Breyer Horse Collecting: Fall Into Breyer Fun

September 22, 2016

Fall is here! Leaves will begin to turn, cool fall air is ushering in and Halloween is just around the corner? What does that mean for your Breyer collection? Here at Golden Oak Stables, fall is busy season for many reasons,  and all of them are important to collectors!

Fall is always a gentle reminder that the Holidays are on their way, and for Breyer collectors, that means the Breyer Holiday Collection! This year, like so many others before it, is full of everything you could wish for. The holiday horse is bound to delight as are the ornaments and other delights that will warm your collection even in the chilliest of winter weather.

New releases are also in store for collectors this fall. Mid year releases are often anticipated with baited breath by collectors, and this year there’s reason to be excited. Between a new fantasy unicorn, a famous drafter and a new stable that will have your classics clamoring for a spot, collectors will need to make room!

And of course, there’s the retired list! In just a few short months dozens of Breyers will be on their way to retirement, so don’t wait, the time is now to add these horses to your collection!

Fall gives every Breyer collector a reason to be excited. With so many new things in store, the hardest part is picking where to start!


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Scenes From Breyerfest: All About The Hobby

August 4, 2016

One of the the exciting parts of Breyerfest is getting to immerse yourself in the different parts of the model horse hobby and all you can do with it! At Breyerfest, the Hobby Information Booth is filled full with all kinds of different examples of some of the many activities in the hobby. There are even model horse hobbyists that are always on duty to demonstrate the different things that can be done with your models!

From customizing, to collecting and everything in between, Golden Oak Stables takes you on a visual journey through the Hobby Information Booth from Breyerfest 2016.

















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Breyer Horse Collecting: Storing Your Models

June 16, 2016

Breyer collections are often large, and many times grow over the years to great sizes. As your collection grows, you might find that you may need to store some, or all of it for one reason or another. Storing it properly will ensure that when the time does come to take them out, they’ll be as pristine as when you put them away.

The first thing you need to think about when storing your models, is will it be a short term or a long term storage? A short term storage could be for something like moving, or rearranging, or maybe just packing up for a couple months to remodel. A longer term storage could be for several years and will need to be treated a little bit differently.

No matter which you choose, your first step is always to gently clean your models with a dust rag or a wet cloth. This will get anything off of your models that could potentially damage them. Once your models are clean, wrapping them in clean, light colored tee shirts, fabric or towels will keep them protected. Bubble wrap can be used, but shouldn’t be used for long term storage or for storage that might be exposed to extreme temperatures. This can cause the bubble wrap to ruin the model.

Once your models are all packed up, you will need to put them in some kind of container. Cardboard boxes are safe, but make sure they are sturdy and away from any type of moisture. You can also use plastic storage totes, but you’ll want to make sure that there is some air flow to the models so that they can breathe, especially for long term storage.

Taking care of your collection is easy, and storing it can be easy too! Golden Oak Stables is always happy to help keep your collection growing and safe!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Mid Year Collection Check Up

May 26, 2016

It’s half way through the year and the perfect time for all collectors to take a look at their collections. With a few simple steps you can have a well curated collection that will have you brimming with pride!

This time of year is a great time to start looking around at your wish list and seeing what you may have been able to check off of it. Take a look at horses you’ve added to your collection and mark them off, and then look at your list and decide if there are any horses that can be taken off, and ones that need to be added. If you don’t have a wish list, this is the perfect time to create one! Sit down and start a list of all the horses you’d like to add to your collection, Golden Oak Stables is always there to help!

It’s also a good time to take down all of your horses and dust them and give them a bath if they seem more than a little dusty. A quick bath in warm water with a little soap will shine your original finish models right up. But be careful! Customized models and models that are not plastic aren’t safe to put in water, so save the bath only for your original finish Breyers.

