Breyer Horse Treasure Hunt 2010, Now With More Treasure!

We’ve already talked about the amazing Treasure Hunt for 2010, a beautiful set of three draft horses that represent three of the four seasons, and the fourth horse, representing winter, is a gift from Breyer when you purchase the set of three. Well, there’s  been an exciting twist in the hunt this year!

The beginning of the year always marks the birth of new Breyers and 2010’s  have been rolling in steadily and last week welcomed the 2010 Treasure Hunt drafters! The surprise here is that some of the drafters were glossy! Glossy models have gained popularity because of their sometimes porcelain type appearance as well as their durability. Glossy models have an extra layer of protection to keep them from getting damaged whether running around the carpet herd or being shown in performance.

The matte models are just as beautiful as the glossy, but for those who collect drafters it will be a fun hunt to say the least! Golden Oak Stables currently has all of the matte models available as well as the glossy bay, so don’t wait! Grab your’s while you can!

The last, but certainly not least, twist in this hunt is the redemption model, Winter. To receive Winter you have to first find all three of the seasons and send your UPC’s to Breyer along with the redemption form. We have no idea what Winter might look like, but in years past Breyer has done variations on the redemption models. This year there were at least 10 different “Fun Foals” that were available and the year prior there were at least 4 different “Herd Stallions”. There are no promises that they will do the same thing this year, but if the redemption form is any indicator, it may be the case! The terms state that each house hold is limited to four redemption, we can only hope for four different “Winters”!

We will not know *ANYTHING* about Winter until collectors start receiving them from Breyer; you could just sit tight until then, but why not enjoy the Treasure Hunt for yourself? Happy Hunting!


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