy for you to experience first hand, but the amazing Peruvian Paso horse will give you a taste of the amazing culture of Peru!

The Peruvian Paso horse is a gaited breed that is known for its fancy gait and its smooth ride. The breed was formed in the 1500’s during the Spanish Conquest finding its roots in horses from Spain, Jamaica and Panama, as well as native horses in South America. The horses were primarily used on plantations in Peru for transportation. During the formation of the breed the most important characteristics for the breed was the gait and strength.

Throughout the years the gait was preserved and the Peruvian Paso has grown to become a loved national past time gaining popularity both in Peru and all over the world. The championship show in Lima, Peru is even a national event! There are currently 25,000 Peruvian Paso’s in the world and have become quite popular for their temperament and their gait all over the world.

The Peruvian Paso is a small horse ranging from 14.1 hands to 15.2 hands high; they have a deep chest and a large, significant neck and they can come in just about any variety of solid colors making them a rainbow in both the real and model horse world. One of the most significant characteristic of the Peruvian Paso is the outward swinging action of the front leg while gaiting. This is called Termino and is completely normal! It looks a bit odd when you see it for the first time, but it is a natural movement that does not hurt the horse in any way.

The first half of 2010 has brought a new Peruvian Paso into the Breyer line, Manco Capac. Manco Capac is available right now from Golden Oak Stables and is the latest installment in the Collectors Choice model. These limited models are collector chosen, representing some of the most realistic horses in the line, and are limited for only half a year.

Its been nearly 6 years since we’ve gotten a new Peruvian Paso, so this guy is bound to be a fan favorite. Don’t wait to add him to your collection today!


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