While you have your Breyers down, why not start a collection list? A collection list can help you keep track of your collection and keep it in the best shape possible. When you know what you have, you can better care for it. Listing the horse’s name, mold, where you purchased it, awards won and any other important information will make your collection even easier to maintain.

So, there you have it! A few quick and simple ways to get your collection in tip top shape. With a little care, your collection can be incredible!



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Breyer Horse Collecting: Spring Cleaning

March 3, 2016

Winter may be going out like a lion for many, but spring is just around the corner and spring cleaning is on the minds of many! You may not think of your collection when it comes to spring cleaning, but it’s a wonderful time of the year to do a little collection care and make sure that your collection is in tip top shape year round!

If you have your models displayed, you’ll know all too well that dust is the collector’s enemy. There isn’t much that can help prevent this inevitable part of collecting. While the sun is starting to shine, let the sun in and take a look over just how dusty your models may have gotten over the winter. The good news is that a dusting with a soft cloth or a tepid bath with a little mild soap (original finish models only, no customs!), can get your models clean and show ready again.

While you have your models all pulled out its a great time to do a collection inventory. A simple list of your models is a great way to start and from there you can add details like where it was purchased, any show awards you’ve gotten or any other interesting information about the model that you might not want to forget. If you are planning a show for the year, tagging your model now is also a great idea, or completing any necessary touch ups.

A little maintenance can help your collection stay in tip top shape. So the next time a new model heads to you from Golden Oak Stables, they’ll fit in seamlessly to your beautiful collection!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Making Your List and Checking It Twice

November 5, 2015

Do you have a wish list? Whether it be in your head or written out, chances are, you have a list somewhere of horses you’d like to add to your collection. But how much thought have you given this list? There’s of course, great ways to do it so that your collection thrives!

Every collector has models they hope to add to their collection at any one time. There’s always a new model that would make your collection even more complete and by making a wish list, you can easily keep track of your collection and what you’d like your collection to be!

A good place to start thinking about your wish list is by looking over your current collection and seeing what horse you have and what horses you still need to complete your collection. You may notice you have a lot of one breed and need another to balance your collection, or a prized horse needs a replacement. Whatever your collection tells you, be sure to write it down.

Then it’s time to check out Golden Oak Stables to see what is available to complete that collection, and what appeals to you. You can even make a wish list online at Golden Oak Stables!  Writing a list or compiling one online is the perfect way to put those collection thoughts down in a place that you won’t forget and models that you want won’t get lost in the shuffle.

From there, keeping an eye on Stable News for upcoming releases and model retirements will help keep your list up to date and accurate for you, or any friends and family that might take a look at it.

So what’s stopping you? Now is a great time to start your wish list!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: What’s In A Number?

August 31, 2015

If you have a Breyer horse, you’ve probably noticed that they are each assigned a number. While this might seem a little cryptic to the naked eye, these numbers can tell you a lot about a model. From when it was made to where you could purchase it, the number of a model holds many secrets in the Breyer world.

The number of the first Breyer released might surprise you, it wasn’t given the number 1 but instead the number 50. Western Horse carried this number with him until he was discontinued over forty years later. The earliest Breyer models carry numbers that are typically 1-2 digits and as long as that model was produced in that color, it’s number stayed with it. As the Breyer line grew 3 digit numbers were introduced and family sets were given consecutive numbers that helped collectors keep track of their families. Originally numbers used by dealers for identification and inventory, collectors found these numbers easy to use to keep track of their ever growing collections too!

As special runs came about model number began to expand. Today, special runs can be identified by their 5 to 6 digit numbers and regular run Breyers are able to be identified by numbers with 4 digits or less. By looking at the number of your model you can easily tell if it was a regular run or if it was a special run and with a little research it can tell you so much more!

Take a look over your models, what do their numbers tell you about them? Next time you order a model from Golden Oak Stables you might know a lot more about your new model by just taking a look at the number!


