Breyer Horses 4 Seasons Treasure Hunt!

Now this is my kind of treasure hunt! Since 2006 Breyer has brought us a fun and challenging series dubbed the “Treasure Hunt”. These events run for one calendar year and the goal is to collect certain horses, but the catch is, there is typically one of the horses that is harder to find! Once you’ve found all of the horses, you have the opportunity to send in your UPCs to Breyer and they’ll send you a special model! But Golden Oak Stables has you covered! You can pre-order your 2010 Treasure Hunt set and not have to worry about finding them!

The 2010 Treasure Hunt is a play on the four seasons, where you collect three of the seasons, Spring, Summer and Fall and you’ll receive Winter in return! This year features the popular Wintersong mold which is a feathery and fanciful draft horse. He was first sculpted and released as a porcelain nearly 10 years ago as Othello, a gypsy horse and Mortiz, a Noriker. In 2007 Breyer decided to create that mold in a plastic version as the 2007 Holiday Horse, and thus the Wintersong mold. Wintersong has been one of the most popular molds that has ever been released gaining fans quickly.

The three colors featured on this mold for 2010 are Bay, Chestnut and Grey Pinto! These are all completely new colors for this mold and all of them look just smashing! The bay is bound to be popular; he could easily take the place of a Clydesdale in your stable, as well as a myriad of other draft breeds. The chestnut could be virtually any mix of breeds you can think of – just remember that he has to carry some Clydesdale or Shire in him for that feathering on his legs! The grey pinto will be a ton of fun to pick a breed for; for me, the most obvious choice would be a North American Spotted Draft, which is a catch-all for all spotted draft horses. You might choose to get more creative though with your mixes. You may even be able to show him as a Gypsy Vanner with the right photograph!

We won’t know what Winter looks like until he arrives at your door! So don’t wait, this is bound to be a Treasure Hunt you won’t want to miss out on!


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