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Breyer Horse History: Scales Through The Years

May 14, 2015

Breyer collectors all know that there are so many Breyers to choose from, that sometimes it can be hard to do! Picking a new model is always hard with so many choices, but many collectors tend to have a favorite scale of Breyer horses that they collect. Do you know the history of the different Breyer scales?

The first Breyer horse was created in 1950 as an accent to a clock. Western Horse, as he would come to be known, stood approximately 9 inches tall and would be the blueprint for every Breyer horse today. That 9 inch tall height became the standard for the Traditional line of Breyer horses that is still being produced today. During the 1960’s and 1970’s horses standing approximately 6 inches in height started to trickle into the Breyer lineup until in 1973 the Classics line was released. Many of these models were released in family sets, making size a big factor among collectors. Not only were they beautiful, but they were more affordable and took up less shelf room, making them quick favorites!

Next to make it’s way to collectors were the ever popular Stablemates line in 1975. These miniature horses stand between 3 and 4 inches tall and are even more popular today than they were forty years ago! Their elaborate detail and wide range of models makes them an always popular collector favorite. In 1985 the Little Bits, or Paddock Pals as some remember them, came to collectors. This small series of models that stood approximately 5 inches tall were popular for playing and are similar in scale to today’s Wind Dancers.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Mini Whinnies were released in 2005. Standing just about an inch tall, these adorable micro scaled horses took no time finding a fond audience and becoming quick collectors favorites.

So, what scale do you look for most at Golden Oak Stables? Do you stick to one scale, or is the sky the limit?


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Where Do Your Models Live?

September 8, 2014

Model horse collectors can all tell you that one of the most satisfying parts of collecting is displaying your collection. For some this means rows of perfectly dusted and organized models but for others stables and paddocks are the only way for a model horse to live!

One of the most amazing parts of model horse collecting is the ability to create a world all your own. The sky is the limit with model horses, nothing is stopping you from creating an Olympic level dressage barn or a ranch that is all your own. Some collectors find that one of the most exciting parts of collecting is finding a way to not only display, but enjoy their models by creating realistic worlds of their very own.

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables makes it easy to start your own world with not only a myriad of horses and accessories, but also fun things like a realistic Red Barn that your horses can call home. No details were spared on this amazing barn, from stall doors that open just like the real thing to it’s wooden construction will have you feeling like you’re in a real barn!

So, where do your models live? Are you a collector that lines your models up and displays them in an organized way? Or do you let your models live in a barn and create a model horse world of your own? Or, do you have a unique way of displaying them?

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Breyer Horse Collecting: Mid-Year Collecting Check In

June 12, 2014

Its halfway through another whirlwind year with Breyer and as many collectors are gearing up for a busy summer with their models, it’s a good time to check in with your collection and see what goals you still have left and plan out what’s left for the rest of your year as a Breyer collector!

Most collectors have a list of horses they would like to add to their collection as the year goes on and horses make their way into the Breyer lineup, and hopefully into collections. It’s important as a collector to keep track of this list so that you can keep an accurate list of what you’d like to add to your collection. At the beginning, middle and end of each year, Golden Oak Stables brings you Breyer’s newest releases, and sometimes there’s even a few extras as the year goes on. With so many exciting choices it can be overwhelming, but a list can help! Ranking horses you’d like to add to your collection can help you to keep your wants and needs straight and help your collection grow! If you don’t have a list, or it hasn’t been updated in a long time, now is a good time to take a look at what you’d like to add to your collection, especially with so many exciting mid-year releases!

This time is also a good time to look at your model horse goals for the year and see how far you’ve come. This can be anything y ou enjoy doing with your horses, live showing, customizing, tack making, or whatever your heart desires! What do you like doing with your horses? Have you set any goals for yourself for the year? It’s not too late!

It’s only June, and it might be half-way through the year, but there’s still plenty of time left in 2014 to not only add some lovely horses to your collection, but to also set some goals and achieve them! What are your collection goals?

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